Spied! 2013 Frontier With Titan Tailgate

NissanFrontier_cdauto_72012_1 II

The exterior design of the new Nissan Frontier, due out in the next few months, won't look too different from the looks of these spy shots.

Our guess is that Nissan may be experimenting with a pricey option package that would include a new integrated backup camera in the tailgate. Some have even speculated that Nissan has been working on its own type of self-storing tailgate step similar to what Ford has on the full-size trucks. 

There's no doubt Nissan engineers have been up late working on the aerodynamic flow over the tailgate to squeeze out every mpg possible. We're also hearing that this model may get a new six-speed automatic transmission — and we'd assume some new ring-and-pinion options — to go along with the stout all-aluminum VQ40 V-6. And, finally, we'd guess if they're going to all the trouble of getting the camera in the tailgate, we'd assume a bigger and better Video/Nav screen as well. 

NissanFrontier_cdauto_72012_4 II

NissanFrontier_cdauto_72012_3 II

NissanFrontier_cdauto_72012_2 II



@todd,I agree none are as AMERICAN as they used to be. Sad
actually. Chevy THE HEART BEAT OF AMERICA. built in MEXICO
Dodge 2500 built in MEXICO. Dodge charger (Richard Petty)
The movie bullit anyone. Made in CANADA. The american pony
car(Mustang) with a Chinese transmission. I agree none are as AMERICAN as they used to be.

this will get passed along to their campaign and Fox. You can count on it.

- I can assure all of you, Fox News is well aware of PUTC. The whole Chevrolet guys mad at GM over GMC trucks saga? Oh yes, points were taken. Good job on this truck Nissan. Keep jobs in the USA.

The last time I drove through Fort Wayne Indiana the Silverado was still being built there. Yes, Indiana is in the USA.

Some of you guys crack me up with this "buy American" nonsense.

Why stop at cars?

How many other products are you buying and using on a regular basis that aren't made in America?

Well, what do you know...

I just turned my MacBookPro over and sure enough...assembled in China!

So if you are one of those people that insists on only wanting to drive cars/trucks made ONLY in the USA, you should plan on ditching all of your electronics.

Or shouldn't you?

How many other products are you buying and using on a regular basis that aren't made in America?

- If you're not going to support the American worker in every way possible you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. People like you who "laugh" at so called "buy American nonsense" are a disgusting part of anti-American culture. People died so future generations could have a better life. You're sending jobs away, destroying our middle class, wrecking our kids future and slowly turning America into a 3rd world country. It started with electronics and clothing. It needs to Stop there.

The last time I drove through Fort Wayne Indiana the Silverado was still being built there. Yes, Indiana is in the USA.

-That's only 1 truck. GM is spending tons of American Taxpayer money in Mexico to do this next truck. That money could have and Should Have been spent supporting the American workers. I find it utterly disgusting.

I can assure all of you, Fox News is well aware of PUTC

- I hope you are. This should be a top story on the Factor as far as I'm concerned. GM should be nailed to the floor for this.

Well, what do you know...

I just turned my MacBookPro over and sure enough...assembled in China!

So if you are one of those people that insists on only wanting to drive cars/trucks made ONLY in the USA, you should plan on ditching all of your electronics.

@AJ, get real. If American's could buy electronics made here we would. The thing is, because of guys with your mentality, we can no longer do such a thing. You really want our auto industry to go down like that too? I feel sorry for you.

Props to Nissan for helping out the American worker! At least somebody appreciates what our people have to offer. Unlike GM. I still can't believe they are doing this to their trucks.

There is nothing wrong with imported products, as long as you can export to earn as well.

Germany is the second largest exporter in the world one of their largest exports is motor vehicles. Germany has only 80 million people compared to the US's over 300 million.

Why can't the US export to make ends meet? The US used to be the biggest exporter in the world.

Your manufacturing is reducing because it is becoming more and more uncompetitive.

Manufacturing vehicles used to be for developed countries but the US didn't change quick enough. Also a vehicle assembly plant can operate in almost any country and produce a high quality product.

