New Video: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Towing

Exclusive: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Towing Video

We're beginning to get more info from various sources about recent durability testing for the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. We're told many of the tests — hot weather, towing, deep water and dust filtration — are being done at an old military testing facility just outside Yuma, Ariz., and in the surrounding mountains.

The video here is just a quick look at a hill-climb test under load. We're hoping to get more footage later of the various tests the new truck endured. If you happen to live in or around the Yuma desert, feel free to send us any photos or videos you can get.


wish they had followed them longer....

This tells us nothing -- for all we know these could be plastic weights and the truck has a N/A 6 cylinder!
C'mon GM give us something tangible to wrap our heads around!

Man, I can't wait for GM fanbois to talk about how great everything GM is (no matter what) and for Ford fanbois to scream at them that GM sucks (no matter what) and Dodge fanbois to yell for someone to notice them (but nobody will).

I sure hope Johnny Doe has a box of tissues nearby before he clicks the video link.

Awesome! And that's with the new 3 cylinder HD direct injection leaf blower engine mated to a CVT transmission. :)

there is a motor hidden on the back of the trailer to help it get up the hill faster, just kidding

I couldn't help notice the driver having a little trouble keeping it between the lines. Maybe their "sway control" still needs a little work?

Is that the 1500 or 2500?

@LoosiFur The only folks that need boxs of tissues is ford fans, cause they know they'll be last for another 11 12 years now GM has updated their enignes again. Remeber the years 1999-2010. GM king of hp and mpgs with the same old engines compare to fords. Look it up, and remeber take a box of them tissues with you on you're research you'll need them.

Do I REMEMBER RIGHT, ONE BILLION IN TESTING? that WILL give THEM A LEAD . HAS Ford spent a BILLION in the last 50 9O or) 30 some odd years...... YES CHEVY & GMC WILL RULE THE WORLD once AGAIN....... A_MEN........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell going all the way back to 1996 GM had Ford pretty much out guned on hp and on mpg.

1996 Ford F-150
Kelley Blue Book Retail $2,850–$4,250
MPG City: 12 – 15 Highway: 16 – 19
Available Engines
148-hp, 4.9-liter I-6 (gaseous fuel compatible)
210-hp, 5.8-liter V-8 (regular gas)
199-hp, 5.0-liter V-8 (regular gas)
148-hp, 4.9-liter I-6 (regular gas)
1996 f250 f350
210-hp, 7.3-liter V-8 (diesel)
245-hp, 7.5-liter V-8 (regular gas)
4-speed automatic w/OD
5-speed manual w/OD f150 f250 f350
3-speed automatic (f250 f350 only)

1996 Chevrolet C1500
Kelley Blue Book Retail $3,575–$4,250
MPG City: 14 – 17 Highway: 19 – 22
Available Engines
220-hp, 5.0-liter V-8 (regular gas)
180-hp, 6.5-liter V-8 (diesel)
250-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 (regular gas)
200-hp, 4.3-liter V-6 (regular gas)
1996 2500 3500 Engines
290-hp, 7.4-liter V-8 (regular gas)
190-hp, 6.5-liter V-8 (diesel)
255-hp, 5.7-liter V-8 (regular gas)
4-speed automatic w/OD
5-speed manual w/OD

I'm glad Ford finally out power Chevy in 2011 with new engines and better mpg, cause they sure have been on the buttom for the most part for a long time. 1996-2010 GM king 2013 GM will be king again.

@LoosiFur hahahahahaha you are so right! slow clap for you sir slow clap for you! and i'm a chevy guy who is exactly how you explained

but all messin around aside very excited for these new trucks!!! and im gonna bet that that's the new 1500HD hence the video showing it tow? just a guess could be wrong

@Johnny TROLL,

With all that said, F-Series still outsold Chevy and GMC. Now what?

@johnny doe:

Heres a good deal of how reliable those Chevys were. Go ahead, compare to F-150 and Dodge 1500, you might want some tissues for that.

Still ugly! I suppose towing 2k is pushing this chebby...


@loosifur - you picked that name to confuse the Righteous Right? LOL
My last name is Cypher ;)

I'd like to see GM pull ahead of all of the manufacturers with performance, comfort, MPG etc because if this truck turns out to be a "status quo" product. They will go from their current time in truck purgatory straight to perdition.

It doesn't look any different. Hope it's just camo-ed really well. GM needs this new Silverado/Sierra to be a hit

@Officer no balls Niggermyer Yes some of their enignes had more tq, but lack of bad drivetrain aka geting power to the ground efficiency. GM had them still beat. Just like now a good example of this is the lml duramax vs the 6.7 even though ford has more hp and tq they still lose to the less hp tq duramax due to bad drivetrain efficiency. It's common sense, but I should of knew some people like you with little brain power just can't understand common sense. Love or hate it its just the facts, so once again enjoy the tissues once again in 2013 till 2025.

