New Tailgate Sidestep Solves Problems

Tailgate step video
This could be the next clever way to get into your pickup's bed area, and it stores inside the empty space of your tailgate. Designed and put together by a small-business inventor, the unique bed ladder is for those who tow trailers, yet still need access to the bed.

We haven't seen any of these sold yet, but we'd guess it's only a matter of time before one of the truck manufacturers makes this guy pretty happy. Check out the video from KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minn.


The new Hemi gets more than one horsepower per cubic inch.
It has been on wards 10 best engines list 6 times. Making it a proven 1/2 ton engine.

The first Avalanche has a step in the corner of the bumper which already solved this problem a long time ago.

@Big Al from Oz, Robert Ryan - I see lift gates on commercial trucks all of the time but never anything like that Ute. Looks cool.

@Robert Ryan
I've only seen ones on tray back utes. Not on tailgates.


Maybe when you modify that Nissan Frontier you can incorporate one of those tailgates.

@Lou @Phillyguy.@ Big Al from Oz
I noticed this company in Australia does a similar slide out step.

They have this Lyco Loader , manual winch side loader.

As well as a Traytop hoist.

So you know your in not in Kansas anymore9Apologies to Wizard of Oz)

@Robert Ryan - thanks for the pics. I've similar stuff on commercial trucks.

HEMI: Your annoying.
This thing seems to bulky to become successful. Im a big fan of Fords side steps that are found in front of the rear wheel. Easy to use, clean design and it makes getting things out of the F-150s bed (Which is the deepest in class) far easier. Also the man step becomes very useful when loading and unlading bags of concrete, sand, mulch, top soil... But ill stick to no steps at all. My back and knees work just fine.

@shaun, Thank you. The Hemi is also a proven 3/4 ton engine.

I didn't know that Chrysler still made a hemi?


It's a ok concept but I've already got a step on my new F150 called the DEBO Step. I can use it as tailgate step OR a hitch step and still pull my trailer around! I LOVE THIS STEP!!!!!

you gotta be lazy as $^!? to use one of them

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