2013 Toyota Tacoma Pricing Released

Toyota Tacoma
As we noted earlier, for 2013 the Toyota Tacoma compact pickup will get a standard audio display (with a larger 6.1-inch screen) and daytime running lights on all models.

The 2013 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 and PreRunner with the automatic transmission will be offered with a new Limited Package that includes heated seats; sliding privacy rear glass; display audio with the Entune multimedia system and JBL audio; EC HomeLink rearview mirror; 18-inch chrome wheels with P265/60R18 tires; Limited badge; and chrome fog lamp housings, door handles and outside mirrors.

The 2013 Tacoma will start at $17,520 for the 4x2 Regular Cab with a four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission and go up to $28,090 for the 4x4 Double Cab V-6 long bed with a five-speed automatic. Destination charges have also climbed an additional $35, moving from $810 for the Tacoma to $845 for all 2013 models. Tundra destination charges will climb from just $10. 

The MSRPs reflect an average overall increase (on all models) of $150 (or 0.6 percent) per model. Price changes range from $0 to $400 as seen in the chart below. The TRD Sport upgrade package has been discontinued.

2013 Toyota Tacoma pricing



What about the trim pkgs, sr5, limited tx pro baja , trd off road all cost alot of $$ where is the price list for those options, i dont see many striped Tacomoas, almost all are TRD off road, and i know that its not a cheap option.

Man I wish the next Colorado was going to be this off road capable and didn't looks so darn ugly. I'm a Chevy guy and would buy the truck in a second. I just don't like the looks of it at all. I didn't like this Colorado either but I think I might like it better than the new one. The old S-10's I loved. Particularly the first era but I liked the second as well. Especially the ZR2's. And seeing the spy shots with those low hanging frames just turns me off to the whole deal. There's a real reason the Tacoma owns the market in the small-mid size truck segment. I was hoping Chevy would get it right but it doesn't look very promising. If I did decide on a small truck, the Tacoma it would have to be. There's really no other choice.

not me, thank you, these prices look like your looking at the prices for a F-150! or Ram 1500! and the Chevy's are even a little less! and that is full size, and in the case of Chevy's and Ram a much better warantee to boot! and there is not much if any diff. in fuel ecconomy, and no comparison in power available, and safety, sure the taco does fine in the crash tests, but that is when it is run into an imovable object, but when it get hit by a full size truck, asta la veesta baby! I guess on the other hand it is a nice toy truck, and great to get around in traffic and all, (I do like my reg cab Dakota for that reason), and there not muchbigger than a Wrangler for that matter so they are good off roading, but if you plan on doing anything besides playing with it, it just doesn't add up.

You know, for all that some say Chevy is having trouble with their truck sales, to hear that they build well over 1 million truck-based vehicles last year using the same chassis as the Silverado/Sonoma which calculates to more than double that of F-150 chassis, you just have to wonder. Which one really is better?

I still cant believe how few updates this truck gets. I had a 2005 Tacoma DCB 4x4 TRD and while it was a great truck, if I bought a 2013 it would be the same truck 8 years later. The FJ Cruiser, Tundra and 4 Runner have had the updated engine for years now and the tacoma still gets the old single vvti engine. The FJ and 4runner get fully boxes frames and 4 wheel disc. I just dont understand why they wont move any of the parts they use on the SUV's over. The gripes I had with the Tacoma were the spngy brakes, floppy frame and the unrefined suspension, go drive a FJ cruiser, it has none of those traits. Toyota Update please

@ DarnEFNET They do here, you get parts from other Toyota products on the Hilux.

