World Exclusive (Sort of)! 2013 Ram 1500 R/T Exposed

3 Ram 1500 RT
There has been plenty of speculation about the full lineup of new Ram 1500 set to debut later next month to journalists, but we've never seen one of these in the press kits. 

Officially, it doesn't exist, but unofficially, we saw a new 2013 Ram 1500 R/T sitting off by itself in the executive parking lot during a daylong media event at the Chrysler Proving Grounds just outside Chelsea, Mich. We didn't get to look at it for very long, but with the Mopar hood and 22-inch rims, what we saw of the Regular Cab (with the new, longer RamBox) looked pretty good. 

Based on the rear axle, exhaust size and the actual sound of the truck when a few engineers fired it up to make a smooth getaway, we assumed it had a normal, unmodified Hemi under the hood, and certainly it did not have a larger (say, of the 6.4-liter variety) V-8. 

We expect to hear more about this truck in the near future.  3a Ram 1500 RT hood

3b Ram 1500 RT rear

3d Ram 1500 RT wheels

3c Ram 1500 RT axle



G.M. BETTER release pics SOON or I will be forced to buy something else!!!!! I know what they are doing but I think they are going TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I'm not a fan of the big rim sport style trucks, but this one is balanced pretty nicely, looks good.

So now Dodge has to copy GM's XM and OnStar antennae by making it look just like the shark fin one, and not only that, but placing it in the exact same spot? What a bunch of copy cat douchebags. I'm sure GM and Ford have a list of technology items that Dodge has copied from them. Dodge doesn't come up with their own stuff, they wait for GM and Ford to come out with it, and then just copy it and apply it to their cars/trucks. That's why Dodge has always been, and always will be far behind them in trucks sales. Poor Dodge, they'll always be the red-headed step child! LOL!!

NO Guts!
NO Glory!
Ram Sucks!

These truck's are godlike!!!! Chevy??? HA HA.. A complete joke now.

Ram Cheap!

I love the lights on this. They look menacing. I think Ford and Dodge are the new leaders in the world of trucks myself. I don't know what happened to Chevrolet but they aren't what they used to be.

Nice truck. It reminds me of the 2003 Ford Lightning

Cool looking truck, I like those headlights, probably be better looking with darker or black rims and the Ram box's gap lines spoil the look a little bit. They should work on getting those gaps smaller. Unfortunately it looks like those are fake hood scoops, those are never cool.

In response to Chris comment: Ford, Dodge, and GM all have there faults and they all copy one another. One example is ford and Chevy both have or had the hood and grill design that dodge came out with first. Dodge ram has the best looking sport truck on the market(the r/t) hands down! So pull your truck to the light chris, and if it's stock like my 12 ram r/t, guaranteed that ass gets handed to you! It will also have a smoother, quieter ride, and look better doing it!

@Chris, The ignorant jealous trolls. Off the top of my head.
Dodge truck first's compared to Ford and Chevy.

First 4X4.

First shift on the fly 4X4

First automatic transmission 4X4

First xtra cab

First crew cab

The transfer case supplier for the big 3 4X4'S

Rack and pinion steering

Fully boxed frame

@chris , I am sure there is much more. This is for trucks only.

@Chris, See already left one out.

First RAM BOX!!!

First 8 speed transmission.

First 20"inch rims

First v-10 engine

Who started the horsepower wars? 03 HEMI Ram.


First air suspension

First grill shutters

hemiv8 you might want to do a little more home work b4 stating things here for all to see, as far as a couple thing s go, like 1st Crew Cab International Harvester had them back int the 60's, I know my uncle had 1, also with an automatic trans 4X4! but that was available back even longer ago in IH, I'm sure there are a few more, but I wont speculate.

OK no response from GM I am going to buy 90 new DODGE TRUCKS !!!!! I am Starting to HATE G.M.

oh yea one more thing, whay anyone would want a truck with that much power and not have AWD or 4X4 is beyond me, I would like mine just like above, but with 17-18" wheels and 33" tires and 4X4, black please Mopar!

I NEED TO RUN GM NOT her...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL SHOW HER HOW IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ sandman, Last I checked international was not ford or chevy.

The "HHheee'sssss cooopppyyying mmmmeeeeeeeeee" crap sounds like my 2 kids arguing. Well, actually they are now 8 and 10 and have outgrown that one.
If something was truly ground breaking it would be patented or copyrighted.
I think that an SRT would be cool with the air ride except have it in a "normal" ride height and a "slammed" to the ground height for performance.
Put the 6.4 in it and be done with it.

@Lou, Here is your truck!

It's hard to imagine why someone who buys an R/T truck would also want the Rambox option, but whatever. I would definitely take on if you gave it to me.

Still, if they're using the stock hemi without any extras, pretty sure a supercharged TRD Tundra smokes it...

Here is an R/T with a super charger.

@Tundra HQ, You put your guns in one side and fishing poles on the other.

@HEMIV8 - I like it!

