World Exclusive (Sort of)! 2013 Ram 1500 R/T Exposed

3 Ram 1500 RT
There has been plenty of speculation about the full lineup of new Ram 1500 set to debut later next month to journalists, but we've never seen one of these in the press kits. 

Officially, it doesn't exist, but unofficially, we saw a new 2013 Ram 1500 R/T sitting off by itself in the executive parking lot during a daylong media event at the Chrysler Proving Grounds just outside Chelsea, Mich. We didn't get to look at it for very long, but with the Mopar hood and 22-inch rims, what we saw of the Regular Cab (with the new, longer RamBox) looked pretty good. 

Based on the rear axle, exhaust size and the actual sound of the truck when a few engineers fired it up to make a smooth getaway, we assumed it had a normal, unmodified Hemi under the hood, and certainly it did not have a larger (say, of the 6.4-liter variety) V-8. 

We expect to hear more about this truck in the near future.  3a Ram 1500 RT hood

3b Ram 1500 RT rear

3d Ram 1500 RT wheels

3c Ram 1500 RT axle



@HEMI V8 - Dodge might've had the 1st crew cab, but why did they drop it in '93 thru '09? Ford and GM sold millions in that time span and Dodge lost major market share.

If no one got fired because of it, they should've.

The MegaCab is huge and I'm not sure who asked for it.

I know the Ram SRT 10 holds the record for the most HP, but I believe the sc Lightning was faster.

@denver mike, The Ram SRT V-10 was the record holder in top speed for many years. The Holden finally beat it but it was a el camino type vehicle. Not a TRUCK.

My next truck is going to be a power wagon with the mega cab.

Thank you mike.

Dodge first mega cab

The 08-09 Light Duty shoot-out also saw similar poor results for the Ram coil spring ride.

"Some of us had very high expectations for the new Dodge Ram’s coil-spring rear running gear....but with the most oversteer of the three. The front suspension dived noticeably entering the hardest curves. Surprisingly, it was a challenge on some of the corners to keep on the accelerator without the back end breaking loose."

@HEMiI V8. The Dodge is not a Truck here. it is lumped into the Ute category. The Holden Ute driven by Mark Scaife did a 173 mph in the Northern Terrtory on a public road after doing 3000 miles around Australia.


@Robert Ryan, Ram SRT V-10 Turbo. World record dyno pull.

I really like this truck. Don't like the storage bins at all, this truck don't need them. I grew up watching the muscle cars and Dodge had some bad ass cars. RoadRunners, Gtx's Chargers and Darts aka Swingers, Dusters and the bad ass Demons.Plymouth was a big name. SuperBee anyone! I really hope this truck makes it. I drive a Ford but i've always pulled for Dodge too. Just don't need this guts glory ram crap shoved down my throat, thats ignorant.

HEMI V8. Not really a stock performance, we have had so called Street Utes putting out 1200hp on a Dyno, but I would not use them for anything.

Mopar ruled the muscle car days. They ruled nascar and still rule drag racing. They started the 4x4 truck market. They started the Horse power wars in the fifties. Mopar is and always will be my favorite. If god forbid there was no more mopar I would keep the one I have and rebuild it. Old MOPARS don't die
they just keep getting more expensive.

The SRT Ram is as much a truck as Suzuki Jimny. They are built for one reason and one reason only performance, not trucking. And that is straight line performance.

The only difference is the Holden ute would be safer (5 Star) and the Holden can brake and handle better.

Here is the world's fastest 4 door production muscle car. Built by Ford Australia in the early 70s. It was compared against Aston Martins, Ferarris etc. This unlike your SRT Ram held the record for years.

Looks like the Ram guys have been drinking too much stale goat's milk again.
All of those "firsts", all of those performance bench marks, all of those bankruptcies.

@Hemi V8, how are you forgetting the biggest one? We brought the swing arm coil SFA to the masses!! Ford had to wait the mandatory 10 years before they could go to coils too and dump those leafs. This truck is one wicked machine! It would smoke any Chevy on the block. Just like we do all day long in NHRA. Yet another place where Chevy is 3rd place! LOL.. Ford and Dodge mop up on Chevrolet there too!