Tacoma is the leader in the midsize market. I will reserve judgement on the new Colorado/Canyon until it has been on the market a few years. I am not a fan of the front end of the new Colorado but the basic Tacoma is no thing of beauty either. Of all the midsize trucks the Suzuki Equator (Nissan Frontier twin but dead last in sales of midsize trucks) at least has a decent looking grill. The Equinox front on the new Colorado would not be enough to deter me from the Colorado but I am willing to bet if a new Canyon is released it will have a lot nicer front. The price increase of $400 on some of the Tacomas will have little or no effect on its sales. I just hope thet aside from a not so attractive front end that Colorado is at least competitive. For now I remain optimistic and reserve judgement. It would be nice to see a little more competition in the midsize truck market to spur a newly redesigned Tacoma and to encourage innovation. Tacoma is a good truck as is Frontier but they are both getting a little long in the tooth.

this truck sucks we need the 3.0 diesel hilux here in north america its a nice truck and its industructble

Their is a good reason why the Tacoma and Tundra don't have a fully boxed frame like the FJ, 4runner and Sequoia the only question is whether or not this engineering is appropriate for its segment (more passenger like and less workhorse truck) much like the 1/2 ton class?
Also their a good reason that frame is "floppy" or the suspension is "unrefined" as you called them but once again the question would be is this engineering appropriate for its segment?

The 4.0 is a fine motor, but at minimum, give this truck a 6 speed auto to help performance and efficiency. It is nothing short of ridiculous how dated the driveline is on this truck. This info tells me that the 2013 4Runner, which is due for MMC, won't get a driveline update either. Awful!

I like the taco probably would buy one for a driver, if they didn't cost as much as a arm and a leg. The new Colorado will probably have a different front end, then the ones we have seen. In the spy shots they are all cover up, so its hard to tell what it will look like for sure. The low frame comment is kinda dumb if you ask me. If you look at the spy shot photos, and compare to the taco photo on this page It looks to be the same. http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2012/06/spied-us-spec-colorado-seen-testing.html

I'd like to see the Colorado take a big bite out of Toyoda's ass. Maybe that might force them to ditch the Tacoma and bring the global Hilux to our shores.



Toyota Hilux have dropped prices over here and added more "options" to sell them as the pickup market has become alot more competitive for them.

Hopefully the Colorado will make Toyota in NA reduce prices and be more competitive.

Lou -I agree with you. From Al's and Robert's comments and reading about the Hilux there is no comparison. Hilux even looks better. Not that the Taco is a bad truck it is seriously dated.

@Lou-I would even carry it one step further and eliminate the slow selling Tundra. Since the midsize will eventually become the fullsize then there would be no need for the Tundra. Toyota could come up with a true compact truck based on the A-Bat. This would save Toyota development costs and toolling costs by making their trucks a global platform. I agree with Al and Robert Ryan that NA needs to share trucks globally.

There must've been too many roll-over incidents with the Taco Run reg cab. I know my mom's reg cab pre-runner was a kick to drive on 3 wheels going around corners. I know the reg cab 4X4 is still available, but I don't know its dynamics.

@Vulpine - The GMT900 is incredibly successful, but the F-150 chassis isn't shared with 3/4 and 1-tons.

A base HiLux 4x4 Extra-Cab Pick-up is priced at $39,990.00 in AU. That's over $41,000.00 US.

A Dcab starts at $40,990. or $42,266.00 US

SR5 is $46,990 or $48,506.00 US

The price is too high and they are still only 4 and 5 speeds. Doesn't solve the problem.

Source: http://www.toyota.com.au/hilux/prices?WT.ac=VH_Hilux_TopNav_Prices

Downsize the F-150 into the new-model Ranger. Let the 250 and 350 maintain the higher-class HDs like they used to and give the rest of us a truck that's more compact and more economical. I would guess that half the people currently driving full-sized models would appreciate a smaller, less expensive and more economical rig since they're lightly loaded at worst most of the time.

Wow, its amazing how the Tacoma keeps going up every year....It's 2013, and they haven't upgraded that base 4-cylinder...still only 159HP. Still using a 4-speed auto trans. Still using 15-in. wheels.

I'm about to give up on Toyota entirely.


