A Perfect BedToy: Subaru's Newest Kei Pickup

Sambar Kei pickup 2 II

We've seen a good number of micro-pickups in our day, but this version from Subaru, off the Sambar Kei van platform, seems to stretch the limits to the breaking point.

The Kei pickup will hold four small or medium-sized passengers and is motivated by a water-cooled 660cc gas engine mated either to a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. 

This version of the Kei van is the newest iteration of the Sambar van platform, which is quite popular in China, Korea and Japan (apparently they have the need for a vehicle to carry a lot of tall bookshelves and five-gallon drums of paint). With vehicles like Smart cars driving on our city streets and highways, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to imagine seeing these types of vehicles in big cities, but they might also be interesting vehicles to modify like ATVs and dirt bikes. 

Subaru has no plans the Sambar lineup to the U.S., but if the little pickup did come here, they'd probably start around $15,000. By our calculations, these little workers would fit quite nicely in the bed of a heavy-duty pickup, long or short bed. 

Sambar Kei pickup II



The back pat of that van is missing.

In the 80's, a schoolmate had done this with their C10 van after the upper roof corner had rusted through. Called it the "Pick/van" and seemed quite functional too. Offered an inline 250 6-cylinder and had seating for 5 as it has been cut off after the side door.

Kind of a dumb idea, the regular van version would provide more hauling with no seats in, maybe just leave the back uncarpeted for dirty loads.

Kei type vehicles are perfect for some of the ancient type towns and Villages in Japan. Very narrow streets. You get something similar in the Medieval villages of Europe, especially Southern Europe. I saw 3 wheeler Pickups going up the "streets" of Assisi in Italy.

I'm sure there's a viable market for these kinds of trucks elsewhere.
It's just nice to see a foreign truck that NO AMERICAN is going to demand it be sold here.
Of course if they offered a diesel then my above comment may be wrong.

I did the same with an '89 Ford Festiva. It was fun for a while...

Instead of this piece of tin, I'd rather see a Suburban or Tahoe with a removeable top, like the old Blazers and Broncos. Offer a stowable soft top in case of rain, and you'd be good to go! My dad had an 89 Bronco with the removeable top, that thing was a lot of fun in the summer time. The one time I got caught in the rain while hauling a dirbike sucked, but a soft top draped over a roll cage would've fixed that problem!

In Australia years ago Suzuki sold a kei ute, it was called a Mighty Boy. There is a small "cult" following and they have been quite extensively modified into 4x4s, street racers etc. Some of the 4x4 converted utes looked pretty good.

In all honesty there is a place for these types of vehicles. The Japanese have a wide range of applications for these Kei commercials from firetrucks, delivery vans, maintenance trucks etc.

20 years ago or so we had Suzuki Carryalls at work which were the van version similar to the Subaru on this post. If I remember correctly there payload was 1 200lbs and they had a 1 litre engine not the 600cc engines in Japan. But some of the 600cc Japanese engines were high output with turbos.



The DoD has brought similar vehicles to this to the states to use on bases, the idea being they could save on costs, however the ones we got proved to be unreliable, and struggle to fit a soldier in them. i drove one and it was extremly uncomportable, my legs where stuffed into the dash and I could not keep my big feet on just one pedal. with crash saftey standards i dont think these vehicles will make it here. they would only work well in a city like NY City and thats about it. a ford transit or chevy hhr pannel is more practical and more safe vehicle and cost about the same.

Even if calling this a pick-up is as a big stretch, Kei trucks are getting more and more attention in the US- They're small, efficient and some have a remarkable payload for their size. They make for excellent facility/campus support vehicles. Ages ago I saw some at a resort in SC, being used by housekeeping. This way they could use the cart paths and walkways.


...And being a Subaru, you know it will be available with AWD. Other Sambars are offered with AWD, so no doubt this one will also offer AWD.

they should give this thing a black paint job and have the Secret Service use them to move the obummers around!

I see a long horozonal crease in this tailgate's future.

the avalanche is gone for a reason, please don't bring it back.. its a waste

@Robert Ryan - right you are. We tend to look at things only from our narrow perspectives. Not everyone is 6 feet tall, weighs 300 lb and drives down lanes that are 10 feet wide.
Always nice to see what else is out there.
More proof that you don't need a 7 foot wide and 22 foot long vehicle to get the job done.