Oops, Chevy doesn't run with the big boys. They can't build an engine to pound out 8 thousand horsepower like Dodge and even now Ford have done on their own. Chevy just sticks to those little pro stock cars. Or is that Pontiac? LOL! I see stupid Pontiac bodies with Chevy engines and think WTF?? That isn't a Pontiac powered car! Pontiac hasn't built an engine in almost 40 years!! Pontiac doesn't even exist for the love of pete!! Typical GM though. 50 billion dollars later and still one big screwed up mess. Gotta send that money to China though for them Buickopel's and buy some more Chinese made wheels for the next trucks I suppose.. LOL!!

@MoparMadness and HEMI V8

I think you'll find this vehicle owned by AMC brought quadra link front suspension to the masses first. When Chrysler bought them out they recieved this technology.

@MoparMadness and HEMI V8

I think you'll find this vehicle owned by AMC brought quadra link front suspension to the masses first. When Chrysler bought them out they recieved this technology.

@ Mopepar Madness and HIMEEV8

Hopefully this will give your Fiat's a run for their money in NASCAR. The Chev guys will love it. The Comaro is built on a Holden Commodore chassis as well.

Hey, guys seriously, don't just dribble sh#t. Add something to a debate that is both rewarding and educational to all.

There is a lot of world outside of the US and a great many achievements occur everyday.

A lot of your V8 technology is developed in Australia, as you can see NA isn't the only V8 country in the world.

It is still a Dodge, I am not impressed!

dodge have a better truck compare to ford....more up grade,,ford only have the twin turbo...but the rest is the same.old truck..

I like this truck.. a lot. I would by the truck with the RamBox .. it's just a very smart feature.. but do agree it takes away from the looks. I think Ram could have done a better job with placement of the RamBox lid door.

To me this truck would be perfect if...

- Still 2 door, but bigger cabin with tiny flip down back seats. Okay if smaller bed.
- A big sliding rear window
- Flare/Step side with the rambox door stategically placed on the crease of the flare.

From B. Brenneman - My complaint is the fact that my 2010 Dodge RAM 1500 has been at the dealership repair for the last 3 weeks due to that fact that the transmission broke and the truck only has 54,000 miles on it. The engine light came on and when the dealership hooked the truck up to the computer 5 different things were wrong with it because of the transmission which had metal in it. My problem is not only do I use my truck for personal use I use it for work and it is a big inconvenience not having a truck to drive! Then the dealership tells me the reason I have to wait so long is due to the fact that they can not find the seals anywhere in the USA for the truck and that it will be a few weeks yet until I can have the truck back. What, a person tries to buy American made and all the big companies do is mess with US citizens. No wonder people are buying foreign these days. It is sad to say but what used to be American pride is slowly going down the drain because of greed and I don’t care attitudes from companies like Chrysler. I really like my truck but after this mess is over I am not sure I even want to bother with another Dodge or even an American made car or truck. At least when I lay my head down at night, I know I have a clear conscious.

@miath - Holy smokes! That's your most understandable post to date!

In regards to this R/T, I'm a Ford guy but Ram builds the best looking trucks by far! Compare this to the last spy shots we got of the GM and there is NO contest!

It's not gonna happen overnight but I can see Ram taking a full 30% of the truck market in the next three years. We could finally refer to Ford, Ram, and GM as the "Big 3"

This is one good looking truck. My next purchase will either be a Ford or Ram. Really like that hood and new headlights. I agree the rambox needs to be designed with closer line gaps. It should be seamless. Also I'm not a fan of these wheel wells. Did the half circles come out with the 2012? It seem like the older Ram's had a wider well. But overall this is a handsome truck and I'll be excited to see what other options and extras will look like on their other offerings.

OMG! What a truck! I feel bad for you Chevy fans. You're really starting to look pathetic. Ram is owning everyone right now. You'd literally have to be a complete blind brand loyal moron to not take a Ram over any truck on the market right now. It's not even close anymore.


Let me Fix that for ya'.

"I know IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN but I CANNOT see DODGE.. err RAM taking a full 30% of the Truck Market in the next 3 years."

There ya' go.. Fixed.

hemiv8::: yea, and the last time I checked Ford wasn't the 1st, like you said it was either.

hemiv8:: in another of your posts you said the V-8's in nitro running funny cars and dragsters run Chryler Hemis, WRONG they are using the same design, but are NOT made buy Mopar, they are custom build blocks and heads with nothing to do with a reg hemi, they have 4 valves per cyl. and have dri-sump oil sytems, many of the blocks are made buy a co, called Russell, and or Keith Black, same with the heads, I love teaching you all these things, maybe you should make your statments in the form of a question instead of a fact, that way you won't be showing every one here your total lack of true knowlege.

