The Chevrolet Silverado--Part II

Silverado SS 2005 II
Leading to the next generation: GMT900—2005-2013

By Gary Witzenburg

(Editor's note: In honor of the fact that GM will be coming to market with an all-new light-duty pickup truck next year, we thought we'd take a look back at the two most recent versions of the Chevrolet Silverado model: the GMT800 and GMT900.) 

When Jeff Luke was promoted to chief engineer for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra in 2004, GM’s engineering program for the next-generation GMT900 pickups was just ramping up. We recently asked him what needed to be done to keep those trucks ahead of – or at least fully competitive with -- the fast-improving competition from Ford, Dodge, Toyota and Nissan.

“We continued to be extremely mindful of mass,” he says, “and we were thinking about fuel economy. We came up with Active Fuel Management, which at the time we called “cylinder deactivation,” a big fuel economy enabler. We believed that was a very important purchase consideration even though fuel was maybe $1.50 a gallon.”

What was at the top of his team’s priority list in designing and developing those trucks? “Fuel efficiency was important,” he says. “Aerodynamics, mechanical losses, tire rolling resistance -- without giving up any stopping or handling capability in wet and snow. Also great styling. Those were among the fundamentals in my book.”

When those new trucks came out, what was significantly better about them compared to their predecessors, and the competition? “I think the value proposition,” Luke says. “The balance of ensuring great QRD [quality, reliability and durability], styling, performance, fuel economy, safety, ride, handling, towing, hauling and payload capabilities, NVH [noise, vibration and harshness] and the technologies we employed. We met that balance very well. Also important were the two new interior designs.”

The Best Yet

When the new 2007 Silverados arrived in fall 2006 (the heavy-duty models followed in early 2007), one of the most significant features was two different interiors. A rugged, functional “work truck” cabin was standard, and top-line LTZs got a plush, upscale version like the one in Chevy’s most luxurious Tahoe and Suburban SUVs.

Silverado 6.0L V-8 II
“Silverado has always been the most dependable, longest-lasting pickup truck, and the 2007 lineup extends that legacy with industry-leading advancements in capability, quality, safety and fuel economy,” said Chevrolet general manager Ed Peper at the Silverado's press introduction in 2007. “Our guiding philosophy during the development of the new truck was delivering the confidence that comes with driving the strongest, most dependable and longest-lasting trucks on the road.”

With a base V-6 and a range of six "Gen IV" small-block V-8 engines, Chevrolet said its "strongest Silverado yet" offered segment-best power, capability and fuel economy. Towing capacity was a segment-best 10,500 pounds, while maximum payload was 2,160 pounds. Three cab styles (regular, extended and crew), three box lengths (5-foot-8-inch short, 6-foot-6-inch standard and 8-foot long beds) and three trim levels (WT, LT and LTZ), plus an optional LS exterior styling package were offered with two- or four-wheel drive.

The backbone of GM's new full-size truck platform was a new fully boxed frame riding on all-new coil-over-shock front suspension with rack-and-pinion steering and a revised Hotchkiss-type (live axle, leaf spring) rear suspension. The front tracks were about three inches wider and the rear tracks an inch wider than before for enhanced handling and stability, and the rear shocks were newly splayed for improved axle control.

Five suspension options -- Z83, Z85, Z71, Z60 and NHT -- were tailored to specific tastes and needs. The Z85 was best for on-road handling and trailer towing, the Z71 for off-road, the Z60 (with 20-inch wheels) for maximum street performance and the NHT (with off-road tires on 17-inch wheels) for maximum towing. High-capacity four-channel antilock brakes were standard on all models, and GM’s StabiliTrak electronic stability control was standard (and a segment exclusive) on crew cabs and available on extended-cab models.

Silverado 1500HD 2007 II
Engine choices included the base 195-horsepower V-6; a 295-hp, 4.8-liter V-8; four different 5.3-liter V-8s (two iron block, two aluminum, one of each E85 flex-fuel compatible), all with Active Fuel Management and all rated at the same 315 hp and 338 pounds-feet of torque; and the L76 6.0-liter aluminum V-8 with variable valve timing and AFM. The latter, good for 367 hp and 375 pounds-feet of torque, was available on LT and LTZ extended- and crew-cab models as part of a maximum trailering package. All but the L76 drove the rear (or all four) wheels through a Hydramatic 4L60 electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission, while the L76 was teamed with a 4L70 high-capacity version and a 9.5-inch heavy-duty (4.10:1) rear axle.