Most people own a Tacoma (or midsize for that matter) because they dont need a full-size. I own a Tacoma and I absolutely love it. The F-150, which would be my full-size of choice, is just too big for my everyday uses. My brother owns a Silverado LTZ and driving that is a big difference from my Tacoma. I can park in most small lots without even thinking. I definitely need to plan it out with his Silverado and I drive Fire trucks for a living. Although I do agree with you that the prices are ridiculous!

In Australia everything is more expensive. A can of coke is $3.00, does that mean coke is $3.00 in the US?

Our minimum wage is AU$32,000 per annum. A person packing shelves in supermarkets are paid $20.00 per hour. This has a direct relation to the prices we pay for goods and services.

@Big Al from Oz --You are correct your wages are higher and your prices are higher. Also your economy is in much better shape than the USA. What you pay and how much you make is all relative to where you live. I would rather pay a little more now and have a good economy with full employment and a balanced budget. That might be just me but if most everyone is doing well then cost is not as big of an issue.

@John and Jeff S
Also the technology in our pickups is greater increasing costs.

I know my ute has crumple zones in the chassis to make it a 5 star safety rating (Euro and AU). Our engine technology, particularly the diesels is more advanced than your small pickups and 1/2 tonners.

Also that is the list price. My truck had a $51 000 list price and I got it for $45 000 before I added bullbar, tow package etc. And its a 5 cyl diesel. My model was only release for 5 weeks when I bought it also.

And you don't have a Taco or whatever to compete against my truck for all round performance.

When you look at prices have a look a little deeper into what you are getting for your money as well.

The average wage in Australia is now over $70 000 per year, this does make things more expensive. As tax goes, percentage wise to GDP we are between the US and Canada.

@WhOUbU -You are correct as well the price of a Tacoma is not as big of an issue because those that want a Toyota and a smaller truck will buy it anyway. Price is important but more important is the fact that Tacoma has not been updated in almost 10 years and has no incentive to update because they have no close competition. For that reason it would be good if the new Colorado were a much better truck and the Frontier were updated as well because it would force Toyota to update the Tacoma but then of course they might not. Look at the Corolla it is basically the same car for 20 years and it is still a top seller even though their are more than comparable competition such as the Elantra, Mazda 3, Focus, and even the Cruze. Same with the Camry although more changes have been made to it than most Toyota products. The Sonota, Fussion, and Optima are much more advanced and better vehicles. Part of it is people who buy Toyota will buy it just because it is a Toyota and therefore Toyota is not under any pressure to update. Don't get me wrong Toyota makes a good product its just that the competition has gone to the next level and left Toyota behind.

@Big Al from Oz --Your safety standards are probably a little better but I think eventually the safety standards and pollution standards globally will be more standardized thus giving a stronger incentive to share products on a global basis. I am not to optimistic about the US getting some of the smaller diesels because a lot of consumers have an image of diesels being dirty and slow from past experiences though that is not necessarily the case today with the newer technology. Also the price difference between diesels and gas powered vehicles is much more and the pump price of diesel versus gas is higher. I do see more turbo engines with more gears and more use of hybrids as well. Lighter metals such as aluminum and alloys will be used to lighten vehicles up as well to meet the more stringent fuel standards. Cars have already changed much over the past 30 years and now it is time for pickups and SUVs to go thru similiar changes.

Having said all that the Australian economy is on more solid footing than the US. The US is still in a state of transition from a manufacturing economy into more service. Also the US is going from the Number 1 World Power to not Number 1 but still a major player. It is hard for the US to accept the new role and it is hard for a lot of us to realize that we as a country cannot do everything (we cannot afford to). Periods of major transitions are always painful and hard to adapt to.

Good blog and its good to have an intelligent discussion about trucks rather than what has been the norm.

Jeff S. The current Hilux is basically a 9 yr old design that has only recently been refreshed. The Hilux is showing its age as far as drivability and towing goes. New one in about a 1 years time.
Still it can be useful towing.