@RAM MAN - Ford and Ram are already feeling the heat from the upcoming GM twins so we'll see a lot of rehashing of the old for '13.

Really everybody wins, but you can't tell me you're not also a "completely blind brand loyal (moron)". I'd have an easier time changing your religion than selling you a new Ford or GM truck.

@HEMI V8 - The Ram SRT 10 was only a marginally faster answer to the Lightning despite massive 8.3 V10, 4.11 gears, and (gulp!) 9 MPG city.

Ram boys were PI$$ED because on the street and strip, Lightnings were kicking major SRT 10 A$$ with a simple 5 minute pulley swap. Man, they cried foul... "Hey it's no longer stock!!!". Big babies.

@No Guts No Glory Ram, WOW, really???? I forgot trucks are built to run around slaloms at tops speed with 1200 pounds in their bed. Really??? The Ram has the most comfortable ride with or without towing. Coil springs were never designed for racing. F__kin Dumb@$$

@Sandman 4x4, You are one ignorant S.O.B.


@Sandman 4x4, What engine did they use in the 50's 60's 70's
before Chrysler stopped making the Hemi in 71. They were running out of blocks so keith black started producing aluminum versions.

MOPAR still makes racing Hemi's

hemiv8 you stated the recent hemis were the nitro burning motors, and you were and are wrong, if you were to read the link you posted you would have realised that for yourself, and the engines they did use in the 50-60' and early 70's were a closer relation to the then curent hemi ei 426cid the earlier hemis were 352 50's and then they took the wedge 426 and put the hemi heads on to make the 426hemi. You are the the ingnorant and arrogant jerk on this page, I wans't calling names, butu you brought it up, and yes I will stupe the you level, maybee that will get you to understand what people are trying to tell you.

@Sandman 4x4, Blah, Blah, Blah,

Fact is Fact

I think it's a good looking truck minus the hood. Dodge (or Ram, which is just stupid but whatever) makes good looking trucks. I didn't like them at all at first, but they have grown on me. I'm not sure I like the stance of the 4WDs, but it looks great on this truck.

I'm also not to crazy with the headlights, but that is the "new thing" so I may as well get used to them because they will all (GM and Ford) have them now. The tailights on the other hand look great.

The Ramboxes are a good idea, but like it's been said before, the Avalanche had a very similar idea back in 2002 and they still have them today. I guess the advantage to the Rambox is you can access them from the ground and you can't the Avalanche.

@Sandman4x4 - we might as well give up. The sour goat's milk those Ram dudes are drinking are clouding their minds.
I find it stupid to brag about drag racing hemi engines because the rules in Top Fuel only allow a certain configuration and that configuration is basically a hemi.
That is like saying a Harley V-twin is the best on the planet because AHRDA (All Harley Drag Racing) rules say that is all you are allowed to use.
That is like saying a 2 Litre engine is the best engine in the planet because Ralley racying only allows 2 Litres as the largest displacement.

Emilio Palacios - you gotta be kidding?
Coil springs were never designed for racing.
Ever look at a trophy truck, monster truck, Rallley car, sport bike, dirt bike, or any kind of race car or supercar?
They all have coil springs.
The reason a slomon course is valid is it brings out weaknessess in a vehicles design. Have you ever had to swerve to miss a moose, kid on a bicycle, dog, cat, or idiot in a vehicle crossing into your lane, pulling out of a driveway or other dumb move? I have and it is nice to know that the vehicle I am driving will be up to the task.
Ram has touted their suspension as being better than the competitions.
In theory it should be, but in the real world why isn't it?
Same can be said for GMC's IFS.
In theory it should be superior to the competition, but in reality it isn't.
Journalists can point out the flaws, but perhaps they should hire an impartial automotive engineer to tell every one why it isn't as good.
IFS and rear coils should be superior, what shortcuts or cost saving measures did they take that changed that logical outcome?

