2013 Nissan Titan: Subtle Changes

Nissan Titan

2012 model pictured

Most of the changes for the 2013 Nissan Titan are about adding more standard features to the existing trim packages; however, there will be a new tailgate that offers an integrated aero design, said to help the truck cut slightly better through the wind. The changes don't seem to affect fuel economy, though. The added size and shape of the tailgate allowed engineers to embed the backup camera inside the gate more discreetly.

The 2013 models will go on sale later this fall, and they will be offered in seven all-new colors and another unique PRO-4X graphic. The Titan's smaller brother, the Nissan Frontier, will have a short list of changes for the 2013 model year, but the details will be released later. Details on the 2013 Titan are below.

  • New tailgate design with aerodynamic rear spoiler and integrated backup camera
  • Backup camera standard on PRO-4 and SL, optional on SV with Value Package
  • Refreshed PRO-4X exterior appearance, with revised graphics, satin chrome grille, dark wheel finish, dark-finish lower radiator skid plate
  • Refreshed PRO-4X interior appearance, with white stitching accents (previously red), new logo design, Titan embroidery for cloth seats (leather-appointed seats maintain PRO-4X embroidery)
  • Step rails added as standard on SV and SL models
  • 120-volt outlet in truck bed standard on SL models, optional on SV and PRO-4X Premium Utility packages
  • New styled steel wheels for S models
  • Mud guards standard on SL models
  • PRO-4X/SL moonroof and DVD packages added to available options
  • Sliding-type extending sun visors added to all models
  • Rear reading lamps added to crew-cab models
  • Four-spoke steering wheel replaces three-spoke design
  • Center-console 120-volt outlet standard on PRO-4X and SL models, added on SV Value Truck Package
  • Display audio/USB/satellite radio added as standard on PRO-4X, available in SV Value Truck Package (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately)
  • Navigation/USB standard on SL, optional on PRO-4X Luxury Package (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately)
  • Revised exterior color selection with seven new colors: Pearl White, Espresso Black, Glacier White, Gun Metallic, Graphite Blue, Java Metallic and Cayenne Red (nine colors total)
  • Available September 2012



I don't care what little changes were made this is an old design of a pickup truck! Nissan is way behind Ford, GM, Chrysler, & Toyota!

I'd love to see a full redesign, but any updates and changes are still fun to see.

Not much here, just some minor detail changes in an effort to keep the Titan from completely falling off truck buyers' radar (even if it pretty much already has).

I would recommend that they just kill the titan and focus everything on the frontier. They have a good product with the frontier that with a few updates could be a great product. The Titan needs to be completely redone head to toe and it is hard for me to imagine that is a worthwhile effort on Nissan's part for the few sales the Titan has.

Nissan supposedly wants to be a player in commercial trucks, but their full size pickup is absolutely unsuited for fleet and commercial use.

I didn't see anything about the Jatco 7 speed automatic.

They need to come out with a new truck or kill it off.

I love my 05, people say the others trucks are way ahead but I just don't see it at least by much. Gas mileage is within a couple . I get 18 mpg at 75 mph, the ecoboost really drops over 70 and is no better if not worse at speed. The interior is simple and easy to use although it could use some upgraded materials. The engine is on par with the 5.0 and code to the hemi actually has a better torque curve then the hemi.

Hopefully they implement some of these changes on the frontier, I feel like they're better focused where they are still doing decently (midsizers)

I always had a thing for the Titan. I like the look and sound of the thing and its priced well. I just cant justify it over a better built and way more powerful/efficient F-150. A more significant refresh with Gas Direct Injection and a 7-8 speed auto and a V6 4.0 option will easily increase market share.

I will take one over a toyota turdra or anything from government china motors.

Please Nissan we need a new truck!

Hopefully the 4 spoke wheel makes it to the Frontier as well. Stupid, I know, but that's a big turnoff for me as a prospective buyer. I like the exterior but the inside needs help.

Anyone have a decent comparison of torque curves between the Titan's V8 and the hemi V8? Hard to believe the Titan's V8 has a better torque curve.

@Ben, Can you show me the 5.6 vs the 5.7 Hemi torque curves.

Titan 5.6 300HP 379 FT-LB
rAM 5.7 390 HP 407 FT-LB

I do not like the Titan but to be succesfull they need more configuration engines and tranny.

