Next-Gen Tacoma Could Align With Hilux

2013-Toyota-Tacoma Baja II

Someone is making good guesses about what happens in the next few years at Toyota. Automotive News reporter Mark Rechtin has the next-generation Toyota Tacoma on the verge of a few significant changes by the 2014 model year.

One possibility is that the chassis from the Tacoma and Hilux will become more closely aligned with engineering and design. The official word from Toyota, however, is that it doesn't plan to make any such announcements at this time.

It is quite odd for a company to make two identically sized and equipped vehicles that fill the same market segment but keep two entirely different styles and models for separate markets. The North American Tacoma is the best-selling midsize truck in the U.S. market, but the Hilux enjoys great success in the Asia, Europe and South America. 

The Tacoma and Hilux are based off very different designs, largely because of the very different uses each truck is typically subjected to in those different markets. The Hilux is more of a workhorse truck around the world, and as a result it offers a more robust frame and chassis than the U.S.-sold Tacoma, which has not needed much revision over the years as it dominates the shrinking non-full-size pickup segment. 

All we know for sure is that at some point in the next few years, the Tacoma will undergo a significant redesign that isn't likely to mess too much with the winning formula. But if the upcoming Thailand-sourced Chevy Colorado becomes a hit when it debuts latter in 2014, we expect Toyota to have a contingency plan to put into play rather quickly.

As for the Tundra, Mr. Rechtin is reporting Toyota is likely to keep the same engine lineup and chassis strategy for the fullsize, but put a good amount of re-engineering effort to improving the power and fuel economy performance of the 4.0L V-6. Most significant changes, according to Automotive News, will come in the form of interior and exterior styling changes to make the truck less rounded and more "trucky". We'd also guess that a more aggressive diesel-hybrid option is likely to debut with the new look but some reports have it that the new powertrain may be held for the 2014 or 2015 model year. 

2013-Toyota-Tundra II



I thought the HiLux was smaller than the Tacoma. IMO, these trucks need to get back to their roots --> smaller and less expensive. They are mid-size trucks at a full-size price.

I hope they dont' make the Tacoma any smaller, its perfect right now, smaller and it will be cramped inside.

I heard that oxi was trying to make his truck wider for stability reasons.

Biggest turn off for me has been styling. It(Tundra) just doesn't look like a truck to me; needs to be more rugged looking and less import.

Love the current Tacoma: size, capability, ride etc. My main complaint is actually not pricing its fuel economy. Full size trucks especially the F150 Eco-Boost is only 1 or 2 mpg less than the midsize Tacoma. I think Toyota should really look at fuel economy for both engine options. Keep the V6 at similar performance/output but increase efficiency. Smaller displacement direct injection for example, and more gears for the automatic transmissions would help. Ram is moving to 8 speed autos in their trucks, the Tacoma has old 4 and 5 speed automatics in the 4cyl. and 6 cyl. respectively.
The Tacoma could also eke out more mpg with electric power steering, already in use in the F150’s.
I know the Tacoma is the bestselling compact/midsize truck, however Toyota shouldn’t rest on its laurels!

NOW they plan to make the 4.0 more efficient? The low mpg is half the reason I didn't buy an FJ Cruiser or a 4dr tacoma (the other was overall vehicle price, at least when new). I would like a hilux over a tacoma, especially in a diesel. A smaller truck with better mpg and lower price is needed.

I hate reading all of these articles about the "shrinking non-full-size pickup segment"!!!! This market is still here, but the manufacturers have abandoned the market and focused on more profitable full sized trucks. Us guys in the market for a mid-size or compact truck have either given up on a NEW compact or mid-size and gone to a full size pick-up or are like me... driving around in a 10+ year old truck ('02 F-150 SuperCrew) waiting for the first manufacturer to pay attention to us and give us exactly what we've been waiting for. That would be a ALL NEW modernly styled truck that is fuel efficient with decent payload/towing and has all of the creature comforts you would expect in a vehicle in this day and age. Sounds like GMC/Chevy have one in the works for North America? Ford, just give us the 2012 "Global" Ranger already. The best thing that could happen for us mid-sized truck guys is segment competition... just look at the pissin' contest between the Big Three with their full size trucks. If the compact/mid-size market had new, innovative products to choose from (any manufacturer), I would guess they would sell like hot cakes. Build it and we will come...

I still believe we may yet see the T6 Ranger. If not we will at least see an F100 on a shrunken F150 platform. Either way Ford has zero chance of making the 2016 EPA rules without a size reduction or a major weight reduction. So in my mind Ford's midsize trucks coming to america are only being delayed.

