Market Share Shifts for Big Truck Makers

2012-Ford SD II
The first half of 2012 might not look good for Ford overseas, but in the world of full-size pickup trucks in the U.S., Ford is doing quite well. In fact, the Ford F-Series has grown its market share by a few percentage points compared with last year, extending its lead over the Chevy Silverado and Ram trucks by a good margin. 

According to Automotive News TV (you may need a subscription to view), market share among the Detroit Three truck makers last year put Ram at 16 percent, Chevrolet Silverado at 28 percent and Ford F-Series at 39 percent. 

For the first six months of a recovering 2012 sales year, Ford climbed to 41 percent. Chevy fell to 25 percent, and Ram climbed higher than all of them percentage-wise, to 19 percent. For some, it's probably worth noting that even if the rest of the GM trucks are included in the Silverado market share number (GMC Sierra, Canyon, Chevy Colorado, and Avalanche), the total number still doesn't get above 37 percent. 

In addition to this segment giving strong financial support to their respective parent companies, truck sales are doing very well in month-to-month sales. Some of the early predictions about July numbers are mostly positive, guessing that the year-end total sales will be over 14 million units. That means well over 1 million vehicles will likely have been sold this month, with almost 20 percent being pickup trucks. We expect to know the exact number by the middle of next week. 

Truck Marketshare 2012

July SAARS predict



@Mark, in the article you got Ram at having 28% market share (which would be higher than the Silverado) but the graph shows 19%.

if people like to drive a substitute pickup go for it..but the real professional drive the other...

@miath: How many of us are "real professional drivers"? Yes, I do know there is some need for the bigger trucks, but quite honestly the need isn't nearly as big as current sales figures would imply because there is no smaller-size competition worth mentioning. Oh yes, I do understand there's the so-called "mid-sized" line, but they're not that much smaller and their pricing is not that much lower than the full sized trucks.

The casual driver or the "part time" user really doesn't have a need for something with a 5'x8' bed; they could get away with a clean 4'x6' or even a 4'x5' as long as the tailgate offers support for all but the last foot or so of an 8' lumber load like boards, planks, plywood or even drywall. Even then, not all of those drivers will be hauling 8' lumber around.

Now, keep in mind that I recently purchased a used full-size with the specific need to carry a lot of tables for a yard sale. I'll grant that I didn't need an 8' bed, but I was able to fit 20 of those tables in that bed and had room left over. Great, right? No. Not great. I've owned that truck for four months now and that's the single largest load I've carried in it; every other load I've put in it so far would fit in the back of my Jeep Wrangler. A much smaller truck like the D-50 from the early '80s is a much better choice with its 6' bed and relatively gas-sipping engine.

I'm not a professional trucker. I would say 80% of pickup truck owners are not professional truckers. They simply don't have the need for rigs as large as the manufacturers are currently building.

Full-size trucks:
Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
Ram Trucks
Ford F-Series
Nissan Titan
Toyota Tundra
Total sold through June: 762,965

Ram sold 138,581

138,581 / 762,965 = 18.163% marketshare for Ram

Chevy Silverado at 194,508 sold = 25.494%

Give it time, all the GM haters will come out in droves and start doing the typical bashing of Chevy and GMC for their cheap interiors, thin sheet metal, lack of a SFA and low-hanging HD frames.

Now this is a TRUCK!

Notice it isn't a us made vehicle. Too bad!

@Vulpine I disagree. I would put the number at closer to 95% of all pickup buyers.

With all the first in class innovation of the new 2013 Ram. I can only imagine a bigger piece of the pie. In 2013.

Air bags and grille shutters should help Ram grow its market share by a few percentage points in 2013.