Those are the on paper numbers, but the Titan has to under rated on the HP, also manufactures measure HP at the flywheel, and many trucks lose a lot to the rear wheels. The Titan does not, it maintains its power very efficiently.

@ Ben. I have no driven both in a side by side comparison so I am generally curious about this. On paper the 5.6 in the Titan does not look terrible, it just looks outdated compared to the Hemi v8 that Ram is using. Are you claiming that in real world driving they "feel" the same or that the 5.6 even "feels" better/faster?

The Titan (at least on paper) is lagging in the motor/transmission/DIFFERENTIALS/interior design and featureset.

It seems so far behind that it would make more sense to me to just focus on the Frontier, which is still a great truck. Frontier will probably be my next truck. But the Titan just does not look to compare well with the competition.

The VK56 was ahead of its competition when the Titan debuted in 2004, but yes, it's outdated now -- not so much in terms of power, but in terms of fuel consumption while delivering power. I mean, the 5.6 crushed Ford's 5.4 in pretty much every aspect, yet Ford used that engine until 2009 or 2010, I forget.

In terms of options, the Titan is on par with its competition -- just reread the post above if you doubt this.

The Titan is already aged in looks, since it's going on nine years without a redesign and the big three stick to redesigns every 4-7 years.

But what I'm most interested in is the next gen, if Nissan decides to continue the marque. The new Infiniti SUV has an updated VK with 400hp. Man, I'm almost drooling thinking about that in a new Titan. In addition, Infiniti developed a ridiculous 3.7 v6 that pushes out 328 hp. This could be a standard engine. Heck, the 4.0 used in the Frontier is powerful enough as it is to be the standard engine.

I am shopping truck right now and tested the following

Toyota Tundra
Ford F150
Nissan Titan

All were configured as close to possible with Crew Cab, Leather, Sun Rood, Nav, Towing

Tundra front seat didn't have as much space as the others and being 6'2 this means the most to me. Now the back seat was by far the roomiest of the bunch. Driving around the Tundra felt ok but didn't impress me much

F150 has plenty of room in the front seat but was a little tighter width wise then the others. Technology was by far the best in all the trucks but the plasitc used through our felt very cheap and not well thought out. Engine was good tested both the ecoboost and the V8 but they didn't feel special. Truck rode the stiffest of the bunch

Titan had great leg and hip room and felt the most airy of the three. Back seat was great but the tech on the inside felt dated and no backup camera (fixed in 2013) Driving the titan felt the best the engine is just a joy to drive. It might not stack up on paper buy in the seat of the pants the Titan wins hands down. Also the exhaust note was the best of the bunch. The factory sprayed on bedliner and track system is a much once you use it.

We will be picking up the 2013 when it's out.

I do agree that the spray on bedliner from nissan is nice and the utilitrac is a fantastic feature. I don't understand why they don't make the utiltrac standard in all of their trucks. Also don't know why everyone else doesn't copy that feature.

Nissan is a joke now, and you will be too if you buy a new one, or even one at all.

Everything Nissan is ugly anyway

I have a 2010 I am looking for Nissan truck parts for. At this point, I don't know if it would be worth it to just purchase the 2013 model or continue to buy new parts as needed. What are your suggestions?

I suggest looking at another manufacturer. There are much better trucks out there.

Nissan really needs to hurry up with the next gen truck.

Would you REALLY rather have a new truck every 5 years? Or would you rather have a truck that's been around long enough to be perfected and actually be reliable? I see nothing wrong with this Titan as long as they are improving quality each model year. I'd buy this over the F-150 or GM 1500 in a heartbeat.

If it weren't for the mediocre iihs crash test scores, I would buy this pickup. It has plenty of room in the back seats for people or car seats, has plenty of get-up and go, and it is a good value in price compared to the trucks around it (when considering very generous past rebates). It may be dated, but I'd rather have the last year of a decent run than the first year of a redesign.