I'm sure Ford will have a small to midsize truck over here. Thier not going to sit back in the dust when the new Chevy starts selling.

I would kill to get a Hilux here, 3.0D4D for me please, 28mpg and quick to boot. I got to drive then a lot in south America and they renewed my faith in small trucks. Now if they could bring the LC-70 with the 4.5 td v8 while they're at it I could have my cake and eat it too. One for work and one for play.

That's my problem with the current Tacoma, not really useful when you consider a 5.0l F150 crewcab gets almost identical

I hope that if Toyota does bring that twin turbo 4.5L V8 diesel over in the next gen Tundra they up the power on it. That thing comes up short in power for its displacement Now compare it to the 4.5L Duramax The compare it to Ford I know most of you are going to say that being down more than 40hp and 30lb ft isnt a big deal but keep in mind you Cannot really Tune any Toyota or Lexus. The most tuning you can do is Unichip which does not offer real tuning or lasting gains. Scions are the only vehicles you can do real tuning on.
Now after saying all that I have to say there are 3 things I won't believe in until I see it on a lot and they are 1. HD Tundra, 2. Diesel Tundra and 3. Crewmax Std Bed Tundra.

If Toyota wants to sell many more trucks, they need to listen to listen to their customers like oxi...

oxi's Tacoma is a basic truck with no bling. He built it up himself with the knowledge he gained from racing down in the baja. The engineers who have never been down in the Baja don't know how to build it up the way oxi does...

The 3 most important things are:
1) engine
2) tranny
3) rear-end.

The 2.7 liter engine, the 5-speed manual rear axle are bullet proof...

If Toyota focuses on those big 3 things like and not the bling other manufacturers worry about, oxi will come back to buy another one in 2015...

oxi still has better bumpers for approach/departure angles, better skid plates underneath, snorkle, bridging ladders and soon sand tracks, and a better 1 ton capable suspension to handle it all as well as the weight...

@Mark Williams
" it is quite odd for a company to make two identically sized and equipped vehicles that fill the same market segment but keep two entirely different styles and models for separate markets. The North American Tacoma is the best-selling midsize truck in the U.S. market, but the Hilux enjoys great success in the Asia, Europe and South America. "
A Strategy that is very successful for Toyota. Ford please note.

@ BigDogSS As big as the current Tacoma. Will be bigger when new model Hilux is released.

@5.3L LOL The power is understated, it will pull extremely well with that. The L70 Pickup, is only single turbo, but Mining Companies here buy them in droves for their extreme durability and off road prowess.

"The engineers who have never been down in the Baja don't know how to build it up the way oxi does..."

So now Pete knows more about building a truck than the engineers at Toyota. Is Wisconsin big enough to contain his ego?

@devilsadvocate et al

For a long time I've wanted a Hilux diesel as the successor to my current Toyota pre-Tacoma compact truck. Years ago I resigned myself to waiting for the Mahindra, but that now appears to be a futile effort. My current truck just gave up the ghost, and I'm now in the position of trying to figure out a course of action.

Is it at all realistic to try and find a way to bring a Hilux into the USA -- either from the north or the south? For example, could one purchase a used truck somewhere and get it into the US & successfully register it with a state DMV? Or is that simply not cost effective?

はいトヨタのリコール王を買うので、アメリカ人と呼ばれました toyota x)

johnny doe has just discovered Google translator.

Great, can you please go troll China!

I think they need to bring the Hilux to NA and if it makes loyal Tacoma owners happy just rename the NA version Tacoma. From what I have read and seen this Hilux is far superior to any midsize we have in NA. Toyota is waiting to see how the new Colorado does here and I am hoping it does extremely well because then Toyota will have an incentive to bring this to NA. Nissan would have an incentive for a new Frontier, and maybe if we are lucky we might then get a Global Ranger and a Mazda like Big Al has. Those would be good for all of us who want more competition in the midsize market which after reading the July truck sales shows that demand for midsize trucks is very much alive. Good comments above just a relief so far not to hear from the Ram fanboys who have nothing intelligent to add.

The “lifestyle Dakota” has been in the works since 2006, but decisions seem to have wandered around the map. Rumblings from Chrysler would lead us to believe that the Dakota is no longer to be based on the minivan chassis, since there is now just one minivan plant and it will likely be pressed to capacity, especially once Fiat starts handling European sales (adding a fourth variety to the plant already making a Dodge, Chrysler, and Volkswagen version). Regardless, by 2013, there should be some sort of a lighter-duty Dakota, fitting into the original dimensions and capacities of the once-midsized pickup; and a European version is expected. It's possible that there are plans afoot to move Journey production to the United States, and make a Dakota range, based on whatever platform but using unique components, in the flexible Toluca plant.