Little courious on th esize difference between an fullsize and a tacoma. From the information that i have seen it appears that they are demsionaly similar. when comprably equiped ie f150 supper cab 6.5 ft (can be substituted for crew 5.5 box same wheel base) vs tacoma double cab 4x4 long bed
Tacoma overall width 74.6in f150 79.2, 4.6in differnce compare that to a ford raptor 86.3 a 7.1in differnce.
A standard f150 is demesionaly closer to a tacoma width wise that it is to an F150 raptor, and i have not heard alot of people complain about parking a Raptor (note: the only vehicle i own is a Raptor) in overall length an f150 is about 10 inches longer , and the raptor is about an inch shorter.
With demesions for a 5 pax truck so close (i will never buy a reg cab) and you get a bigger bed same MPGs for cheaper i cannot se the justification to buy a tacoma.
All vehicles need to be a certain width to fit 3 people across the back seat , that pretty much dictates the width , so im sorry if you cannot park a vehicle that is 4.6 inches wider, i drive one that is 8 inches wider than my last vehicle and i realy dont notice the differnce affter a week of owning it. just my2cents

@Carilloskis-I think WhOUbU is capable of driving an F-150 since he drives fire trucks, but he does't want to. I can drive a tandem axle IH and a 72 Cadillac but I choose not to. Regardless of 8 inches in width there is a noticeable difference between the handling and agility of an F-150 and a Tacoma. I have driven both and more. I guess if I really wanted to get more for my money I would drive a crewcab with a Powerstroke, Allison, or Cummins. After all isn't bigger always better? Maybe a used Humvee? Nothing against F-150s or Raptors but some of us choose something a little smaller. If given a preference some of us would prefer 80s and 90s sized Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi sized pickups. Does that make us wrong? No it means that the truck buyer should have a choice and that one size does not fit everyone. If one size were good for everyone we would all wear the same size shoes and wear the same size clothes. I guess I need to stick the paper in my shoes roll up my cuffs and sleeves and wear safety pins on my pants to make them fit.

I think that Carilloskis has pointed out a valid reason why small trucks (I refuse to call them compact since they aren't) don't sell as well as they used to. There isn't much of a price or size difference. Fuel economy isn't there either (at least in the V6 small trucks).
I wonder how well the new Colorado will sell?
That should be the yardstick to measure the small truck market. It is new, it is "global" and if press releases are to be believed, will offer superior mpg.
If it doesn't sell well, I doubt we will ever see decent small trucks again.
The only exception to that would be sky high fuel prices and government mpg rules killing big pickups for personal use.

If oxi was here he would tell Lou off and explain why those tank full-sizes are no good.


True. The double cab long bed Tacoma is very close to a in width and length to an ext. cab 6.5 ft bed F-150. But most people dont buy the long bed, they buy the short bed. My truck is a crew cab short bed Tacoma. The difference in wheelbase is 127" for the Tacoma vs. 144" for the F-150. That is a huge difference in wheelbase length which really makes it just that much easier to park.

@Jeff S

Thanks for the backup!!!

@WhOUbU - people have a right to buy what they want unless I just hit a link to dictatorship ruled country ;)
All kidding aside.
There are pro's and con's to both.
It all boils down to our own personal preferences. Your choice is just as valid as anyone elses.

I looked at the Tacoma but I chose an F150 6.5 box SuperCrew. At 22 feet long it is a beast, and on the same trails and fields I used to go with impunity in a Ranger, I'm scraping undercarriage, and I didn't even try the narrow stuff since I like my paint. It is superior to a small truck on back country gravel roads or in snow as far as ride comfort and stability goes.
If I lived in a metropolis I probably would of bought the Tacoma.
I did have a 3/4 ton reg cab long box that went pretty much the same places as my Ranger but I wasn't too worried about the paint even though I got 15 years of use out of that rig.