I have a 2010 Titan that I thought I would never buy and love it. When I went to trade my 04 F150 in with 54000 on it and paid off I thought I would get a good trade in on it from Ford. My truck was in great shape with lots of options and 4x4 but after 3 Ford dealers and they all only offered me 3000 I went to Chevy and GMC with a mix of 3 to 5000 as the offer so that was a no go. Then I went to Dodge to only be offered 2500 for my trade what a joke from all big 3 dealers as my trade in value was 11400. No way was I going for a Toyota as I hate there cars and trucks so I stopped into Nissan and loved how the Titan drove and the room inside, and they gave me 11400 for my truck. Bottom line is the big 3 say they want your business but all they want to do is rip you off!!!

if it aint broke why fix it ?

I have owned several brands of trucks over the years. I currently have a 2007 titan crew cab 4x4. It is hands down the best truck I have owned. its a hoot to drive and I love the sound of that motor. Like others have said, it would be nice to see a new body design and perhaps a 6 speed tranny to up the gas milage. However I don't see much body change in the Dodges or tundra either.

We had an 05 Armada. The same engine and frame as the titan. The Armada saved my life. We weredoind 70 when the front drivers side tire blew. The tires were only 3 weeks old. My 17 year old daughter was at the wheel. This was actually her first time driving any long distance. She didnt know what really happens when you blow a front tire. So she didnt know to grip the wheel with all you got. Needless to say we flipped the Armada 4 times on the freeway. Thank God everyone had their seat belts on. We flipped the first at smashed the a pillar on the passenger side ( where i was sitting) all the way onto the top of my seat. We ended up sliding about 100 yards on the passenger side an my head beat the side curtain air bag out the side window and i was dragging my head on the freeway..after sliding so far we then flipped another 3 times into the median. That truck took a huge beating and saved all of our lives. I will be buying a new Nissan Titan in 2013 after I have my second surgery on my neck. I trashed 2 vertabre ans had one massive scalping on my head...but im doing pretty good considering what happened. I put my full trust into these Nissans..i know my life depends on it.

I had a 2008 LE model Titan and i loved it! but these days with the gas prices going up everyday, i need something that is going to get me at least 16-17 miles city driving. I have a Frontier right now and i only get 16-17 miles with it. i would much rather have a Titan!

Pretty sad, I can't believe Nissan has changed so little since I purchased my Titan … back in 2006!!!!

I have owned an original 2004 now for 100,000 miles. I love the engine and the power, I have gained maybe 15-20 ponies by going with aftermarket exhaust and intake... It has a cavernous back seat room, by far more superior to anything else out there and even grown men are not complaining, kids love it! The drive characteristics are very good and the only bad thing is the gas mileage - 17 mpg at best, 14.5 at worst, however, the sound and power compensate for that. I have taken it from 2-day road trips at 80 mph average to full day low 4WD back country crawls and it did well, on both accounts. I say that Nissan Titan could use a refresh, however, there is very little to complain about the one we have... I love mine and there is no need to get into Chevy vs. Ford vs. Nissan debates! For me, it has been a very good truck for 8 years!

I'm a proud owner of my second Titan. 2012 pro 4x crew. I would like to say, too all of the haters, yes this truck needs to b updated. But what's really funny, is that this truck outdated, still hangs with most half ton truck to this day. For the guy who said they should drop the Titan is rediculous. This truck set the standards back in 04,05 with this 5.6 beast of an engine, first locking diff, first sprayed bed liner, side toolbox. List goes on. Nissan has just never fully committed to this truck. And if they do fully committ to this truck, how great would it be. Instead of trying to give it to Chrysler. Nissan, if u can hear me!!! Offer a manual trans, over 400hp, update body and interior, up towing,u will have something very special. I love this truck... Heck with haters.

I think Nissan if you read this....chuck us a bone here...As a Titan Owner we just didn't fall off the turnip truck ...as you mite think....Our gas prices here in Canada are high....
We need a sixth gear tack on to a diesel....with the pulling power to boot.... whats so hard about that....GET WITH THE PROGRAM.....

Or do I just go and bye a Dodge.....No that's a new kind of stupid....

I would like better gas milage and some fun brighter colors, especially in aqua blue, deep purple,

I am board with black, white, silver, gray, tan, and red. Unless it is candy apple red.

I had a 2005 Titan crew cab and currently own a 2008 Titan crew cab with 206,000 miles. It is still like new. I love this truck.