The low hanging Frames are a problem if you go off road,
there is no problem with IFS if its done right, torsion bars are not the way,every half ton is IFS GM is the only one who uses torsion bars. I don't get the interior complaint the GM interiors look fine some quality issues on some materials but what vehicle doesn't have that at some point. on my 800 the symbols wore off the radio buttons, i would not call my Raptor with lux package any more luxurious than my suburban z71, other than ford made a piece of plastic fit over the face of the climate control and radio which GM now has too.
both trucks had heated memory seats 6 cd with premium sound auto temp control with driver and passenger controls. I think it all comes down to little things that people like. I for instance need a higher approach angle than the 900s offer 15.8degrees is bad when my 800 had 25 degrees of approach angle , i also prefer electronic locking rear end to the G80, those are preferences that i have since i take my truck off road year round and the hill deceit and greater ground clearance and suspension travel made the Ford raptor the best option for me, the towing ability is right but i wish i had another 600lbs of payload like the supper crew does but my truck meets my needs. unfortunately for GM they don't offer a product that meets my needs and as such i will not be buying from them until they do.

@Matt - I saw the same thing. I believe it isn't worded properly. I think the difference is sales increases versus market share. Ram saw a 28% increase in sales which is greater than the other 2 but has a market share of 19%.

@Miath - anyone who gets paid to drive is technically a professional driver. Taxi drivers by definition are "professional drivers" but that group as a whole has the poorest skilled drivers that I have ever seen.
Are you trying to say most people do not use their trucks for paid work?
That point I would have to agree upon. I have always owned a truck based on my recreational/lifestyle choices.

@Carilloskis, Ford raptor the best option for me, the towing ability is right but i wish i had another 600lbs of payload like the supper crew does. GM they don't offer a product that meets my needs.

Did you consider a POWER WAGON?

@Lou, With no payments for 90 days, Ram will be increasing even MORE market share in July.

Your summer just got a little more sensational. Here's an offer that will put you in the driver's seat of a great new truck and let you drive it straight into Fall with no monthly payments due. It's our gift for America's birthday. Open the door of a new Ram truck and open your gift!

Go to for the details!



No montly payments means you can drive your new truck straight into Fall with NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS!

Get to your Ram Truck dealer NOW!

Give it time, all the GM haters will come out in droves and start doing the typical bashing of Chevy and GMC for their cheap interiors, thin sheet metal, lack of a SFA and low-hanging HD frames.

-And for good reason. Chevy trucks in 2500 form went down the tubes in the 90's when GM beancounters yanked their SFA and slung the frame down low for torsion bars. The guys who swear by a SFA quit buying them and went to Ford SD's and then Dodge. Guys who have no problem with IFS but Hate that nasty low slung frame Likewise left to Ford and Dodge. GM shot themselves in the damn head. Concerning their trucks period, their interiors after the GMT900 became the cheapest, nastiest pos interiors in the business. Cheap plastics, cheap cloth, sheap seats, cluster guage issues galore. Just utter garbage. The bodies likewise became disposable. Cheap thin rotting sheetmetal on the 800's and pure tinfoil on the 900's. And anyone who says the Chevy's are as good looking or as nice as the Ford's and Dodge's are on crack. I'm not talking those stupid GovtMoCo trucks either. I'm talking Chevrolet's. They're Horrible now!

Chevy's done for. It's all about Ford and Dodge now. Chevy just doesn't have any focus. Why are they still making 2 trucks? I mean really? Get a clue. GM are the kings of brand dilution. Either make one line of trucks and make them the best there is like Ford and Dodge do or just get lost.


Power Wagon was not the first American 4x4. The Power Wagon was introduced in 1946.

American Motor Truck Company and Duplex Power Car both started producing and selling 4x4's around 1906, but there isn't any clear record as to who was first.

Otto Zachow tested and built a 4x4 with his brother-in-law, William Besserdich and patented it in 1908. They would build the FWD Corporation and Besserdich would later leave to form Oshkosh Motor truck Company in 1917. While both companies would survive, Oshkosh is still a very strong company producing some impressive heavy duty 4x4's. Oshkosh is probably the longest producer of 4x4's in the United States.

