2013 Toyota Tundra Pricing Announced

2013 Tundra Platinum pkg II

The Toyota Tundra, long recognized for its strong value and capability in the tough half-ton pickup truck segment, recently announced pricing for the 2013 model. In all instances, pricing has climbed $200, or less than 1 percent.

The Platinum Package, which was available for the Tundra CrewMax Limited model in 2012, now becomes a full model grade. The Platinum Grade offers numerous luxury features, such as heated and ventilated front bucket seats with embroidered headrests and driver’s-seat two-position memory feature, perforated leather-trimmed seating surfaces, DVD navigation system, power tilt/slide moonroof with sliding sunshade, and woodgrain interior trim.

The base MSRP for the 2013 Tundra will range from $25,355 for the Tundra grade 4x2 regular cab 4.0-liter V-6 to $43,795 for the Limited grade CrewMax 4x4 5.7-liter V-8. The base prices reflect an average overall increase of $200, or 0.6 percent.

Prices for 2013 Tundra take effect with the start of production on Aug. 31.

Toyota MSRPs do not include a delivery, processing and handling charge. The fees are $795 for Toyota passenger cars, $845 for Toyota small/medium trucks and $995 for large trucks (Sequoia and Tundra). The fees for vehicles distributed by Southeast Toyota and Gulf States Toyota may vary.

2013 Tundra Pricing


I have to say the yearly price increase is not cool Toyota. I can only hope that the price increase is due to them adding more to each package.

its only a 200 increase 5.3LOL. its more due to costs rising. everyone else's pricing has risen too i assure you.

a GMC SLT with nav, moonroof, and dvd with a 5.3 engine is as much as a platinum with WAY LESS features and a completely inferior engine to the 5.7 i-force.

Yeah, considering inflation typically rises 1.5-3% per year, these increases aren't bad at all.

I wish they called the Platinum package somethinge else.

I won't waste my money on that ugly turd.

Add more for $200? Maybe an extra ash tray? Or a set of rubber floor mats?

Nobody wants to pay more for anything but such a small percentage is not out of line. In fact, I thought they actually reduced the cost of some models within the last couple years but I could be off with that.

Not that I care, mind you. I'm not in the market for one.

$200 increase seems pretty insignificant actually. Everyone else's prices are rising also so no big deal IMO.

my brother just got a 2010 toyota corolla with 10,000 miles on it a old lady had it passed away first toyota anyone in my family ever had waitting to see how good it will be he kind hard on cars so this be a good test lol

No one with an I.Q. over 40 would buy one but I guess that's their target market. A wannabe truck worth less that $2500 selling for 10X that explains why it has taken the tundra 5 years to sell 100,000 pick ups.

johnny doe, Don't get too giddy on the 2010 Corolla, it was made at the NUMMI GM/Toyota plant in California (ck the inside drivers door for point of origin). They are making the new ones in Texas and their quality has taken a huge chit since GM/Toyota closed NUMMI.

That truck looks so fugly ugly its not funny. Its like an appliance on wheels.

tj @Yeah next time he's over have check out the door sticker, and look more up about it. Seems like a decent car anyways time will tell.

Strong value and capability...joke right?

@ johnny doe th 2010 should be great car especially the base model 80% of corollas made 20 years ago are still on the road. tj seems a bit bitter I'm not to convinced it was the partnership with GM that made the corrola a reliable car. It's a bit early to say the quality is down in a 2010.

@tj are we seven years old? It's people like you that likely know zero about anything yet choose to criticise it anyways. How is it not a "real truck"? What makes any truck a real truck?

If people don't like the look of it than go purse shopping with your wives. its a truck! Very reliable one at that. I'm sure it will improve again with the next model. Dodge has had decades to make a good truck yet they fail at it year after year. it may be nice looking and cheap but it's junk.....

Ram tough even the rattles and rust is tough!!!

You get what you pay for.

I own a 2011 5.7 DoubleCab SR5 Longbed, and I paid too damn much for it in January 2011, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I've owned a 1988 Silverado 350 and I've owned a 2006 F150 5.4 XLT. I don't want them again.