I have a 2010 Titan Pro 4X with 45000 miles. Have had no problems with it. Before I bought it in 2010, I compared it with Chevy and Ford. Apples to apples, there was no comparison. Nissan blew them away. Many features were standard with the Titan for example: 12V outlet, bed caps, Rhyno coating on the rear bed , shock absorber in the tailgate, rear wheel liners, mudflaps, side tool box, tie-down tracks and that's jjust on the cargo bed. The 5.6 is bulletproof and will run forever. I am a Ford and Nissan guy and have had a few trucks. The Titan is by far the best. Will wait for the updated model. Looking forward to more horsepower, torque, 6 or 7 speed tranny.

Guys, if you have a Titan, buy the Airaid MxP Cold Air Intake. No BS- it adds at least 20hp. I have a White 2011 Pro-4x with Rancho Lift Kit and Skid Plate, Rough Country Traction Bars, GoRhino Dominator Nerf Bars, Ultra Crusher 20" Black Rims, Toyo Open Country Mud Tires, ALL HID Lighting. We traded in my 2005 Ford F150 Lariat with very low miles and many problems for my wife's Nissan Armada in 2008 this is why I purchased the 2011 Pro-4X. The two vehicles share the same powerplant. Yes these vehicles are dated but they perform so well that I am pleased with Nissan and will wait a couple of years into the new titan model and I just might trade this one for it. Besides here in California they are practically giving these trucks away. I paid 28.4K for my new 2011 Pro-4X. By the way, for you ecoboost koolaid drinkers, you better do your homework and study hard before buying one. I see a huge amount of complaints about the ecoboost on the internet. You are probably better off getting a 5.0.

I have had three Titans and I also own 25 other pickups ford mostly but also tundra's and dodge and by far the titans beat the other brands, years range from 2013 to 2008.
THe Titan is still the best on the highway and out tows even the disels we have had. The lack of v6 keeps me from replacing the fords but my personal truck is the titan.

I love the body and interior room. However the power and drivetrain need a different approach. Nissan makes some great engines like their inline 6. How difficult would it be to add a model with a inline 6 with a turbo?

i don't understand why nissan has kept the same design but anyways i happen to like my 07 crew cab...i test drove the rest of the trucks but this titan is smooth and you can't beat the room inside, my family has fallen in love with this truck and hopefully it gets new design.

I am on my second Titan Crew Cab. I mostly use for highway driving and pull a boat once in awhile. My first one was a 2007. I kept for 3 1/2yrs and put 95000 miles on it. Only one time in shop for fuel guage recall. Bought one set of tires and one front brake job. That is all I spent. Now driving a 2011 Nissan Heavy Metal Chrome Package. 25 Months old and has 73000miles. Been in the shop one time for a fan motor recall. One set of tires and no brake work yet. Looked at Ford but they were $5000.00 higher. Can't complain and will probably trade this one in on a 2013. I know that there are probably fancier vehicles out there but for roominess and reliability you can't go wrong. Wish they got a little better fuel mileage.

All you guys complaing about keeping the same design should shut it. Toyota does the same thing, its one reason the resale stays higher on them.. .nothing like selling a 2004 and it looking the same as a 2012... keeps your resale value nice and high... sorry to the 2013/2014 buyers... they're gonna have a current model truck for only a few years... for a guy like me who buys a couple years old and keeps for 6 years, the lack of change is good. Look at ford, they haven't designed a good looking truck since 1979.

test drive the same configuration, in all the manufacturers. You will like the Nissan the best.

I have 2008 Titan that I love. Before I bought this truck I drove all brands, not to mention I sold trucks. Nissan hands down has a great product but it does need to be updated. I find it odd that there are not even LED blinkers in the mirrors. NOW KIAS come standard with that including a back up camera, heated seats, AUX, USB, bluetooth, and radio controls on steering wheel, STANDARD KIA???? Come on nissan step it up!!!!

I bought a Titan a year and a half ago. I was going to buy another F150. My old Ford was 14 years old, and I felt it was a little underpowered when towing my 6000 lb trailer. (4.6) I went to the Ford dealer and--- All the Fords were 6 cyl. The Toyota dealers wanted $900 OVER the MSRP. No way! The Nissan had a $4ooo rebate discount. plus a huge discount.
I picked a Silver King cab. After a year and a half I am very Happy with it. Way more power then my old Ford and and 3 MPG better. Great sound from the big V-8. My only gripe is the Continetal "car tread" tires have little traction.

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