Exterior and Interior

Chevy said the new 900's look featured "a broad, chiseled face, which accents a broad-shouldered stance and gives the Silverado a powerful, muscular presence." There was more differentiation from its GMC Sierra cousin, from its large, wide new grille, front fenders, vertically stacked headlamps, bumpers and power-dome hood to its taillamps, box design and flared rear fenders. Its windshield was "faster" for improved aerodynamics, and its door handles were robust grab-handle types for easy use with gloves.

The new cabin was more spacious and functional, with increased storage capacity and (both) instrument panels placed lower and farther forward for better visibility. Basic work truck (WT) and midrange LT models got the "pure pickup" interior with larger controls and door handles, a double glove box and a lockable in-seat storage bin in the center of the 40/20/40-split bench large enough to hold a laptop computer. Leather seating with a six-way power driver's seat was optional with the LT trim level.

Silverado_1500_ltz interior 2007 II
LTZ models offered a completely different luxury interior with its own instrument panel and door panels, a heated 12-way power driver's seat, a large 20.1-liter center console box, premium audio with Bose speakers and heated windshield washers. LTZ crew cabs added rain-sensing automatic wipers, a rear-seat audio system and a bigger (5-liter) glove box.

Rear seats in extended and crew cabs were improved (the former with more rear legroom), a new 60/40-split "stadium style" back seat -- standard in crew cabs, available in extended cabs -- could be folded up with one hand (both sides, or just one or the other) and new rear doors on extended cabs opened a full 170 degrees for easier access.

In addition to StabiliTrak, all models came with an improved tire pressure monitoring system, segment-first safety-belt pretensioners that activated during a rear-end crash and Generation 7 GM OnStar with Advanced Automatic Crash Notification and a one-year Safe and Sound subscription. Also available were remote vehicle starting and safety-oriented features such as Autotrac active transfer case for slick-surface grip, Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist and, on LT and LTZ models, side curtain airbags.

Like the 1500s, the 2007 2500HD and 3500HD pickups offered three trim levels with two interiors, three cab styles and three box lengths, plus a choice of five different wheelbases and two different powertrains. Standard was a 353-hp, 6.0-liter Vortec gas engine making a class-leading 373 pounds-feet of torque and driving through a new Hydramatic 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission. Optional was a cleaner, more powerful Duramax turbo-diesel capable of pumping a segment-leading 365 hp and 660 pounds-feet of torque through its Allison 1000 heavy-duty six-speed automatic. All HD models were available with an integrated trailer brake controller, and maximum towing capabilities were a segment-best 13,000 pounds with conventional trailers and 16,700 pounds with fifth-wheel hitches.

Silverado 1500 2012 interior II
Evolutionary Changes

These new Silverados not only boosted sales over their predecessors, they also earned a series of accolades, including 2007 North American Truck of the Year (from a jury of 50 veteran auto journalists), Motor Trend Truck of the Year and Car and Driver's Best Pickup for 2007. Minor changes for 2008 included standard XM satellite radio and the optional integrated trailer brake controller that was previously offered only on HD models.

New for 2009 was a E85-capable 403-hp 6.2-liter V-8 for crew-cab models, a six-speed automatic available with 5.3-liter, 6.0-liter and the new 6.2-liter gas V-8s, new 18- and 20-inch chrome-clad wheels, OnStar 8.0 with turn-by-turn navigation and destination download, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, a new NavTraffic feature for the XM satellite radio and a backup camera available on extended- and crew-cab models.

GM's expensive but highly effective two-mode hybrid system was offered on Silverado pickups for 2009. It integrated two electric motors into a four-speed automatic transmission to deliver an impressive 21/22 mpg city/highway from a 6.0-liter V-8-powered two-wheel-drive pickup with a 6,100-pound towing capability -- a 40 percent boost in EPA city fuel economy and a 25 percent improvement overall. With four-wheel drive, it was rated 20 mpg in city and highway driving.

Unfortunately, 2009 was also the year of the Great Recession, plummeting auto sales and GM's government-guided bankruptcy. Few two-mode hybrid pickups were sold that year or the next, yet GM stuck with them through its darkest times and eventual sales and financial recovery. "Yes, the two-modes are more expensive," Luke says. "That technology costs more, but its fuel economy is pretty impressive. Fleets like them, so we sell a good number of two-mode hybrid pickups to fleets."