What a joke !! I wish Subaru along with its other illegitimate Asian cronies would dissapear by any means possible !!!

@ Imports are the death of America..thats a FACT !

Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that big government, big business, big banks, and big labour allowed the "export" of middle class jobs to all of those 3rd world countries in the name of profit!

Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that big government, big business, big banks, and big labour are okay with exploiting cheep labor, unsafe labor practices, and unsafe environmental practices in all of those 3rd world companies in the name of profit!

Yes, blame everyone else while your own country slips from 1st to 4th behind China, Japan, and India!

Yes, ignorance is bliss!

Yes, according to people like you, it is all their fault!

Coming from a professional, Mr. Williams, that is a pretty snidely written article.

I used to have a Kei vehicle for gravel road travel here in Michigan. Amazingly fun and capable little trucks. Not as rare as you may think.....check out minitrucktalk.com.

Yeah thats a ram if I ever saw one. Where's the steps at? I thought dodge had a patent on them. Will the spambox fit on this one or will you have to bring a FANNY PACK?? NO GUTS< NO GLORY< SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Another recall for fires on FORD vehicles. Wow! I thought 14 million was enough. Now more. I had an 89 Ford mustang that caught on fire. Never got my money back. I will never ever ever buy a Ford vehicle for the rest of my life because of the famous Ford fires.


@Hemi V8 - it is rather unfortunate that you lost your car but there are such things as insurance. My neighbour's shed burned down and part of his house caught fire due to his Polaris ATV catching fire. Apparantly his model was prone to it. The Polaris dealership told him "good luck trying to sue" and that is what insurance if for. Even the insurance adjuster told him it would be tough to win in court.
Do you actually think that there were 14 million Ford's that caught fire? Recalls are called for problems in vehicles that have occured and the same issue MAY occur in other vehicles.
The switch was made by Texas Instruments. Funny how they don't get the bad press, just Ford.

Why don't you Google Chrysler vehicle fires? or GMC?

Like I said - too bad you lost your car.

These things have been around a long time and some are already in NA.
Here are some links:

I've seen some of these trucklets around. I just didn't know they were Subaru. Other companies make them too and are imported into Canada and USA.

IMO, this is not a functional design and it's just fugly.. tall upright Van-like with tiny tires.

If we are going to get a trucklet in the US.. lets hope for something low, wide and versatile.

I Imagine something like the Cadilac CTS coupe with a truck tailgate and a rear window the electronically rolls up over the roof to expose rear seats that fold flat to open up a flat, hard plastic bed over the wheel wells so that you can slide in a 4x8 sheet of plywood or two dirt bikes an Fridge, a lawnmower, a bookcase, etc.


Here's some little trucklets that could probably carry a sheet of ply. There's even baby dump trucks.

I don't think they could be construded as a Caddy.


I just threw up looking at this turd !!

Please have a viewer warning on something this ugly !!


This one looks cool, mate. Its fuel economy should be good and some brands come with little diesels, about the 1 litre mark.


"uh huh", the Avalanche is going away, because GM priced it out of touch with it's market. They made it more like the SUVs than the trucks, and the cost went too high. Instead of fixing that with the next generation, they decided to axe it. Poor decision on their part. The Avalanche won awards for a reason, it's a fully capable truck and SUV in one vehicle. You must be a GM exec, since you can't see the true possibilties of that truck.

So it's basically a fully enclosed side-by-side with smaller tires.

@ Imports are the death of America..thats a FACT !

Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that big government, big business, big banks, and big labour allowed the "export" of middle class jobs to all of those 3rd world countries in the name of profit!

Yes, it has nothing to do with the fact that big government, big business, big banks, and big labour are okay with exploiting cheep labor, unsafe labor practices, and unsafe environmental practices in all of those 3rd world companies in the name of profit!

Yes, blame everyone else while your own country slips from 1st to 4th behind China, Japan, and India!

@Lou, Amen to that! I just read that after taking 50 billion dollars of American taxpayer money, GMC will be building yet another round of their so called 'American' full size trucks in Mexico. Nice way to sell out the American worker who is already suffering after WE gave you a second chance at life. That company is absolutely disgusting to me now and completely off my list for any future truck purchases. They need to be crucified in the market place for this. I had entertained the idea of going back to Chevrolet as well if the new truck is as good as my F-150 platinum has been. They can kiss that sale goodbye. I'll stick with a truck built right here at home in Dearborn.