The US needs to build quality vehicles to sell to the world, like the Germans, Japanese, Koreans etc.

Maybe, just maybe you guys should start looking at yourselves to find out why. Just buying American isn't going to create the quality you need to export.

Good for Nissan. I didn't even know they were made here but now I have more respect for them like I do Ford and Toyota. I'd actually look at one of these for a small truck now that I know that. Shame on GM. These decisions come from the top and I think Ackerson needs to be outsed as CEO. First the Malibu launch debacle and now this? Does this guy not get PR? Their stock will only become even more worthless. And Ford will continue to shine on for doing the right thing by the American people.

Maybe, just maybe you guys should start looking at yourselves to find out why. Just buying American isn't going to create the quality you need to export.

@BigAl, auto exports are becoming less desirable for any company in any part of the world. Tariffs and primarily the hefty increased cost of shipping would be the reasons.

@Big Al from Oz - you are correct. The USA needs to regain its competitive spirit and competitive edge. Companies cannot survive sellling to the USA market only unless they are in a niche market. Some have said that agressive open market free trade with absolutely no tarrifs or quota's would be sufficeint to turn around the economy. One can argue that other countries have quotas and tarrifs too, well that is what negotiating is for. The USA needs to spend less money on sending young men and women to die in sh'tholes all over the world, and more money at home building infrastructure. The USA economy exploded post WW2 due to all of the industrial capacity that was free for commerce instead of building bombs. It could happen again. Banning imports shows that the opposite spirit exists. It shows the world that they have given up.

Not in our part of the world, it seems the economies that are going backwards are the ones with the biggest trade barriers, ie subsidised industry and agriculture. In particular US, Eurozone and Japan.

I know this has lead away from the topic, but this trend started on another topic several days ago, particularly about pickups being manufactured in Mexico.

And Ford will continue to shine on for doing the right thing by the American people.

Posted by: BillWright | Jul 21, 2012 12:03:09 AM



I don't know why but everybody in my area are buying the Chevy Colorado's up like crazy were dealers are running out of stock at at the same time the Nissans are not selling even with deep discounts, You can get the Frontieer 4x4 crew cab new for $22K and the Titan Pro-4 crew for $31K, but everybody is buyin the Colorado, in my opinion the Nissan is 10 times a better truck!

Jlh41, my 2012 was made in Mexico a fact I don't like.

@Lou-Sorry about the ranting but you are right that we would be better off logging onto Mitt's website to talk about trucks. Blaming each other and blaming multinational corporations like GM is going to get us nowhere. GM is going to do what benefits GM just like anyother multinational corporation. Multinational corporations are not living beings but are entities created to protect their owners and to exert influence. Don't get me wrong I am not antibusiness I just don't put corporations on the same level as God and Country. I would much rather talk about trucks than rant about GM and the Japanese auto industry or even the Chinese.

@wifebeater --Maybe because Colorado is the last American branded midsize truck and maybe its a good truck. I have a Isuzu which is the same and overall it has been a good truck. I also think that the Tacoma and Frontier are good solid trucks. There are lots of reasons why people buy certain brands and not all of them are logical.

@Big Al from Oz-Thanks for the article. I had an 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup for 14 years and it was a great truck. My only complaint is that the parts were harder to get and more expensive than Toyota or Nissan. Nissan and Mitsubishi co-developing a truck together should be a winner. Nissan has always made a great and tough truck. Mitsubishi has not done that well recently in the USA and it appears that their new strategy might work. The small and midsize car market has a lot of competition and with Hyundai and Kia's redesigned cars they have just upped the stakes and rewritten the rules of what a compact and midsize car should be. Mitsubishi is best to concentrate on trucks, SUVs, and electric cars. Don't get me wrong their Gallants and Lancers are good cars but their cars get lost in an ever crowded field.

Johnhansen44...people died so we could have a better life is SO true. And with that better life is the fact that we have choices...choices in buying whatever we want to buy BECAUSE WE LIKE IT!

