Recall Alert: 2010-11 International Lonestar

2009-international-lonestar-harley II

By Dave Lee

Navistar is recalling 16 International Lonestar vehicles from the 2010 and 2011 model years because the wheels may crack, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects just Lonestar vehicles equipped with the Harley-Davidson package (with feature codes 27DRV and 28DRV) that were built between Jan. 29, 2009, and Feb. 21, 2011. Over time, corrosion and fatigue may cause the wheels to crack and separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

Navistar will notify owners, and dealers will replace the affected wheels for free. Owners can call Navistar at 260-461-1890 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.

2009_international_lonestar_harley_int II


only reason this made big news is cuz the 16 trucks they recalled only trucks they sold that year. don't get me wrong great new look, good company i just dont see many these trucks on the road i drive peterbilt and i drive all around county and i have only seen maybe 3 of these trucks and thats pushing it.

Well i live in Iowa and there freaking everywhere.

After seeing the previous article here, all I can say is "Now THIS is a nice interior"!

ford850 --I agree. Chevy could copy this dash for their high end Silverado.

Looks like a bigger version of my old PT cruiser.

Wheels or not that is one fine rig!


It does look a bit better than GM's interior.

Leave the Harley Davidson package for motor cycles not trucks.
Ford & international.
These internationals are big in NASCAR for car haulers.

I need to get one of these to drive back and forth to work with.

Although I have not seen any of these on the roads as someone else said at the few races a year I attend I see multiple of these rigs. Guess its the luxury of big rigs?

@moparman Navistar's problem. These are not selling very well at all. I thinking breaking wheels is not the only problem with them.

Nice interior. Not your typical recall thread. Wrong badge on the grill, so it seems.

I have seen about 20 of these trucks in my travels around the country. They sure have a different look!

I'm confused as to why this is covered on this site?

There's a Harley-Davidson package for this? Wut.

I agree with UncleBud. What does this have to do with pickup trucks?

Was there not a truck that looked like this in a Mad Max movie? It looks sinister and evil looking. I love it.

@Fred the man - I think it was a Mack in Mad Max.

@fred the man. Yes there was I have seen the movie Truck personally.
This was from the Road Warrior

I have personally seen this 'train" .

Both movies were shot in Broken Hill NSW and surrounding areas. They were going to make the latest sequel there, but LaNina has made the desert very green.

@Robert Ryan - thanks. The road tanker is a R model Mack, and the one on rails is a B model Mack.

My boss bought a used Lonestar (2010). This particular truck is a piece of chit. The first month replaced starter, clutch, a/c compressor, tensioner pulleys and belts. Engine warning light comes on comtinously which cuts the power back %40. I havent been promted to use regen system yet. Numerous elrctrical problems. Other than that....GREAT TRUCK. Huge memory foam bed. Very comfortable.

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