NHTSA Investigating 2009-10 Dodge Ram Pickups

Recall Alert: 2010 Ram 1500
2010 Ram 1500 pictured

By Dave Lee

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating 2009 and 2010 Ram pickups because the rear wheels may lock up, according to The Washington Post. The investigation affects up to 230,000 Ram vehicles.

No recall has been announced yet, and Chrysler said it is cooperating with the government, the Post reported. NHTSA opened the Ram investigation after receiving a dozen complaints about locking rear wheels, the Post reported. Some sources are reporting the issue may involve a pinion nut coming loose in the rear differential that can cause the rear driveshaft to lock up. No specific Ram trims were mentioned. 



NOt suprised, I have an 09 Ram, been in the shop 7 times for tranny and rear end issues, now after many replacement parts i get a death wobble when it tried to shift to certain gears, the dealership says its normal on these trucks until the new trq convertor breaks in, its gonna break alright

Didn't Dodge have a similar problem a few years back with a gear falling off a shaft in the transmission?

I believe the rear end is AAM built...NOT Chrysler.
Oh AAM moved from Detroit to Mexico in 2008.

The 2009-2010 RAM's were the beginning of what's to come in the 2013 model. A redesign was due at the time, but came at an awkward time, amidst bankruptcy and preceeding the acquisition by Fiat. As all automotive enthusiasts can see, since Sergio has taken over and lead this great auto company out of shambles; only forward thinking and innovative ideas have come forth. The first true RAM 1500 trucks were the 2011 models, but even those and the 2012's still wore the Dodge name atop the center console. As with anything, change is inevitable; however the continuous improvements of the RAM 1500, reflected utmost in the upcoming 2013 model will blow the socks off the competition. For now, it's a RAM and Ford showdown; but as a truck man--I hope GM rolls out some good competition in their new Silverados and Sierras. Competion is good and only brings a better product to the consumer over time. In addition, I hope Toyota and Nissan figure out what they're doing and get back in the game. Long live the "Truck Man"

Yup what do you expect from an Italian owned built in Mexico truck?...lol

Calm down KIDS! Today it's Ram. Tomorrow it might be my Chevy or your Ford. Nobody is immune to recalls.

It's not a recall in a first place anyway.

@Lou and Mike, These parts were not, I repeat, NOT made by Ram!


And the faulty fuel lines in the 2012 Escape weren't made by Ford either. Doesn't make a difference, a problem is a problem and its gonna have to get fixed.
Its just Ford caught on to quicker and will give all recalled Escapes a free full detail inside and out and and a free full tank of gas.

@ Chrysler Tech

That statement could be and is true of all brands. Bottom line is FIAT/Ram endorsed the parts and installed them in their truck. That makes it their responsibility. End of story. No guts or glory when it comes to recalls. Just same! Hang your head!


And then add this news that was posted last week on MSNBC. Boy oh boy.

As I've said before many parts are not designed by any particuliar mfg BUT, they are designed and tested by them!!! Also the car mfg should always be doing ongoing reliability testing to try to catch pre-mature failures. So ya car mfg's that have failures ARE responsible for failures. They should also be doing ongoing inhouse source inspections to see that all their suppliers are following the prints!
So question is is in house inspections not happening to see a process is followed OR is it a design flaw. So either way Chrysler at fault in this case for either bad design or not monitoring the supplier quaility. This is how all mfg's should be working to.

@Mikes FX4: Actually the crew and quad cab 1500s aren't built in Mexico. No driveline problems with my 2010 @ 35K. Still not even close to the amount issues Ford had (still having?) with their 6 speeds. Whatever the deal, I am glad my truck can be had with 8 ply tires, unlike Fords FX4 which has the same Good Year tire but is only 7 ply.

No recall has been announced yet, How many 09/10 Rams did they sale? A dozen complaints wow.

The HD crew and quad cabs are made in Mexico. Sale is not a verb.

