June 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II
Predictions for a strong 2012 vs 2011 June monthly sales number were made by several of the big bank houses, but overall vehicles have the year-end predictions coming in just below 14 million. As you can see, trucks sales are doing quite well, with the compact truck segment carrying much of the load. Toyota and Nissan, as predicted, are making a strong comeback (with the Honda Ridgeline making the biggest leap forward) but full-size trucks, as a group, are also doing well, no doubt a result of a good jump last month in new-home starts and new-home sales. Unfortunately, jobless claims are still an issue and consumer confidence is at a five-month low. For the full-size players, Ram Trucks are still enjoying a strong showing but you have to be impressed with how consistantly strong F-Series trucks are doing. Likewise, the midsize segment is up over 40 percent when compared to last June. We should note, exact Suzuki (Equator) numbers have not come in yet, but you can probably assume they drop right in below the GMC Canyon and above the Cadillac Escalade EXT. 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. June 2011
1 Ford F-Series +14.0% June 2012 55,025 +10.9%
301,141 June 2011 49,618

2 Chevrolet Silverado +6.4% June 2012 33,566 +3.0%
194,508 June 2011 32,579

3 Ram Trucks +23.8% June 2012 23,951 +12.1%
138,581 June 2011 21,362

4 GMC Sierra +7.9% June 2012 12,479 +0.8%
72,945 June 2011 12,377

5 Toyota Tacoma
+27.0% June 2012 11,864 +45.9%
67,153 June 2011 8,131

6 Toyota Tundra +13.2% June 2012 8,693 +31.4%
45,111 June 2011 6,615

7 Nissan Frontier +25.4% June 2012 5,651 +27.6%
29,385 June 2011 4,429

8 Chevrolet Colorado +33.2% June 2012 4,124 +37.0%
21,457 June 2011 3,010

9 Ford Ranger * -38.6% June 2012 916 -85.9%
18,442 June 2011 6,488

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +26.2% June 2012 1,719 +3.1%
11,002 June 2011


11 Nissan Titan +20.3% June 2012 2,332 +41.6%
10,679 June 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +40.2% June 2012 1,185 +101.9%
7,269 June 2011


13 GMC Canyon +36.0% June 2012 880 +19.1%
5,641 June 2011


14 Cadillac Escalade EXT -9.2% June 2012 142 0%
814 June 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


@HEMI V8 --Don't get so bent out. That was a joke but if you want to tell me that you like RAM and why you like it that is fine just act like an adult. No one pays attention to ranting and if you want someone to respect your view point then have respect for their view point. I will not lower myself to shredding a person or their brand preference. We all are different and we all have different likes and dislikes. If a saw a car or truck I didn't care for I would find something nice to say about it (and there is always something positive). No one is going to listen or respect anyone that is constantly shredding others. Lou I am sure you got my humor. No one likes to be told that what they own is junk. I am glad that you like your RAM and after the good service you have had you should feel good about it. A product that meets and/or exceeds your expectations is a good product.

Oh boy... Now we have conspiracy theories on why people think what they think. Typical Govt. Motors fanboi speak to me. I don't like GM or GM"C" either. Does that mean I want people to buy Sierra's? Not a chance in hell. GMC is Government Motors Corp. to everyone I know and will always be now. This Sierra bodystyle is better looking than the Chevy no doubt but I'd rather walk than be seen in a GMC myself. I'll give some credit here to the Ram. I'm no Mopar guy but they did make a good looking truck and put a sweet interior in it. So kudo's to them. I can see why they are kicking Chevy's ass up and down the block. The Silverado body design sucks and like many, I think it has sucked since the 98 model ended or even the 2002 ended. Take your pick. As usual, Ford outsells eveyone. We have the best looking 1/2 ton on the road with the highest end to the lowest end of interior packages to choose from. We have a Dedicated 3/4 ton and up truck with a real front axle and tucked up frame. We have durable bodies and we have EcoBoost. Yes, GoMoCo and Dodge may have turbo 6's coming up but the fact is we did it first. I'll always like old Chevy's but GMC sucks and I still say GM"C" should have gone out of business. Thanks for stealing my tax dollars to prop up your Chinese Buick/Euro Opel enterprise you worthless hacks. It's no wonder Chevy guys hate you. You ruined their Silverado to prop up Sierra sales to keep Buick/Opel afloat along with our tax money.

