Raptor Sales Numbers Continue to Climb

13_F150_EXT_09_RAPTOR II

As the auto industry stays cautiously optimistic and pickup truck sales incrementally march on a soft upward trajectory, there are some obvious bright spots, not the least of which is the strong sales climb Ford's SVT Raptor. 

Through July, sales for the all-terrain power truck are up 26 percent compared with last year, and for the month, Raptor is up 36 percent. This puts year-end Raptor sales, in just its third year of production, close to the 13,000-unit mark, something that no one predicted was possible when the truck debuted. 

Ford is good about breaking out the Raptor numbers from the F-150 numbers, so we can track its progress (which puts Raptor production at the Dearborn Truck Plant at about 3 Raptors built per hour).

Other specialty power trucks, like the Toyota Tacoma Baja, are produced with a defined sales run, making them something of a special-edition package. The Baja will be limited to just under 5,000 units this year, with approval for the model next year determined by the dealerships. With other trucks, such as the Ram Power Wagon, it's difficult to find out how many of them are sold because that specific option package is not always broken apart from the overall 2500/3500 sales numbers. We assume a truck like the Power Wagon sells enough to justify its existence, but we're pretty sure it's nowhere near the level of Raptor sales. 

It remains to be seen whether or not these special-edition four-wheeling option packages are going to get more popular. All we know now is that if Raptor sales keep climbing, we'd assume more manufacturers will try to squeeze into that market segment. For now, they all seem comfortable watching to see what happens. 

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... and now we get to here people crying about how the frame can bend under extreme circumstances. Blah, blah, blah.

I wonder if they fixed the frame problem with these trucks??!! Knowing Ford probably not.


And where exactly is Chevrolet's answer to this? Chevy? Anyone home at the Bowtie Center? C'mon guys.

Yeah.....the sales #'s continue to increase while the frames continue to bend. People must really like that Ford Kool Aid. I'll take one of those RAM RUNNERS instead.

We assume a truck like the Power Wagon sells enough to justify its existence, but we're pretty sure it's nowhere near the level of Raptor sales. (they don't even have the #'s)
1500's have always out sold 2500's. The Raptor is less 1/2 ton then a F150.

Wow with me being a fan of all things American, this is good news, I just wish al the fanbois would grow up!, we all know that Chevy won't take this lightly, I'm willing to bet the new gen. truck will have something if not equal than a little morre agressive than a reg Z-71! and all Ram has to do is build a Trial-Runner off a 1/2t chassis! that would be sweet! maybe even a reg cab, but I know thats a dream, although that would be a serious way to go. I do like my Z-71, it gets me where I want to go, and is comfy to boot, I know, I know it is not in tha same leaque as the Raptor, but I did get it for about 12-15K less, and I do get much better MPG. Way to go Ford! as an owner of a reg cab $x$ 8'bed Ecoo-Boost truck, that is also a great truck, I cn carry well over 2K and the truck rides and handles it just fine, the ride m/t though is a nother story.

@ Hemi_4u, et.al.:

So we are the guts and glory in a truck that has made the "Most Dangerous Cars In America List"?

We are the guts and glory in a truck that has not complied with the J2807 standard?

This truck is a good truck. I don't care what anyone says. You guys bitching about frames bending won't even own one anyway. Those tests were done at 100mph hits. Dodge would fare no better until they fix frame spots I've been hounding them on. Chevy, well. I'll leave it to you to decide. It says everything I need to know when GM engineer's themselves have stated their truck won't hold up to that kind of abuse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8W85WjayKQ&feature=relmfu

And here's the Ford. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_353092&feature=iv&src_vid=V8W85WjayKQ&v=cApcfp5axmE

General Motors and Ford lost ground General Motors' July sales fell 6 percent from a year earlier, while Ford's slipped 4 percent.
The third big U.S. automaker, Chrysler, had better news. It had its best July in five years, as sales rose 13 percent, led by strong demand for its Ram pickup and Chrysler 200 sedan.

I love the new Terrain matte paint color on the Raptors.

Fantastic videos, thanks.
But you got to admit it. Silverado went twice as high and twice as far as the Raptor.
It landed on that right front wheel. That did it to him.
But again. Awesome video.
That boy had some balls to do that.