@Lou, Amen to that! I just read that after taking 50 billion dollars of American taxpayer money, GMC will be building yet another round of their so called 'American' full size trucks in Mexico.

-That company is run by idiots. Of all the vehicles they build the trucks of all things should be the last on the list to ever be built outside of the States if they're being sold here. Followed closely by any rwd V8 car. Ford learned this lesson the hard way. Even when they lowered their American parts content of their trucks they got their ass handed to them and rightfully so. As if Government Motors needed any more negative PR problems. There's some auto's that have too deep of American roots and heritage to damage like this. People are very protective about this stuff. Especially the truck guys/race car-hot rod types who are typically very patriotic. And so it begins.. Fools.

@Lou, Amen to that! I just read that after taking 50 billion dollars of American taxpayer money, GMC will be building yet another round of their so called 'American' full size trucks in Mexico

@Ron, nice to know that's where our taxmoney has gone to. This should be getting extensive news coverage on Fox. I'm going to send them an email on it. As far as I'm concerned, all of GM's activities should be followed since they took our money. It makes me sick to know my money went to Mexico to create jobs for them. Pathetic. And I thought the bailout was sold as saving jobs for the American workforce. And pickuptrucks of all things too. The backbone of this country. Both Chevy and Dodge will be off any list I'll ever have. At least with Dodge most of them have been made in Mexico for as long as I can remember. Ford indeed made this mistake and paid for it. Chevrolet was supposed to be an all American brand. I guess that was a GM fraud too. I'd rather buy a Toyota made in Texas by our American workforce. Screw GM! And they wonder why everyone hates their guts. It's because they do crap like this.

@ FordTrucks1

I wasn't aiming my comments at GMC in any way shape or form, but they are an example.
People would rather criticize Toyota for killing the economy then look inside their borders for real problems.
I'd rather see Toyota set up in my home town than Ford, GM, or Chrysler set up shop in Mexico.

I'd rather see Toyota set up in my home town than Ford, GM, or Chrysler set up shop in Mexico.

@Lou, Right on the money man. I still won't buy a Fusion even though my wife wants one just because of that. Not gonna happen. If Ford started building their trucks in Mexico again, I'd be done with them. I flat out won't drive a truck not built in America with high American parts content. I had an F-150 in the mid 90's that was made down there. When it was pointed out to me by a Chevy guy at the fire station I work at, I sold it. I guess I can point this out right back at him now. It's so sad when these American companies sell out for a buck like that. My dad fought 2 tours in Vietnam and my Grand Dad was part of America's Greatest Generation and fought like hell in WW2 for this nation. And they didn't do it so the next generation of greedy CEO's could get paid millions upon millions of dollars and ship our jobs out of the country. GM though has no excuse for this sort of thing after we kept em alive and I sincerely mean that. Those buys are bastards of the highest order. I have more respect for Toyota trucks. At least they're made in the U.S. with high American parts content. I doubt they roll on Chinese wheels like those GMC's either. Too bad Chevrolet ever got in bed with GM back when. Chevy did have some great cars and trucks once upon a time. All American too.

Alot of people on this site comment on the costs associated with the purchase of a pickup truck. In order to achieve a profit the NA manufacturers will have to adopt the "German" approach to auto manufacturing. That is the build high quality vehicles to justify the price increases and sell true imports side by side with the locally manufactured product.

The other option is to adopt protectionist measures like the chicken tax and set up a free trade agreement and have your trucks manufactured in Mexico (cheap labour). This outcome has produced a net negative effect for the NA consumer.

The NA pickup truck market would have been better of without the chicken tax as this would have allowed true competition, which in turn would have forced your local trucks to improve their quality with a smaller degree of price hikes.

I think all the people of NA, particularly the UAW should realise that they priced the major manufacturers out of the market.

The current manufacturing model for pickups in NA will ultimately lead to its demise. The Big Three have to turn a profit and as I pointed out this is the only way they can.

The US people have to start paying more and reduce their lifestyle if they want to succeed. Look at how much money the US and Canadian governments have pumped into the US auto industry and divided it by the amount of vehicles sold and you will see how much subsidy they recieved. Your vehicle purchase prices should increase significantly.