As gas prices soared and as sales plummeted in 2008-09, changes to the Silverado for 2010 were aimed at improving fuel economy. A fuel-saver mode and a tall 3.08:1 axle with the 5.3-liter V-8 improved efficiency in both two- and four-wheel-drive Silverados to 15/21 mpg, and a special XFE model delivered 22 mpg highway. Availability of the more fuel-efficient six-speed automatic expanded, the 4.8-liter and 5.3-liter V-8s got variable valve timing, and E85 capability was offered on 4.8-, 5.3- and 6.2-liter engines. Other upgrades included revised interior door trim, standard StabiliTrak, side curtain and seat-mounted side airbags on all models and USB connectivity on all except the base radio.

Silverado Hybrid engine 2008 II

Silverado Hybrid 2007 II
Changes for 2011 were mostly wind noise reductions and a new 9.0 version of OnStar, but 2012 brought a freshened face with a new chrome mesh grille, chrome front bumpers and 20-inch chromed aluminum wheels. LTZs got a hard-drive navigation radio, available heated and cooled front seats, trailer-sway control and hill start assist along with StabiliTrak, and base work trucks added standard cruise control and a spare tire lock.

As of this writing, we expect little change to 2013 Silverados as GM's full-size truck team puts the final touches on its all-new 2014 models. Luke -- now executive director, vehicle line executive (VLE) and vehicle chief engineer over all GM trucks, vans and crossovers -- will not drop any hints, but it's safe to say that his team's key priorities will begin with substantially higher fuel efficiency balanced with class-leading capabilities, along with fresh new styling and state-of-the-art entertainment, convenience and safety features.

He says his philosophy is "to be the No. 1 truck in the marketplace. From a value perspective, to deliver all of those elements of the value proposition at an affordable price so that the customer feels that he has received great value. Each brand has a brand promise, and my job is to deliver every truck in accordance with its performance expectations.”

Silverado towing 2007 MT


@MoparMadness and the rest, you guys, this is a very serious issue. How can some of you just dismiss this? Ford had some blowing spark plugs in the earlier years of the 4.6/5/4 I'll give you that but this has been going on for 15 years and still has not been fixed. At least you could fix the old Ford heads with inserts and be set for life with no loss of resale and they redesigned the heads Years before they even went out of production. This is a Serious issue!

-I'm not very impressed by this either. I've read enough valuable information here to stay far away from a GM truck of this make for the rest of my life. I don't care how cheap it was. They aren't even attractive trucks anyway but GM has taken the cheapness way too far and stripped these trucks of any real valuable quality. Too bad really. Those old Chevy trucks were genuinely Like A Rock. Very tough, sturdy and dependable. No knocks in the old engines.

At one point, we were an all-GM family. At this point, for a new 1/2 ton, Ford and Ram are the only ones I would even consider spending my hard-earned cash on.

Memo to GM: you may offer a good value proposition, but being the worst looking and worst built of the American trucks is not a recipe for long-term success.

Chevy trucks may not be so hot right now but I think the next gen will be better than anything from Ram. Here are three simple reasons why.

1) Leaf spring suspension
2) Larger crewcab and load flat floor
3) proper size 6.5' bed crewcab, none of that 6' 4" nonsense

@x007 Bull crap I use my truck just bout every day the chevys just hold up way better then them piles of junk ford calls a truck. The only four wheeler I got is a honda 500 foreman and use for places a truck can't fit.

@KentHuntsman You watched me but don't know what truck I drive? I don't have a GMC Sierra, I have a Chevy Silverado.

Ford trolls are so funny.

@johnnie doze - you use your truck every day for work but you don't remember how many miles it has or whether or not it has cylinder deactivation. When you hear people complain about weak bumpers you tell Chevy guys not to hit anything but you bitch like hell when you hit a deer with a Ford. If you want us to believe your song and dance - try wearing the same dress each time you perform for us.


I had a similar experience with both my Silverado and my F150. They must have been built on a Monday or a Friday because whoever built them didn't give a hoot about anything. Both had numerous warranty issues since day 1.

