June 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II
Predictions for a strong 2012 vs 2011 June monthly sales number were made by several of the big bank houses, but overall vehicles have the year-end predictions coming in just below 14 million. As you can see, trucks sales are doing quite well, with the compact truck segment carrying much of the load. Toyota and Nissan, as predicted, are making a strong comeback (with the Honda Ridgeline making the biggest leap forward) but full-size trucks, as a group, are also doing well, no doubt a result of a good jump last month in new-home starts and new-home sales. Unfortunately, jobless claims are still an issue and consumer confidence is at a five-month low. For the full-size players, Ram Trucks are still enjoying a strong showing but you have to be impressed with how consistantly strong F-Series trucks are doing. Likewise, the midsize segment is up over 40 percent when compared to last June. We should note, exact Suzuki (Equator) numbers have not come in yet, but you can probably assume they drop right in below the GMC Canyon and above the Cadillac Escalade EXT. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. June 2011
1 Ford F-Series +14.0% June 2012 55,025 +10.9%
301,141 June 2011 49,618

2 Chevrolet Silverado +6.4% June 2012 33,566 +3.0%
194,508 June 2011 32,579

3 Ram Trucks +23.8% June 2012 23,951 +12.1%
138,581 June 2011 21,362

4 GMC Sierra +7.9% June 2012 12,479 +0.8%
72,945 June 2011 12,377

5 Toyota Tacoma
+27.0% June 2012 11,864 +45.9%
67,153 June 2011 8,131

6 Toyota Tundra +13.2% June 2012 8,693 +31.4%
45,111 June 2011 6,615

7 Nissan Frontier +25.4% June 2012 5,651 +27.6%
29,385 June 2011 4,429

8 Chevrolet Colorado +33.2% June 2012 4,124 +37.0%
21,457 June 2011 3,010

9 Ford Ranger * -38.6% June 2012 916 -85.9%
18,442 June 2011 6,488

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +26.2% June 2012 1,719 +3.1%
11,002 June 2011


11 Nissan Titan +20.3% June 2012 2,332 +41.6%
10,679 June 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +40.2% June 2012 1,185 +101.9%
7,269 June 2011


13 GMC Canyon +36.0% June 2012 880 +19.1%
5,641 June 2011


14 Cadillac Escalade EXT -9.2% June 2012 142 0%
814 June 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


wow we have more amateur drive a pickup,,compare to the professional..

Looks to me that Ford gave Chevy all their Ranger buyers.

i know some ram guy is going to say ram is on pace to over take ford but that's not the facts at the current rate ram will never. here is the math
if ford grows another 14% and ram grows at 23.8% you would think that
math is a bittch
ford 301,141 X (14%)= 42,159 more cars sold
ram 138,581 X (23.8%)=32,982 more cars sold
ram would have to sell YTD over 30% just to keep up with ford let alone one day out sell ford

Man I wish I could find dealer nearby that's still selling new Rangers. Where did those 916 sold this month sell at?

Truly inspired post as y are usual for miath!! Like I always say u was my most smartest studint.

It's more than that. Ram would have to go +272% YTD just to reach Ford.

F-series 2011
+ 14% = 666,805

Ram 2011
+ 30% = only 318,192

To reach Ford Ram needs to go up more than 272%!

To reach Chevy Ram needs to go +181%!

Currently Ram is only at 23.8% and that is why saying Ram is catching up is not accurate. Ram has a long, long way to go.

I just spent the last two weeks and 4000 miles driving from Wa state to Mn. With much time spent in ND and Mn What I saw was tons of new GM pickups on the road in Mt, ND, Mn and eastern Wa. Would say Ford a close 2nd place and Dodge 3rd. Toyota, saw about 4 Tundra pickups on I90 in Mt. So those are my sales figures for the month.

And if the jerk that pulled out in front of me from a standstill on I90 east of Bozeman is reading this thanks. Traffic moves close to 80 mph in MT and hitting your F350 would not have been fun.