Wow all the hate for sending manufacturing to Mexico and greedy CEO's how about Greedy UAW? The make cars in Mexico for a reason. A business reason. And those plants owned by foreign auto makers that build over here guess what they do that for a reason. A business reason and you know who doesn't work at the Volkswagen plant in the USA.... The UAW thats who. Your parents and grandparents fought in wars to keep the country progressing and so we could all better ourselves. The UAW says I will do the same job, pay me more, give me more time off and I don't care if you can compete its about me. That is not bettering oneself its a poor work ethic and thats what is screwing our economy. If you want them to make things here lets give them a business reason to do so. You know who pays paychecks, businesses. Sorry to burst the something for nothing dream buble now go get a job

@Big Al from Oz- It's not our relatively low price of pickup trucks that's forcing domestic OEMs to build in Mexico. Keep in mind that full-size pickups are by far the most profitable lines that domestic OEMs produce today. NA is a hostile environment for producers of goods and it's not just about pay scales and unions.

We only have ourselves to blame for this, but this is likely the main reason more foreign OEMs aren't looking to expand to NA. Besides that, "Big 3" full-size trucks are unbeatable by anything the world has to offer including global mid-sizers, diesel or not. Foreign OEMs know this. They would see marginal sales at best.

The chicken tax is totally irrelevant because car builders like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, BMW and others build here and are only subject to a 2.5% import duty. Aren't NA built Toyota and Nissan trucks profitable? How was Mahindra about to start importing trucks without paying the chicken tax? What's to stop other OEMs from importing pickups the same way?


They are profitable because they don't operate under the same mantra a the Big 3. And as you stated they didn't go bankrupt and had to be saved by the government. Even though Ford didn't go under it was quite close.

Currently each vehicle sold in NA is subsidised. Billions of dollars propped up your manufactuers (Big 3), that works out to thousands of dollar per vehicle sold. So maybe a $25 000 pickup should be sold for $30 000. That would then place the foreign NA manufactured vehicles in a very attractive position. Then our global trucks would be very competitive, because of quality and technology.

There are differing institutional cultures between NA auto manufacturers and Japanese/Europeans/Koreans.

The US can compete its just the ineffective trade unions, management and government that has reduced their efficiency at production.

NA trucks are good, I wish we had them here. The only changes that is needed is to improve build quality and technology.

Even your locally produced imports are not at the same standard yet as their parent companies can produce. NA vehicles have improved dramatically in the past 15-20 years, but to be competitive on the world stage a little more needs to be done.

I think Fiat's ownership of Chrysler will eventually make them the most competitive of the Big Three.

@Denvermike - How was Mahindra about to start importing trucks without paying the chicken tax?
They were working on a deal with Navistar to bring in "knocked down kits" and assembling them on USA soil. THey did try to get a chicken tax exemption but weren't given one.
@ MTRoads - unions are part of the picture. Profits are another. People, as Big Al from Ox has pointed out would need to pay more money for their products, if they were completely domestic made or had superior quality. People do not want to pay more plus companies want to make big profits plus unions do not want to be realistic equals Mexican made trucks.

@ BlueOvalEmpire - that is admirable and commendable. Too many people play lip service to "God and Country". They will slag the Japanese but are driving around in a Mexican made vehicle while typing away on their Chinese computer keyboard.
It is nice to see a person who practices what they preach!

@Big Al from Oz - Ford would've survived, but is definitely healthier thanks to the DOE loans. GM and Ram were too far underwater to survive without the bailouts though.

Either way, this has nothing to do with NA full-size truck revenue and profitability as they've actually been subsidizing less profitable NA cars for decades. Really, pickups were innocent in all this.

When it comes to technology, what's missing? These are trucks, not 7-Series, but what exactly is missing?

When it comes to quality, again these are trucks, but what exacty needs improving?

Maybe I'm alone in my opinion that NA full-size pickups would sell big (as-is) in developed countries around the world, but just looking at their tremenous success here and comments I hear from around the world, I'm sure there's some truth to this.

@Lou - Mahindra could not have been denied exemption to the chicken tax with a qualifying 'knock down kit'. They had that so what are you talking about?

Your Superduty's and HD's would sell in overseas markets. But your 1/2 wouldn't achieve the same results because the "global pickups" are more competitive.

I read recently the article posted on this site about the crash testing of your trucks. The results really surprised me, 3 stars and people were bragging how much they were better than the other manufacturers. Our trucks are as safe of safer than most of your cars including prestige vehicles. If your Chev Colorado doesn't come in with 5 stars then GM has "cheapened" it to reduce costs at the expense of your safety.