@Jason - there are a few of us who thing Oxi traded his truck off on Ram. LOL

@Lou--That would be hard to believe that Oxi would do that but then again he could be one of the Ram fanboys. I myself could buy a GM or F-150 if they eventually sized them closer to the current Colorado, but on the otherhand I might just keep what I have as long as they last. My 99 S-10 shows little signs of aging and at 96,300 miles with about 3,000 miles a year in the last 5 years it should last me at least another 10 years (no rust and looks new). My 08 Isuzu only has 22,000 miles and still smells like new. I might just take the book I am reading, "How to Make Your Car Last Forever", and just see how long both will last. If I change my mind I will look at what is available and choose what best meets my needs. Lou you might be right that midsize trucks might become no more if eventually the current full size are downsized to meet the new fuel standards.


My gut instinct tells me you'll be getting the 2.8 diesel in the Colorado.

The reason I say this is that Caddy will be using them.

If you do get them it will be fantastic.

I think you guys will gradually become used to paying more for vehicles like in Europe and Australia.

They might not be 1/4 mile racers, but for economy, towing and highway driving they are great. Urban or city driving they also shine in comparison to gas guzzlers.

The current Hilux diesel is wanting compared to the new utes we are getting. But I think Toyota in 2014 will bring a very competitive vehicle out.

@ Big Al from Oz - that is a good possibility since there is a rumour that the Cadillac parts bin will be raided for a competitor to the EB3.5.
I get the sense that GMC is going to market the Colorado as the mpg king and the full sized trucks will be focused on performance.
That strategy might not work if the take rate on the Colorado is poor.

That strategy might not work if the take rate on the Colorado is poor.

@Lou, and it will be if it looks like what we've been shown. What an ugly POS. The old S-10's were fantastic. Even the current Colorado was acceptable (barely). The new Colorado is hideous.

I think that 2012/2013 will be another record year for Tacoma sales; ALL Tacoma sales.

This is probably the best time to buy a new car or truck since the 2006-2007 time frame.

With all the uncertainty in the economy and the elections coming up, those who can are getting their ducks lined up and buying what they can now.

After the elections there will be some hard decisions made, no matter who will be in power. And whatever good deals are out there now may go down the toilet as more people will get laid off and even more homes will be foreclosed upon, in the new year.

Toyota's modest increase in pricing also reflects that they're not putting any effort or expense into upgrading the current line of Tacoma. It's the best seller, so why mess with a good thing?

all i want is a all black interior

2012 nor will 2013 be a record year for Tacoma sales. Tacoma sales are down 61% in 2011 from their peak in 2006.

Small trucks are a declining market segment, making up only 2 percent of all auto sales. Toyota must innovate if they want to have record sales again.

toyota has always been a much better truck than the others in the market however they price themselves out of the market though they have more options their prices are about 10-15% higher

What an embarassing POS! Ancient technology with a price to rival Detroits huge trucks.
I am holding out for a redesign Nissan this year or the mid year release of the Chevy.
Not interested in Toyota Tacoma @17mpg.
Toyota now wears the dusty "Oldest" crown since Ford killed Ranger.

Tocoma is a great truck but it is priced to high.And in times where the economy is in the sink and obama getting reelected we will be lucky if there is any jobs to be had.You have to spend at least $28000.00 dollars for one to have anything worth owning.I have had two of them my first in 2005 witch was a single cab 5-speed prerunner witch was about $22000.00 dollars and my second one witch was a 2007 prerunner extended cab witch cost me around $26000.00 great truck but very over priced and now I have a 2008 Rav4 witch was $around $24000.00 Dollars.I now have 50000 miles on it and have only had to replace the battry and the tires.It has 4 wheel disc brakes and when I fold the back seats down I have a small truck.I hope it will last me untill I drive the wheels off of it before I sell it.

well i drive the toyota her in the sand box win are the toyota coming to the usa for sale it would be nice 4 cyl diesel but you me still looking thank you for your time

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