The 2012 Global Pickup Shootout Is Live!

The 2012 Global Pickup Shootout Is Live!

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a few solid midsize pickup trucks into the Australian Outback and do as much truck testing as you and your buddies can handle?

So have we.

That's why we partnered up with our Australian friends and asked them to put together a four-way comparison test with the new Colorado (soon to be here in the U.S.), the Ford Ranger (not scheduled to ever come to the U.S., so says Ford), the Volkswagen Amarok and the top-selling (in Australia and most of the world) Toyota Hilux. They drove through city traffic, muddy ruts, picturesque stream crossings and much more. And now we present their findings to you.

Click here for all seven pieces of our 2012 Global Pickup Shootout.

The 2012 Global Pickup Shootout Is Live!


Not a bad showing for the American nameplates. I am curious to see how GM fine tunes the Colorado for the US market and if Ford will offer the Ranger again in the future.

@Mark Williams . Very Strange Shootout. Why a Petrol Hilux when 93% of all Pickups here are diesel?. What happened to the Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton? Both 2 and 3 in sales?
The Mazda BT-50 outsells the Ranger but is not in the test.
The Hilux is the bestselling by far Pickup in Australia and true is dated.

Where's the Manhindra?

@Robert Ryan- In Aus. Is the Mazda BT-50 the same thing as the Ford Ranger? In the US the Mazda B-2000 was the same thing as the Ford Ranger (US Version)

i so hope they dont bring global trucks to America, i just like American design and innovation much better

@Tyler B--The Chicken Tax will ensure that we don't get any global vehicles because it will stifle any competition. There is no pressure to reverse it because it protects the unions and the domestic manufacturers but it also keeps prices higher for the consumer because it is much harder to compete. Our trucks will only change when fuel prices get much higher and the new fuel standards take effect in a few years and even then it will take years for all the changes to take effect.

Chicken tax is only half of it. In the US, Mexico or Australia the tax does not apply. Ford also builds the Ranger in South Africa where there is no chicken tax.

What's really preventing some of these like the new Ranger from coming here was the all new engine lineup in the 2011 F-150, and the upcoming next gen F-150, and the F-150.

Source: Mike Levine,

correction: ...and F-100.

This is the Ranger replacement here. F-100.

I agree with Tyler. I prefer the American trucks much better.

@Jason - I doubt that we will see an F100. There have been many rumours that Ford will shrink the F150 a little bit to help meet looming EPA MPG targets. Ford seems to like gradual changes and then make a big change in only one area at a time. The current F150 is a prime example. The current body doesn't look much different from the 11th generation (2004 - 2008) but the truck has a different frame, shock layout, cab floor is different and the engines and transmission are completely different. There are alot of other things that are different too. Someone had pointed out that even the doors are different.

I suspect that everyone will watch what happens to the Colorado when it becomes "Americanized". My fear is that it will be a "loss leader" for GMC just to meet the new EPA regulations.
GMC has already hinted that if you want performance and capability you will get that from their full sized trucks and if you want MPG you will get that from the Colorado.

@GM88. Mazda BT 50 and Ranger differ in how they are tuned for road conditions, specifications and price(Mazda a bit cheaper)

The chicken tax excuse is getting old. Domestic half tons are the only thing keeping global trucks from coming to North America. Global trucks thrive in their natural habitat because they're only competing with cars. If global OEMs felt it was worth it to fight for a slice of niche market, they would.

Ford does have 5.5' bed option for super cabs and I rarely see them. This configuration is very close to global crews cabs.

@Lou-You hit the nail on the head. The downsizing of all the full size half tons will to meet the fuel standards will make it closer to the size of these global trucks.

Unlike what Denver Mike and Jason believe fuel economy is not the only reason why I and others that prefer to have a smaller truck will not buy the full size. I just don't want that size of truck. Their rationalization is the same rationalization that was use over 50 years ago when the full size cars started to get bigger. In the 50s it was a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge came in one size take it or leave it. Nothing against the F-150 but tell me I have to take it or leave it and I will leave it.

GM is waiting too long to bring over the Colorado. Well guys believe it or not we do have a choice. One choice is to keep the smaller trucks we own running a lot longer and if necessary rebuild them. The other choice is to buy a Frontier or Tacoma and give up entirely on the domestic manufacturers . The other choice is buy a used smaller truck which I am sure that for several years this will be a viable options even if the prices go up due to demand. Another choice would be if gas prices continue to go up and the Chinese decide to market in NA a Great Wall of China truck that is more efficient than the Ecoboost. We smaller truck fans do have other alternatives.

