Ford Raptor vs. NASA Rover Comparison

Ford-SVT-Raptor 2010 II

In the name of ultimate off-road (off-planet?) capability, Ford put together this head-to-head comparison graphic to give us an idea how special these two vehicles are. This is pretty cool. 

Raptor vs Rover II



@not really a hemi made in mexico owned by italians -
ass kicking Ram?????????????????????

All of your posts are: ass who ass kisses Ram

I love all these guys talking about how great the Ram Runner is, but I didn't realize you could pick one up off the floor at a Dodge dealership....oh that's right, you can't. Because a Raptor is a production truck and a Ram Runner isn't. Ford is the best and always will be.

ya'll know that ford is the best truck in america and has more sales on their f models than all the others put together right? how can so many people be wrong about ford it last longer and you can put them through hell and they beg for more iv pulled at lest 2 comings out of the mud with my ranger and my f150 does better than 3500 durmax and comings. if you coming your done if your stroking your still going.

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