As a current Ford Raptor Owner this is good news, it meens more parts avalible and more aftermarket support. I pan on getting another one in the next year or so this will just ensure that ford builds another raptor in the next generation of F150 pickups. people talk about how hard core a raptor is and not understanding why it is so popular miss the point. The Raptor has about the same approach departure and ground clearnce as a GMT 400 but better susspension travel. most people who have bought Rapotrs where getting upset that they could not take half ton trucks off road any more like they used to and needed something bigger than a jeep. the current GM trucks have a 15 degree angle of approach compared to 30 degrees in a raptor. and 21 in an fx4. Not every one bought these to fly acorss the desert its just an added benifit.

On the frame issue i have only seen one other incident where a person bent their frame besides that raptor run and all the trucks where using Deaver springs (wheres OXI) that changed the bump stop, the after market now has a hydrolic bump stop kit for the people who change the rear springs for a softer ride. Also the tards removed the speed limiter and where traveling at a higher speed than the vehicle is designed to travel on a trail they did not prerun. i guarenty you give me a truck from any other manufacure or even a regualr f150 and let me drive it like i do my raptor every week and i will total it, bend its frame rip the bumper of,f bust the shocks etc. your fan boy comments get you nowwhere, im sure you have all seen the various promotional and media coverage of the raptor showing it preforming as advertised and not getting bent frames. you can you tube various ford raptor owners taking their trucks off road without problems. Take your fan boy attitude and shove it.

Raptor jump! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4S0mGzGJS8

@Super Hemi,

A, like posted above the Chevy went double what the Raptor did.

B, Thats not even a stock Raptor, wonder what was done to it outside of the fenders all around and probably even more upgraded suspension cause those guys never do fenders and bed sides and not the suspension...

Thats like saying, oh this stock Ford can't get through that huge puddle, but here is a video of a 1950 Chevy Panel truck doing it through a smaller puddle (Grave Digger).

BTW, they are saying he drove that Chevy home 80 miles, I bet with some issues but still, it drove...

@Carilloskis, a little but hurt are we? Just because your truck has bent its frame (not yours exactly) doing what it was designed to do doesn't mean you need to get all defensive. It's a pretty sweet truck that unfortunately most the sales are to suburban dads who don't use or need the truck other thanthe "it" factor. Pretty sure you don't fall in that catagory but who knows, some people who talk the most about what they do aren't really doing that. Just saying we will never know if you abuse it like you said "every week". Anyone can total a truck with ease, nothing special about the raptor there.

It would be cool if GM built a raptor like trucks, but I am fine with the Z71 just add a front axle locker, and I be fine with that.

Heres a stock Z71 is some good up hill mud fun.


If this truck had a set up suspension like the raptor it would hold up check it out this trucks one hell of a beating http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmtdtdQF_Qw&feature=related

and here the suspension give way


So I am pretty sure GM's all Terrain was ready to roll they just won't sure if it would sell. I am sure the next gen chevy trucks will have something like sandman said sales are raiseing it will happen.

I see a lot of these running around on the streets Baltimore, I guarentee 80% of them never leave the tarmack.

Don't think your average Raptor owner cares too much about the frame bending, mall parking lot speed bumps and jumping curbs on city streets shouldn't be too much of a problem.

All the Jealous Fanbois can post nothing but hate for the successfull Raptor. You are all so pathetic and predictable.
Notice how not even one ford owner/ fan has gloated about the Raptor and discredited other brands?
All of you dumb gullible HEMI/ GM fanbois are your own worst enemies. Keep up the good work at dumbing your brand /followers down with every predictable post.
The Ford fans will continue to take the high road while the FIAT /GM worshippers continue on their quest to retardation.

Wow. The economy must be doing a lot better if that many people are paying upwards of $42k for a pickup, largely for it's looks and plastic ornamental appendages rather than function.