The nod for the first producer of 1/2 ton 4x4 trucks would go to Marmon Herrington and the 1937+ Fords.

The first factory (assembly line) built 1/2 ton trucks sold to the public would have to go GMC in 1956, Chevrolet in 1957, and Ford in 1959.

By the way, the Power Wagon is no longer American. Power WAgon is now owned by the Italians and is made in Mexico.

Concerning their trucks period, their interiors after the GMT900

@Denny, more like GMT400's. The 900's are still out aren't they? IMO all of their trucks after the latter 90's have been cheap pieces of you know what. You can tell GM was flat broke busted because they nickel and dimed all of their trucks and even cars. It was like China Motors or something. After seeing the interior shots of the new Chevy, it looks to me more of the same.

@Ken, The Dodge Power Wagon was introduced in 1946. It was originally meant to compete with Ford/Marmon-Herrington 4×4 Military trucks such as the Brushbreaker, as well as Military GMC truck applications, but it was the first to be offered directly to the civilian population.

GM are the kings of brand dilution.

@Ryan, That's Why they are "General" Motors. They are Not a specific company with a specific brand with a specific product line. They are a hodgepodge mess of a bunch of names that in reality mean nothing. Henry FORD Motor Company has Zilch to fear. America hates GM/GMC and for good reason. Long live Ford!! I laugh watching Chevrolet go down the tubes.

@Ken, Dodge first 4x4 1934

Hemi, When are you buying your next Ram or Chrysler product and what will it be?

@Ken, I do not know. My 03 Quad cab 4x4 only has 73,000 miles. Built to go 200,000. I may buy my wife a jeep grand Cherokee next year with a Hemi. I like the fact that i have no car payments. WHY?

Super Duty owners be aware:
A SD burst into flames here last week parked in a carport. Two young boys died due to lack of smoke alarms when the fire spread to the house. Such an unnessisary waste.
The firemen at the scene said they have seen spontanious fires with this model before.
It will be a long walk for me to the Home Depot if the only parking space is next to one of these timebombs.

@HEMI V8, Ram is dropping the ball by not providing any info on its tow numbers for 2013. Info was supposed to be out at the end of June. It is now almost August.

If I was looking at a 2013 Ram, I would not put up with this and would look eleswhere or wait.

Ford an GM decided not to go on the new standard until the new trucks, but at least we know where they stand.

Ram on the other hand has a new updated truck with no towing info. There is no information from Ram as usual.

What is Ram hiding?

As for Ram's 2013 best in class fuel economy claims, read the fine print.*

*Based on 14 city to 20 mpg hwy 4x2.

That's not best in class.

@Ty It is a Rural Off Road MDT Bush Fire Truck. Most are 4 X4 Isuzu's .33,000lb GVWR. This one is based 8 kilometres roughly from me. I live in a part of Sydney that backs onto a National Park.

I did read in one of your finacial papers that businesses in the US will have to start replacing plant and equipment soon.

So, I would hazard to guess that a lot of these HD sales are for businesses. As an indicator I would rather see business sales rather than personal vehicle sales.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown of the vehicle models sold ie bottom end vs high end.

Hopefully this is a sign that the US economy is improving.

Chevy is over with. Give it up. You can't win in Drag Racing, NHRA or with that stupid Camaro ZL1 that got smoked in power by the Mustang. You can't win off road in Any event. You can't even Go off road. You can't win in quality or luxury. "Oh wow! An LTZ'" NOT. You can't win in anything. The only thing you ever got under your belt was racing your lightweight tinfoil truck up a hill. Whooptdoo. Truck's aren't for racing. If Ford wanted to win a stupid drag race in a truck they'd build their truck all out of tinfoil too. Thank God they aren't that cheap. And your trucks are butt ass ugly now. It's simple math. Your trucks suck now = You lose sales.

lol at the Chevy is over posts.

Chevy 25% > Ram 19%

Chavy 25% + GMC 10% = 35%

Chevy/GMC 35% > Ram 19%

This is with an older truck and they are still doing well.