@HEMI V8 You guys are all in for some fun. I have got all year to brag about the 2013 Ram. Strap in kids.

More Guts!

More Glory!

More ass kicking Ram!

HEMI this is what I am talking about. The above statement is childish and belittles other readers. It would be better to say that the 2013 Ram is really going to be great and it is going to set new standards for all trucks. There might be some that have a different viewpoint but at least you have not pissed anyone off. That is unless you enjoy pissing people off and then they will start to ignor you and your viewpoint. Enough said.

I do believe GM's older design is hurting sales, I've seen enough posts that indicate having Sierra as the premier brand also hurts sales.

@Lou, Even when this design was brand new I didn't like it. Flared bed and front fenders? Three piece bumper up front? Yuck. This wasn't the Silverado I knew. The interior likewise was awful from day one unless you got the LTZ. This Silverado was an abysmal fail. The ones before it rusted like they were born in a saltwater bath. So I don't agree with you that it's the older design that hurts sales. Heck, Chevy got stuck with drums and don't even paint their frames anymore. Really, the F-150 is hardly unchanged overall since 2004 and it sells like there's no tomorrow. The Silverado didn't launch until 3 whole years later. While the Tahoe and Suburban were winners out of the gate until this very day, the Silverado was a pure failure in design, execution and build quality from day one. I still can't believe the mighty Chevrolet has released 2 utter piles of crap in a row. I do agree with you on the Sierra issue though. Since when was that a premier brand?? Where's Chevrolet's Denali or King Ranch or Platinum or Laramie-Longhorn or Limited?? GM has destroyed Chevrolet's legacy of old as far as I'm concerned. I find it hard to support them anymore. I too think GMC has just taken a wrecking ball to Chevrolet. I'd never own one either.

I'll always like old Chevy's but GMC sucks and I still say GM"C" should have gone out of business. Thanks for stealing my tax dollars to prop up your Chinese Buick/Euro Opel enterprise you worthless hacks. It's no wonder Chevy guys hate you. You ruined their Silverado to prop up Sierra sales to keep Buick/Opel afloat along with our tax money.

-Blueoval, Yep. This is a pretty standard mainstream thought now. Most Chevy guys have turned against GM that I know. You'll see the Calvin pissing on Govt Motors stickers in the back windows of Chevrolets. Most of what you listed is why. I didn't know the Buick-China-Opel thing was what the whole deal was. I always hear guys bitching at work about our tax money going to China and Europe from GM though. It all makes sense now after reading this and looking stuff up. GMC is a cussword in these parts. If you drive a Sierra into the parking lot you just might not make it out with windows and air in your tires. If I had a hundered bucks for every guy that's dumped his Chevy for a Ford over this whole ordeal around here I could retire. And we're not talking cheap Ford's either. My boss bought a new Platinum a few months ago and I know for a fact it was over 50 grand and he's always had Chevy trucks. Even our company car order is for Ford trucks and cars now. I think GM underestimated the Chevy Runs Deep thing. They really ticked off alot of loyal customers. Oh well..

I've had truck of all makes and they're all treated me well. I'm probably about 3 years out from needing a new truck but I'd probably get a Ford when I do. Maybe not a Platinum but one of those FX4's would be nice. I think Ford's building nicer trucks than anything out there at the moment. Chevy hasn't had much good design wise or quality wise in a long time I don't think. My old Dakota's been good to me though. I might look at a Dodge. I'd have to warm up to the design though. While I do think it looks world's better than the Chevy, It still kind of has that 'Rig' look to it that they implemented in the 90's. I dunno. It hasn't grown on me yet but maybe it will. I do think this is the best looking Dodge truck since the 80's.