Thanks Obama! 4 more years! 4 more years! 4 more years!

g.m,or fiat have nothing to match the allaround performence of the raptor, class truck. may trade in my 011 limited for one.



gas guzzler


If I was buying a half-ton, I'd buy a Raptor too. It just looks mean with its blacked out front fascia, high ground clearance, and 34.4" tires. Most other half-tons are full of fake chrome, come with maybe 32" tires max, and are low to the ground in the front for better gas mileage.

come on! lets get real here folks! I would like to se a reg F-150, 4X4 like mine, or even a FX-4 do the same jump as the Chevy did, and see what the outcome would be then! and while we are at it, a new Ram thrown over the dune just to snits an giggles, and see what would happen, the only thing I am wondering is, did the airbag in the Chevy go off? and just what did break? and or get bent? of course the Raptor should be able to do just what it did, it was madde for that! and the Chevy not so much! out here on the beach I was leading a F-150 around, at high speeds 50-60 (that high out here), and it was in the winter when there are NO rangers out ! we were going at a good clip when all of a sudden we hit a washout where the beach dropped off about 3 feet! I was in my Z-71 he was in a 05 Fx-4, and I was the only one to drive off the beach under my own power, with nothing at all wrong, he on the other hand had the strut in the front pass side tear right off the bottom of the lower A arm! we had to leave his truck there and go get a friends tow rig to remove it from the beach before it was discovered by the powers that be, (that would have been tough to explain!

Win for the Blue Oval again. Loss for the Bowtie again. A Chevy can't even go offroad without a beam axle on their 2500's let alone do something like this in the sand with long travel IFS. Ford=Trucks. Chevy=Sucks.

FordRules... Seriously? And the Raptor is so good off road because of it's beam axle right?.... that would be funny if you were joking and not serious. "yeah my 8000lbs ego compensator is the most capable offroad vehicle ever because it's got a big manly solid axle." that's pretty funny. Dodge Power Wagon excepted, name me one place the articulation of a solid axle is actually necessary in a full size HD pickup.... Crickets chirping? What? Honestly add a few inches of suspension lift to an ifs truck and lockers front and rear and the case for the power wagon doesn't even hold much validity. Glad to see all the "real men" out defending their toys.

FordRules... Seriously? And the Raptor is so good off road because of it's beam axle right?.... that would be funny if you were joking and not serious. "

-Re-read what I said GM dork. I said Chevy's are no good off road in general because they have no SFA which is 100% True. Only Ford's, Dodge's and 1987 Chevy's and back are any good on the trails. The Raptor has Long Travel IFS. The Chevy does not. It's just a smooth concrete "so called truck" like everything else they build. Lightweight, flimsy, Cheaply built, good HP, worthless for anything but hauling groceries on concrete or hauling ass. They aren't Trucks. They are flimsy cars with beds and have zero offroad capability in the sand or on the rocky trails. Ford and Dodge are far superior in that regard.

I'm a die hard Chevy guy but the Raptor is the truck people want. I'm proud of Ford for building this truck in the times Smart Cars and Prius variants from all manufacturers are being crammed down our collective throats. We are Americans and this screams that. Wish more companies would follow the lead.

Making the Raptor from a half ton is awesome! Yes at 100mph the frame bends so what! Drive it within its limits and it will do amazing things.

Chevy and Dodge keep trying to do this sort of thing on 3/4 tons and up which seems to be missing the boat.

A very capable off roader built from a half ton and they are selling a bunch of them and they will continue to.

Whoever gets the mythical diesel half ton first will sell them as fast as they can make them.

I used to work in construction and so many of the contractors wanted half ton trucks, they paid a premium price to buy 3/4 and 1 tons just to get that diesel engine.

Not many need a 3/4 or 1 ton as a daily driver, it they want them that's great I have no issue with that. I hate that the half ton truck gets so little respect from truckers. This country was built on the backs of half ton and smaller trucks.

As for me I drive a half ton and live in the country, for 90% of what I do it handles the loads and the terrain just fine. I do wish my Silverado had more muscle under the hood when I'm trailer pulling. But for the times I do that I can't justify living with or even having to buy a 3/4 ton to get that extra pulling power. I would be the first to line of for a 1/2 ton diesel.

I am underwhelmed by the spy shots of the 2014 Silverado, maybe they'll surprise me.