The next gen Chevy will be out soon which will help sales and gain market share.

There is a lot of pent up demand for a new Chevy truck.

Ohhhhhhh, sometimes, I get a good feeling, yeah.

I get a good feeling.


Never quit. Never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

So very funny as to how all these fanboys talk and put one anothers truck down. Hemiv8, Moparman, Moparmechanic, slant6 or whatever you are the same person. Don't say you ain't. Johnnydoe and bobby71, you are the same. Why act like kids? I like my truck and you like yours. Don't put mine down please. I won't put yours down.

I didn't put down any trucks. I am defending Chevy against the haters that say Chevy should quit. Chevy and GM combined are only a few percentage points from the leader Ford and almost double what Ram is doing. Please don't throw me in with all the other haters. I don't put down trucks. I raise them up!

By the way, the new Silverado and Sierra are expected to debut at the beginning of the year before in Detroit.

And, Keith I would appreciate it if you would not talk down to me.

If you don't like people putting down other trucks, don't put me down. Putting people down is worse than talking down about an object, a truck.

I thank the Lord that this is a free country and we can debate and disagree on what we like about trucks without putting people down.

I don't think Ram is going to go much over 20%.

In 2003 Ram had their best sales and out of Ford/Chevy/GM/Ram, Ram only had 20%.

When Ram increases sales of 450k, Chevy and GM increceases sales to 900k. Then Ford comes along and goes to 900ki+.

Learn your sales history. This is not putting down anyone, it is just the facts.

This hasn't much to do with HD sales, but it is a good link about vehicle standardisation. Its a pity the US and Canada aren't really involved.

@Carilloskis, not that it matters since you have the vehicle that suits your needs, but GM 1/2-tons switched to coil springs and rack and pinion steering when the GMT-900s debuted.

The GMT-400s and 800s used torsion bars (and the 900 HDs still do).

@Lou, I figured it was just a typo.

Combining Chevy and GMC is cheating! That's why GM cannot legally combine the 2! They are TWO SEPERATE BRANDS! Get it through you thick skulls GM Morons. You can't combine the Chevrolet midsize sales with the Buick midsize sales and then suddenly Claim the "Best Midsize Selling Sedan"! They are TWO SEPERATE BRANDS! If GM wants to claim anything they need to CLOSE Chevy,Buick,GMC and Cadillac and THEN call ALL of their cars and trucks GM. ONE BRAND, ONE NAME. Until such a thing happens, YOU CANNOT COMBINE 2 BRANDS IN A SEGMENT! LAME. Then again, 2 trucks is freaking LAME!

And the Chevy Silverado is ONLY 6 years OLD from 2007! The Ford F-150 dates back to 2004! And don't give me the MCE crap from 09 because it's STILL the SAME basic damn truck! The fact is, Chevy built and Ugly ass truck PERIOD. The interior SUCKS, it has Drum Brakes, the body is FLIMSY, and every one on the road has it's frame already COVERED IN RUST from not painting them! CHEAP!!! Did I mention how FUGLY it is? Dodge and Ford will flat out kick Chevrolet's ass from now into the future. Your days as Chevy having the best looking and best built trucks on the road ENDED IN 1998! It's OVER.

Love my 07 Silverado and put 4000 miles on the road this summer and saw almost nothing but GM pickups in Wa, Id, Mt, Nd, and Mn.

@bobby1971 Yeah you don't put em down huh? Been on here a long time and I beg to differ. I think FORD is your worst enemy. What else can I say.

I will take a strong low hanging frame any day over a weak frame like Ford offers on their super duty trucks. I will also take the better ride that GM trucks have over Ford and Dodge. I just rode in a King Ranch from Pennsylvania to California and back. I have never rode in a pickup that was as bad as this piece of junk. I was beat up by the time I arrived home. What a piece of CRAP!