That said, I think ALL manufacturers have made great strides in quality control since 2009. It's amazing how a bankruptcy and recession can focus their attention on what matters to the buyers. We're probably seeing the best there ever was right now, being made by all auto manufacturers.


I think the pushrods should be continued in the HD series like the 3/4-ton, 1-ton and up. A hi-tech engine is not a requirement when you need slow turning grunt. There's no replacement for displacement in the heavy haulers.

I loved my 454, my 440 and my Ford V10 in the used trucks I owned for awhile. I just couldn't afford to keep them in gas as daily drivers.

And, yes, the new high-efficiency VVT engines are engineering marvels. We have a Pentastar V6 in my wife's 2012 Grand Cherokee and it cranks out an honest 290hp.

No problem hauling that big honkin' CUV up the mountains, at speed. It's got to be the best 6 that Chrysler ever put out, even though it was an R&D job from Daimler. Who cares? It's available in Chrysler products now. We should enjoy them.

GM would do well to look at this Pentastar V6, the Ford EB V6 and the Tundra 5.7 V8 to take a lesson from what their competitors offer.

Put all the best that there is available in their next new Silverado and watch sales increase.

That's what Toyota did prior to coming out with the 2007 Tundra -- and everybody who made a pickup truck compared themselves to the Tundra in the ads. I remember it well. Got me to try a new Tundra. Glad I did.

This truck is a total failure in looks, design and build quality. It pisses on the memory of everything Chevrolet once proudly built. Ford and Dodge far surpass this in every way and did from day 1. Why is Ford and Dodge better than this Chevrolet? Chevrolet has no King Ranch, No Platinum, No Limited's... No anything. Not even a base interior of quality materials. The interiors are on a whole new lowly level of cheap. And Screw GMC by the way. Why does that stupid truck get a high end package and the Chevrolet does not? That right there is enough to make me want to buy a Ford Just to give a middle finger to GM. I won't drive a GMC. Damn their GovtMoCo truck. Chevrolet likewise has No SFA, No Raptor, No Ram Runner.. Nothing worthy of an offroad package at all. The fake Z71 sticker and shock package does not count. The next engine's I'm sure won't have piston slap anymore. 'New' GM isn't going to fix a damn thing on the LS motors because that's legally 'Old' GM's problem now I'm sure. Which means everyone who bought a piston slapper is SOL. The bodies and bumpers better get fixed on the new trucks in Both durability and Looks! These 900's are like looking at a pile of manure. The 800's stunk almost as bad. Real Chevrolet trucks were done being built at the end of 1998 apparently. Maybe the last two generations were just a nightmare that's about to end. For every Chevrolet guy out there myself included I hope it is.

@Dave - Thank you for your support. It means a lot! Ram guys are goign to be in for a rude awakening.

GM Passes on unveling new trucks at state fair

According to Automotive News, the original plan was to in fact reveal the twin trucks at the event, but coordinators have come to decide against it, and are currently keeping things well under wraps until the revised day comes around.

Smart move!

2014 GM Trucks to Lanch with 6-Speed Transmissions, 8-Speeds to Follow

GM plans to release its revamped lineup of trucks next year as 2014 models, and it appears that the American automaker won’t be equipping them with eight-speed automatic transmissions – at least not yet.

Smart move!

Then what is to blame?

GMT 900's ??????

Bad marketing and mean spirited advertising did not help.

Bad business decisions, You might be surprised to learn that GM has been bankrupt since 2006 and has avoided a filing for years thanks to the graces of the banks and bondholders.

Union greed: overpaying UAW workers so the trucks become too expensive to build and they don't have any profit left over. GM pays about $30 more for their UAW workers than Toyota does for their workers and they all do the same work! No profit left over means no reinvesting in new trucks.

Failure to innovate: egoboost, manstep, etc.

Ignoring the competition: GM has been ignoring the competition for 50 years.

Managing in the bubble. GM managers got promoted by toeing the CEO's line and ignoring external changes. What looked stupid from the perspective of customer and competitors (Howie Long making fun of other trucks) was smart for those bucking for promotions. Read more about GM's managing in the bubble here.)

"We're bringing you a fight though with our Ram and have NO intention of letting you keep your #2 spot. Sorry boys, it is what it is."


Nobody really cares about RAM (Dodge or whatever)... They always tend to over-hype people with their products only to be dated a year later... Typical cheap Chrysler quality.