@Ulmus - I'd have to disagree. All of the small trucks have seen increases. Tacoma sales are up 45.9%. The Ridgeline saw a 101.9 % increase in sales.
No one really knows where Ranger sales went. Ford's assumption was that Ford F150, SUV, and small cars would suck up many of those customers.
I think that higher gas prices are a factor in driving the small truck market. Pent up consumer demand is probably another factor to consider.
One interesting point that was made on another thread - from 2008 to 2011:
Ford gained 69,404 new truck sales = 14% increase
GMC lost 69,309 new truck sales = 12 % loss
Ram lost 10,007 new truck sales = 1% loss
It looks like GMC's "old" platform is hurting sales to Ford's benefit.
It doesn't look like they went to Ram.
2008 Ram - 245,840
2011 Ram - 244,763
2008 Ford - 515,513
2011 Ford - 584,917
2008 GMC (combined) - 633,609
2011 GMC (combined) - 564,300
Those numbers paint a more clear picture of where these companies have headed. It looks like the post bailout period has not been kind to GMC truck sales and Ram sales have been stagnant post bailout.
Ram is making the right moves to regain lost sales and in reality didn't fair too badly post economic downturn/bailout.
GMC on the other hand is struggling post economic downturn/bailout. Has the Government Motors stigma hurt GMC that badly?

Frontier keeps nipping at Tacoma's sales -- every day, I see more and more new Frontiers on the road, a lot of them Pro-4xs. Can't wait to see what Nissan has up their sleeves in the new generation, since the VQ40 has aged well and is still very powerful and quick by today's standards.


Theirs a Ford dealer in Chesterfield, Mo that has about 50-75 Rangers. He loaded up on them in the summer of 2011. All are XL Rangers w/auto & 2.3L 4cyl. Plain jane but the little gas mizer motor. Most (90%) are white in color.
The dealer is Lou Fusz Ford

Interesting that Tundra and Titan show the largest full-sized month over month gains from last year. Also interesting that Titan has shown huge improvements in its formerly dismal reliability. Just when I was starting to think the big 3 had wiped out their competition in the full sized truck war, here's some sign that it's not over yet. I hope they all get better. Heck, if Obama ever sells his shares of Government Motors, maybe I'd even consider a Silverado.

@HEMI POWER - thanks for wasting bandwidth and your IQ.

Lou is correct. Was anyone saying in 2008 that Ram was taking out Ford? If not, then why say it now? Through June of 2008, Ram had 47% of Ford's total sales. Through June 2012, Ram is at 46% of Ford's total sales. Ram is no close to taking out Ford TODAY than they were years ago. In fact Ram is less close by 1%. They have not gained on Ford. They have gained on Chevy a little bit.

@Lou, Likewise. Thanks for your waste of bandwith like always.

"Those numbers paint a more clear picture of where these companies have headed."

It paints the picture that Ram has the BIGGEST INCRESE. A way bigger increase than both Cheyv an Ford. Ram will take out both of them. I may not be as smartest man here but I do no how to do basic math!!! I dont no when it will happen BUT if Ram has the bigest increse they will eventuly beet all of them. It will happen you can garantee it. And one more thing - GUTS GLORY RAM!

@Lou, Reed it and weep.

Ram Truck Brand

The Ram pickup truck, Chrysler Group’s volume leader, continued on its sales roll with a 12 percent increase in June compared with the same month a year ago. It was the pickup truck’s 26th-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains and its best June since 2007. The Ram 1500 pickup led the way with an 18 percent increase. Of the Ram 1500 sales, the regular cab pickups posted the largest percentage sales increase in June, while the quad cab trucks led in volume. The highly-versatile Ram Cargo Van, designed for small businesses and commercial fleets, posted a 272 percent increase in June compared with sales in the previous month of May. The Ram Truck brand posted its best June sales since 2007.

Listen to this: best sales since 2007!!!!!! Regular cab work trucks had the biggest increase so that means they are out in the field working!!!!!! i thought you said these wren't work trucks? LOL.

@Lou, Chrysler de Mexico Posts 15 Percent Year-over-year Increase in Sales during Month of June

Ram Dakota sales registered a 42 percent increase with 322 units sold as compared to the same month in 2011!!!!!!


Of course, what does Ford and Chevy even have new for next year? Not much for Ford, even less for Chevy. Sure somebody will pipe up and say "Ford doesn't need to change" How many current Ram buyers and unbiased potencial buyers are waiting for them to put out a v-6 or the eight speed Hemi? Or a V-8 that beats all full sizes for mileage? Or the air suspension? Lots of buyers are just waiting for fall, it may not beat Ford right away, but it will drop their businees alot! Chevy, lol!

Our June Australian figures were just released and the Toyota Hilux is the largest selling vehicle here. Nissan Navara came in at 5th.

@Lou, Local Ram dealerships say the new models coming out soon will also help with sales.

Ram will alway be the "Red headed step child" of the big 3.