The main problem for GM pick up trucks are they are too good and last so long they hurt their sales. My GMC 1500 is 13 years old now but it is a better truck and more reliable than a brand new Ram 1500 or f150. Unless I get in a wreck it will last another 20 years without a problem. In the 13 years I've had it the only thing that has gone out on it is the U-joint. My neighbor across the street has a 202 Ram. He has replaced: radiator, hoses, seals in all wheel, transmission, starter, brakes, gaskets, heater core, air compressor, and has a half dozen things yet to replace. I can see why Rams and Fords are constantly replaced, they are inferior to GM trucks.

I think I'v seen more maturity in grade school than I read on these comments on a regular basis. Seriously, do any of you actually read the crap you post? Or how ridiculous you come off as? Reading the comments in these articles is like watching a train wreck. I suspect/hope that most of you are teenagers and not grown men. And for all the silly arguments about who makes the better truck, I say this: arguing with someone over the internet about who makes the bestest truck is like winning the special Olympics, even if you win you're still a retard. And to the two of you who actually post intelligently, my respect. You are definitely in the minority.

@Keith, Ford is my enemy? As I said on the GM interior blog post...

I am personally putting a lot of stock in the 2014 next gen Chevy truck. I have always driven Chevy trucks but I will be honest. If GM misses the mark with this new truck I may be on the move to a 2015 Ford....but not a Ram with their coil springs.

All trucks make eachother trucks better, some more than other. Ford is not the enemy or mine. Try to keep up.

I will take a strong low hanging frame any day over a weak frame like Ford offers on their super duty trucks. I will also take the better ride that GM trucks have over Ford and Dodge. I just rode in a King Ranch from Pennsylvania to California and back. I have never rode in a pickup that was as bad as this piece of junk. I was beat up by the time I arrived home. What a piece of CRAP!

-Sure ya did Greg. And nobody had ever had any sort of problem with Ford's superior C channel frame that is painted so it won't rust. However, It will be even stronger next year so you might as well give that one up. The swing arm set up with coils offers a Far superior ride to that of stiff torsion bars. Chevy has the worst ride in the HD business. Torsion bars are terrible for a good ride. That's why Chevy stopped using them on their 1500's. The only problem is, the can't stop using them on the HD's because they're tied to that low slung frame set up that essentially dates back to 89. They don't have the time or money to redesign the whole thing.

they need to CLOSE Chevy,Buick,GMC and Cadillac and THEN call ALL of their cars and trucks GM. ONE BRAND, ONE NAME.

-No, what they need to do is close GMC for good. Close Buick in North America and keep it only in China while Chevrolet gains a stronghold and see if the Opel situation straightens itself out. If not, close Buick for good too. Get rid of all things GM period in the spotlight. And then yes, just be one company with one name under the Chevrolet Motors banner with a Cadillac luxury division. That's what should have been done 3 years ago. I still won't stick a dime into their stock until such a time comes. The whole thing is too messy.

I agree with Thom!

GM needs to fold GMC into Chevy (as a trim level) and give Buick to their JVs in China.

GM can always import Chinese-made Buicks to the US. It's a formula that worked wonders for Toyota, Honda and Datsun (Nissan) for many years. Made them who they are today.

The name of the game for GM is to become a profitable, viable, self-sustaining, money-making American auto manufacturer after the taxpayer-funded bailouts and nationalization.

With Opel, Vauxhall and the French connection dragging GM down, that won't happen until GM divests itself of all its losers.

Ford has the HD market sewed up. GM and RAM can only muster their fanbase to buy their products. Ford attracts the working man and those serious about hauling.



NOT 1946 LOL !! YOUR 12 YEARS OFF !!! LOL !!!





RAM isnt dropping the ball on the 2013's the 2013's are not out yet !! None on dealers lots..not even making them yet !

You said *** "If I was looking at a 2013 Ram, I would not put up with this and would look eleswhere or wait" would have to wait because the 2013's are not out !! so how could you be looking at them ? Your too funny !!

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