When it comes truck time again for me I will likely break with 4 gens of my family and buy an F-150. I would love a Raptor but living in the country means I have to drive a long way and the fuel mileage is what keeps me from that. I will likely buy an ecoboost and go on down the road...unless the mythical 1/2 ton diesel is for sale at Lochness Motors by Elvis the sales guy during their special "When Pigs Fly" promotion.

I have been reading this site for about 3 or 4 years now and every article leads to chevy vs ford vs dodge. Since 1994 I have owned 3 Dodge diesels with 5 speed transmissions. each had over 500,000 miles of hard use when I got rid of them. No problems other than the nut backing off 5th gear. 3 chevrolet diesels, 2 were 6.5 with Turbos w a 5 speed. Each had 400,000 on them. The other was a 2001 w a duramax and allison. at 150000 miles all the injectors went out. Chevy did extend the warranty because of the problems with those year models. Also had a 99 Ford diesel with a 5 speed. It was bullet proof and had tons of power. now that I don't drive long haul anymore I have owned 4 Z-71's. a 98, 02, 06, and 08. all four were great trucks with virtually no problems after 100,000 miles. I now drive a 2011 F-150 with 35,000 miles on it. Guess what? No problems. My point being with all this is that all 3 of them make great trucks and if you take care of them they will last a long time. It really all comes down to preference.

I am underwhelmed by the spy shots of the 2014 Silverado

-Me neither. Not impressive at all. It looks like an over bloated whale with too big of squred fenders and a massive cartoon front end again. The interior looks cheap as hell and the tires are way too small for their wheel openings. Chevy hasn't built a good truck since 1998. These guys lost their way a long long time ago. The last good off road Chevy truck was in 1987. The last good truck period was in 1998. The last world class ass kicking machine of a Chevy truck was in 1972... Just like their cars. Bring back THAT Chevrolet Motor Company and I might get behind them. They built the goods man!

Ever since then they're just one of Govt.Motors crappy cheap brand names.

This is great news. Shows Americans still are willing to buy 6.2L V8 trucks in this age of weeny hybrids with edible seat cushions. It also encourages other automakers to produce off road-oriented packages.

@barry," fiat have nothing to match the all around performence of the raptor." Your absolutely right barry, Fiat does not, but Dodge does. The winner of our 2012 Duel in the Desert goes to the Mopar-built Ram Runner. Mopar Ram Runner

"I was impressed with the Ram Runner's extreme off-road capability — we jumped, slammed into mounds, cut through deep sand, all of it — and it came through it all like a pro ... rarely getting into the bump stops or touching the skid plates.

"Those front shocks are impressive. During our first set of runs, I could feel myself tighten a bit as we headed toward the big rocks and ruts, but then the front end just sucked it all up. ... By the later runs I could feel our times getting faster because I knew those big springs and shocks had no problems."

" Your absolutely right barry, Fiat does not, but Dodge does. The winner of our 2012 Duel in the Desert goes to the Mopar-built Ram Runner. Mopar Ram Runner"

Actually Fiat Does.



@Robert Ryan, Unbelievable. I did not know a truck that big could jump that high. I think for the purpose of this comparison
this truck would not compare.

Nice to see Raptor sales climbing.
The Raptor and Ford should recieve kudos if for no other reason than the fact that it is a thumb in the eye to every politically correct person and/or green weenie out there.

I do agree that it must outsell the Power Wagon as I see more Raptors around even though the PW has been in production longer.

I'd like to see Ram build a 1/2 ton Power Wagon or at least an Outdoorsman with a factory lift. It doesn't need to be "pre-runner" grade but offroad capable for most guys out there.

@Robert Ryan - your second pic of the Iveco Daily shows a unit that would be very offroad capable. Crewcab capacity with good cargo capacity in what loooks like a farely short wheel base package. The short snout would be a great benefit offroad comared to our long noses.

guys read why chrysler has not put direct injection on the pentastar V6 yet. carbon build up. so if you use bad gas and you get carbon build up like a mazda rx8 rotor motor that needs to be zinged out every once in a while it is going to run poor and/or tick and the service engine light will come on for emissions. think about it. you know i read an article about why ford has not put direct injection on the 5.0 and it was a similar thing. one engineer said if you don't get perfect, it isn't right. remember pentastar heads have direct injection incoporated into the heads. faulty design maybe? or maybe not good with port fuel injection or emissions problems. maybe fuel isn't completely burnt. possible reasons just think intelligently, chrysler sucks or rules, all car makers have bugs that need to be worked out, including best selling toyotas for example.