The midsize truck market looks good as do all trucks. GMC I am sure is hurt by some of the Gov. Motors but they are not losing sales at least. I just hope that things continue to get better. There is a lot more to increased sales than who is number 1 or number 2. The average age of most vehicles is 11 years old and a lot of buyers have been waiting for things to get better and now many are buying. Also new home sales have started to trend up. Hopefully the economic mess in Europe does not ruin the party. Be glad that even so called nonprofessionals are buying trucks. I would like a clear definition of profession @ miath. Does that mean that you should have a commercial license to drive a pickup to be considered a profession or is it the number of years you have driven a truck? I don't have a commercial license but I have driven a pickup off and on for 45 years.

@lou I think the small lose from chevy and gmc is due to haveing the same trucks since 2008 - 2011 with little change. I think they will gain it all back in 2013 when the new trucks go on sale in spring of 2013. Ford has had new engines and a face lift and Ram had new truck since 2008 - 2011.

GM is still makeing money in trucks though. GM twins with the 814 caddys totals out to 306,367 vs fords 301,141

Southern IL Man -They have a few Rangers around here mostly extended cabs 4x4 V-6 which will eventually sell. That dealership near you will sell those as well regardless of color. They could still sell Rangers if they still made them. A good solid little truck reasonably priced with decent fuel economy,.

ford 319,583 forgot rangers lol

Who gives a fu*k???? You all sound like a bucnch of whiney brats. The fact is, Ford, Chevy & Ram are selling well.

@Mark: Why are consumer and fleet sales not seperated? Also, why are truck categories (1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton) not seperated either?

LJC: Stop playing dumb.

Im starting to think that Ram has a serious cab exhaust leak problem on their Hemi trucks. What else would explain the brain damage and dilusions of all the people commenting with HEMI in their name.

Lets look at monthly sales gains compared to last year.
Ford +5407 +10.9%
Ram +2589 +12.1%
Who is really gaining is sales?

Lets look at Year to Date sales if they keep up only % gain.
Ford 301,141 @ +14% = 42,160
Ram 138,581 @ +23.8% = 32,982
Who is really gaining sales again?

Ram is only getting further and further behind Ford sales. Statistics can be used to say anything you want and that is why they are mostly useless. You have to look at the raw numbers.

I know that simple numbers are too complicated for HEMI boys so just keep going by your highest percentage means eventual gain theories. By that logic Ram will take out Ford in the year 9,013. Hope I'll still be around to see that.

@HEMI POWER - Thank you, we get it now. Ram is "Most Improved". It's also the award given to the semi-retarded kid as a pacifier. I wouldn't have otherwise noticed third place.

I'm not saying Ram is a bad truck and I'd definitely own one if it wasn't for Ford and GM.

That said, you're not helping your cause by trolling up PUC and otherwise reminding us what douch bags Ram owners can be. Just one more reason not to buy one.

@LJC - The break up sales stats aren't so interesting, but spend any time on the road and you'll notice the typical truck is a privately owned 2WD extended cab XLT or SLT.

No idea why anyone would buy a Titan. They are less powerful, less efficient, less nice on the inside, and equally or more expensive than their competition.

@Michael Completely agree. While I think the Titan is trash I love the Frontier. I am also looking forward to an updated Frontier. Looking for an updated motor/transmission for fuel gains, and I would like to see the pathfinder interior and drivetrain (with an auto 4WD setting for inclimate weather).

I think that the Ram 1500 is the best half ton at the moment, but the stupid trolls on this site are getting really annoying. Look for Ram to make massive gains *next* year with the 2013. They may in fact catch up the Chevy in sales by the end of 2013 or 2014. A lot will depend if they even have the manufacturing capacity to do that. They will not catch Ford for a long time, unless a giant earthquake sucks every ford factory into the center of the Earth.

Again time & time again FORD TRUCKS lead! Enough said! Who has the best truck? Ford! Who sells the most trucks? Ford Motor Company! Period!

@Brent, "The red headed step child of the big 3".

Ram is the ELITE OF the big 3.

Ram is the SPECIAL FORCES of the big 3.


@ All you HEMI Nimrods

If Chrysler/Dodge/Ram or whatever you want to call it is so great then why is it Italian owned??? At least Ford and GM are AMERICAN!!!

Okay, we all know every make has fanbois that only spout off about how everything else sucks. Ram certainly does, but so does Ford, Chevy, et al. You can't reason with them and you can't have an honest debate with them so why try? It's been said on this board time and time again, drive what you like. Everything else is BS.