@Dave, SELL*

In North America, Ranger and F-series trucks are built in Oakville, Ontario; Dearborn; Claycomo, Kansas; Louisville, Kentucky; St. Paul., Minnesota; and Edison, New Jersey. Trucks also are built in Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Argentina and England.

Read more: Where Are Ford Vehicles Made? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5040488_ford-vehicles-made.html#ixzz21YoYqn5H

At least Mexico is considered North America

Yup what do you expect from an Italian owned built in Mexico truck?...lol

@Amen to that! Dodge=Mexican crap. Now I see they're going to build some of the new Chevy's there too. You know, cause American's don't want or need those jobs or anything. GM jerkoffs use our money and then send our jobs out of the country. Pathetic.

Ram is taking out GM in 2012! Not in sales, but one by one as Ram owners lose control and cause accidents...


Like 8ply versus 7ply is that much more beneficial to you and how you use it (Rolls eyes); if it was it must have been a deciding factor in your purchase! Dodge boys seem to find anything to brag about. Dodge boy points at FX4 owner, my A/C switch is slightly larger and better to use than yours with gloves on. Guts Glory Ram...

LOL at Hemi and is sale comment. If Saab owners are the most educated, I wonder where Dodge owners are after some of these comments?

No recall has been announced yet, How many 09/10 Rams did they sale? A dozen complaints wow.
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jul 24, 2012 11:51:56 AM

not to many

Like no other brands have problems....get real if there is a problem then it should be fixed.....as for the gear nut falling off the 4500HD 5 speed....yes it happened to me but at 275,000mi. And for the record AAM and new venture gear products are used abroad

U ford and chevy guys wouldnt like it if we Ram fans bash a recall oor problem on another thread.....they all can and do have problems

No surprise here. My son's Dodge is a money pit. If you enjoy working on pickups for a hobby, buy a Dodge or Ford because they will keep you busy.

IF your looking for a 30,000 dollar plus BBQ buy a FORD. LoL




Most of my issues with my Dodge trucks are self inflicted....truck pulls, drag races, overload towing, ect... still hard to beat with near 300,000mi

This could be very dangerous, if your rear wheels lock up at 75 MPH, it could be a bad outcome.

12 TRUCKS !!


@ Darrin,

@ Mikes FX4,

Dodge RAM 1500 is made in the U.S.A !

@ Jack,

That was Toyota on Tundra and Tacoma their axles fell appart until this model year ! As well as blowing up engines,rusted frames,cracking tailgates,fires,random excelleration !

@ nitro,

B.S,if you do have problems you probably do burnouts,drive like madd and lifted your truck,the Ram 1500 doesnt have death wobble !!

Sure, there were 12 reports to NHTSA, but not 12 reports in existance.

If a problem is reported to anyone else or a dealer, NHTSA doesn't know about it.

There is a mechanic on Allpar who knows of three 2010's with the pinion nut loosening and none of the owners reported the situation to anyone other than the dealer. That's just one individual who knows 3. This is a big deal.



Millions of Toyota's with "serious" problems. Really???? So where's the data to back up your claim???? Real data btw, not internet 3rd party garbage either. Like all fanbois', regardless of manufacturer, you are spewing verbal feces without engaging first the upper level functions of your cerebellum. Translation slick, think first before talking s**t.

Regards from a former chevy, dodge and ford guy who now drives a yota.

I like it when the spam guys get caught with there pants down. They sure can dish it out but sure have a problem taking it. 12 complaints mean they only sold 12 trucks right?? When you live in glass houses, lay your rocks down.

I had this happen with one of my old K5 Blazers. The nut comes off, the driveshaft falls off the rear, and then the pinion falls into the rear and locks everything up tight. You end up having to completely rebuild the rear. Scares the crap out of ya too and doesn't even give you enough of a warning to get to the shoulder. Luckily I was only doing like 30mph. I couldn't imagine it happening at highway speeds.