The people who choose to buy a Tundra know exactly what they want. They do not want a domestic brand or a Titan. They want a Toyota Tundra, even if they have to shell out an extra $5K->$7K extra over what a domestic would have cost them.

What Toyota doesn't sell in the number of Tundra trucks each year is more than made up by the sales of the various versions of the best-selling Tacoma.

Toyota makes money, coming and going! They put out good stuff! They could lose money on each Tundra and still make money and come out ahead based on the sales of the Tacoma alone.

So the bottom line is that it doesn't matter if Toyota jacks up the price on their trucks every year because there are always going to be people who buy them, no matter what it costs.

It is as simple as the haves and have-nots. If you got the money, who cares how much "what you really, really want" costs?

If you don't have the money, well, then the only thing that matters is how much it costs and whether or not you can afford it.

People buying Tundra can afford them. People who cannot afford them have to settle for something else.

@Highdesertcat What did toycrapa put you on their PR payroll? They make overrated JUNK pure and simple. Nobody wants a Turd oops meant Tundra. That is why their sales numbers dwindle down every month and then they advertise 0% for 60 months and they sell maybe 15 of them to suckers! Keep supporting the japanese and people wonder why unemployment is so high in this country. I am a FORD guy through and through and the Turd oops did it again, has NOTHING on the F-150.

I just got back from pulling a horse trailer 3200 miles across the Rockies and back with my 2002 Tundra. Didn't burn any measurable oil on the trip. I think that's pretty good for a vehicle with 150,000 miles on it.

I have been driving for over 40 years and have owned vehicles from England, Sweden, Japan, and all the American makes. The last good Chrysler product I had was a 70's model with a slant 6. The most recent was the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I don't think Chrysler would still be in the pickup market if they hadn't made a deal with Cummins many years ago.

I've had a soft spot for Chevrolet for a long time but all the Silverados around here the same age as my Tundra have rusted out rocker panels and are on their second transmission. Besides, GM seems to be headed back into bankruptcy, and I doubt the government will be able to explain why we should risk another 25 Billion dollars when it didn't work last time.

Ford maybe? My experience is mildly negative. The guys on the Tundra forums that are moving up to a 3/4 or One-ton are leaning toward Ford.

The fact is, almost every Toyota owner has already tried everything else, but the Toyota bashers have never owned a Toyota. That just amplifies the absurdity of your juvenile posts.

Montesa_VR , yeah, that's the way I was. I had owned a bunch of used trucks over the years. My first truck was an IHC, 6-cyl with three on the tree. I had Fords, Chevies and even a couple of used Dodge trucks over the years.

In 1988 I bought my first NEW truck, a Silverado with the 350 V8, an automatic transmission and all the bells and whistles. It had lots of issues but I kept it around until Jan 2011 even after I bought my 2006 F150 XLT 5.4.

And my F150 also had lots of issues so by 2010 I started looking around. I test drove all of them, including the Titan.

Since a half-ton is all I need, I went by what was the best IMO. There's no doubt in my mind that the 2010 Tundra 5.7 had them all beat. So I ordered a 2011 Tundra 5.7.

And the rest is history. This is my first-ever foreign-brand half-ton pickup truck and it has been the best pickup truck I have ever owned in my 66 years of living on this planet. Seriously!

People buy what they like and what works for them, and what they can afford. I buy what I think is best and I get what I pay for. In the half-ton class that is the Tundra, with any engine. I like the 5.7 (350 cu in) with the 32-valves, DOHC and all-aluminum block and heads. In fact, the only engine that even comes close is the 5.6 in the Titan.

And the Tundra has more American content than any of the domestic trucks while also being MADE IN AMERICA, instead of Canada or Mexico.

What's not to like?

@98sienna Yeah think its like a base model its got power windows and steel rims with the plastic covers on them not really sure how there model line up goes but got be something kinda close to a base model.

@highdesertcat - I have nothing against the Tundra and I know many people who own them. The only people I know who owned them and left was because Toyota did not make a HD. One bought a Chevy Duramax, the other needed a 3/4 ton too and gets a new truck every 2 years with a company purchase allowance. He bought a Chevy 3/4 ton just because he had never tried one.
Many do rationalize the higher purchase price of Toyota products because of the great reputation for reliability. That factor attracted me to Toyota. The only problem with the Tundra is that with rebates, I got a better equiped truck for 12,000 less. I could not justify the extra cost. It made sense for my wife's minivan, but not with the truck.
Each to their own. One's purchase only needs to keep one person happy and that is the guy who's name is on the registration papers.