If I have had crappy luck with any automaker's product I CHOOSE not to buy it anymore. I will NOT just still buy it just because it is 100% American and supports the American economy. No matter what car you buy...you're still supporting your local economy. The dealers, the mechanics, parts stores, gas stations, car washes, etc. etc.

And yes, I laugh at people that make yet another pissing match out of which truck is better but instead of reliability, or capability or horsepower or looks...their argument this time is based on its American made parts content. When in fact they truly don't give a crap about the American economy. It's just another day...another pissing match...another reason to justify what is being driven.

And so again (ya listening too Ken?) if you are going to be so insistent on buying American made vehicles and that it "gives somebody a better life", you shouldn't stop there. You should limit or boycott as much foreign made stuff as you possibly can.

Sorry Ken, but you CAN live without PLENTY of electronics and other stuff. People did it for years...people still do it. It's your CHOICE!

Ok, this GM making all their truck's in Mexico BS is just that, BS. I just checked with my local dealer (where I bought my truck in 2006-built in Canada-and my wife's '12 Cruze-built in Ohio) and they have 95 Chevy Silverado 1500s/GMC Sierra 1500s in stock and 14 of them are built in Mexico. All of those were crew cabs, and they had a total of 27 crew cabs in stock.

As for 2500HD/3500HD Silverado/Sierra's they had 12 in stock and all of them (as is all HD GMs) are built in the USA.

Now that's just one random dealer with over 107 trucks in stock and all but 14 were assembled in the USA.

@AJ-I agree with you mostly but I do try to buy American made when I can if it is something that I like. For the past 18 years I have bought all American made but I have had a Honda and Mitsubishi before that and they were both made in Japan. I don't think it is worth getting into a pissing contest of which brand is better than another or which one is more American. Overall the quality of most trucks and cars is very good over what it has been in the past. With proper care most of today's vehicles will run indefinitely. It it is great that Nissan makes vehicles in the US and the Frontier is a good solid truck that I would not hesitate to buy and drive. I would not hesitate to buy a Tacoma nor a Colorado and if I wanted a full size truck I would have no problem choosing any of them. I am glad to live in a country where I am allowed to have these choices. As for electronic you are right you do not have a choice. There is a trend to buy and make in America and I thinki this is a good thing but we are also interconnected and we all live on the same planet.

Jeff S - I wasn't singling you out. We all have gone the off topic political route. I was making a generalized joke. I do enjoy the off topic stuff when it is civil and in some respects explores the purchasing environment and where things may be heading. These kind of discussions must play into marketing decisions by big companies. They look at things such as why we purchace. They don't target guys guys like you or I because we buy what we think we need and keep the product for a real long time. They will exploit the "buy American" types. Some examples are Chevy's Heartbeat of America", or Ford's bailout commercial that was pulled. They also play up the truck as a status symbol role or truck as a tough guy product. They know the market. Our "global" discussions also come into play with marketing discussions. The companies know that "WE" as in the NA market love our big V8 trucks. In some respects I am surprised that Ford went with the 3.5 EB. I still am certain that the 6.2 was offered for the 1/2 tons to cover the EB if it flopped. Small trucks will continue to struggle in NA until we start to shake the "bigger is better" mentality. People will pay the same for a smaller truck as a 1/2 ton if it had all of the advantages of the global trucks like superior mpg, combined with good towing and hauling capacity. I'd have to agree with Big Al from Oz as the performance and capacity specifications on the "globals" are in most cases superior to our 1/2 ton trucks.

@Lou-I know you weren't singling me out. I was just adding to the conversation and my comments were really addressed to everyone. I know you feel about the same way as I do about corporations,. Big Al's comments are appreciated as well and he is right about the global trucks. You are also correct that I keep my vehicles a long time as do you. Because I too have had a lot of different vehicles and have lived with them a long time I tend to see all the strengths and weaknesses and I am not as hung up on brand loyalty. I have had 3 Chevys in my life but that does not make me just loyal to Chevy even though I had good experiences with all. I have also had 2 Fords, 1 Mercury, 1 Buick,1 Honda, 1 Mitsubishi, and an International and for the most part I have nothing but good things to say. I as you do agree that we have to think more globally after all we are all sharing this planet together and you never know what you will learn when someone shares their own unique experiences. I enjoy reading your comments and Big Als and Robert Ryans because they give me a new insight into trucks and life in general. Have a good day Lou and all the rest of you readers as well.


