Ford Raptor vs. NASA Rover Comparison

Ford-SVT-Raptor 2010 II

In the name of ultimate off-road (off-planet?) capability, Ford put together this head-to-head comparison graphic to give us an idea how special these two vehicles are. This is pretty cool. 

Raptor vs Rover II



Wow, another Ford commercial.

Ram sales are up 17%!!!!!!!!!!!




I wonder what would happen to the Raptor if you took away most of the gravity, and oxygen! where as the Mars Rover need neither. I would have thought PUT.Com would have saved this story for April 1st.

It will become a dinasour as the EPA mileage requirements go up.

43" of wheel travel, tires that can't get punctured, 500 ft lbs at each wheel, it can opperate with minimal gravity and no oxygen and in temperatures that would freeze the trucks tires. Hmm, in strict off road terms this is a no brainer.

How about the powerwagon? Oh wait, it is a Dodge so the axle would probably lock up and seize, catch on fire or the steering would fail, all inhibiting it from further movement...



Eh forget about it...

Hahahahah cool stuff. Haters need to stay away.

I think that the 2013 Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.
Ram will take tons of wind out of Chevy sails (sales too) with this mid-cycle upgrade. That is the part that impresses me - the 2013 is not supposed to be a "new" model.

Posted by: Lou

But didn't the Ram Runner beat the Ford Raptor in PUT.C's recent test ?

If it can't even compete with ram runner how in the world I mean,space is it going to compete with nasa??? This makes me laugh haha!!!


Today’s announcement of a new Ford ‘Merican Edition F-150 is an attempt by the automaker to capitalize on the commonly held (and incorrect) belief that Ford’s truck is the most “American” truck available on the market today. From Ford:

Our new ‘Merican edition F-150 is a vehicle that was mostly built by ‘Mericans for ‘Mericans celebrating ‘Merica as the greatest country on Earth. Don’t tread on me, these colors don’t run, various patriotic sentiment, etc. LOL
When asked about the fact that the new ‘Merican Edition F-150 was only mostly built in the USA (only 55% of the parts in an F-Series truck come from the US or Canda), Ford’s spokesman replied “What do you want us to do – build a $1.2 billion dollar factory in Texas, bring in dozens of suppliers to build their own factories next to ours, and then hire thousands of American workers to build our truck? Do you have any idea how cheap it is to buy truck parts from Mexico? We’d like to hire Americans to build our truck and keep our domestic parts content at 90%, but we can make a lot more money if we build a lot of our parts in Mexico.”LOL
Each ‘Merican F-150 buyer will be given a genuine “100% ‘Merican” certificate of authenticity that is totally and completely meaningless, as 45% of Ford’s F-Series contains parts from outside the US or Canada.

A Ford dealership salesperson will give every new ‘Merican edition F-150 buyer permission to walk and act as if he or she is better than everyone else because they bought a supposedly “American” product.

Each buyer will also be given a handbook titled “How to Ignore Studies That Show The Toyota Tundra has more American Parts Content Than Your F-Series and STILL Feel Good About Your Purchase” (see study here and the official domestic content report here).

When asked about the possibility that potential Ford truck buyers might realize the wool is being pulled over their eyes, the Ford spokesman said:

Listen, there’s official US government data that shows 45% of the parts in a typical F-Series don’t come from the USA.

Considering my stock 05 6.0 Diesel just whooped the snot out of an 11 stock Hemi Fiat I would take my Ford anyday. Considering the weight to horsepower difference between the two the Fiat should have won easily... Fix It Again Tony.

They should rename this site It's about all that is covered.

In the last 20 articles there were 6 stories for Ram, and only 2 for Ford.

The Dodge Ram Runner gutted the Raptor in a head to head off road challenge. Dodge Power wagon won over the Raptor off road. The Ford boys should stay in the walmart parking lot with their 4x4's. Leave the serious off roading to Dodge where it all started in 1946 with the first civilian 4x4 coming from the truck that the military used in world war two. The first car ever used in the army was a Dodge. Ford, Chevy, used transfer cases from new process gear co who was owned by Chrysler for their 4x4's. Chrysler is the King of off road with jeep and Dodge.

More Guts

More Glory

More off road Heritage

Dodge Ram

That is one of the dumbest Ford commercials ever.

