New Tailgate Sidestep Solves Problems

Tailgate step video
This could be the next clever way to get into your pickup's bed area, and it stores inside the empty space of your tailgate. Designed and put together by a small-business inventor, the unique bed ladder is for those who tow trailers, yet still need access to the bed.

We haven't seen any of these sold yet, but we'd guess it's only a matter of time before one of the truck manufacturers makes this guy pretty happy. Check out the video from KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minn.


Thanks, but no thanks

Ford already has a step that comes out the side.

I would say most modern pickups do not have that strong of tailgates anymore, so how long would it hold up?

Got to get those mpg up for the crazy green people.

Men would just step in wthout a retractable step.

@Jason: NO, Bestop MAKES one for Ford! Get it right! They make them for others as well! That is not a Ford design or exclusive! Trying to spin it towards Ford, lol!

Ford has the mastep, which is great for those that need it. But like yesterday when I needed in and out of the back of my truck cause I had my trailer hitched to load up a 1992 Chevy 2500 4x4 club cab 5.7. Anybody need parts? Lol!

Calm down, Tom.

RIF. Reading in fundamntal. I didn't state who made it or state it was exclusive to Ford. I wrote Ford already has a side step in response to this, "I know the Ford Company makes one that comes straight out the back but because I'm always pulling trailers I needed one that comes out the side."

There is one from Ford that does come out the side. It is available as an accessory when you order it.

I'll also add you also don't to cut into the tailgate or have the tailgate open to use it like the one this guy came up with...

@Jason, Ram is going to install the new
tailgate sidestep on their 2014 Ram.
Ram will PATENT IT so Ford can't use it!

It will be called RamStep!

The Ram Step will destroy Fords steps and
all other tailgate steps in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the only company with lockable water proof storage?

Who is the only company with a new tailgate sidetep?




Clever, but I think some refinement would be necessary. From a manufacturers point of view, something simpler maybe ?

I'll be buying a new Chrysler product with this awesome new tailgate sidestep someday. Innovation is the key to success! That is why the Ford fans are so jealous of this new sidestep. LOL.




@Jason, Jealous much????????????????????????????

Just correcting the statement about Ford's coming straight out the back but not out the side. There are both. If Ram wants to come up with one, that is fine.

All that i have to say is......... Toyota is the best pickup on the market today.


Frank is jealous of all the innovation not coming from Ford!

thats kinda cool but seems like it will be way to hard to install for aftermarket and keep the price down. There are already others that do this same thing, bestop and AMP both make them for Chevy Ford Dodge and Toyota plus you can use theirs with or without the tailgate down.

I love this. I could use one of these!

Guts Glory Ram

How can you patent a ladder???? Dah

Its not even a new idea. I do know ladders have been in use since neolithic times.

"Jason, Ram is going to install the new
tailgate sidestep on their 2014 Ram.
Ram will PATENT IT so Ford can't use it!

It will be called RamStep!

The Ram Step will destroy Fords steps and
all other tailgate steps in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thank you, Ram.


Good job Ram!

All trucks have two, they are called tires.
Just step up onto the top of the tire


Acutally, all trucks have four tires.


Yes, really jealous of RAM right now as they lead in innovation. All I see is the invention of the RAM Box. Now, please go crawl back into your Ram Box.

Beats the crap outta me how the ram trolls get all fired up over a ladder and a step. All they,ve got is ram box like frank said. How do you patend a step or a ladder? The pure ignorance of these trolls should amaze people but then again thats all they have going for them, ignorance and a ram box wow!!


Actually, all trucks should have five tires.

Do you step on front tire to get onto truck's bed? I gotta see that! :)

Interesting idea.
I didn't know Ram made a man step.
Do they call it the "Hemi step" or maybe a "rambo step".

All that i have to say is......... Toyota is the best pickup on the market today.

Posted by: cuntlicker | Jul 17, 2012 1:44:13 PM

That's the funniest thing I heard all day.LMAO.

@Keith, How do you patent a step?????????????????????????

Easy! If you had read the article you would have known

"So Isaacson got to work right here at his in Lafayette and 'My Dream Steps' was created. The patent followed soon after, along with the recognition."

All RAM would have to do is buy the patent from this man and Ford would be screwed for 2015!!!!!!!!


Do some research on Rams one innovation. People are having trouble with the thin plastic in the box breaking. Typical Chrysler quality. I personally have nothing against Chrysler, never owned one for more than a week, but it seems quality is not there. Why else would they be so far behind Ford and GM. Is there a Dodge truck more than 5 years old that doesn't have a cracked dash?