@RAM DAKOTA--We will see if this happens. I hope RAM is giving you use of a new truck for advertising on this site. Most of the readers hear don't want to read advertising slogans whether it is from Ram, Ford, Chevy, or Toyota. It brings into question the intelligence and maturity level of a commentor that has to repeat these sophomoric slogans. Most of us see plenty of annoying commercials on TV but at least we can mute those.

Chrysler Group has already confirmed that it will soon launch a diesel version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the U.S. Now CEO Sergio Marchionne has said that two other U.S. products, the Dodge Durango SUV and next-generation Ram Dakota pickup, may also be available with diesel engines here. According to Ward’s Auto, Chrysler Group will limit availability of diesels in the U.S. to light trucks and SUVs.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee will receive a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 that already is offered in the European market. Because the Dodge Durango is built on the same platform, and at the same factory in Detroit, Michigan, CEO Sergio Marchionne told Ward's that the Durango could also receive the diesel mill.

Marchionne said that light trucks and SUVs are probably the only Chrysler Group vehicles that will get diesel engines in the U.S. He says experience shows few Americans want to buy diesel-powered passenger cars, and says that a Fiat 500 diesel "would never sell" on our shores.

In addition to the Grand Cherokee and Durango, Marchionne said the U.S. will receive a diesel version of the next-generation Ram Dakota. The prior generation of the small pickup (pictured) ended production in summer 2011, but a new version is on the way. Not much is known about the new Dakota, though Marchionne confirmed to Ward's that it will be a unibody design, rather than the prior model's body-on-frame setup. Other reports indicate Ram might export the Dakota to other markets around the world, including Europe and Asia.

I am beginning to believe these Ram trolls are being sent by Corporate FIAT. If so, pretty sad!

I'm sure Ford will have a small to midsize truck over here. Thier not going to sit back in the dust when the new Chevy starts selling.

-That ugly ass cuv Colorado won't sell jack in the States. The entire design is a disaster. The global Ranger looks far better, the Tacoma looks far better and the possible Dakota is Worlds better. Chevrolet Colorado=FAILURE in design and execution.


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It's going to be a long 2013 for you boys LOL




I would like to see the US Tacoma get the more robust 4x4 system the Hilux uses. The stupid American market Tacoma gets the flitboy and soccer mom electric shift 4x4 while the Hilux gets a tried and true manual shift tcase. We want the manual shift here in the states just like the 2008 SEMA Tacoma had. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they made the truck smaller either.

Toyota is currently in the process of designing the new Hilux. I would think it would be very competitive against the Global Ranger/BT50, VW Amarok and Colorado/DMax in size. If a differing body style is needed for NA it would be like my BT50 and Global Ranger. Two different looking trucks, but only skin deep running the same chassis, drivetrain etc.

Another problem I have is the Americanisation of vehicles to reduce their price. I hope the Colorado or any Global truck doesn't get "downgraded" for the NA market like normally happens.

I think it would be possible for Fiat to have a Dodge Dakota replacement using a Nissan/Mitsubishi platform. As everyone knows Nissan and Renault have merged and Puegot have an interest with Mitsubishi. I don't know how this would tie in with Fiat. Maybe a search for engine and part suppliers might help.

So the new mini Fiat Ram might be a Nissan based pickup from Thailand.

Here is a link to the 70 Series ute we get in Australia. It has the lower powered single turbo engine and gets up to 23mpg. The twin turbo engine gets up to 26mpg.

But these engines are getting long in the tooth.

Delete the Turdra and concentrate on the tacoma/hilux...that is their market.

I don't think Toyota will delete the Tundra when it has been profitable for them, as long as they are making a profit they will continue to build the Tundra, thats why they have plans to upgrade it.

Tundra's only chance of improving sales is to dramatically ditch the "jet puffed marshmallow" look of the current truck. Anytime you see one you half-expect to see the Michelin man get out!

@ Oxi - Just how many rivers do you need to bridge in Wisconsin? And where the heck are you gonna use sand tracks???

Oh THAT'S RIGHT! They're helpful when your staring out your window at your truck parked in the driveway and your dreaming of living in a 3rd world country...


So let me guess... they were sent by Corporate Mercedes before ..right ? Get a clue please !! It's the Chrysler Group's fan's !! MOPAR RULES !!

@ Big Al from Oz ,

Last I heard the Dakota will be based off of the Dodge Journey,a revamped platform is coming for the Journey ! The current Journey is offered in all wheel drive as well, so a Dakota lifestyle based of that is feasible,but with a new platform they can do anything even make it rear drive if so desired.