As for buying Chinese goods after reading a lot of comments on this site about bailouts and having to support domestically owned car companies I have been more open to Chinese goods. Recently I bought a Chinese made 2 stroke tiller and a wheeled trimmer at Home Depot under the Power Mate name. Saving $100 to $200 on a product not much different but with overhead valve motors is a good thing. Also since it one of the arguements against the bailouts is the bailout is helping the unions more and unions are the cause of most of our problems I am not paying for the added cost of union labor on my product. I am now a lot more open to a Chinese truck especially if GM does fold and lets say that Ford is the last domestic manufacturer I will then be more open to a Chinese vehicle than be forced to just have one choice. So Ford fans we compact and midsize truck fans do have choices even without Ford, GM, or Chrysler.

@Jeff S You are right Unions are a problem. They start out as good cause works need better work place or pay, but then after a while they turn into greedy scum suckers.

workers! damn typos lol

It appears the forums on this site are loaded with malware. Users beware.

@johnny doe-I have nothing against unions but as you said when they get too greedy then they should be put in check. I feel the same way about corporations as well. As a consumer I don't want my choices narrowed to just on product and/or one company. I am not anti Ford but I don't want to have just one company remaining and be told if you want a truck it has to be an F-150 and you must only buy a full size. I don't have to do anything that I don't want too. That is not to say that I would never buy an F-150 if I need one but don't force me to.

@Jeff S: You wouldn't be the only one to hack a car or other vehicle to make the truck you want. Sometimes they just have to be shown where they're making their mistakes.

Just wait my fellow bloggers until the new Dakota is introduced. It will smash all of the competitors shown above.


@DWFields--Thanks for the support. I am willing to compromise to a certain point realizing that maybe in some cases it is not cost effective to make exactly the product I want but when I am told one size fits all take it our leave it that just makes me angry. When I am spending my own hard earned money for something I at least want some choice and I want to get something close to what I want and need. What Ford is doing is like a shoe company saying we can give you what ever shoe you want but it has to be in size 12 wide and if it is too big just get some newspaper and stuff it in the shoe and it will fit. My reply is thanks but no thanks. That is my reply to Ford's one size fits all take it or leave it F-150. I agree with what you have said before that there needs to be a smaller choice as well which I would prefer but to go from compact to full size is not the compromise most small truck owners want, at least have a choice to compromise on midsize. I think you should have a choice of a true compact size truck but that is another discussion.

The F-150 is most definitely outdated in body design because it dates all the way back to 2004 with modest changes. I don't consider grill changes and newly styled tail lights to be significant changes in body design. The only truck on the marked as dated as the F-150 would be the Titan. At least RAM, GM, and Toyota have more current body designs. I will look to one of them for my new truck next year.

With all respect, Holden was a real winner here! Off road and value are the importants things in this test. Design! Gee! Holden lost the first place with basis in Design!

In Brazil, we can not accept that. Colorado or Holden is a very tough truck! No question about!

I just think GM has to improve the new Colorado with differencial rear locks! What do you think, Mike?

@JoeAnderson - Dated body? When do bodies expire? Medium duty cabs are on 20 year cycles and no one ever complains. These are trucks, not Camrys.

They are shells and when you design them right, they don't need to be scrapped after 8 years like GM and Dodge (Ram). Why half ass it? Do it right from the start.

What matters is what's under the hood. GM has a brand new/all new truck, but with the same old inefficient engines that under perform. But look, the body is fresh and new! It looks like the old body.

As cool as these trucks are, for $50k, would you rather drive home one of these or a Raptor?

Raptor Vs. "Ute"

They have about the same towing ability
The "utes" win on payload hands down
Raptor destroys them off-road
Raptor runs circles around them on the street
Raptor loses badly on FE
Raptor interior wins hands-down


Raptor Vs. F-150 limited Ecoboost

Ecoboost dominates in Towing
About even on payload
About even on fuel economy
F-150 dominates on the street
F-150 limited interior miles ahead of "utes"
Off-road circuit belongs to "utes"

Same comparisons are valid using a Powerwagon or Laramie limited Ram. Are these global trucks really a value? How can they ever hope to compete in the US?