Ford & Toyota fans!!!

Ram is dominating TORC off road racing!!!



ALL RAM!!!!!

@Lou-I am not sure that I would want hemispherical shaped steps because I might slip and break something and I am too old to break something. I am sure Ram would not have to patent the hemi steps because the other manufacturers would not want hemispherical steps for fear that they would be sued over all the injuries. "Ram bam slam I just broke something.

These "dream steps" are a lawsuit waiting to happen.

@Tom and Lou, The best thing I liked about Ram is the bed, it is now also features an available RamBox cargo management system that places storage bins within the bed rails that are weatherproof, lockable, illuminated and drainable. From the looks of it they can hold a lot of gear, too. Ram Crew 1500 models can also be had with a pair of "store in the floor" bins that can hold up to ten cans of pop, beer or whatever.

Thats a great feature, i wonder why nobody thought of it earlier???????????????????????????????????




@Hemiwhoever, so you patent this step and nobody else can make a step again. He patented his design not what someone else could make or already has. Why would dodge buying his patent hurt FORD? Well I answered my own question, FORD is the only real truck made so there. I think you grasp for the only thing you can because the spam box is all you have going for that P.O.S ram. Go to bed and I hope you dream about steps all night and wake up in the morning and realize Man, I have a dodge, thats worse than driving a chebby, 2nd place is the first loser but turd place makes you one.


OK, you have posted obnoxious comments like Guts Glory Ram on every blog post. What does this blog have to do with Ram? You seriously need to stop being so obnoxious or else someone should block you from this site. Quit being weird.

Good job to the average guy inventing something potentially useful.

I was going to comment on the side steps being handy on my 85 Dodge's 8' Utiline bed, but his short legs may not be able to make it over the side of the bed even from the step. Especially with the added height of the side rails (local fab'd, didn't have to wait for Dodge or Chevy or Ford or Toyota to do something)

@Tony, What are you going to do about it!!!!!!!!!



ASS KICKING RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really see the point of a step on the tailgate. With the tailgate down its not hard for anyone taller than a dwarf to get into the bed. The real problem on half tons now is that the sides of the bed are so high its difficult to get into them with any real leverage unless you're at least 6'4". If they want to find a way to add a step add it to the sides of the bed. Steps would be much more useful there. The height of the box is one HUGE reason that people like mid size / compact trucks.

OK, Jason, show us a link to one FORD exclusivly makes on the BACK REAR of the truck. I was talking about the one you linked. If there's another, I woulda thought you woulda linked it. I'm busy here, selling GM stuff, I don't have time to chase it down, so you can be Ford proud.

In Australia we have hydraulic ramps on the back of some of our pickups. I would say you guys would have them also.

It would be a lot easier than using a ladder.

What I do is find me a 90s F150 with rear bumper and tailgate accident damage for sale. Nobody wants them and I've been able to buy them for as little as 600 bucks. I throw away both and put a roll pan bumper. Looks bad ass and who needs a tailgate anyways.

@Hemi V8 hemis sucks they are the worst motor in half ton, no guts no glotry RAM! LOL patent a side step, lol for invents all this stuff and ram can only

Big Al from OZ. A Ute Tail Lift? It is more suited to lifting loads
Can you post an illustration?

@Robert Ryan

That's one.

@ Big Al from Oz, I could see a hydraulic ramp being a lot more useful than a couple of steps on the back. That would actually help with loading/unloading. Something on the side of the bed (especially on 3/4 ton and larger trucks) could really help as well. I know not everyone likes the idea, it could be optional. But one reason I really do not care for a half ton is that at 5'8" the bed is much less accessible to me, and I do not tow anything beyond a few thousand pounds so I have no real need for a big truck.

This is why Ford needs to bring the T6 new global Ranger to the States. Build it in the plant they shuttered in Minnesota when they killed the recent Ranger. The new Ranger is not as tall/huge/monsterous as most trucks have gotten today. Yet it offers the right about of utility for most people.

@cyberpine: that's right, who needs tailgates? Let your crap fall off the back so it's not your problem anymore, now it the problem of the driver trying to avoid all your crap after it fell off, oh, and nails. You must drop nails! and hardware!

@you tube haul king. The only thing your hauling is your boyfriends LOG. LMFAO!!!!!!

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