Lou, I agree. I also paid waaaaaay too much for my 2011 Tundra. Near as I can figure by about $7K more than a comparably equipped Silverado or F150 at that time, but each of those had the smaller V8 and lousy brake systems, as in drums in the back or too-small discs for the GCVW rating.

If I ever were to need an HD 3/4-ton or heavier, there is only one contender IMO and that is the Ford F-series. Were I to buy one, I'd buy one with a Diesel, preferably a Banks TurboDiesel.

That Banks TD truly blows all others out of the water. I have friends who own them who are collectively known as "The Traveling Elk". They tow fifth-wheel travel trailers and a big Honda EU generator+fuel in the bed of each truck.

Over time, other Elks who owned GM and RAM HDs traded up to the Banks TurboDiesel and lived happily ever after.

A long time ago I bought a used 1999 F250 with the V10 and it was the only truck I ever owned where you could set the Cruise Control and it would maintain speed up and down mountains without ever downshifting. Talk about slow turning brute torque! It was awesome!

I did a Spreadsheet once (for my brothers who were in the new-car retail business) and basically I found it cheaper in the long run for them to RENT an HD truck rather than buy one outright, UNLESS HD hauling was done at least twice a month over a distance of at least 400 miles one way, and the full depreciation could be taken over 5 years.

Whenever my wife and I take to the open road and wander off in our antique Southwind motorhome, we encounter far more F-series heavy haulers towing travel trailers than anything else.

That holds true for various campsites like Quartzsite, Picacho Peak, Yuma/Winterhaven, and all the snobird sites in the warm West and Southwest. It's wall-to-wall F-series with an occasional GM HD or RAM HD thrown in for grins. People who tow, know.

Since I rarely need an HD, I rent one when I need it, and again, the different companies I rent from feature ONLY the F-series heavy haulers.

Tundras are often referred to as The Gentleman's Truck because it is so refined, and those who buy it must be well off because they pay so much more for them.

Regardless, people continue to buy them even though they are only a small minority in the world of pickup truck owners. The Tundra makes all the other trucks, except the Titan, seem coarse and uncivilized.

I don't sell Tundra. I just own one and I'm VERY happy with it. Best truck I ever owned. Bar none. And I've owned them all at one time or another.

@Highdesertcat - I would have to agree that for most people diesel HD pickups are not worth the cost. In 1990 I was looking at 3/4 ton pickups. I had figured 100,000 miles would be my break even point. At that point in time diesel was much cheeper to buy than gasoline. I went wtih the gasser. 15 years later my truck only had 110,000 miles on it when I sold it. I know guys like my brother who rack up huge miles in a relatively short time. His company will not touch a diesel pickup because the truck will not last long enough to realize a return on investment. The diesel may be good for 300,000 miles but the rest of the truck isn't unless you are like your friends and stick to long hauls on paved roads.
If the "domestics" did not go with huge discounts the Tundra would be much more competitive. There is a huge profit margin built into "domestic" pickups. I do not think that Toyota would be as profitable in the "discount wars" because they do not have the same volume of sales.
I know many people who are willing to pay the extra cost because of that reliabilty. A collegue I work with had to get a water pump gasket changed on his Tundra. He was very surprised because out of all of the Toyota vhicles he had ever owned, that was the first one that ever had needed any work other than routine maintenance. I do not know a single person who regrets buying any Toyota product. The same can be said for Honda. I know the odd person who has had some issues with Ford or GMC, but even with that being said, most do not regret their purchases. I do know a large number of people who do regret owning a Chrysler product. Those type of averages I do pay attention to, especially when they are complaining about new vehicles.

@Highdesertcat... Granted this is "your" interpretation of the Tundra, I hate to say this but the Tundra has since been dethroned years ago. Saying the Titan's 5.6 is the only half-ton engine that comes close to the 5.7 is outlandish! Dodge also has a strong 5.7, Chevy has a even stronger 6.2, Ford also has a 6.2 and the Ecoboost, hell even Ford's 5.0 can run with it.