Now that I think about it a little more, the Rambox *would* be nice to have if you're driving a regular cab.

The racer in me saw that and thought "Sheesh - that's gotta add 100lbs to the total weight. Gotta get rid of that if we wanna go fast." As if I race or something...

@HEMI V8 - I doubt one would be using a SRT for going to their favorite fishing hole or deer stand.
I'd chose not to get the Ram Box to save weight and for cleaner body lines if I actually wanted a performance truck.

You comment about guns made me thing of an advertising campaign for Ram.
Get Sylvester Stalone to reprise his "Rambo" persona.
Rambo for Rambox ;) LOL.
Have him pull out a 50 cal and shoot the sh-t out of the competition.
Rambo for Rambox

@Lou, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!

@MR.Truck, You are a little late to the party. LOL!!


Slow News day?

Have they also Improved their Crappy Quality?


Just another Italian Owned pile of Garbage..

@Brittany, Recent study has Ram Tie with G.M.C. Who placed First. At 99

How in the World do these trucks resemble Big Rigs??

The headlights look llike cheap aftermarket wannabee cool, lights. I'm not surprised, Dodge is junk and always will be. The only difference is that a bunch of Italian morons who know nothing about trucks, now own the company. Where are all the girls that a few months ago were saying that Dodge Trucks would pass Chevyrolet in sales? LMAO!! You can build what you think is the best truck ever, and GM can have it's oldest design on the market, and you still won't even come close to GM's truck sales. People aren't stupid (except Ram owners), they're not going to buy the same junk that's been coming from Dodge for decades!

As far as the antennae, it's pretty sad that a company like Dodge, who is coming out with all this technology, can't do better than flat out copying GM's design, down to placing it in the same spot. Dodge use to place them at the back of the roof but since they can't beat them, they have to join them, huh? Dodge trucks are a joke, too bad you fan boys are too stupid to realize it.

Ugly Truck headlights look light they are straight off a boat from china.....bed looks terrible ram box is terrible lines dont even match the truck. Plus they leak and i have seen them fly open going down the freeway. Rear coils ride like crap and dont tow well. This truck is nothing but a turd on wheels. Dodge when the hell are you going to get it together.


Sirius XM owns that design and leases it to GM and now Ram.

You say Dodge owners are stupid, but then you post about stuff you have no idea about. (facepalm, kids will never learn)

First, OH $&!t. That's just what I want.

Second, @johnny doe, those vehicles were built during the Diamler & Cerberus eras. Diamler stole Chrysler's money, cut their budgets, & pretty much didn't care about Chrysler's quality, reputation or sales. Cerberus didn't want to invest any money in Chrysler, so they were operating on what little profits they were getting from sales. Chrysler products are much better now & I'm sure they don't want to have that improvement in quality & sales ruined by screwing customers over.

@ sandman4X4--You are correct IH was the first to have a crewcab and to have an auto tranny with 4 wheel drive. Hemi V8 has become Rams equivalent of Chevy's Bob and Toyota''s Oxi. The bumpers appear to be plastic if so they are just like the autos and the rest of the trucks will follow. Just what I feared the expensive to repair plastic bumpers. They look nice but if there is any damage to them they are expensive to replace. That is my only pet peeve about this RAM.

@jeff S, Last I checked international was not ford and chevy.

P.S. Dodge was First out of all 4x4 to have a V8.

If only they'd just change the name back to Dodge Bros.
(Ramopar is the dumbest marketing blunder since New Coke.)

Dodge was the first sport truck. Little Red express. Fastest production vehicle that year. Faster then the chevy corvette.LoL

I don't know about you guys, but this Chris guy is f@&$in retarded and needs that a&@ beat! Stupid f&@k!

Wow...this Chris guy is really REALLY angry over this satellite radio antenna placement.

@Chris- Stop it! (slaps across the face) You're crying hysterically. It's just an antenna. It's gonna be OK!

Didn't the Avalanche have the first storage boxes? Rambox seems to be a copy of that.

All I can say is wow! A very thorough and informative review.

Diamlier stole Chrysler's money? More the other way around. Chrysler produced garbage for many years and since it has become Fiat, Chrysler hopefully has made a turnaround.

The fastest production (off the shelf) pickup/ute in the world is a GM product (see link below). It's called a Holden.

@big al from oz, How many Chrysler vehicles have you owned?

One, I had it only for 15 months as it spent 6months at the dealer under warranty.

It was a 1995 Cherokee Sport 4x4. Chrysler had a lot of reliability issues with their export vehicles and from what I have read until recently the same problem occurred in NA up until recently.

@Big al, That may be the fastest ute. The fastest production TRUCK is a Ram SRT 10.

@lionheart, your a turd with no wheels. RamBox flying open? Rear Coils ride like crap? Shut up. You obviously dont have no clue, let alone idea, what your talking about. You have no right being on this blog. Dumb@$$.

I Know this truck isn't off the production line. That's why the lines aren't matching up.

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