Do I REMEMBER RIGHT, ONE BILLION IN TESTING? that WILL give THEM A LEAD . HAS Ford spent a BILLION in the last 50 9O or) 30 some odd years......

When you're driving your Govt.MotorsCo. Sierra, you can thank us Ford driving taxpayers for that you weasel. GMC is the company of Automotive Sleaze. I would have supported Chevrolet as a standalone company apart from that slimeball GM Corp. but now they're tied to the sinking ship of sleaze too. Brag on how you swindled hard earned taxpayer dollars from the already cash strapped poor Americans. Brag on how our tax money went to China and Europe to prop up Opel and Buick. Brag on that our tax money went to fund a second Non-Necessary truck line to even Justify Buick in the states to keep Opel afloat. Your company is pathetic. GMC trucks are a pathetic excuse to give more jobs to China and Europe via Buick. Piss on GMC.

OOOHHH. More HP!! Yippee Johhny! Can I have a hearty side of Piston Slap with that there Horsepower too! Please??

How bout some of them there Chinese wheels too.. Maybe another helping of cheap ass interior parts and tinfoil body metal...

LOL! Like A Knock baby!!

wow some people all f .... in this forum...stupidity is not a disease they just ignorant about what they no...

@Johnny doe- I think i recall the 4.6 and 5.4 beating the 4.8 and 5.3 in torque...

@johnny- "Yes some of their enignes had more tq, but lack of bad drivetrain..." Yes, Ford did indeed lack a bad drivetrain.

I have to say I agree with math some of you have crossed the line big time.

I do want to say that GM having a HD half ton is a great idea and I have been someone who in the past said Toyota should have done like Ford, Ram and now GM and have one. The extra capacity lets some people who tow a fifth wheel to do so without exceeding their GVWR despite being under their allotted tow rating.

@MoparMadness read this hemi's get have piston slap too buddy
here have some more hemi piston slap even more hemi piston slap oh now not the all great gas eating hemi with piston slap oh no!
lets not forget bout ford piston slap too while im at it
yippy more ford piston slap too
lets share the piston slap blues cause it looks like everone has piston slap more ford piston slap for you!
Dumb people never fail to make wonder. Go eat on you're own piston slapping machines.

You guess make it sound like such a big deal. I personally never hear piston slap on a Ram, Ford, or GM trucks. It's a rare thing, and everyone has had the issue. So why poke at one brand when they all have had it with in around the same time frame? It just makes you look dumb.


Ya Johnny, Ford and Dodge have their own freaking website dedicated to pitson slap alone. Ford and Dodge have their own freaking TSB
on it too... NOT. GM got CHEAP just like they did on their interiors, guages, bodies, rims, brakes, frame coatings and everything else under the sun. Loyal GM customers got stuck with a truck that Knocks. Real nice for resale value. Those LS motors hammer like there's no tomorrow when it's cold. I've heard dozens of them. Not so with Ford engines and Dodge engines or Toyota engines or Nissan engines. The best thing you can do is point to isolated incidents, not an overall pattern with it's own website dedicated to it. You sir have failed. GM trucks have sold on past loyalty alone for the last 8-10 years. That old customer loyalty is fading and Fast. GM did it to themselves when they started building Cheaply constructed trucks in 1999.

@johnny doze -
Dumb people make YOU wonder?
Insightful introspection - give it a try!

The whole brand bashing thing does get old and tiring and annoying and boring......
It isn't very much fun when the shoe is on the other foot.

@Miath - francophone lover of the General.
Great comment.
Stupidity is not a disease but it sure is epidemic.

Looks like they will have a "split grill" and monsterouly huge bow tie in the middle. It also looks like they raised the belt line i.e. deeper box. Just when you think the front bumper and chin spoiler was already too low, they make it lower. Good for 0.5 mpg and plowing snow ;) Those headlight/clusters look like they've grow to Ford SD clown size. Truck wanders around a bit. Maybe they were trying to run the pursuing spy car off the road. LOL

This looks like one big old massive rolling road whale. What the heck? Is this Chevy's Super Duty? Why is it so huge? What happened to the 1500's? Did they ditch them for the Colorado? I sure hope not because that new Colorado is ugly as Satan's darkest side. That thing is a flop just waiting to be released. I'm just not impressed with the overall bulkiness of this thing. It's like a rig that sits too low. Maybe it will look better when the wraps come off but right now I'm not feeling this at all. It almost looks like the current HD with a lowering kit and camoflage. Take me back to the 90's styling please. These last couple of Silverado's have sucked big time in the looks department. I guess Chevy wants to continue down that path unfortunately. And they desperately needed this SIlverado to be a grand slam homerun to stave off Dodge.