I've also saw comments that "laugh" at our front ends of our pickups for not being "manly" but they are engineered that way for safety, in particulary pedestrian safety. Your trucks will eventually catch up and require the same design features.

Chassis dynamics, our chassis are stronger which leads to better handling, safety and off road ability. They are also engineered with crumple zones, even the full chassis has them. These truck also have to be engineered strong to handle the rigours of developing nations. Australia and NA aren't what could be deemed tough driving environments.

Our diesel engine technology is more advanced than your gas engines and our fuel economy is much higher. We roughly have the same gas technology. Take my truck its normal fuel economy is about 28mpg and it weight over 2.2 tonnes or about 4 850lbs and it can still do 120mph. The engine puts out V8 torque with 6 cylinder power. It can carry 2 700lbs and tow 7 400lbs.

The Taco is supposed to be your benchmark mid-size and yet it is a generation behind the Hilux. The Hilux used to be our best performing pickup off road and now the Amarok and T6 Ranger/BT 50 and out performs it in all areas, even on road.

Finally build quality, our trucks compete fairly across the globe outside the NA market so we have pickups (Nissan) from Spain, Thailand, UK, (Land Rover) Argentina, China, Korea, India even our own utes. This makes for a very competitive market, which in the end the consumer is the winner.

The build quality of my truck was compared to Japanese SUVs. The NVH (noise, vibrations inside my truck) is compared to the best vehicle Mazda makes CX9. My cab sits on fluid (hydraulic mounts). The same went for the interior build quality, it was compared to the best Japanese built Mazda.

Real competition benefits everyone. Australia used to be isolated, but since we've opened our doors and removed the protectionist measures our economy has boomed.

I know you can say that your trucks are larger and can carry more people etc, but at the end of the day I hardly saw many of your 1/2 ton trucks doing any real work, just like our global trucks. They are used for exactly the same applications. Yes we and NA do use some for work, but the majority is used for recreation.

I do think if you had the same mid size trucks we have your market would be larger and you would benefit. Just like if we had your HDs we would benefit.

@DenverMike - Maybe I didn't word my sentences correctly. Mahindra tried to get a chicken tax exemption but were turned down. That was a separate comment from the knock down kit Navistar was going to assemble. The Navistar assembled truck would of been exempt as it would of met "built in the USA' criteria.
I do see what big Al is saying, global trucks face stiffer competition on the world stage than the NA only trucks. You have Ford, GMC, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mahindra, Isuzu, VW, Suzuki, Toyota, Fiat and many more selling trucks. Another factor is that a truck made to survive some 3rd world backwater with poor maintenance would be ultra reliable in a less harsh environment.
If we had small diesels that were getting the MPG Big Al has stated, I wouldn't sweat paying a 3-4,000 dollar premium as there would be a return on my investment. Look at the Tacoma. The V6 auto double cab gets slightly better mpg than my my F150 with the notoriously thirsty 5.4.

@Lou, Big Al from Oz - It's near impossible to accurately compare safety ratings of NA pickups and globals. The same goes for fuel economy.

28 MPG in Oz may easily turn out to be 23 MPG EPA. The F-150's Eco Boost gets that with V8 torque. The EB is $1,000 options over a 5.0 V8 and a small diesel would be at least a $5,000 option and you may never see a return on that investment. You could never force a diesel on NA buyers. We wouldn't put up with it.

I know that NA half tons are about equal in safety to Toyota, VW and most other cars. If it is true that NVH and build quality isn't on par (I haven't looked it up), I'm sure the difference is so marginal that it doesn't matter to those seriously looking to buy trucks, anywhere in the world.

I do know that my F-150 has excellent build quality and I can't even hear my back-up beeper in my F-550 with the windows up and everything off. That beeper will wake the dead though.

We can only assume which trucks would do better under all forms of 3rd world abuse and lack of maintenance.

I agree that more competition could only make NA full-size pickups better, but you're not showing me anything vastly or even marginally better from the world stage.


What can you compare your build quality to? Another NA sourced truck. How does it compare to a Japanese manufactured car, that's the level of quality I'm talking about.