Before that was rumored to be the Caravan.. Since they have a Caravan C/V now Ram C/V it has the heavier duty suspension ect..again it sounded feasible as Chrysler said they are going to offer awd in minivans again in the future..But last news was the Journey platform the Dakota lifestyle truck would be based off of !! Cheer's ,thats all I got !!

If anything they should base the Dakota of the Durango/Grand Charokee rear drive platform, nobody wants a front drive pickup truck as it kills towing ability.

@Frank--Chrysler makes a good enough product that it does not need idiotic comments from these trolls. Either these trolls are working for the competition and their goal is to turn readers off to Chrysler or they are immature. These comments possible are from one troll who is a 13 year old boy with nothing better to do. If these comments are from an adult then seriously they need to grow up and act like a man. These commentors hide behind made up names.

@THEDodgeDude How can you tell the NA Chevrolet Colorado is ugly? You never seen it but with camo padding all over it. How can you judge what you can't see?


Where are you bro? If my friends ask where you are I'm gonna say...

oxi was caught in a mudslide
Eaten by a lion
Got run over by a crappy purple Scion
Help me, help me, I'm no good at goodbyes
oxi dried up ina desert race
Drowned in a river
Trampled to death in the Baja 1000
Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies
And ways to say you died (died, died)

oxi still prefers a Tacoma for serious off-roading over any other make though his decision is partial due to Toyota being the only pickup make that can build a 4-cylinder pickup that can off-road with the best...

@Big Al from Oz --You are right the Americanization of the any of the products makes them not as good but the Tacoma is still a good solid truck. It could be better if it were more like the Hilux. One thing is that the American trucks might not have as rugged a suspension in order to give a softer ride. The hard plastics are also a lot less expensive than padded surfaces. I hope they do not cheapen the Colorado too much. The Colorado could use a nicer grill (if the grill were more like the Isuzu grill it would look better). But overall it is not a bad looking truck and if the quality is there and it is not too overpriced it will do well. At least GM is going to have a midsize truck in the market which Ford does't and Chrysler shows us nice pictures but no commitment. If Chrysler steps up to the plate that would be great. Owning a Isuzu (Colorado twin) I have a different viewpoint from the arm chair criitics. My Isuzu is a good solid truck that is a good value and for the most part has been very reliable. Are there some trucks out there that might be better? Yes but that is subjective and there are so few midsize trucks in NA that there is not a lot of choice. I would like more choice but honestly I would have to say that I could easily pick any of them and be completely satisfied. I am not a fanboy and having owned many different brands I have more perspective. Just to bash a truck because you don't like the front does not mean you know anything about the product. The Pontiac Aztec has to be about one of the ugliest vehicles that was ever made but overall it was a very good and reliable vehicle. I look forward to the new Colorado being released and it would be the icing on the cake to see this Hilux in NA. The Hilux might make me bite the bullet and buy one.

Diesel electric hybrid?! LOL
Don't hold your breath.

A gas hybrid maybe.

For the tundra, I really wish they'd trim it back down to the smallest fullsize possible (we're all having to do more with less- this isn't 1994) . Bring back the suicide doors on the extended cab. And there needs to be a long bed option for the crew cab.

If they'd go back to the T-100 size or a smidge larger, build a crewcab with a 8' bed, with an efficient 6 cyl, they would bring back all the toyota buyers that are pretty much just not buying any new trucks because they're all big American jalopies now. I don't know if they're winning over the big jalopy crowd or not but I have no reason to give up my 2nd gen tundra for the current offering. Especially at the price it's being offered at.

I simply want to see a smaller and lower cost single cab truck from Toyota . No fuel injection of the DI type that allows 3-8% fuel dillution of the crankcase oil that knocks down engine life over the long haul.

One 4cyl engine for the Tacoma and another engine for the Tundra -- actually, quit making the Tundra and concentrate on the Tacoma and sell volumes . BTW , the base Tacoma sure could use a split bench seat for the 5'1 driver taking the 6'4 passenger here n there. Small oversight on their part.

If I could put a big check mark on @Brian's statement above, I certainly would. Believe it or not (and I know most of the people here won't) there is a market for smaller--and I do mean smaller trucks that would be perfect for urban and suburban use that simply don't need massive load and towing capability. At one time these were classed as 1/4-ton trucks and with the kind of tricks and gimmicks they had in their beds they could carry even plywood/wallboard flat on top of the wheel wells allowing for smaller supplies to ride more safely under them.