@BlueOvalEmpire --Don't have a heart attack or stroke over this. It was just a joke. I understand that you will only buy a 100% American made truck with only US parts, UAW made, and a US Corporation and the closest to this is Ford. Everyone that reads these comments knows this and I applaud you on this 4th of July for your beliefs and sticking to your values and beliefs. I respect you for that. But I as a taxpayer, even though I have some reservations about any Government loan, hope that GM is successful and sells lots of vehicles. I would like some of my taxpayer dollars back and the only chance of getting paid back is if GM and Chrysler are successful. Also on this day of independence I want to see more Americans and Canadians employed. I would hope that most of us that read these blogs feel the same way. I also hope that GMs newer trucks are better and that they get back to the business of making a good truck that people want to buy. I hope I have not offended anyone with the above statements. I am not trying to offend anyone.

Heck, if Obama ever sells his shares of Government Motors, maybe I'd even consider a Silverado.

@Montesa_vr, Obama won't sell his shares. It will point out the failure that is Government Motors and the loss of precious taxpayer money. I'd probably consider a Silverado if the interiors didn't suck so bad and they weren't so damn ugly. At least it would be a Chevy. GMC trucks are Obamamobiles. Hop in a bling bling Denali and take a hike Mr President.

@Jeff S - funny.
Can I call you a troll? Riling up all of those truck lovers out their.
I think I will go get a giant "rising sun" painted on the hood of my F150 and a set of pink "steer balls" for the tow hitch. Maybe a few "I Heart Obama" stickers to put next to the "Mitt for Pres of GMC" stickers. I definately need a "I Love Clearcutting Rain Forests" sticker to put next to the "Nuke the Gay Whales" sticker. Have I left any "hot button" topics out?

So I guess with all the RAM Vs Ford discussion, the GM guys have officially given up on figuring out a way to calculate their trucks selling more than Ford? LOL

I'm diehard Ford, always have been and probably always will, but I gotta admit, I've been considering a new ram reg cab express with the hemi. For only a $23k sticker price with that motor under the hood, I'm drooling, and I've always been a fan of sleeper/plain jane vehicles that got some muscle.

In the mean time, I'll keep building my 2010 reg cab f150.






@Lou-Maybe so. At least you got the jokes. Many of these guys get a little too carried away on brands,. Unless someone is willing to pay me and provide me with free use of their products I am not going to be part of the fanboy club. There are certain brands of products I like but I am open to considering a competitors brand. I don't see any multinational corporation worth idoliizing or my worship of their products. I am no big fan of any government loans but what is done is done and all you can do is hope for things to work out for the better. If not a lesson learned.

I am not going to tell any reader on this blog that what they drive is junk and tell them what to buy. I am careful not to make too many recommendations because if someone takes it and has a bad experience with a product then there are hard feelings. Contrary to popular beliefs anyone could get a Ford or a Ram that is a lemon and another person gets the same identical truck and it is the best vehicle they ever had. I had two Honda lawnmowers once and they were junk but I have heard people say they are the best. Who is right? Maybe both of us depending on our experiences. I can understand if someone had a couple of Chevys and they were lemons not wanting to buy another. I have known people that had Fords and were so disgusted with them that they bought Toyotas. Anything can happen when you buy something as complex as a new car or truck.

I have worked for a number of corporations in my working life some were good and some were horrible. Unfortunately there is a lot of greed and greed usually wins. I fiind it almost impossible to buy a product that does not have some foreign made component in it. I try my best to buy NA products but I am not going to buy a product simply because it is all American and only Americans designed it. It that were the case I would not have a computer, a cell phone, a TV, a wristwatch, clothes, light bulbs, and the list goes on. Also if we took that attitude as a country then no one would buy our products as well creating even less jobs. We do not live in a vacuum. Have a great day Lou and to the rest of you. Keep on truckin.

If Fiat allow Chrysler to install the 3.0 VM diesel into the Rams they might have a chance to catch up with the Chev and Ford trucks. A small diesel option would really shake things up.

Because Fiat is so involved Chrysler and innovative I think it might happen.

They could sell a Fiat Ram in the eurozone and export them from the US.

Ex Eastern block countries would love them.