I'm not saying vastly different build quality. But the difference is like comparing a Korean manufactured car to a German manufactured car, but the difference is enough to put a premium on the German one. Interior, panel fit etc is better. And these new mid-sizer are on a league of their own compared to the Hilux all round. The fit and finish of my interior is exceptional. The quality of the materials is great.

As far as safety goes your pickups are vastly different as is fuel economy. Our safety rating and the Euro ratings are extremely similar. All of our new mid sizers have been 5 star rated. Even in Australia they are as safe or safer now than lots of cars including some prestige vehicles. I would assume your safest vehicles in NA are above 3 stars and are rated at 5.

You guys don't even have side intrusion bars in your doors in case you get T boned. In Australia we can't lift a pickup or 4x4 more than 4". We even have mudflaps all round by regulation. Our chassis crumple in an accident. The front of vehicles have to meet pedestrian accident standards ie we can't have a bumper bar.

Fuel economy, I know of Ford's EcoBoost engines but they will not return the economy of a diesel it is physically impossible. Diesel contains 25% more energy by volume. On your EPA mileage of 23mpg sounds very optimistic. My mother just bought a new Focus (she lives in New Jersery) and she can't get near the EPA mileage. I've also read other threads regarding your EPA requirments for mileage and from what I read it is unfairly biased toward gasoline engines.

I know the Ford T6 and Mazda BT50 are getting near the manufactuers specification on mileage from what the motoring writers are indicating and I'm getting slightly better mileage, but I live in a rural area.

Your trucks are cheaper for a number of reason, even in Australia the vehicle companies try and sell as competitive as they can.

Your rules and regulations might not be the toughest around.

As I have stated I wish you guys could get the new mid sizers as we get them, I think there would be a huge market in NA for them. As I stated I hope they don't alter the new Colorado when it gets Americanised. I don't know why they need to test it or change it other than move the steering wheel and maybe change the wheel alignment.

@Big Al from Oz - Mahindra had long claimed 30 MPG which translated to a disappointing EPA rating of 21 hwy. Yes this is the 4X4 double cab automatic, but it shouldn't matter with a diesel as they're designed to pull a load. Now load it with a cord of wood and see what happens. The Eco Boost beats that in a heavier truck.

I can agree that our full-size pickups are slightly behind your global pickups in terms of quality and safety even though some quality stats are opinion based and no one has really done a side by side comparison.

Either way, it's splitting hairs and I can't see that it matters a whole lot to buyers that want a NA full-size or need the extra payload/towing which is around double. Ask any Ram owner if they cross shopped a Camry.

GM's upcoming global Colorado should tell us what we need to know about NA buyers and the trucks themselves. Maybe GM is on to something. Probably it's just GM being GM.

@ DenverMike - I agree that it is hard o compare as there aren't uniform standards. I think that the trend is to global platforms and that will put pressure on countries to standardize testing and ratings for vehicles. It must be expensive for companies to have to meet multiple emission, crash,and tow/haul standards. I would suspect that they are trying to pressure governments to come up with uniform standards.
I'd love to see testing done with "global" trucks by NA journalists with some domestic stuff side by side. That would be the only way to end the debate.
Perhaps PUTC needs to take a road trip to Central or South America with some NA pickups to go head to head with the "globals".

Fortunately in Australia we are controlled by regulation and just like NA and Europe we have a government regulated system of standards. Our fuel standard for providing average fuel economy is based on urban and open road driving.

Our safety standards are base on the Euro system and same goes for many other standards. The US more so than other countries tries to have it own unique set of standards. Even converting to the metric system is hard. And if you did change it would have been American Metric! The US in particular has to do what the rest of us are doing particularly when it come to standards.

I do see a closer alignment, abeit gradually of the US becoming part of the world.

I would like to see PUTC come over and test our trucks to give you guys an idea on what we have. Even put your 1/2 tons against our trucks, especially of road with a load.

But most importantly I would like to see what is "taken out" of the Chev Colorado to Americanise it. Your trucks are much cheaper for a reason.

The Mahindra diesel technology is quite old, and also your EPA is biased towards gas engines like alot of your rules and regulations as I have pointed out in the past.

I do know that my past 2 vehicles have achieved quite close to the advertised goverment regulated fuel economy figures.

From safety to fuel economy I do think in the commercial vehicle sector NA needs to catch up.

Quality, again NA only competes against NA, allow our trucks in and export, that's all I'll say on this as it speaks for itself.

The above paragraph is shown by the trucks you are selling.

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