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Woodward Cruise 2 II

This is a big week for auto lovers around the country. Not only is the huge Pebble Beach affair, Concors d'Elegance, going on in California today through Sunday, but the more down-to-Earth and hot-rod-friendly Woodward Dream Cruise is taking place today through Saturday as well. Each big truck maker — Chevy, Ford and Ram Truck — will have displays and sponsored events throughout the route, but if these types of auto shows don't interest you, there are plenty of other choices. 

In fact, attending a big truck show is a great way to find out more about the truck you want, the truck you have, or a truck that could be in your future. And one of the biggest (in its 14th year now) is the Great American Trucking Show at the Dallas Convention Center Aug. 23 to 25. This is a must-see event if you're a long-haul trucker, but it's also for those with "smaller" rigs, too; it isn't just about Class 8 big rigs. 

This year, in conjunction with GATS, there will be a ProPickup Truck Expo running at the same time, sponsored by our friends at ProPickup Magazine. This expo will focus on full-size pickups and the industries they serve, like construction, contracting, utility and professional landscaping.  

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“The ProPickup Truck Expo will give attendees the opportunity to talk with manufacturers whose products make pickups more efficient and better performers on and off the road,” says Dan Tidwell, senior vice president and group publisher of the Randall-Reilly Construction Media Group.

In addition to showcasing hundreds of aftermarket automotive products and vehicles on display, the expo will provide educational seminars, called SmartSessions, led by industry leaders and experts in the automotive aftermarket.

“Our SmartSessions will cover a wide range of topics of interest to pickup owners, from how to increase fuel mileage to setting up the mobile office to spec’ing out their next new pickup,” said Bruce Smith, editor of ProPickup.

We're told the trade show will be open only to registered attendees for the first two days, then will be open to the public on the final Saturday, Aug. 25. For more info, click here

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Woodward Cruise II



See that frame hanging down under that ford?

It's got a lift.

You guys lift your bodies??

Is that legal?

I'd love to know the details of the '41-'46 GMC pictured at the beginning of the article. It looks like a classic cab mounted to a HD frame!!

Big Al from Oz:: yes in most of the States it is leagal to lift the body on your truck! you won't see me doing that, but some folks seem to think it's a good idea? I am of the school that believes in the only good addition to a truck is more suspention lift and or travel, and of course larger dia. tires, are the only way to get more true ground clearance, I supose if you don't drive on the road a body lift is helpfull but I'm not at all that sure it is safe to do so. On my Chevy Z-71 the only thing I have done is a leveling kit, and +2 on tire size has worked just fine for me, I might have to add air bags in the rear for when I pull the travel trailer I am loosing the level front to rear of the truck now when the trailer is heavy, and I get a lot of weight on the ball hitch, or when I go with a bike in the bed and then pull the trailer, but if it's just me and the wife, we take the F-150 reg cab HD Ecco-Boost! then no problem at all! but when we take friends with us we need the ext cab of the Chevy, but dang it looks good with the leveling kit and slightly bigger tires!

@Big Al from Oz Seen lifted Pickups/SUV's in the Southern States, doubt you would see anything like that in the NT.

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