Blue oval::: 1st let me say that I do own a F-150 ecco-boost reg cab 8' 4X4, and with that said, I also own a Silverado,ext Z-71, both 2011's and IMHO both are great trucks the Chevy handles and rides better, and the Ford hauls more and tows better, they both get the same mpg, but the Ford has more power. But when you say" Ford was the 1st to build turbo V-6's, did you forget something? or a couple of things, like a couple of trucks called a Syclone or Typhoon? you know the GMC, yes GMC S-15 pickup with AWD and 0-60 quicker than the Corvette of the day, and much faster than the Mustang of the day, and the other was a S -15 Jimmy, with the same 4.3 Turbo engine, and all through GM's history going back to the early 60's they had turbocharged engines, from the Olds F-85 to the lowly Corvair, all had turbo options, and them we have the Buick Grand National remember? ok, Ford did have a couple turbo Mustangs (4cly) and a turbo Thunderbird, but never in the same class. I suggest you do your homework b4 sreading others on this site, you loose all respect.

Traded in my Tundra last month for a RAM 2500. Miss some of the nice things of the Tundra but i have to admit the RAM came with a lot more for the money. I hope i get another 120k miles without issue.

Before I bought my 2010 Tundra I almost bought a Hemi Ram 1500 but price, tranny and possibility of supercharging led me to the Tundra. I almost traded in my Tundra for a 650lb ft Cummins Ram 2500 when the High Output Cummins came out because their were good deals on the left over 650lb ft Cummins but the family overruled me so I got a TRD Supercharer instead. I am glad to see that I am not the only one here who likes both.

The biggest trend that I have seen in our area, the HD market is being taken over by RAM.
Ford had owned this market for as long as I can remember.
I think RAM has brought out the right truck for this market.
Ford turned alot of buyers off with thier previous product, due to repair costs.
Pulling the cab off to change head gaskets isn't the best memory to have, & it looks like the 2011-12 model is no better design.
The eco-boost V-6 thing seems way over played by ford.
Most owners that I speak with are complaining about low fuel milage & power.
GM just seem stagnent, no excitement at all. Kinda like a toyota camry. Not bad, just dull.
One thing I do like is seeing every mfr is moving product.

I look at any vehicle as a tool, when mine or my family’s needs change I’ll change the tool accordingly (if essential). Honestly, for me it was very hard giving up my Tundra but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I had the 2007 double cab with captain’s chairs and the 8’ bed. With the family size growing in numbers I needed six person bench style seating and while I’m at it, a crew cab (my oldest is almost 6’ tall and still in school) and didn't want to give up much bed space as we are very active. If Toyota made that type of configuration I would have considered another Toyota. Even finding a crew max with front 40/20/40 bench seating seemed an impossible task (In New England anyway). Join the seating requirements with some towing and hauling needs (travel trailer, boat and various outdoor sports) I needed to move up to a ¾-ton truck. Prior to my Toyota I had a Ford so I’m not brand loyal by any means. I shied away from Ford as the prices were higher than what I wanted to pay. As it is, I feel that I got a better deal with the Ram than I could have gotten with the Super Duty. Both trucks were great and had similar options. I really liked the F250 XLT but at two dealerships near me I couldn’t get the price I was looking for, even using services like truecar.com. They remained thousands over what I thought would be a reasonable price given the research I did even purchase pricing services from AAA, NRA and Truecar.com. I ended up with the 2500 Big Horn which had everything I needed and more at a much lower starting price point prior to actual negotiations, not referring to MSRP/Sticker. Trading in the Tundra was a great chunk of change, I’m sure that in the future (6+ years from now) if I go back to a Toyota that I will not see the same value going in the opposite direction. But for me it’s not about tomorrow’s resale value as I tend to keep cars longer than most people I know; it’s about what I can get for my money today and will it address my foreseeable family needs.

The only GM dealer that is near my house has a bad reputation for customer service in sales and service. I do a considerable amount of travel as an IT consultant. When I’m not traveling I work out of my house, having a dealership that has a good service reputation and provides a shuttle service to drop me off at my house so I’m not inconveniencing my wife (who works professionally as well) was extremely important to me. The dealership has both Toyota and Chrysler; I had purchased my Tundra from them back in spring of 2007 without issues.

With that said, I really like the Ram and think it was a great choice.