Changing subjects, as I was a stop light a few minutes ago checking out a bright red late model Wrangler with big wheel flares and side steps to match, I started looking down under and what do I see? About 3 inches of frame hanging below the side steps which on their own cover up about half the frame. Hmm, one of the best off roaders in the world has the frame hanging low yet on the Chevy that is a big faux pas and not for "real off roading". Care to explain?

But the Ram runner is an aftermarket kit that costs much more
Raptor wins by default.
Stay mad



2013 RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Tom, Then how do explain the cheaper Power wagon winning
over the higher priced craptor I mean Raptor?

The Ram Fanboys have taken over from the Chevy fanboys. Was this a story about the Raptor or the Ram Runner? By the comments I am reading I am confused. Isn't Ford still Number 1 in truck sales? I guess the Ram fanboys would like us to think different. Whatever happened to Dodge? I sure do miss the real Dodge.

@ tyler....a 3" body lift maybe

@HEMI V8 - I'd like to see you buy a Tundra, but now that you mention it, Ram has to be the least American truck since the Rabbit truck.

Either way, the F-150 will remain more American than any Toyota regardless of parts origin. China could build the whole darn truck and it would be more American than the Tundra.

Well done Ford! Let the haters hate. Chevy has nothing to counter the Raptor. Dodge has very little. Let me see, when was the last time I saw a "Ram Runner" on the streets? Hmmm.. Never. Do you guys even sell any of those things? I see Raptors all the time. Now, I will give respect to Dodge for keeping it real with the SFA set up. Chevy?? Sorry. And I will give respect to Dodge for building a great looking truck with a great interior packages. Chevy?? Sorry on both accounts. Just like Chevy's 4 door trucks though, Dodge's are still mostly made in Mexico. You want a real American made truck with no compromises in Any category? Buy a Ford.

AMEN to That FordMan!! Ford Trucks are how we've built and will CONTINUE to build our Empire! Ford trucks sell Ford cars and very few post the gains we do every quarter. We own trucks, we own cars, we own luxury, we own off road and we own racing..... ONE FORD BABY!!! Dodge is like the spider trying to crawl up the spout but the rain is coming Dodge Dorks! Chevrolet is the spider that is getting flushed down the toilet. They have no prayer. (Sorry Chevy guys, old Chevy's rock but Chevy's of the last many years don't cut it any more.)

If I remember correctly the last spam article on here was about dodge hd. Didn't some of the spam fangirls get mad because the chevy guys made some bad comments and they told the chevy guys to go away because this was a spam article and they had no right making comments? Well, this is about FORD the #1 truck forever and always so practice what you preach and shut your spam pieholes girls, this ain't about you!



What a great slogan... For an horrific truck.

Call me a troll, but you guys are ridiculous. The ram trucks are truly one of the most poorly built trucks. Please tell me the last time they made a truck that had minor problems. No car or truck is perfect, but rams are always in a death roll with the rear tires locking up and dashboards crumbling... Correct me if i'm wrong.

Keith, What are you going to do about it??????

Ford and Chevy fans are just jealous.







If you’ve considered buying a turnkey Ford F-150 SVT Raptor prerunner but can’t afford its $41,000 starting price, or if you want to hammer something different through the dirt and air, Chrysler’s Mopar parts division has a solution. The hardcore Ram Runner kit is now available to turn almost any 2009-2012 Ram 1500 4x4 into a hardened off-road racer all at once or piece-by-piece, at your own pace and budget. Either way, here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Remove Front Wheels, Tires and Brakes

Step 2: Disconnect Front Suspension and Factory Steering

Step 3: Replace Front Shock Towers

Step 4: Install New Front Suspension and Steering Hardware

Step 5: New Front Wheels and Tires Installed

A critical functional benefit of the new wheels and tires (and control arms) increase track width for improved stability off-road. The suspension, tires, and Fiberglass fenders make the Ram Runner much wider than stock. Track, measured from the center point of the tire, is 76.5 inches at the front and 74.5 inches at the rear, compared with 73.6 inches on a Raptor, which is in turn more than 6 inches wider than a standard F-150. That extra width translates into stability in corners and high-speed turns.

For this build, Kroeker went with 35 by 12.5 by 17 inch General Grabber tires. It’s the DOT-legal version of the General Grabber Competition race tire Kroeker has won many Baja races on.