@johnny doe, Greg, Dave and Lou,

When you're getting ready to meet the crowd,
You can count on a Chevy to do you proud!

GM isn't launching their new truck with 8 speeds? Why? Running from the Texas fair is cowardly. Is Chevy scared of Dodge now? Good. They should be. The RAM will kick the Silverado down to #3 once and for all you won't get that spot back this I promise. Ford and Dodge will trade punches for #1.

Nobody really cares about RAM (Dodge or whatever)... They always tend to over-hype people with their products only to be dated a year later... Typical cheap Chrysler quality.

-Sure buddy. Chevy's LTZ car interior is a pathetic joke compared to our Longhorn's and Limited's. Nice column shifter. Nice drum brakes. Nice tinfoil metal. Nice wax on your frame. Nice piston slap. Nice Chinese wheels. Nice SFA (oops, you don't have one). OK, nice Torsion Bars!! LOL!! ... And you call US Cheap?

50 Billion dollars of taxpayer money and you still can't get it right. Why are you idiots still blowing money on 2 truck lines? Seriously... Has nobody informed those morons at RenCen that it's 2012 not 1912?? And what's up with the Opel-Buick mess? You need more tax payer cash to prop that disaster up? GM is a total failure and will be back in bankruptcy within 5 years. They should have gone under and only Chevrolet should have survived. I'm not even so sure about that anymore.

On top of my previous comment about mileage, I sure hope they also fix the clunky drivetrain. I've driven several GM trucks from the 90's to my '08 and they all had clunky drivetrains.... None of the Fords I have owned had this.... Time to step up your game GM!

@Lou - There is a lot of tough work to be done but you can count on a Chevy. You can count on a Chevy to come on strong. Come on strong for 2014.

Caught: Next-Gen 2014 Chevy Tahoe Spied Testing in Michigan

I know it has camo but is this not a good looking truck or what? The Bowtie boys are working hard to do you proud!

@MoparMad - Chevy is not running from the State Fair. Chevy will be there. Chevy just wants a bigger show to deubt the next gen truck. The biggest and baddest show around is in Detroit. The state fair is good but the most prestegious auto show is Detroit. It is also closer. Detroit is where it will be!

There is a lot of tough work to be done but you can count on a 2014 Chevy to do you proud!

GM Passes on unveling new trucks at state fair

According to Automotive News, the original plan was to in fact reveal the twin trucks at the event, but coordinators have come to decide against it, and are currently keeping things well under wraps until the revised day comes around.

@Bob, This isn't good. Chevy was obviously intimidated by Dodge there. There was most certainly something they didn't want to be embarassed about. I'm also in the GMT400 camp. It was Chevy's last great truck. Everything since has been a letdown in one way or another compared to the competition. Gmt800=Strike 1, Gmt900=Strike 2, Will this be Strike 3? Because if it is, I'm sorry but they're out. Ford and Dodge have it all over Chevy anymore in looks, interiors, build quality and features. Without a Huge leap forward in design and innovation by Chevrolet I'm afraid this will be Strike 3. It was also a mistake to unveil the Sierra here. That should be done at a shopping mall somewhere not at a Texas fair. They need to keep the light shining on 1 truck.

On top of my previous comment about mileage, I sure hope they also fix the clunky drivetrain. I've driven several GM trucks from the 90's to my '08 and they all had clunky drivetrains.... None of the Fords I have owned had this....

@FearTV, I too had that clunk in my old 02. All of our older trucks at work have it too. Put the truck in gear and Clunk. Every time. None of our Ford's have it. We switched over to Ford's in 08 because of the poor build quality and durability of the Chevy's. Maybe the 2012 Silverado's don't have the clunk anymore but I highly doubt it. I'm not going to buy one to find out.

MoparMad, Why isn't the 8 speed going to be vailable at launch? Good question. It isn't ready. Why isn't the 8 speed Hemi going to be available at launch? Same reason it won't be for GM - it isn't ready.

Why isn't Ram launching with their 6.5' bed? It won't be available to later according to the chat. Ooop I mean 6' 4" - it appears you came up short by a couple inches. LOL.

Why isn't Ram launching with a complete redesign like Chevy and Ford? Why wait 4 years? Ram will be outdated a year later like always.

There is a lot of tough work to be done but you can count on a 2014 Chevy to do you proud.

