More Spied! Ram 2500 HD Crew Cab

Ram 2500 spied front II

Photography and text from KGP Spy Photography

We've gotten another look at the revamped 2014 Ram HD pickup. This time it's the Ram 2500 crew cab.

These latest shots give us a solid peek through the camouflage to see the redesigned LED headlights, along with high-intensity-discharge projector beams. The grille will likely get some aesthetic tweaks. The taillights have been redesigned, and even though they're covered on this prototype, we can clearly see some new LED treatments illuminating through the camouflage.

Changes to the Ram 2500 will be more than skin deep, with a significantly upgraded front control arm clearly visible under the vehicle. That same beefy control arm was spied on the massive 2014 Ram 3500 HD dual-rear-wheel prototype that we caught last week. Initially, it seemed that the new fortified underpinnings might be reserved for heavier-grade pickups like the 3500, but the fact that the same upgrade is being used on the 2500 is interesting. It appears that the new Ram HDs will get a thorough overhaul across the entire range of models and specifications.

If there was any doubt about this prototype's identity, there's this rather self-explanatory piece of paper taped to the Ram's rear window that reads: "2014HD PROTO, Build # KD42-11948, Vin # EA111948, Priority #7." It looks like someone forgot to remove the identifying signage when the truck left the pilot build station.

Some have speculated that the new Ram HDs might have a heavy-duty airbag suspension option, like in the 2013 Ram 1500, but we haven't seen any indications so far. 

Ram 2500 spied rear II

Ram 2500 spied side II



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RobertRyan: there are road blocks used in the new and used markets in Japan, I have been told at the Harley Davidson Plant that the reason HD can sell an unlimited amout of bikes in Japan, is because they use a lot of components made in Japan on the bikes (all electrical and suspention), and in doing so are alowed an open market, and oh yea that is also because they are forced to only sell knok-down bikes, that are un-asembled, to be asembled in Japan! That is why HD is the biggest selling bike in Japan over 800c.c.! they LOVE THEM over there! and would buy all the American cars and trucks if alowed, that goes for the used market as well, American car trucks and motorcycles (used) comand a lot of $$$ IF you can find one, for some reason they are not able to get what they want over there, everyone I have talked to say it's because of gov. protection of there home market. We shoud do the same thing here, or demand open markets.

I think that the 2013 Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.
Ram will take tons of wind out of Chevy sails (sales too) with this mid-cycle upgrade. That is the part that impresses me - the 2013 is not supposed to be a "new" model.

Posted by: Lou

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Dodguy...except the 6.7l Cummins are made in Mexico....

i stand corrected, made in usa...shipped to Mexico where the rest of the junk truck is built around it... Fords 6.7 is built in Mexico...My bad...

Just look at those low slug front control arms on that RAM...just like the Ford Super Duty. They are just waiting to be bashed on a large boulder. I just don't know about RAM anymore, they are just like Ford.

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