Tacoma in last place! 3rd place offroad. Can you dig it sucka??????????

if guys want smaller trucks i have no problem with that, but if you ask me i would take a smaller truck and i have no problem with that, the problem i have with the small trucks we have to choose from is compared to a 1/2 ton, they are not that much cheaper, they don't get much better FE, i can get a 1/2 ton, i get more power, more room, can tow more and tow safer, for me it is a no brainier 1/2 ton all the way, i feel that is how Ford, GM, and Dodge are all looking at it, i know there are a few guys who come on the blog and want small trucks, is it really worth it for Ford, GM, Dodge, to put and assembly line together for a couple of guys, at the same time it is not good the Taco has no competition and they have not upgraded it very much


I agree 100% with your statements. I just bought a new 2012 RAM Quad Cab Hemi 4wd truck and could not be happier. RAM is the freshest truck on the market. It is not masquerading as an 8 year old truck.

@Built with out taxpayers $$$$--I have long since given up on all the domestic truck makers making what I want. I will see what the Colorado is like. I can live without a vehicle made by a USA corporation and/or produced in the USA. Two of the best vehicles I have owned were an 85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup (owned for 14 years) and a 77 Honda Accord my wife had for over 17 years. I don't need another truck for a long time but I would be just as happy with a Tacoma or a Frontier. I have owned UAW made vehicles since 1994 and this gives me a good reason not to support them or the Big 3 anymore. I would like to see the Chinese fill in the gap that the Big 3 left in the truck market. As I believe @Dave said in one of the Ranger blogs that Ford does not need my business anymore and that they do not sell cheap vehicles anymore. I will remember that @Dave and if they ever need a bailout I will now be against it as well. I will not make any comments stating that I hope Ford and Chrysler bring a smaller truck to the market because I realize they won't and I will be lectured to that neither needs my business. When my wife replaces her Taurus in a few years I am serious going to look at the Asian vehicles and possibly the BMW and not even bother with domestically owned manufacturers. They don't need my business and my business is not worth their time.

@Jeff S - Sorry to hear you're a discrentalled truck enthusiast. The Big 3 don't deserve your (car) business for failing you. Unfortunately for you, they're following the revenue stream and the mid-size market is a tributary to nowhere.

I agree with denver mike, this whining about midsize or compact trucks is old. You had your chance to purchase these trucks for countless years, now when you want one and nobody buys them you whine and complain that truck manufacturers aren't listening to your needs, well duh!, business is about profit first, then customer service.

Seriously, buy the colorado, tacoma, frontier or shut the F-- up and get a full size truck. Most bickering about full size trucks is that its too big to fit in the driveway or garage or its too big to park. You sound no different than soccer moms.

You buy a truck, pay for the gas, and enjoy the experience. Buy what you want and enjoy what you drive.

Its no coincidence that full size trucks are comparably cheaper, get better fuel mileage, towing, payload, etc. and have much more horsepower and torque.

Heres a simple lesson in economics: as demand goes down, supply does down. When demand goes up, supply goes up. Quantity supplied and demand affect factors other than prices.

There are few alternates to full size trucks.

There more incentive to buy a full size but ignorance and/or cheapness is to blame.

@DenverMike --The Big 3 need to do what is best for them and I as a consumer make the best decision for myself. I use to feel that I needed to support US workers and US businesses but then I realized there is so much bickering among the different brands and that the corporate CEOs only really care about themselves. I have no problem with what Ford does but don't tell me what to buy. If some of these self righteous Americans call me un American for not buying from the Big 3 then I will just say I am not going to buy from them if they do not offer anything that I do not want. As for bailouts at the time I thought that it was good if it saved American jobs but I realize that most people don't really care about American jobs and that I don't see GM making a lot of the right moves to stay a viable business. The way things are going we will just have Ford left and then Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and the German brands and if Ford is the only domestically owned manufacturer left with limited product offerings I will probably choose Korean or Japanese. I realize you are a Ford supporter but I just cannot accept Ford as the only competition. Maybe Fiat will survive with Chrysler and maybe not. Time will tell. The foreign companies I mentioned will survive and are in it for the long haul.

@Allistar Evans--I appreciate you support as well. Nice to be called ignorant and cheap. I don't care what Ford does at this point but I did enjoy reading this shootout which I am sure you did not like since you disapprove of any midsize trucks. Thanks Mark for the shoot out. It is nice to see another perspective and other products besides the redneck take it or leave it, Love American or Leave it perspective. Happy rednecking to you Allistar.

Yes they beat the Raptor on Payload, beat it off Road(see Dakar Results). No they all have their own unique presence on streets. Interior hard to say.

@Denvermike and Allistar Evans
I have just realise something about you, the American consumer. If something is bigger it has to be better, that's your philosophy. Supersize my truck. Many people buy smaller Euro cars because of quality. It has nothing to do with will I use that capability, its just an excuse to want more and bigger, even if the quality is reduced.