@DonV - Intimidated? Maybe. Maybe not. The Ram refresh has definitely been overhyped for what it really is, a refresh.

This is smart business! I don't believe GM was ever going to debut at a fair. Some may have wanted to at first. But the FINAL decision to show elsewhere and probably at the Detroit show has been made and is the right move.

Why? 1) the biggest and baddest show around is in the heart of the 8 mile - Detroit. and 2) State fair is too early. That's in September. Too early. You want to keep the details under wraps for the right time and a January debut in Detroit is much more appropriate timing wise.


The Chevys just don't have a lot of consistent issues. On the pre-6-speed 1/2 tons, we always added a transmission cooler for the 4L60E. Other than that, all the engines and transmissions are very reliable. Brakes and tires are the main expense. After about 120K miles we're typically replacing all the ball joints and such on the front end; but that's totally normal wear. We typically run trucks out to 200K+. I'd rather not bash Ford or Dodge. They're good products. There are just more consistent issues across the board. Those issues cost money.

@Bob - I'd have to agree with you comments. GMC did make a large number of mistakes. They set records for the worse records losses of any company. I believe #8, #9, #11th place in the Top 20 (or should I say bottom 20). I do hope that for the sake of GMC/Chevy fans that they come out swinging with an awesome product. They do need to make up lost ground. 12% drop in sales from 2008 - 2011 is substantial.

@Magnum - I agree that calling the GMT800 and/or GMT900 platforms total failures a bit harsh. A 12% drop in sales isn't what one would consider a success. Ram lost 1% sales post bankruptcy in comparison. To be honest, I'd have to say that the Tundra is an example of a sales failure as Toyota wanted to sell at least 100,000 a year and have never hit that mark. I don't consider the Tundra a failure as a truck, it is a decent p/u but hasn't caught on with traditional truck buyers.

@Lou, I don't think the 800/900's have been a complete failure but they just aren't in the same league as Chevrolet's earlier trucks compared to the competition. I've owned both trucks (yes, I'm brand loyal). I can honestly say I think Ford's are built better and are nicer and have been for the last 2 models in comparison to the last 2 models of Chevy trucks. We use them at work and every day I'm impressed with Ford's build quality. I wouldn't own one because it's still a Ford but they sure have my respect. And it's like beating a dead horse but really it's the same old 2 negative things with modern Chevy's. Poor interior quality and poor body quality. They are both so very very poor on Chevy trucks now. The drivetrains are fine piston slap aside. While I too do not care for the messy wax on the frames I just paint them as the wax goes away. I can't really say I'm that jazzed about the looks of the last 2 trucks though. I bought them but they never really hit that sweet spot with me like the old Chevy's always did.

@Bob, Detroit may have been the best place for a launch simply because of more publicity perhaps. They really do need to have a showing in Texas though sometime soon after. The current 900's have a Texas Edition Silverado. The next trucks should likewise have it and I think that's the truck that should be shown. I also agree with many that the Sierra needs to stay out of the mix in Texas. It just hurts the Silverado. As with some others here, I'm not all that fond of GMC.


They really do need to have a showing in Texas though sometime soon after.

@Ryan, they need to have the Silverado Outlaw and Outlaw Limited on display. A Scottsdale as well. Chevrolet is dumb as dumb could be if they don't.

The article complains about how poorly the truck aged over 8 years, but they came out for the 2007 model - need to go back to 3rd grade math. And what's with the pic of the old model in there for?

The article complains about how poorly the truck aged over 8 years, but they came out for the 2007 model - need to go back to 3rd grade math. And what's with the pic of the old model in there for?

@ts3, no kidding. The truck is a whopping 5 years old...Barely 6 years old if you want to stretch it.. The F-150 for all intensive purposes is the only truck genuinely 8 years old as it was launched in 04. The slight refresh a couple years back doesn't count to me. It's still the same basic truck as the 04. The Silverado is one of the newest trucks out there. I laugh at everyone defending it because it's old. It was old, ugly, outdated and outgunned when it arrived folks. It was Never a good truck or a class leader. It was a mediore replacement for the mediocre truck it replaced. It looks to be replaced by yet another mediocre truck. Why do these morons even bother building trucks anymore? They can't do it. Chevy built the best trucks in the industry up until the late 90's. All of the off road trucks on the trails for the most part are 60's-70's,80's Chevy's. Nodody wants their new junk. They're worthless offroad and worthless on. They're not quality built machines like Ford's and Dodge's are now.