No, as gas prices stabilized in the '80s and '90s, the demand for smaller trucks slipped because they simply weren't being given the fuel economy 'love' that the bigger trucks gained--nor were they being given the engineering to keep up with the cars and trucks of the day. Now that they're needed again, these companies are again going to have to start from 'scratch.' Some will go the unibody direction like Volkswagen did back then and others will look at a smaller, lighter body-on-frame platform using aluminum frame components rather than steel.

Personally, I'd love to see the return of the 1/4-1/2 ton compact truck.

Thiers a reason smaller trucks are not around any more, and the main one is because they are not safe.

The Gladiator concept truck was driven on-stage at a 2010 dealer meeting, with an indication that something like it might be made. Sergio Marchionne later said it would probably be a Wrangler-based vehicle with a short bed. A Mopar pickup kit followed, then a September 2011 statement that a Jeep pickup is still a few years out.

Two new pickups have been rumored to be closer and more likely. One is a Ram 50-sized compact powered by the Tiger Shark four cylinder belting out over 200 horsepower (in Dodge Dart it’s 184 hp). This might or might not be based on the Fiat Strada, and might or might not be worked over by Chrysler guys; it’s due for Mexican production. Why Mexico, given all the problems there — and the political repercussions in the US? Because then they can sell it all over North and South America without duties — both the South American and North American free trade zones include Mexico.

The other is the Dodge Dakota replacement, possible 2013 Ram Dakota, lighter but still capable -- the so-called "lifestyle Dakota."

In 2007, when we first broke the story on this new truck, we quoted a Dodge rep saying that it would still be capable, just not as capable. A Canadian newspaper said it would be based on the minivan platform with another report saying that the truck will be built at Windsor, the minivan plant. However, Sergio Marchionne later told Ward’s Auto World that the truck would only be built in Windsor if it was compatible with the next-generation minivan platform. Projected sales appear to be around 30,000 units.

The upcoming one-metric-ton Dodge truck for Europe is also out there and is likely to be the same as the Dakota replacement; as Bob Sheaves pointed out, European truck capacity standards are different.

you know i am a big mopar fan; however i am not a fan at all of the infamous blogger "HEMI V8". why the hell do i need to check allpar if he copies and pastes all the news here every damn day!?

@ Mark Williams

Apparently PUTC's Spam filter security is not working. There seems to be alot of FIAT SPAM ARTICLES in the comments of every article reguardless of topic. These seem to be coming from a fanatic Fiat Worshipping Cult or some kind of Spam Bot. Might as well change the website name to FIATTRUCKS.COM since there is no control over what can be posted on PUTC. Until then we will continue to ignore the spam attacks and scroll past the countless spammed articles to get to the real comments.

why are there so many trolls? lets name them all shall we? ford is the greatest, chevy is the greatest, ram is taking out chevy someday, copy and paste, oxi maxi pad, chrysler is fiat...have i left anyone out? if ford is great, why are they losing money in Europe? and why do they have to get mike rowe to come on my tv screen every 5 minutes? if chevy is great why do all their vehicles all look the same (ugly)? if toyotas look like angry aliens, then chevys look like happy ones. chrysler has a long way to go to out sell an automotive giant (gm), no matter how ugly they are. when the new trucks come out sales will rise (gm), even if chrysler has better technology because sadly a name sells. hyundai vs honda for instance. chrysler is no more italian fiat than ford is swedish volvo, or english land rover, aston martin, japanese mazda, old man mercury. please, don't get me started on gm. if gm is so great why are all the chief execs leaving? gm is run by businessmen not car people. gm used to have a stake in fiat you know. people were worried that gm was going to screw up ferrari. general motors, as in not specifically a certain motor. it should be global motors. and for the oxi crew, change oil on a 2007 and up tundra and tell me if toyota is still so good. after you get the skid plate off, have fun with the cartridge crap. and for the ecoboost fans skid plates are yall's thing too. just don't pull off the wrong thing :) lastly copy and pasting can be considered illegal sometimes you know.

Apparently the comments section has been sold out to FIAT/Allpar advertising since they are posting articles in the "Next-Gen Tacoma Could Align With Hilux" article.

@ Mark Williams
How much did FIAT/Allpar pay PUTC's to be able to post Articles in the comments section?
If there is no advertising contract then might be mad that it is losing out on Money. might be mad that PUTC is allowing plagiarism on its site inorder to get more clicks.
PUTC followers might be mad that their favorite truck news website can't defend itself from simple spam attacks.

I was going to buy a '12 Tacoma but it was just too big and bulky for a smaller sized truck, so I ended up getting a nice '04 Tacoma which feels just right to me.

If Toyota ever comes out with a diesel powered Tacoma (TOYOTA, ARE YOU LISTENING???) I'd buy one right this second.

Apparently Toyota is hearing impaired.

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