“We used this tire on a black, 17 by 8 inch Procomp wheel with 5.5 inch backspace. The fit was perfect and the General Grabber tires, though quiet, added an even more aggressive “murder” look to the truck,” Kroeker said.

I dont recall that Powerwagon doing anything good except mall crawling. And if i was going to build an aftermarket truck, the Ranger would be the best choice. Otherwise the Raptor is top choice followed by the Tacoma's baja package or what ever its called. Lol aftermarket kit trucks, $10,000 stealership warranties and offroad only bumpers.

@Blue oval empire, What racing does Ford own.LMFAO!

Dodge Ram Runner vs Craptor= Win Ram Runner.

Dodge Power Wagon vs Craptor= Win Power Wagon.

Two for two Dodge.

Nascar= Dodge first to three wins. With two cars in a 43 car field.

NHRA=Dodge Pro stock wins Two in a Row.

NHRA =All Dodge funny car final all Dodge win.

T.O.R.C =Off Road Racing series Mopar Ram is dominating Ford and Toyota. 2 wheel And 4 wheel drive.

The only thing Ford is First at is number of recalls second to Toyota.LOL

Ford doesn't honor their warranty on those bent frames on the Craptor. Nor did they cover their switch fires. That were recalled
once they were burned to the ground. Good luck with your Ford warranty LOL. Ask this couple.

Highest American Content

Published Wednesday, 27 April, 2011 by Eric Edwards. Categories: New Inventory, News.

Automobile reported on an NHTSA study which showed that the Dodge Avenger has the highest American content of any car sold in North America. 83% of its parts come from the United States or Canada.

The next highest percentage belonged to the closely related Chrysler 200, at 81%.
Chrysler picked up again at #7 (tied, Dodge Caliber and Chrysler 300) and #8 (tied, Dodge Charger and Challenger), holding six of the top ten places for American content.

Top Trucks
The midsize Dodge Dakota, at 84 percent, has just a bit more North American content than the full-size Toyota Tundra, at 80 percent. The Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon come in third, with 75 percent. For those who are curious, the 2011 report shows the Ram truck at 70 percent, the Chevrolet Silverado at 61 percent, and the Ford F-Series at 60 percent.

Top Vans/Minivans
The Dodge Grand Caravan has a higher North American parts content than any van or minivan, at 82 percent, even higher than the Chrysler Town & Country, which is at 80 percent. GMC's Savana slips in at 80 percent, followed by the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey at 75 percent. Not surprisingly, the Ford Transit Connect has 10 percent North American parts content, as it is manufactured primarily in Turkey. The Kia Sedona is shown at 7 percent while the Mazda5 minivan has, well, 5 percent North American parts content, not a surprise, since the vehicles are made in South Korea and Japan, respectively.

It seems the trolls are pulling out all the stops. I would think grown men would have better things to do.


@HEMI V8 - Why should Ford eat the frames when this one group drove straight on to what amounts to a curb at speeds greater than 80 MPH?

It turns out they all took a leaf or two out of the leaf pack to lessen the rebound and chances of going 'ass over tea kettle' when landing a jump. Of course, the shocks were designed to work with the factory leaf springs (rate). This caused excess bottoming, axle wrap and then the frame slammed the axle tubes directly when the bump stops were no longer perpendicular to the axle.

What would any OEM do when presented with a ridiculous claim?

@not really a hemi made in Mexico owned by Italians -

"I think that the 2013 Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.
Ram will take tons of wind out of Chevy sails (sales too) with this mid-cycle upgrade. That is the part that impresses me - the 2013 is not supposed to be a "new" model."
Posted by Lou

For once you have said something intelligent, legible, and without brand bias.

Oh, I forgot, you are quoting me.


@@not really a hemi made in Mexico owned by Italians -

Care to post 2012 USA content statistics?

The MexiRam 1500 from Fiat didn't even make the list.

Chrysler Imported from Detroit courtesy of Fiat via Mexico.

Thank you NAFTA - Mexico is USA.
Did the fine print mention 6.1 million illigals?

One must thank all of that USA industry moving to Mexico. Illegal immigration is down due to weak USA economy.

Please note fiat fans yeah thats right fiat fans the only thing the so called fiat hemi beats ford in is higher prices to own and trips to the gas station oh yeah trips back to the dealership for repairs so please by all means be happy with your fiat trucks!!