Ford was the 1st to build turbo V-6's, did you forget something? or a couple of things, like a couple of trucks called a Syclone or Typhoon? you know the GMC, yes GMC S-15 pickup with AWD and 0-60 quicker than the Corvette of the day, and much faster than the Mustang of the day, and the other was a S -15 Jimmy, with the same 4.3 Turbo engine

@Sandman, those were Small niche race trucks. I'm talking fullsize trucks. If you're going that small truck route one would have been better off buying a Dakota of the day with a V8. And saying it was faster than the Corvette of the day isn't saying much at all. Those cars were dogs that routinely got taken down by any of the 5.0 Mustang GT's with a manual on the block and That isn't saying much. V8's of the era were nothing to brag about when it came to power. The V6 in the Typhoon was just an old Chevy 350 with 2 cylinders lopped off. If GM had a brain they would have used the real S-10 and put the 350 in it in the first place like a million hot rodders went on to do. GM isn't that bright though.. One cannot deny it has been the Ford EcoBoost that has kicked off the turbo V6 era for fullsize (real) trucks.

The biggest trend that I have seen in our area, the HD market is being taken over by RAM.
Ford had owned this market for as long as I can remember.
I think RAM has brought out the right truck for this market.

@devo340, Ram has done a great job. I was never a Dodge guy but it would be between that and the Super Duty if I wanted an HD. I don't like those low hanging frames on the Chevy's now. The other two have high frames and SFA's. Both are really good looking too. I can't say that for this model Chevy Silverado. The Sierra is ok looking but still has that low frame. I never did like GMC's though and am kind of with the GovtMotors thing on the grille being embarassing anyway. It's definately Ford or Dodge when it comes to HD's! Maybe Chevy will get it right someday. When I was a kid all dad ever ran was Chevy 2500's with the beam axle. Those were killer trucks!

Shesh, I go on vacation for a week and come back to the same old pissing match? The numbers are there to see in black and white and folks want to re-write History.
Frankly, I'm glad I don't see two Sierra's at every stoplight, but I don't have a herd mindset like some people.


What are you rambling about?

Well first off some of you guys need to do a better research on their fact.
Fact.1 yes ford f-series is best selling truck
Fact.2 Chevy has the most reliable truck

The reason for 14% gain for ford is mostly because they stopped making the Lincoln mark Lt.

The reason for Chevy being so far behind ford is simply because of Gmc getting stronger every year. If you would combine the silverado and Sierra you would be closer to ford sales. Also the Lincoln Mark Lt didn't do to well with only a few thousand trucks a year. Dodge is doing good and reason for that may be the new interior in the longhorn Laramie versions.

The who's growing faster has 2 answers.

If you assume % change continues the same, a higher % wins fairly quickly. In 10 yrs, 14%/yr gain adds 270%. In 10 yrs, 23.8%/yr adds 730%.

Here's a quickie interest-rate "trick" to figure how long it takes to double: Divide the % rate into 72. So 14% takes about 5 yrs to double, and 24% takes about 3 yrs. If Ram doubles twice (6 yrs) that's 4x24,000 (June numbers) = 96,000. In 6 yrs Ford doubles in 5 yrs, then adds 14%, = 2.28 x 55,000 = 125,400.
But 3 yrs later, Ram's 96,000 has doubled to 192,000, while Ford's 125,400 has become about 186,000.

So at these % rates, Ram overtakes Ford in 9 yrs. That's a long time in the car/truck market to project, tho'!!

Of course, if you count monthly number increase only, instead of %, Ram never catches up, because the 2011 actual increase count is a little lower than Ford's, which means the gap slowly widens the longer it continues.

I should have used the YTD number as the 'base' instead of the June monthly, but it works out about the same, using the YTD % change.

The point that the data stated are all first hand on actual experiences even help more. Go on doing what you do as we enjoy reading your work.

Top reasons why the F150 sells more than the other trucks
1. Depleted the Ranger
2. Rebates on these trucks are $10,000
3. They don't have 3 other versions of the truck (Sierra, Escalade, Avalanche etc)

1.So the person that was going in to get a ranger has to get an F150 2. I mean if your going to give me $10,000 to get the F150 yeah I'll take the truck for 1/2 price 3. You either get an f150 an f150 or an F150, Ford has one choice for a truck and they whore it out. Just because they are the most selling trucks doesn't mean they are the best trucks. The bi-turbo v6's are catching fire.
And you Hemi die hards Dodge is doing good compared to its self from previous sales. Not compared to competition sales. Typical college know it all's lost in the real world.

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