Congrates to Chrysler Group and the U.A.W.


Congates to Chrysler Group. Highest sales of any brand in California.

Also for Hemi V8s sake and the Ram fans I forgot to add my 1984 Chrysler 5th Avenue which had a 318 V8 and I drove to 200k. That was a great car that I really enjoyed with a Boise stereo and leather seats.

@Jeff S GET RRR DONE !!!!!

Really like the wild tail gate paint/sticker...

Looks quite voluptuous.

I drive a 2005 nissan frontier nismo king cab that I bought new. Its been one of the best vehicles I've owned. No mechanical problems, rock-solid truck, drives well. My only complaints have been the gas mileage (really unacceptable for a modern mid-size truck) and the turning radius. This truck is not that good for low-speed maneuvering. My complaints are small compared to how much I like the truck though. I had planned to keep it until it quit running but now (at 45 yrs old) I have my first child and plan to get a crew cab. I prefer a mid-size because I like to park in my carport. The full size trucks they make now are just way too big. Most are over a foot longer than the Chevy Suburbans my dad drove in the 80's and 90's. The Frontier is also one of the few crew cab 2WD trucks available with a standard transmission, which I prefer.

I personally go out of my way to buy American in any major purchase I make. I don't mind paying more either. I try as hard as I can to avoid anything from China, especially in stuff for my son. I knew when I bought my truck that it was built in TN. Now Nissan has a large plant around the corner from me here in MS. I've owned many vehicles over the years from 'American' companies. The biggest issue I have has been the quality of the vehicles. I expect more from American Companies. I've had too many let-downs over the years. Things may be better now. I rode with a co-worker recently in his F150 and liked it, just too big for me.

@Matt, All Chevy 4 door trucks from 07 and up are made in Mexico. Their most popular truck. The rest are made here. I wouldn't buy a Mexican built Chevy truck either but that's just me. I'm a 'Buy American' whenever and wherever I can type of guy. I prefer to support the home team. I generally support Chevrolet but I won't on that particular model of product. I'd have to buy a Ford F-Series instead on that one.

@Lou, very good last post my friend.

@Matt-You could not go wrong with a Frontier crewcab since you like the one you have so much and it has not let you down. It is still made in the same plant as the one you have. I agree it is hard to let go of a vehicle that has served you so well. That's how I feel about my 99 S-10 even though I bought a new truck 4 years ago.; I still really like that S-10. I am sure you will find something that meets your needs and that you will really like. Congratulations on you first child!

@Jeff S

This is from the actual Nissan Global site.

If you read this link it describes how Nissan and Mitsubishi are going to product share. This article is more concerned about global, not NA.

There is a sentence or so about the global pickup co-operation between the companies.


@Big Al from Oz--I knew that Mitsubishi was not going to release another pickup in the NA market. The last Mitsubishi truck was the Raider which was made by Chrysler and was a rebadged Dakota. Mitsubishi is discontinuing the Gallant and Eclipse but keeping the Endeavor (SUV) and their all electric car (I am not sure about the Lancer their compact car). Mitsubishi still has a cabover medium size delivery truck called Fuego but they do not sell like the Isuz cabovers (Isuzu seems to be the dominate player and furnishes Chevy and GMC with trucks). Mitsubishi keeps losing market in the US and is almost nonexistent. My only complaints about my Mighty Max which was developed by Dodge and sold as the D50 were the scarcity of parts and the extremely high price for those parts compared to other Japanese makes. Other than that it was a great truck. I would like to see Mitsubishi come back but I think that they should skip the compact and midsize car market and probably the sportscar market because they just can't compete with Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, VW,Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler who are much more competitive. They should stick to their cabover medium delivery trucks, keep an SUV in the market, and possible make a compact pickup at their Normal, Illinois plant but that is even questionable. Their cars are good but they are not as competitive as the others that I previously mentioned. Mitsubishi has everything to gain with this venture with Nissan. Thanks for the article.