On raptor vs ram runner, the vehicle where not comparbly equiped, the Ram was signifficantly more expensive, $17,000. and the raptor had alot of supperfulis options not on the ram, that do not affect off road preformance like 2k in stickers, 1k in moon roof, 3k in navigation/front camera, 3k in meomory seats, remote start, ac seats. many people have modified their raptors to increse susspension travel at less than that cost. the raptor starts at 42k if is spent the 27k price difrence on mine over MSRP (my raptors MSRP was 42k) there is no way that ram runner would touch it, as the raptor has all the elctronics set up for off road, rear elocker, and on newer ones front LSD. the Power Wagon cannot go fast and the ram runner cannot rock crawl. the raptor can do both its well rounded for what most people need it to do, people are not racing raptors around everywhere, and i have never seen a ram runner in person, i think that the nearly 70k entry price is to high for most people. Its just another garge special.

@Carilloskis, According to Four Wheeler’s technical editor, Sean Holman, the fight between the two trucks was incredibly close but the Power Wagon’s superior trail performance in multiple off-road scenarios helped give it the win. The heavier Power Wagon also beat the Raptor in 0-to-60 mph performance and in the quarter-mile. Hardware features, like an integrated winch, front diff locker and powerful 5.7-liter Hemi engine solidified the Power Wagon’s position.
The staff of Four Wheeler magazine, photo credit: Ken Brubaker
“The new Power Wagon is quite nearly the best of all worlds,” said Four Wheeler Editor Douglas McColloch. “Its tall stance and body-on-frame architecture don’t get in the way of delivering a pleasant and relatively quiet highway ride. Its work-truck ethic is belied by its eight-lug axles and 10,000-pound tow rating. And once off the pavement, deep in the dirt, the Power Wagon can simply go places, and do things, that no other fullsize truck on the planet can. Locking differentials, a disconnecting front swaybar, and a 12,000-pound winch---delivered straight from the factory---will do that for you. All in all, the Power Wagon is a very worthy winner of our Pickup Truck of the Year competition.”

The only Garage special is that frame cracking Ford. LOL

I guess their is no substitute for the original 4x4 truck.


How many years old was that article that you spammed based on opinon on apples to oranges comparioson. 5.4 vs 5.7
Why so you keep digging up past articles to suit your opinion. Is the present not to your liking? Must be since all you do is bring up the past or future BS.

So now ford has cracking frames? Again, when no information is available then make it up.
Original 4x4? No. And even if it was who cares?

Show me one current fact about the Ram truck that makes it superior. Thought so. You rely on the past and future speculation. Well guess what. Every truck manufacturer will have its short 15 minutes of fame class leading something in the future. Rams will always be the shortest 15 minutes as they are stuck in third place and always will be.

@jugger, And once off the pavement, deep in the dirt, the Power Wagon can simply go places, and do things, that no other fullsize truck on the planet can.

All Glory

All Guts

All Ram

@HEMI.. Did the Power wagon run in the BAJA race with the RAPOR?

@supercrew02, SAN DIEGO, CA, Nov 23, 2011 – In a history-making race, Kroeker Off-Road Engineering (KORE OFF ROAD) drivers Kent Kroeker and Alan Roach won the 2011 SCORE Baja 1000 – Class 8 in a Ram 1500 marking the first Baja 1000 win for Chrysler in decades. The KORE Class 8 race truck also debuted the Mopar® 800 horsepower V-10 Competition Race Engine in it’s first desert event.
“Mopar’s new 512 cubic inch V-10 crate motor was incredible. Our General Grabber Competition Tires and Method wheels worked perfectly with no failures. Our massive 4.4 inch Fox shocks gave us yet another flawless race. And Baja Design’s HID light system and Philips DRLs turned night into day,” said Kroeker.
Known as “the worlds toughest race”, this year’s Baja 1000 stood out as the toughest yet. Recent torrential rains had turned the racecourse into a quagmire of mud, exposed rocks and ruts. Out of 278 entrants in the 2011 SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, only half ever made it to the finish line.
Ram Ready for Baja 1000
Team KORE arrived in Mexico ten days prior to the race in order to reconnoiter the course and finalize the race truck development.
“Normally, you arrive in Baja with a proven race car that’s fully-prepped and ready to go. Due to an engine change and complete suspension reconfiguration, this truck was nothing but a cab-cage in September. We literally worked on her 12-15 hours a day, not finishing the build until it was on the starting line,” said crew chief Mike Kerr.