F ix
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T ony

What a piece of crap, almost as bad as the turdra.

@Mike: You're full of sh*t and you know it. You're just jealous that Tundra is better than any truck you've owned and EVER will own. Same for x007.
Why don't you sh*t shovelers back up your claims.

@xoo7, Keith, You both need to put your crack pipe down. 12 complaints for over 200,000 thousand vehicles and they are the worst. That's funny. NO RECALL!!!!!!!! GET A GRIP!
When it comes to actual recalls FORD is #one.

@xoo7, Keith, You both need to put your crack pipe down. 12 complaints for over 200,000 thousand vehicles and they are the worst. That's funny. NO RECALL!!!!!!!! GET A GRIP!
When it comes to actual recalls FORD is #one. TOYOTA 2ND

Gotta watch them rocks. They sure do hurt when they get thrown back. Hey hemiv6, pull your pants up boy!!!!!!

Gotta love the comments on a recall thread. What a waste of bandwidth.
Companies do not perform 100% QC inspections. They do random inspections and suppliers have to perform QC checks based on contractual obligations.
The only businesses that I can think of that do 100% QC are the medical industry and advanced military industry and we all know how expensive that stuff is. That stuff fails too.
Ultimately, whomever owns the badge on the hood is responisble for correcting problems once the product is sold.

@keith, You are not hurting me with your crack rocks. You don't have a clue. You look stupid.

Lou, This is not a RECALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you actually read the thread before you comment?? NO.

LOL at Hemi and is sale comment. If Saab owners are the most educated, I wonder where Dodge owners are after some of these comments?

Posted by: Tyler | Jul 24, 2012 12:10:07 PM

Look what an idiot. See anything wrong with your first sentence??? HIS*

@hemiv6 At least I don't look or act ignorant like you, watch that rock!!! Oh yeah, the grand cherokees are catching fire too so put the rock down and run!!!

KMS::: I havwe seen first hand how you can't come close to working a toyota like the American trucks! like all the fishermen around here with toys have had to replace there beds due to rot! from hauling there catch to the wholsaler in the bed in giant coolers full of salt water and ice, or the guys that haul there motorcycle around, and there tailgate are folded in half on the "new tundras" or the guys that run on the beach and after a few yrs can't get inspection stickers because of frame rot! 3 of them out here! at least toyota paid to do it! but on my Dakota I have had NO rust isseus at all! and the guy at work that hauls bottled water around and has had to replace his leaf springs twice! not me! we could go on and on, but I don'tneed to because I know I've seen enough!

I have to agree with Lou about the quality control procedures. The aviation industry has rigourous maintenance practices. Also, it doesn't matter what product you buy the manufacturers build lemons. Its just over the past 20 years Chrysler products have had more than their fair share of them.

This time the Ram is a lemon.

One of my problems with my Cherokee back in the late nineties was diff problems, it was also a Chrysler. A lot of the Cherokees had that issue.

Fiat hopefully will turn Chrysler around.

@ keith, WHERE IS THE RECALL ???????

Hang on it will come. Everyone else takes care of stuff and recalls without being made too so just don't write it off yet because a serious problem is present. Wait, toiletodor had to be made to do a recall so dodge will probably fall into the same deal they did. If you own one of these trucks that concrete mediun will always make you sweat!!

Keith, Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

@LJC I have worked on an 05 turdra and an 09 turdra and its all hype and gustless loaded down to its payload and towing capacity. Empty they are faster but loaded down they sucked more gas, were more unstable, and slower than my Fords with the same load. And the turdra looks worse than my Fords.

@HEMIROID V8 Not on crack or any other drug and never have been. Reading your drug induced post I can see why you think other people are users too. There are places you can get help for your addiction and even 1-800 number you can call and maybe they can help.

I wish you the best, and Just Say No!

RAM is a Spaghetti Western gone Bad with a lock on the Rear.

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