@ Jeff S

Here is our current Mitsubishi Canter 4x4. It's total GVM is about 15 000lbs, not counting a trailer. It appears to come with a low and high diff ratio. The low diff ratio it can only achieve 129kmph. I suppose when you order one you need to know what application it will used for?

And it is powered by a 3litre diesel. So not a rocketship.


@Jeff S

Sorry, it comes with two differing gearboxes, a high/low range bow and the normal gearbox.

I'm getting old and my comprehension must be getting poor.

@ hemiv8 the movie Bullit was not made in Canada, it was made in San Francisco. Have you ever watched it?

@MikeHileman, that is simply not true. Out of 27 crew cabs in stock at the dealer I deal with (2 seperate lots, same owners, one sales Chevy, Buick, Cadiliac; the other sales Chevy and GMC) 13 were built in the USA. GM has been building the crew cab trucks here in the USA since the 2011 MY and have been retooling the US plants for the new bodystyle.

@Lou, the '15 Colorado that's coming will be the global version, but probably without the global powertrain. Either way, GM has said it will offer 90% of full size capability with 120% of full size economy.

@Matt, sorry man, Mike is right. Not a big deal but it's true. The quad cabs for the GMT900's (current bodystyle) are made in Mexico. All the rest of the body styles are made in the States. New tooling is going together as we speak for the next generation in the States as well as Mexico as production for the next model will continue on in Mexico for the quad cabs. GM just dumped a quater million bucks into the Mexican operation for the next generation truck. If you want to buy a popular model with 4 doors made in the States it will not be a GM truck. Very sad but very true. Ford would be the truck of choice for a homebased American manufacturer offering a 4 door truck built in the States. Ford no longer manufacturer's their trucks in Mexico like they once did. It was hurting their reputation. I know this for a fact because I sold them at the time. Dealers were overjoyed when they brought the truck production back home. Truck buyers (mostly patriotic type guys) can be a fickle bunch.

@: Matt --That is good news that the new Colorado will basically be the global version except the diesels. It appears the global version might be more competitive. I hope for the consumer and for Chevy that it is a better truck because the midsize truck market could use some competition.

@Keith-You are correct Bulitt was filmed in SF I have the movie in Blue Ray and the extras in the moving show all the stunts and mention how they made the film. Brad Pitt is going to remake this movie which is hard for me to comprehend because the remake will never live up to the original and no one can substitute for Steve McQueen. Also as powerful as the new cars are they are not the same as the Bulitt Mustang and that dark green 440 1968 Charger. The car chase is a classic as well. Any Mopar fan will love that Charger and how could any muscle car fan not like tha Bulitt Mustang. Both cars are the ultimate in cool and so is Steve McQueen.

That is good news that the new Colorado will basically be the global version except the diesels. It appears the global version might be more competitive. I hope for the consumer and for Chevy that it is a better truck because the midsize truck market could use some competition.

@Jeff, there's no way the new Colorado will add any competition to the mix. It poses no threat to this or the Tacoma especially. I think it's the ugliest small truck Chevrolet has ever made myself. It looks like 3 or 4 different vehicles cut and pasted together. It's not a cohesive design at all.

get rid of unions or convince people to not go with the cheaper product and you will get your way hemiv8. Walmart is a perfect example of americans - its a huge chain, maybe even the biggest now, but they are growing at an exponential rate because....drum roll !!!! they are cheap! and they get most of their product from China...walmart is putting the ma and pa businesses where product was local out of business cause people want cheap and to get cheap they go to walmart who buy in bulk and from china. the same applies for cars, i will admit if someone sold me one of piece of crap current GM trucks for a screaming deal over a ford or ram i would probably buy it, why? cause i want to save money, does any of this compute hemiv8? union wages are a big part of why any manufactures goes to other countries, if they want to stay in business and the american buyer will buy the cheapest product then they have to build elsewhere, so basically its the american peoples fault, maybe you are different but its the masses that decide not you.