"Ford"....Because Chevrolet has lost it's way.

Don't be a Ford, GM, Dodge, or anything-else fan. Buy what's best for you.

@MoparMadness Yeah you're right dodge don't have a freaking website dedicated to piston slap. They do have this freaking website dedicated too them. troll.
They have a whole freaking website dedicated too them as why not to even buy one of them cheap piles of crap call dodge ram


You moron STFU, it is the same damn company, same damn truck. Open the door and you see GM on both the Chevy and GMC. If you think so poorly of GMC drivers then it is the same as Chevy drivers. I pity people who are so close minded and poorly guided in their thinking like you and a few others on here. When I hear that comment and see thinking like that I always think of this quote "I am not saying we should kill all the stupid people, I am just saying we should remove all the warning labels in the world and let the problem sort it self out".

I prefer GM over the other two but the others make awesome trucks too. I buy GMC if it is better looking, otherwise I buy Chevy. I have owned both and will continue to. My next truck will be which ever of the two look better or if they are both good looking then which ever dealer gives me the best deal.

Do you ever think before speaking?

PS Rod, Ford took Billions in Government money too...

Ford didn't take money and it wasn not a GM or Chrysler bailout. It was a loan guarantee and the gov’t was the only lender in town. They were forced to take these guarantees because no private sector bank was going to meet the rules imposed on them by the GOVERNMENT at the time. "Ford took bailout money too" is more propaganda from the GM-Obama regime.

Ford participated in a credit program that was designed to address problems in the credit markets, not any one company. Ford was a fractional particpant (one of many) in this program and the government made a HEALTHY RETURN (profit) on Ford's transaction.

GM got free bailout money and we lost that money. GM still owes us $35 billion. The government still owns 25% of GM.

But that's not the full tally. Obama let GM keep $45 billion in past losses to offset future profits. Those are usually wiped out or slashed, along with debts, in bankruptcy. But the administration essentially gifted $45 billion in write-offs to GM. So when GM earned a $7.6 billion profit in 2011, it PAID NO TAXES.

That is the difference between GM and Ford, for you backbenchers out there.

@ Johnny Doe
TORQUE not horsepower is the most important force for moving heavy loads in a truck. FORD has always produce engines that are better tuned for torque at lower rpms compare to Chevy. Thats why many people when thinking of pulling heavy loads they think of Ford. You generally saw more Fords of those model years working in agriculture, and commercial use because of there drivetrain and torque.

I wonder if is possible that just one article could go by without a comment on the word 'bailout'. Jesus, the 'copy and paste' crowd on every frigging piece is hysterical.

GMC sucks Tyler. It is not the same company in a historical aspect. General Motors was once just a holding company for many true brands. Then they merged them and started their badge engineering practices and literally destroyed every last one of them but Chevrolet. All LS V8 engines are derivitaves of the original SBC. GMC for all intensive purposes was GM from day one as it's intitials literally stand for General Motors Company. It was also a rebadge truck from day one as the first GMC truck debuted in 1912 was a Rapid truck with a GMC emblem. That rebadge practice continued for decades. Most GMC's were all Chevrolet powered with body designs originating in Chevrolet design studios. . Chevrolet was it's own company for day one until they started outselling GM so bad that Chevrolet gave it's owner power to buy GM from the banks. Then Chevrolet was eventually rolled in under the GM banner. I for one hate GM and likewise would never own a GMC because of what it's initials stand for. They are Government Motors Company to me now and always will be. Chevrolet on the other hand has given America many good era's of trucks and cars. It was also a legitimate company with a real person (Louis Chevrolet) behind the name. It's not the GM/GMC name, it's what the name represents and stands for. GMC stands for everything that was wrong in America and with GM. Chevrolet stands for the only things that were genuine and right. I wouldn't be caught dead in anything with a GMC badge.

@Johnny Doe When Ford introduce the 5.4L OHC V-8 horsepower wasnt the game Torque was this engine has always created more torque(335-365) @2100 rpm than the comparable 5.3 chevy pushrod V-8 (315-340) @4300 rpm. The 5.4 was stout and tough enough to be use as the base engine in the F250 Superduty and E250 and E350 Econo vans. Chevy 5.3 was never use as the base engine in there Heavyduty trucks because of low torque and at high rpm. GIVE ME HIGH TORQUE AT LOW RPM

@Tyler - you have more rebadged names than the company you worship ;)

I do not think Chevy or GM trucks suck. They have good drivetrains but the body and interior does not compare to the competition.

I'd rather look at the whole package. Ram and Ford have a huge list of trim packages for their trucks. More choices equals more happy customers equals more sales.