Kroeker drove the first 450 miles of the 700-mile race. Although making aggressive physical contact with 8 other trucks that made the mistake of not immediately moving over for him, Kroeker handed a cosmetically damaged but functional vehicle to precision driver, Roach who then raced it to the finish without incident.

“Winning the worlds toughest race is a testament to every aspect of what it means to be a man. And I’m not talking about driving skill; I’m talking about everything – from the guys who forge the pistons in the motor, to my pit crew who works tirelessly through the night, covering thousands of miles, bringing parts and fuel where they need to be – winning the Baja 1000 means laser-focused excellence that can’t be demonstrated any other way,” said Kent Kroeker on the team’s class win and 30th overall finish.
Dedicated Victory
“This victory is especially gratifying for our entire team because we dedicated it to our fallen comrade, Jeremy,” continued Kroeker.
Jeremy Graczyk, co-driver in the Ram 1500 for KORE’s 2009-10 assaults on the Baja 1000 died earlier this year. Graczyk, along with Kroeker made national headlines in 2010 after their life-saving first responder actions to a nearly fatal crash on the Baja course.
“Our sponsors are great but aside from General Tire’s Baja Pits, we have no external support, so we rely heavily on improvisation and adaptation. This year was particularly difficult – with a newly engineered vehicle and only 12 volunteers, we felt like a Special Operations Team doing a mechanized assault behind enemy lines. But the time compression and adversity made winning that much sweeter – in fact, I know the team will never again feel this accomplished – this one was hard-fought,” Kroeker said later.
Chris “Mongo” Williams, KORE’s lead chase driver, summarized the victory when approached by a fan asking for a KORE race T-shirt, “We don’t give these away; you have to earn them.”

KORE Power Wagon Wins Primm 300
KORE News•on October 6th, 2008•No Comments
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – The “Primm 300” is the roughest, most brutal race in the SCORE series. Hundreds of miles of rocks, sand and cross-grain pit drivers not only against each other, but against the terrain. Angered by a 3rd place finish at “Vegas to Reno” only two weeks prior, Team KORE worked non-stop, completely rebuilding the Power Wagon in record time.
“Primm is gnarly,” said Team Manager John Zambie. “In the short time allotted, we did everything we could to get the truck ready. Didn’t sleep much – finished prep the morning of the race – but we got it done.”
A 6am start from the back of the pack forced driver Kent Kroeker to fight tremendous dust while driving into the rising sun.
“A rear start is a huge disadvantage at Primm. The visibility was so bad we had to take a lot of chances to get past everyone. When we finally got behind Griffin, I hit him hard. Then it was a game-on for the rest of the race.”
An all-out death battle ensued between John Griffin’s Ford and Kroeker’s Dodge. Swapping leads numerous times throughout the race caused a lot of nail biting in the pits. Both teams had to stop to refuel and each time the lead changed. For the entire second lap, both trucks remained within seconds of each other, going all out for the win.
With only 20 miles to go, Kroeker was in the lead. Then the motor stalled and Griffin got by, forcing Kroeker to drive inside his dust, all the way to the finish.
“They started 30 seconds in front of us, so I knew I could finish behind him and still win on corrected time,” said Kroeker, “His dust was so bad, a lot of the time, I couldn’t see anything. I had to flog our truck as hard as I could to stay with him and rely on my co-driver to navigate from the GPS.”
With zero visibility, two miles from the finish, Kroeker hit a rock, exploding the right rear tire.
“There was no time to change it – no time to even think of that. I just kept it pinned and hoped most of it would stay on the wheel.”
The crowd cheered as Kent Kroeker and co-driver Frank Martinek powered down the final mile with a mangled bumper, crumpled bedsides and a shredded tire, flapping on the wheel.
When they reached the checkered flag, KORE had the win by 16 seconds.

"Mopar’s new 512 cubic inch V-10 crate motor was incredible"

When was the last time we saw a V10 in a Fiat offroad truck?
Known as “the worlds toughest race”

Only if you do not know that there exists a huge planet beyond Baja.
2.b "Kroeker drove the first 450 miles of the 700-mile race."

Why do they call a 700 mile race a "1,000"?

Try the Dakar Rally - 8,000 km or 5,000 miles.

More Guts!

More Glory!

More ass kicking Ram!

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