Chevy trucks died in 1998. 1918-1998... RIP. I'll forever love old Chevrolet's though. These new ones have a the Bowtie badge on the grille but they have no genuine soul and they have no honor. They're so disgustingly cheaply built it's almost like they're fakes. Like an imitation Chinese knockoff Rolex or something. It's not the Chevrolet I once knew and loved. There's a genuine reason Ford and Dodge have the market now.

Chevy trucks died in 1998. 1918-1998... RIP.

@BrianLouis, amen to that. Old Chevy's rocked hard!! I'm a Ford man now though. They just build better trucks anymore. Better looks, better bodies,better interiors, sfa, yada yada yada... Same old thing but it's true. You get sick of paying for junk just out of loyalty to what used to be a good truck. Back when I was a Chevy guy though I gotta say, I relate to some in this thread. There's always been a disgruntled feeling amongst the Chevrolet faithful with the GMC rebadges being around. Especially when GM went and put them on a pedestal in the later 90's. They need to change the slogan to "Chevy vs. GMC, Hatred runs deep". I've always said a house divided against itself will fall. GM is so internally divided against itself it's not even funny. They aren't selling toothpaste. Cars and trucks are way too emotional of a purchase to be doing what they do with all of these dumb brands. They're losing their Chevrolet customers over GMC and Buick every single day all day long. You can buy a Hyundai or Kia that's nicer than a Chevrolet now. Not so with Ford.

@Fake Brian Louis, Who are you? Bob? What's the deal man. Why mock my post?

And what's up with Officerniggermyer and all of this stuff on here? When did the trolls take over?

@Brian Louis,

Johnny doe is Bob and all other aliases with GM/Chevy/Michigan names. It's a pretty pathetic approach at trolling.

@Frank, No I am not. Go back to where you came from unless you have something on topic to contribute.

As usual, notice that Frank only posts to call people names and trolls. Where is the substance of his postings? We are here to talk trucks. Pottle meet kettle.

I am not Brian. Chevy vs. GMC guys is real. I'm not going to start a war between the two camps though. I've always said GM as a whole is the best. They may need to step up their game but the new SIlverado will no let you down!

You guys haven't learned by now that Johnny Doe and the "Johnny's" is also Greg and the "Gregory's" is also the Bob's of all sorts is also Tyler is also Sierra who's also SierraGS from GMI? This Chevy guys hate GMC guys stuff is bogus. Lot's of guys don't like the GMC initials because of the Government Motors thing now. It's not just Chevrolet fans. Those Chevy guys are just ticked off about the lack of Ford interior options like the Platinum or King Ranch while GMC got the Denali. It's always been Chevy vs. Ford but in this arena they come up short as of right now. It's like only being able to buy a Camaro with 300hp when the Mustang has 400 and then GM decides to give Buick 400hp instead. Of course the Chevrolet faithful are gonna be hot. They should be mad but it's no reason to fight. SierraGS in an antagonist on GMI. He's a GMC guy who continually puts down Chevrolet in subtle ways and floors those Chevy guys over there. He comes here and pretends to drive a Chevy as "Bob" or whoever he is that day and praises it like there's no tomorrow. It's almost like he's trying to keep Chevrolet as a plain status quo truck for his own screwed up gratification.. Anyone who's browsed GMI or PUTC for long enough knows this guys schtick.

They are not all the same person. You can tell by the writing.

To the real Bob, Welcome back!

Boohooo Bob, all you do is troll. I can talk trucks all day, FYI, I don't own the best truck in the world, this is something you can't say for yourself.

Frank has come out of the woodwork again. He never talks trucks, ever. What a joke!

^^ Way to go Bob.

FordTrucks1. Get a life!

@ Lou

I think it's pretty simple. Ram took the aggressive way and built the best looking truck on the market (IMHO) and added 390 HP as the volume engine during bancrupty.

GM did nothing other then to ride out this dud but are coming out with a new model that nobody has seen yet.

If GM's strategy was to ride the out the 900's as is and to use 100% of their resources towards a new model with true innovation that will impact the market then good on them.

If they don't do this they will be f'd but I just can't see how they'd let their bread and butter turn out like this.

I'm not talking about looks either. Whether you or me like the way a truck looks has nothing to do with it's build and overall quality. I know you get that but this site isn't about reasonable debates.