I suspect that GM's goal is performance and bringing their interior and exteriors up to the industry standard.
Just benchmarking the current standards is wrong and will hurt them. I doubt they will beat anyone by a large margin.
They won't release any information.
They are afraid that Ford and Ram will do a quick ECU reflash or a quick option change and beat them.
I do hope that I'm wrong on those assumptions.
GMC needs to regain financial stability and credibility in the market place.
Look at the frequency that "bailout" is mentioned and Government Motors is mentioned.
They need to shake that stigma.
#1 in global sales means crap if you don't make money.
#1 in China or the world means crap if you have no respect in your homeland.

All the hate on these trucks won't slow down their overall sales; from Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Ram, theres always bad things said about those trucks as well, if you don't like anything about the Silverado or Sierra, then stay the heck off their websites and stick to whats true to your liking, it's just that easy! And if GMC was that bad of a brand, it would have faded into the history books along with Pontiac, Saturn, Oldsmobile, Saab and HUMMER.

*It simply brings me joy to all the haters out there knowing that the Sierra will live on into a new error of it's existance!

*It's not leaving the scene anytime soon!!!

@ raymondj -
" the Sierra will live on into a new error of it's existance!"


That Freudian slip almost made me p-ss my pants laughing!

*It simply brings me joy to all the haters out there knowing that the Sierra will live on into a new error of it's existance!

-"ERROR of existance" is right. LOLOL!!! That whole so called 'brand' is an Error on GM's part. Nice new name Tyler/Bvonscott/SierraGS. You keep rockin the GovtMoCo sierra girlymobile though. Somebody's gotta.

Can they get this Chevy any lower to the ground? Is this Cheech and Chongs new ride or what? All-I-Want, is a Lowrider.. This goofy organization couldn't build a real truck again if we gave them another 50 billion dollars. I'll quote the thoughts of all the Chevy guys. "Chevy's trucks died for good in 1998". "Their off road trucks died in 1987". Heard it a million times, probably hear it a million more when this new 'just good enough' truck gets stomped into the ground yet again by the mighty Dodge. Hope you enjoyed 2nd place Chevy. Your new home will be 3rd. Loyalty only kept ya hangin on so long with these cheapo trucks you've pumped out for the last decade.. Loyalty's over, time's up!! Enjoy your new home! Like the Jefferson's, Dodge is movin on up!!!

ford lover is ok to be n3..maybe one day ford give you a real pickup not a substitute..maybe you thing ecoboost is a big thing ..only for ford ,,but the order company past this stage longtime


The last year the 5.4L was available in trucks it made 310hp @ 5000 rpms and 365tq @ 3500 rpms. The 5.3 (in the trucks) makes 315hp @ 5200 rpms and 335tq @ 4000 rpms (320 and 340 in SUVs).

The 5.4L didn't make it's peak hp untill right before it's max engine speed. The 5.3L makes it's peak hp 800 rpms before it's max engine speed. So you will never see the advertised horsepower with a 5.4. A 5.3 truck won't shift untill 5500 rpms when you are at WOT.

Another reason I bring this up is because it seems everyone says you have to rev a 5.3 to get any power and the 5.4 makes all of it's power down low. There is no denying it makes it's peak torque 500 rpms sooner (and 30 more foot-pounds) BUT it makes it 1600 rpms from it's max engine speed. A 5.3 makes it's peak torque 2000 rpms before it's max engine speed.

So when you are making your advertised torque you are doing it closer to the max engine speed then you would be in a 5.3L. Now that is all peak figures. Ford used to advertise the 5.4 made 80% of it's peak torque at 1000 rpms. So that gives it 292 ft-lbs at that rpm. GM always says the LS engines make 90% of their peak torque between 1500-5500 rpms. So that gives it 301 ft-lbs atleast between those rpms.

So it looks to me like the 5.4 is working harder to make it's advertised power ratings then the 5.3. It's all for nothing though really because Ford FINALLY quit using the "great" 5.4s in the F-150s. The new 5.0 makes all it's power more like a GM LS engine then any Triton (360hp @ 5500, 380tq @ 4250). I know the 5.0 is a bored and stroked 4.6 BUT it does have new heads so hopefully Ford fixed the exhaust manifold problem that is a problem on ALL Triton V-8s.

Massive brick shaped truck with barn door aerodynamics, and wheel well gaps the size of the grand canyon. UGLY!

GM's styling department really has fallen down on the job.

Give me a 56 Apache any day. Just don't wreck it, 'cause you won't survive.

@ CarlMJ:

I'm a Chevy guy too but you need to brush up on your Chevy/GM history, here's the short version:

Durant got forced out of GM, hooked up with French race car driver Louis Chevrolet, and became so successful that he managed to buy GM back. Outside from a very few years in the beginning, Chevy was always a GM division.

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