Large pickups are good, but most of you guys only buy your pickups for show. That's why they are manufactured with a small load rating. You don't use their potential.

@ the person complaining and stating that he would buy a Raptor for that price. That price is in Australia, not in the US. And those prices are nothing like you would pay in any case. I bought my BT50 GT for $6 000 less than the recommended retail price. I paid $46 000, in the US you would be paying in the high $30 000.

Jeff S
not sure what to say here but i do feel you don't like Ford and are an in the closet GM fan boy, what does it matter if Ford is the only NA truck company they will still have heavy competition from imports just look at the Tundra and if Gm goes belly up some foreign manufacture will buy them and keep them going, everyone here seems to have hard time excepting the fact that Ford sells the most trucks, are they the best no i don't think so but every time i go to buy a truck (personal or for the company i work for) it is so easy to get the package i want from engine, rears, interior, exterior, set ups i want compared to any other truck company they do give you a lot of option and different package

All this complaining about Ford, Ram, and GM (for now) not building compact/midsize trucks anymore is rediculous. I'm as dissappointed as anyone at the demise of the small truck market, but business is business. The fact of the matter is, there are just not enough buyers of small trucks to justify the investment for some manufacturers. There is no requirement that every automaker fill every concevable market and submarket. If a company does not offer what you are looking for and you buy elsewhere, fine, that's business too.

and the winner is......................."The real story here is just how close the first, second and third-place finishers were in the shootout. The Holden Colorado went home with just two more points than the Amarok, thanks largely to its first-place off-road performance, but fell to the Ford Ranger by just one point. That means that the Ranger, Colorado and Amarok were split by just three points in total. "

@Jeff S, Big Al from Oz - I don't see what the big deal is. Mid-size mean 9/10ths scale. If full-size trucks don't fit your lifestyle or garage, it can't be by much.

If I was marooned on a desert island (or OZ), with no (reasonably priced) full-size trucks to be had , I would just deal with it.

Take a Tacoma crew cab vs an F-150 extra cab. The F-150 is approx 6" wider and 2 feet longer, each with standard beds. Opt for the 6.5' bed Tacoma or the 5.5' bed F-150 and they're the same length, give or take an inch.

Why make so much noise over such a subtle difference?

The first one with a turbo diesel that gets 30+mpg and can tow 5,000# sold in the US will be the true winner here.

@Dan the Man --Sounds like you are a Ford fanboy. Ask you a question does currently owning a Taurus make me a GM fanboy? I didn't realize that GM owned Ford. What is that blue oval on the Taurus say it says "Ford". I have owned other Fords as well so I guess that makes me a super GM fanboy. Go back under your rock Dan. Let me say this clearly unless maybe you don't understand English that my problem with Ford is not the quality but I will not be forced to buy a product because it is American made and owned out of false patriotism if the product is not something I do not want. I neither want to tell Ford what to do nor do I expect them to even listen to me. You are just as thick headed as some of the Ram boys. Yes I have a Chevy but I have owned just as many Fords as Chevys and I have owned Chryslers too. But now I plan to buy Asian. I did not realize buying a Toyota or a Nissan is being a GM fanboy? If anything call me an Asian fanboy. I don't care if Ford makes a pickup version of the F850 if they think people will buy it that is their business. At this point I could care less what happens to GM or Chrysler. We have had so many companies go out of business and make things overseas. If you are typical of the mentality of the workers that make the Big 3 products then I don't want any of them.

@Dan the Man--I am glad you like your Ford and it is giving you good service. I guess you can accuse me of being a fanboy for saying that.

@Luke--I did not say I expected Ford to meet every product that every consumer needs. That is what you read into what I said. I said don't expect me to buy just anything because it is American made. I guess this is typical fanboy attacks. If this makes you feel like a man that is your problem.

@Big Al from Oz--Good to hear from you. These guys are not interested in anyones comments unless it totally agrees with theirs. A lot of people buy big trucks for show and if that makes them feel like a man then I am glad that the manufacturers are able to satisfy their inadequacies because nothing else will. There are those that need large trucks and those that do act like men not juveniles. I have friends that are farmers, construction workers, and in the service industry that use there large trucks to the fullest. These men are down to earth and do not have the huge egos that many of these fanboys have. I respect those men but I do not respect these fanboys. Al I told you about my handyman that has a 94 F-250 powerstroke crewcab that uses his truck to the fullest. I respect him and he is more man than some of these juvenile fanboys. Sorry it just pisses me off when these guys are looking for a fight to prove they are right. Al I enjoyed reading about the trucks in this article and it you are very fortunate to have a large variety of capable trucks in Australia.