Ford has been smart and I think they have the best overall lineup that's ever been offered as far as choice is concerned.

I'm looking forward to getting a new Ram this fall but also looking forward to seeing what GM is going to do.

It's good being in Alberta. Use a truck up, get another one lol

Competition is great

@Magnum - right you are.
I do hope that GM does come out with a truly killler truck. That may be why they are not leaking any information. The problem is I can see the other side of the coin, if it is truly inovative and ground breaking, the competition would never have the chance to up the ante in the short time to GM's release date. One could read it both ways. Does it mean it isn't ground breaking but a decent advancement? I suspect that it will be good. GM let some hints go with the last bit of Colorado news where they were making the comment that the Colorado will be about MPG and the full sized 1/2 tons will be about performance and capacity. That may mean we will not see stellar mpg advancements in the 1/2 tons. We could see a killer 5.3 and the rumors of the 7.0 Vette engine in the 1/2 tons from the General. Cool times and great to be in the market for a new truck over the next few years if you make a point of looking beyond the emblem on the grill.

@Magnum, good post. I agree with ya. If (and that's a big if) GM decided to put all of their resources into the new trucks instead of fix up the old one's and the new one's are awesome, they will have redeemed themselves. Here are my thoughts.

1)The piston slap is a real issue but it's an old one. The new engines are coming.

2)The drum brakes issue is real but it's likewise an old one. Surely the new trucks will be 4 wheel disc.

3)The wax dipped frames issue is also real. No telling if they'll fix this but I hope they do. You get that crap all over your hands and clothes when rolling under the truck to change the oil. It also wears off rather quickly exposing the frame to salt corrosion.

4)The body durability is very real as well. The 800's were acceptable for a lighter weight alternative to the 400's. The 900's are too thin. A combination of 800 thickness on the steel mixed with composites on the door skins, hoods or even a composite bed would be ideal here for durability.

5)Nothing wrong with 6 speed transmissions. I was fine with 4 gears. Nothing wrong with a column shifter. I've never had one break in 40 years. I can't say that for a switch on the dash. An optional floor shifter should be available for those who want it though.

6)The interior durability and quality is a big issue. GM knows full well their interiors are not up to par. No doubt they've heard enough of it and will fix them.

7)Chevrolet better get a King Ranch and Platinum alternative though. GMC has the Denali, us Chevy guys want the same stuff. That part is real about the whole Chevy/GMC feud. I don't drive GMC's either but styling preferences aside, that's the only thing us Chevy guys feel short changed on. At least this Chevy guy.

8)While body design looks are subjective, I do hope they clean up the next Silverado on the sides and put a really attractive front end on it. I can look at this truck in HD form and somewhat appreciate it. In 1500 form I just never loved it all that much. Like many folks, my last favorite Chevy bodystyle was the 400's.

9)Bob needs meds for his multi-personality disorder.

@ Lou and American Chev

I agree and my litmus test for the GM will be build quality, materials and detail all of which they lack right now. They do this and they'll have a winner.

A few years back I wouldn't have dreamed that i'd be concerned about interior detail but when i look at what Ram and Ford are offering it's not hard to notice what GM lacks at this point.

I looked at a Longhorn in the flesh and was surprised at the detail down to the stitching. I've seen plenty of pictures but seeing it for real was a eye opener.

I think GM knows what they have to do and if they don't do it right they'll have nobody to blame but themselves.

It is amazing this truck was designed and engineered so many years ago yet it is still a much better truck than what ford has came out with in the past year. My 99 GMC is still a better truck than any 2012 f150 off the assembly line. I've had two friends who have had dozens of problems with their 202 and 2009 f150 and both have said they wished they had bought GM. The longest lasting, most dependable pick up truck in the world.

@Magnum -Ram did take the aggressive route with their trucks and it has worked wonderfully for them. Ford was more conservative but they forged on with a new engine lineup and year to year upgrades which has worked well too. When times are tough, I think that the worse approach is to try to ride it out. You need to fight to retain sales and in tough times that can be more significant than gaining. If the competition looses sales over the same time, your company is actually further ahead (relatively speaking).

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Nothing ever like it.

Chevy has got to come up with an answer and fast.

Enriched air via selective membrane, boosting O2 concentrations to 30% and MPG by 30%?

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