@HEMI V8 and @Lou.
The Trakker is an Off Road Class whatever to Class 8 Truck with from 310hp to 500hp diesels.
The Daily 4 X4
"Thanks to its design, the New Daily 4x4 guarantees the performance of a true off-road vehicle:
• departure angle 51°,
• approach angle 31° for the short and 27° for the long wheelbases,
• departure angle (with rear bar raised) 42° short and 36° long wheelbases,
• fording depth up to 700 mm.
The vehicle can be equipped with 5 types of power take-offs for operation of external equipment through hydraulic pumps or cardan shafts. The CAN-Bus architecture with "expansion module" allows the electric/electronic system of the vehicle to interface with the systems on the ancillary equipment: this way all of the connections pass through a standard connection."

Who needs a Raptor anyways @ 1:20-




ram runner PFFFFFTTTTTTT.... GAY .....

@cory, If Ram Runner is gay, The Raptor is lesbian. LOL

@Hemi V8
Those "Fiats" Iveco Daily's only have a 3 litre diesel in them.

I think Ford has done a great job with the name and marketing of these Raptors.

If Ram or Chevs came up with a product that appeals to the customer they would sell as well.

It's pointless saying on product is better than the other when the topic is about sales, not cubic inches or 1/4 miles runs etc.

@HEMIV8. They used to have them here. There are similar military transporters produced by quite a few manufacturers these days. The Europeans produce a lot of 4X4. 4X6, 8 x8 heavy trucks for Civilan use as well.
TATRA 10X10 Military Truck
SCANIA 4 X4 Military Truck
SCANIA Construction Off Road
TATRA Brushfire truck

@HEMI V8 MAN 8 X8 again.. Wrong photo last post

When will see the last article about the dreaded CRAPTOR!!???? THESE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN DRIVEWAY QUEEN trucks for people that want to show off and say LOOK AT WHAT I'VE GOT. For Ford Mo Co this truck is nothing BUT A MONEY GRAB JUST LIKE ALL OF THEIR OTHER SPECIAL PACKAGES like the Plantinum and QUEEN RANCH trucks. I would rather lay down my hard earned cash on a real truck that contains options that people really use. That truck is the SILVERADO.

I only have one major complaint about the Raptor: It's grossly overpriced. That said, the market is certainly favoring it even at that near-$70K price tag; but I won't be one of those buying it. I'm not happy with spending $30K on a vehicle and would far prefer to get by under $20K new. I'll leave those high-priced toys for the boys who have to show off.

Whether or not the Raptor is "grossly overpriced" is purely subjective. And I'm not sure where you're getting "near-$70k price tag." A fully optioned Raptor SuperCrew stickers for $54k.

$54k will buy you a very nice 3/4 ton diesel truck that WILL DO SOME SERIOUS WORK. CRAPTOR = WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Everyone knows that RAM trucks are and always have been total crap. The people who know this best of all? Ram owners.

Why won't Chevy build one of these? I remember the days when trails were ruled by nothing but Chevy's and Jeep's that were Powered by Chevy smallblocks. Now you can't take a new Chevy off road on the trails or out doing the Baja thing like this at all. What the hell happened to those guys?

$54k will buy you a very nice 3/4 ton diesel truck that WILL DO SOME SERIOUS WORK. CRAPTOR = WASTE OF MONEY!!!

-Ya right Michigan Bob. That's why they can't build these things fast enough. People Want SFA HD trucks and sales prove it. Chevy doesn't build one. People Want Baja trucks like this with long trvavel IFS and sales prove it. Again, Chevy doesn't build one. People Want lots of interior packages like King Ranch, Platinum, Laramie, Limited, Longhorn, Harley Davidson,Outdoorsman etc.. and sales prove it. Yet again, Chevy has nothing but a gay LTZ. And the wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore.

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