@Lou, you are correct. The Chrysler HEMI became the standard
in drag racing because they dominated the sport from the beginning. If you did not have a Hemi engine you got your @$$
handed to you. It dominated before it became standard rule engine. It was mandated to control cost on engine development.
You could run any of the big 3 V-8's. The Chrysler Hemi was stronger and faster then Ford or Chevy. Period. Due some Drag racing history before you open your pie hole and insert foot.

so true Lou: any coil spring suspention is only as good as the shock absorber used in conjuction with it is, then you have the design of said susp. also, and there are many forms because not one form is the best. It reali is a shame all the trolls on this site, I own a Dodge myself and I like it a lot, same goes for my Chevy, ditto the F-150, as long as it is American, nothing else matters to me. I might have second thoughts about the new Ram, just for the fact that some people keep calling them a Fiat? I guess I'll wait an see what the new Chevy is like b4 I make up my mind, I can always give up the Dodge, but I will have to see how the Ecco-Boost hold up, I do work it kinda hard, towing and loading fill and loam and such for the yard, as far as towing goes, it does a great job, and the Chevy does ok when I need more passenger space (ext cab) the F-150 is reg cab, which is great for the wife an myself, but when we have anyone else come along, well the ext cab is nice to have, and that is what the wife wanted, as she is a Chevy fan, I bought the F-150 15 mo. ago and have never regretted it, and the Dakota is fun, but a little tight on space (reg cab), but goes like a bat outa hell with the V-8 5spd, and that does an ok job towing the same trailers as the others, as far as power goes, but it's a light truck with a short wheelbase and doesn't feel all that stable. But dang this new Ram does look nice.......

GM Twins. HA! What company needs twins? Are they like twin sisters?? LOL!! What a screwball deal. Real Trucks Don't Have Twins! We don't need it. Dodge and Ford are #1 for a reason. Our trucks are king of the mountain all around. No need to switch brand loyalty like ya gotta do at GM to get somethin ya want. Two trucks is stupid. And I don't watch Nascar so I don't care what Chevy's bringing to the table. I'll take 8 thousand ground pounding horsepower over 800 roundy round horsepower any day. Chevy can't run with Dodge and Ford in NHRA. They can't run with Dodge and Ford on the trails and off road. They can't hardly run down Ford from what I understand in Nascar. Their motors don't stay cool. I also read in Engine Masters magazine that the Chevy LS Smallblock is a Copy of Ford's old V8's. LOL!!! Pathetic is Government Motors Company. GMC girlies..

GM Twins. HA! What company needs twins? Are they like twin sisters?? LOL!! What a screwball deal. Real Trucks Don't Have Twins! We don't need it. Dodge and Ford are #1 for a reason.

@Mopar, I keep waiting for Ford to do a spoof commercial on the twin trucks stuff. I think their commercials about the Chevy guy's switching to Ford are working though. For one, it's true. For two, Chevrolet trucks will never be as nice as Ford trucks. Same for their cars. They're not allowed to be because of GMC and Buick. It works well on our end though. Your guy's too. All Ford needs to do is keep hammering that message home about how much nicer Ford's are than Chevy's and it's a done deal within one more truck cycle. Especially now that your trucks are nicer too. We're gonna have to fight it out! And yes, I do believe the LS is a copy of Ford's old motors. Particularly the heads. I heard that whole thing was a Nascar scandal that reached production. The Ford head's flowed better and worked better so they tried to figure out a way how to get the Ford heads onto the Chevy engines. Out came the LS. The firing order is old school Ford too I think now. What a joke. At least our motors didn't knock.

And for NHRA. Ya, we used old based Dodge Hemi's for a long time but eveyone did. We build our own motor now. Can't say that for Chevy. ProStock's a joke for Jegs and Summit to promote their stuff. I do watch NASCAR though and love it. Yep, we're killing Chevy. Hendrick can't touch Roush this year. Our heads DO run cooler. You'd be right. Sorry Chevy, can't copy that.

@Hemi V-8--I thought you meant RAM was the first truck ever not the first just counting GM and Ford. I myself along with a lot of others could care less who is first but it were talking about the history of pickup trucks then it is important to be accurate. No one should deny the Dodge Brothers contributions along with Walter Chrysler's but lets at least be accurate as sandman has stated. I don't think you can accuse sandman of being biasad when he owns a Chevy, Ford, and Ram truck. Lets give credit where credit is due. By the way this is a nice looking truck and I am sure it will due well.

Guys maybe its just me but when I buy a pickup truck I am not looking for the fastest truck on the planet. I have a lot of respect for the Hemi motor but I do not buy a truck to race but to use as a truck. I want the closest thing that meets my needs and maybe I am not typical but I use my truck bed to haul things. What I drive will not win a Nascar truck race but I really don't care. I really don't need a truck or a certain brand to prove my manhood. I feel sorry for anyone that has their identity wrapped up in a truck brand or who makes the fastest truck. I have enjoyed this article.