FWIW, I'm a Mopar guy. But that doesn't stop me from seeing the virtues of other trucks. The more truck makers that do well ends up being a win for all of us since that'll help spur improvements in our trucks. Like the man said, can't we all just get along?

I'd never own a GMC because of the Government Motors badge on the front. It's embarassing and frankly I didn't agree with how the bailout went down. GM has really wrecked the Silverado though in favor of the Sierra in terms of looks and interiors. Until the Silverado gets it's looks back and the interiors are up to par with Ford and Dodge I won't buy one of those either. I'd most likely buy a Ford F-series if I didn't get a Chevy Silverado. I never was much of a Dodge guy. I can see why Ford sales are so high and Dodge has gained as well however. The Silverado has been in the toilet for a long long time.

Further proof that the mighty Dodge Ram will dethrone the Chevrolet Silverado within a year. Chevrolet as a whole is done for. They did too much damage to their truck. You NEVER mess with the truck! It's a halo vehicle for the entire brand... Idiots. LOL!!!

@LJC and @Denver Mike -
Those questions have been asked before. The manufacturers do not breakout components of their sales statistics when they issue monthly reports. PUTC has done sales stats based on HD, LD, compact but the data came from places like JD Power, and RL Polk.
You can't post what you don't have.

@johnny doe - I do believe GM's older design is hurting sales, I've seen enough posts that indicate having Sierra as the premier brand also hurts sales. Many won't touch a Sierra. The hatred of the "bailout" seems to be a stigma that is stuck to GMC but not Chrysler. That probably hurts sales too.
It will be very interesting to see what happens when the next gen GMC trucks come out.

@phillyguy - I'd have to agree that at least on paper the 2013 Ram is looking like the best truck. Time will tell once the rubber hits the road.

@Nothing Gets Nothing -Exactly I am sick of all the fanboys. There is something good about all these trucks but these immature fanboys detract from any intelligent discussion. They have never left high school.

@Jeff S - I wonder sometimes if some of the trolls are actually fans of rival brands just trying to make a brand look dumb? There were many saying that "Bob" was a moderator at a Tacoma forum and owned a Taco. It could be possible with some of these Ram guys.

Happy Independence Day.
Would there be 236 candles on the birthday cake?
or do you need an EPA permit for that sort of thing ;)

I did not buy my truck because it was the best selling truck. I
bought it because it was the best truck for what I was going to use it for. I needed the room of a quad cab. The bed length to haul two 450 quads. Ford & chevy did not sale this truck. My Best in class warranty 7 year 70,000mile. Best in class hose power. Tightest turning radius. Fully boxed frame. Great looks.
Now that I have owned it for nine years I love my Dodge Ram.
The new ones are way nicer then mine. Mine is still in great shape and dependable with only 72,000 miles. When I go to buy a new one I will do my home work and buy the best truck for my needs.


@jeff s & Lou, I do believe their is some guys on here purposely
trying to make the Ram guys look dumb.

@Lou-You might be on to something there. I have always had a more favorable impression of Chrysler and Ram trucks but now I cannot stand the sight of them. The anti GMC postings and the Government Motors could be reverse psychology because all those rantings have given me a deep desire to buy a new GMC truck and add mudflaps and a bed cover with the letters GMC in large lettering. I really am satisfied with what I have but this ranting drives me the opposite way. This is a conspiracy. Well that settles it my next truck will either be a GMC with Bold Letters or a Toyota Tundra both the most ranted against trucks on this sight. "Oh what a feeling" or "Professional Grade".

@HEMI V8 -You could be right too. I have always had a favorable impression of Chrysler but when someone forces their opinions on you with childish rantings then I do not think them or their comments as being credible. State what you like about your truck without shredding other readers or their trucks.

Jugger,Lou If you had a truck to talk about. You would not have to call people names and try to bring them to your lower level. I actually say guts, glory, ram just to piss you off. Guess it works.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jun 30, 2012 10:29:05 PM


@jeff s, If what any ones say's on this site makes you spend your hard earned money on the wrong truck. You my sad friend have a week mind. Grow some balls. Buy what you want and be proud. Don't let some ignorant statement turn you off. Be smart do your home work.


You guys are all in for some fun. I have got all year to brag about the 2013 Ram. Strap in kids.

More Guts!

More Glory!

More ass kicking Ram!

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