also unions certainly had their day and changed the way we all work and get paid/looked after, but its time for unions to become a memory. most of the stuff union accomplished is now law and/or practiced by non union companies.
I am thankful for what unions accomplished and they were a needed thing, but like the space shuttles your day is over, move along now for a new era...

nissan has always made a good product (yes back on topic) i wish they would come up with a fresh design, their trucks have rangeritis :)

@ hemiv8 the movie Bullit was not made in Canada, it was made in San Francisco. Have you ever watched it?

Posted by: Keith | Jul 21, 2012 10:57:19 PM

I was referring to the new Dodge Charger being made in Canada. Yes I have watched it. Along with the dukes of hazard.

@Dean, A lot of what you said is true. I disagree it's time unions become a memory. I am in the union for Air conditioning. We have the best training. I know because Iwas not always in the union.So you get what you pay for. The non union company I worked for did not charge any less per hour. The technicians are not as trained. In a non union job you go to school when it doesn't affect the job. In a union company I can go to school in the morning and go to the job after with no negative results. They encourage training to keep up with the demands of the growing industry. Training is key. So going cheap is not always the best choice. In fact it can be more costly. Look what buying cheap china has gotten this country for manufacturing jobs. Pay little now and a lot later. No jobs in the U.S.

@Darrin --You might be right but I will reserve judgement until after it has been out. As for looks yes the front does not do anything for me but it could still be a good truck. I will reserve judgement and hope for the best but not be surprised if the best does not happen.

@Big Al from Oz--I got the name of the Mitsubishi wrong it is Fuso not Fuego. It is basically the same truck that is in your link. It must be a global design and it seems like I use to see more of these Fusos in the US but it seems like Isuzu has taken market share away from them.

@Dean you are right Walmart is a primary source of outsourcing but once Walmart dominates a market their prices go up and more money goes in the pockets of the CEOs. This is history repeating itself with the JD Rocerfellers and the JP Morgans. Not that I don't agree with some of what you said its just the final result is not so good for all of us. The power of Unions has diminished so much that they are almost ineffecdtive which is dangerous as well because then Management will go back to some of the same old practices that created the Unions in the first place (laws in place to protect workers tend to not be enforced so much).

@Hemi V8--You have a valid point as well about your training and workers rights being protected. In the long run I am not to sure any of us is better off with cheap Chinese goods. It is almost like a drug addiction and the withdrawal symptoms are similiar.

My first car was a truck. 1986 Nissan Hard body short bed. 2.4L Z24i engine with two spark plugs per cylinder. A blistering 103hp 134lbs torque. I had a lot of memories in that little truck. Used to haul my CR 125. I now have my Dodge Ram 03 Hemi with 360 hp 390 lbs. My first full size truck. Now I don't even think of my Nissan as a truck. Couldn't haul much. Not even @$$. It was fun banging gears with my big bad Hurst shifter handle I put on it. My mom bought me that truck in high school.
Traded it in on a 1989 Ford mustang 5.0.

Do you guys realize that the GM trucks made in Mexico will probably be sold outside of the US? There are truck plants in the US that supply most of ours.

Mark, any more info on the potential mpg improvements or new tranny?


I think it will add competition for the Taco especially if they don't alter the vehicle to much for your market.

It can tow near on 8 000lbs and if you get a version with our rear suspension (a "Heavy Duty" mid size) it should be able to carry about 3 000lbs on the back.

If they don't change the vehicle structurally and keep all of the airbags it should have a 5 star safety rating.

But, like I have said if Caddy's are coming out with the 2.8 diesel, hopefully this will.

The Izuzu version looks much nicer than the Holden Colorado.

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