@Big Al from Oz--The '94 Ram was the start of the good times for Chrysler. Sales improved for many products. Ram sold double the amount of '93 models, Chrysler sold several hundred thousand of the first generation Neons, Stratus & Cirrus mid-sized cars sold very well (compared to the cars that came before them). Chrysler had a good sized nest egg. Daimler was bleeding money at this time & was looking to "merge" with another successful company. Chrysler was their chosen target. The "merger" was actually (in my opinion) a non-hostile takeover by Daimler. They robbed Chrysler blind & dropped Chrysler's quality to an all time low point.

Just because you may like Mercedes products more than Chrysler products doesn't change the truth.

@jeff S, I agree you need to have your facts straight before you are so quick to try and discredit me. I wasn't even talking to you and you are so quick to shoot me down. Along with sand man 4x4. I responded to chris who said dodge has never had any firsts just copy ford and chevy. I simply proved to him that was simply not the case. I myself do care who invented the technology in the first place. How hard is it to copy the original.
Chrysler has always been the innovation company. I could care less what you drive. I don't make the payment. I am not going to let some one talk out of their @$$ about my favorite brand.
Lets deal in reality not fantasy.

@HEMI V8- Do you have any thoughts exclusive to you or do you just parrot Alpar or Chrysler advertising?
I don't really care about drag racing history or Nascar history for that matter. It has little bearing on what I drive or plan to drive in the future. I've drag raced motorcycles which was great fun, but watching it from the bleachers or on TV bores me. I don't really care to watch any sport that I haven't tried first hand.

If you are a student of history and Mopar (from any unbiased source), you would know that the hemi of the 50'sand 60's has little in common with the alleged "Hemi" in a Ram. The 5.7 is a "Hemi" by trademark ONLY.
Thank you Porsche for the design inspiration of a good truck motor.
Thank you Fiat for turning around Chrysler for the 2nd time.
Thank you Hemi V8 for making Dodge fans look stupid once again.

@Chris… you could only find one flaw it was the Sirius antenna? Sounds like a great truck. I actually feel that type of antenna is ugly and prefer the older style but as stated in later posts probably a lease deal or simply a change in vendor.

@Carl… GM has always been boring and unwilling to change.

@HemiV8… I agree that ignorance is main component in hate.

@sandman4x4… 2wd is just no fun and completely lame in the north.

@Lou… if you have ever owned a regular cab or even any cab pickup extra space is at a premium especially if family is along and most people buy vehicles to use them not just race them even SRT pickups. All Rams are performance trucks compared to anything GM offers.

@I’m Bored… yet you probably want a Ram and don’t know how you will break it to your buddies or even your dad huh. Well better just buy another Vanilla GM probably a shitty Isuzu duramax.

@Chris… your posts are getting more and more incoherent as you go. I suggest you go look in the mirror. Yes, ignorant… because people like you would rather choose what you “have always driven” you can’t man up and try out a Dodge/RAM.

@Big Al… do some research you will find the truth about the marriage between Daimler and Chrysler. Daimler can and does make good Mercedes. The problem was they did not see Chrysler as an investment they saw it as a way to make money only. There is a big difference they chose stupid ways to make that money like saving a little bit at quality expense, which bit them in the ass in the long run. They tried to control engineers and designers until the best ones left because they had not control of the product. They never tried to make more efficient vehicles even though industry and demand called for it. They gave up on our stateside brand because they did not know how to manage it. They nearly sank an icon in engineering which among all the other firsts listed prior they were also first to introduce power convertible tops it was in a Plymouth.

@Lionheart… please go educate yourself about advantages of coil springs so you don’t sound like a flamer that does not know what the truth really is.

I will point out that the 4th Generation Ram has changed the game and no longer does Ram have to live in the shadows others now look to Ram for design ideas if you study the vehicle market you know how important leading the way in design and engineering is.

Drive a new 4th Gen Ram if you are not impressed go buy the old news.

@$miley, Well said, sir. I appreciate your knowledge.

Speaking of stupid. Hey Lou how is your ford 4.6 or 5.4 superior
to the 5.7 Hemi?

What killed Chrysler was the UAW, poor management and government policy, period. And even now if the US auto industry doesn't change and invest into the correct areas it will gradually become defunct.

Have a look at the figures, in the 90s Chrysler products reached and all time low due to quality issues.

At least Fiat management are guiding Chrysler to achieve goals which will hopefully benefit the US.

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