You go on to say that the Tundra has the most American parts content of all the domestic rivals, which is also incorrect!
Ford is tied with the Ridgeline for #1 with 75% U.S. content with less than 15% from other countries. Tundra is 2nd......... http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2012/03/what-percentage-of-your-truck-is-made-in-america.html

Do some research before you start hailing the Tundra as the be all of half-ton trucks!

Mike, with your detailed and fact-filled explanation of why other engines are superior to the Tundra's, together with your shocking proof that the Tundra is only more American than two American makes, not all three, I think we can all agree that you certainly have embarrassed Highdesertcat for his sloppy claims. The domestic pickup manufactuerers all thank you for your aggressive takedown.

@Montesa_VR - ouch ;)

Yeah, I'm totally embarrassed by Mike!

Now, we could get into a long and drawn-out pissing contest here about WHY the Tundra 5.7 and the Titan 5.6 are superior engines, but it would serve no purpose because Mike's mind is made up.

I have no problem with that. I don't sell Tundra. I don't even work. Haven't had to since I retired from the US Air Force in 1985.

But I do know what I like after doing my due diligence in 2010. The Tundra is tops in MY book! I've owned them all at one time or another. The Tundra is still tops in my book! Funky shift paddles and all.

And, really, that's all that matters. I'm the one who paid for it. I'm the one driving it. I've got to be the one that likes it.

But if a guy isn't blinded by misguided loyalty to one brand or another, and takes the time to check out everything that's out there when he goes shopping, he may be surprised at what he may find. I know I was.

For starters, half-ton pickup trucks that have less weight over the front wheels ride and handle better. That's why the Ford EBs are so popular. Their ride is soooooo much better than that of the V8.

I also like state-of-the-art engines like that of the Tundra. Pushrods are cool for HD trucks but give me a DOHC, 32-valver any day in my half-ton. Slicker than a greased banana peel. And quiet, too!

And when the Tundra came out in 2007, ALL the domestic truck makers were comparing themselves to the Tundra back then. Maybe you guys remember the ads on TV and in print?

Well, I must admit, all those Tundra-comparison ads got to me and even though I have never owned a foreign-brand truck in my life, I decided to check ALL of them out when I went shopping.

The rest is history. I'm driving Tundra now.

But when I trade for a new one in 2015 or 2016, I'll look at ALL of them again to see what is out there. Who knows? Maybe next time I'll buy an F150 with a 6.2 if it is even better than my current Tundra is.

It's funny to read all the anti-Toyota biggots on this thread...wow!! I guess these people are hardcore Ford vs Chevy guys with blinders on! Choice is a great thing people and just because you drive Ford or chev doesn't mean that's what everybody else should be driving!

Let's see, I've owned: 3 Toyota SR5's (before tacoma), Titan, Pathfinder, Dodge Cummins, Ford Expedition, Armada, 4Runner, and my dad has owned multiple Chevy trucks, and friends own everythign else...so I think I have pretty good experience across brands.
I'm NOT a brand loyal person these days, and in the past I've been completely ANTI-ford especially after my terrible Expedition experience...hated that thing...the Armada and 4Runner were 1000x better than that turd!
I loved my Titan as well, zero problems and it was used very hard. The engine/tranny combo in the Titan and Armada are among the best on the market...amazing powertrain! In fact out of all the SUV's I've owned and driven the Armada is by far my favorite and I'm planning on buying a new one soon.
Now, here is my take on the current truck choice (non-diesel). Chevy is behind the times, needs major updates...they don't know what VVT and Direct Injection and Turbo mean...common guys catch up!
Dodge, I love your diesel cummins but I just don't trust the reliability of your trucks unless a cummins is in it. But they are pretty to look at.
Nissan, a bit dated, wish more aftermarket parts were available...frustrating I couldn't buy different gearing for my Titan when I had it. Love the engine and tranny, best of class, the rest of the truck is pretty good too. But I'm waiting for that awesome baby Cummins diesel you keep teasing us about!
Toyota, amazing truck for the majority of people driving trucks, I haven't owned a tundra but I wouldn't mind owning one. And I think they are one of the best looking of the bunch. Love the engine tranny as well, even more than Titan.

Ford...remember how I said I was anti-Ford for many years? Well I've done a complete 180 with Ford. I've been so impressed with how they turned down the gov bail out and refocused on building great vehicles. I honestly think right now Ford is building some of the best vehicles on the planet bar none. I love the new 5.0 with all the modern VVT and DI tech in them. I love the ecoboost V6...many of my friends have them. I love the new interior and ride quality and electronic guage cluster and myTouch Sync...very modern!
My only complaints with the F150 is I think it's the ugliest truck of them all...people think the Tundra is FUGLY, I think the F150 is FUGLY.
Now, I'm in the market for something with 3rd row and off-road and towing AKA full size SUV and I'm highly dissapointed with Ford here. The Expedition hasn't changed in 6+ years. If Ford had put the ecoboost or 5.0 in the 2013 Expedition I probably would buy one, but they didn't and I hate the 5.4 turd motor so I won't buy one.
I'm either buying another Armada or I might wait for the 2014 Expedition assuming Ecoboost will be an option...but I'm not sure I can hold out another year!

Oh, and most importantly, ALL brands have failed the light truck segment IMO. A couple years ago each brand was on the verge of producing a baby-diesel (4.0L) for their 1500 trucks and they all canceled them...WTF??? I want a small efficient diesel in my truck...why is that so much to ask???

I've owned two tundra's, awesome trucks. On my second one i drove every truck out there & in order to get what I got out of my American made tundra, I had to spend about $7k-$9k more. 4wd, moonroof, FULL rear sliding window, power seats, Rock warrior trd package, tow package with a real rear end (4.30 gears) i spent $36,500, the Mexican made GMC would have ran me $47,200 after incentives for an equal truck, the ford w/ ecoboost motor & equal package was $44,800 & the mexican made Ram would have cost me $43k for equal. I'll keep my tundra ;)

I had a Tacoma when I was 25 and that was the best truck ever. I had 210k miles and that baby ran like a new truck. The only reason I donated it to the church was because we had another girl and they all could not fit in my truck. I bought a 1500 Silverado Chevy 4x4....problems galore from the word go! I can't wait to introduce my Tundra to my 3 girls ....they are Going to love her !!!!!!!

Buy one if you can.....very reliable!!!!

I LOVE my Tundra T-Force..... #458 of 500. i have owned dodge before (2 of them) and i would not trade in my Tundra for a dodge. Friends are sold on either Ford or Chevy. but i believe i got the better deal. things change from year to year, so maybe next time i wont buy a Toyota but who knows. happy with my 2012 Crewmax T-force tundra. my one complaint is keeping the gas tank full. all trucks love to drink up gas like there is no tomorrow.

The 2006 Tundra with the 4.7 L and crew cab was the best combo for a truck by far in the Toyota line up. If toyota was smart they would offer the crew max with a 4.6 L engine in a 4x4 and a standard bed, they might just win back a few customers. A large truck for the family but the pocketbook doesnt take a hit on fuel. Toyota has to do a better job on fuel economy on these big trucks....

First truck was a 1998 6cyl Dodge Dakota...absolute pos. Next one was a 2005 Toyota crew cab 4x4 with tow package. Currently at 96k miles, I haven't had one repair outside of regular maintenance. I've been towing a 26 foot 3 ton travel trailer now for 2 years. Hauls just fine. Do I get passed by 250's and 2500's? Sure...but those are different trucks. I'll be trading this one in as soon as Toyota puts a full sized bed on their crew max.

Just traded a 2006 Tundra with 86000 miles. Never had to repair it, never even had to put on new brake pads, hoses or belts. Traded to a 2012 5.7 litre Tundra mainly because we
have a travel trailer and the newer Tundra has about 3500 lb
tow rating higher than the 4.7 litre 2006. End of year discount sealed the deal

I know why the price was raise. they pay there ass off to pull the shuttle.
I'm getting a ford this time, it looks way better than the sub- zero on wheels.

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