It isn't sublte, park a new colorado in the garage next to another car, then take it out and park a suburban (same size as a full size truck) and see the difference. It isn't as minute as you think. The width between a tacoma (the largest mid size) and silverado is 5.3 inches with out the mirrors, add the mirrors (the full sizes are larger and stick out more than the mid sizers) it takes up alot of space. I read a suburban is 12" wider with the mirrors... Plus how much higher it is the front and back end. In a two car garage it isn't minute. In a 24' wide garage and almost a foot difference between the two that is alot of space.

I have two friends whos trucks won't fit in their garage. 2010 F150 CC and another has a 2008 crew cab silverado. They don't have that problem with a mid size, not to mention not fitting by much means it won't fit and your truck sits out in the sun, snow, rain and hail all the time. If your a car guy, who wants that? That just takes money out of your pocket when it is time to sell.

It's good noise to make, people want mid size trucks...

@Big Al from Oz - What is the actual difference in US $$$ vs Australian $$$? On the same note, how different is the mpg rating there vs U.S.?

If the $$ difference is as big as you say, than a midsize would definitely make sense, but if $50k Australian is $45k U.S., than it really doesn't make sense to buy the smaller truck.

Off-road racing is very different from real world 'wheeling. In my opinion, a Raptor would be more useful on a Ranch than a midsize truck. Are the roads in Australia really too tight for a Raptor?

In Australia our wages are much higher. I saw an add for a truck driver to drive road trains the other day $110 000 a year. A cleaner where I work is on $40k a year about the same for a waitress or shelf stacker in a supermarket, the same as a car washer in a car yard that cleans the cars every morning.

High school kids that work in Macdonalds get about $12.00+ an hour.

Our working conditions are different, we have compulsory superannuation on top of this which is about 10%. The Netherlands and Australia have the best retirement in the world. Start to google the differences between countries, yuo'll be amazed at what the US doesn't have.

All of this "stuff" costs.

Our volume of vehicle sales lower.

On average our wages are 50% higher than the US. Our dollar might be near parity but our income is higher, this adds to cost of all goods and services.

We are paying about $5.00 for a US gallon for gas.

Our currency used to be about 70c to the USD, but since the ass has fallen out of the Euro, US and Japan our currency has lifted significantly. No that we have a positive economy the Swiss, Japanese and all major currency are buying ours to hedge against any fallout when and if the OECD economies drop their game.

@Tyler--Thanks those of us that want a smaller truck really want one and I like that my truck fits in my garage because I like to keep it in showroom shape. I want everyone to get what they want and if someone really wants a full size truck then they should have one. I like to have freedom of choice and not be mandated to buy something I do not want or need. I have no quabbles with any of the trucks on the market whether they be large or midsize and I am glad that those that have a preference for large truck have a sizable choice of competitive trucks. Unlike some of the commentors on this site I would like to see GM and Chrysler succeed even though some of the Ford fanboys would like the Ford F-150 to be the only choice. I guess if you really like what you own you want your brand to be Number 1 and that is good, but I don't like to be told what to buy nor do I want to dictate to others what they should buy just like I don't like to be told how to worship and who to vote for. But I guess there are a lot of people out there that get their feelings of importance by telling others what to do. God save us from those people. Some of those people cannot even manage their own lives so why should anyone listen to them. Thanks and have a good evening.

@Tyler - Don't buy a full-size crew cab or Suburban if it won't fit, simple as that. Crew cab mid-sizers are only equal to full-size extra cabs in F/R legroom.

The 5.5' bed F-150 extra cab is a foot longer at 17 feet, than the base Tacoma crew cab.

Most garages give you at least 20' and that's when Suburbans fit snug.

@DenverMike--I guess we can rely on your expertise of garages. I don't like to have my bumper against the front of my garage and no room to move around. My garage is not that deep but maybe you could mandate to the builders what size of garage they should build. My house is 11 years old and the big builders are like the big car makers it is more cost effective for them to standardize everything and not to vary too much. Since you are mentioning profit margins the builders maximize their profit margins as well.

Isn’t it interesting to see some of the “gouging apologists” jump through hoops trying to justify the local prices in Australia? What a pitiful series of excuses they offer. But the truth is undeniable: It is cheaper for individuals to buy at US retail prices or European prices and have the items shipped one at a time to Australia.

I’d like to see some of our alleged journalists do some digging and show exactly who gets what with the Australian prices. But you can be sure the local rip-off merchants and dealers will guard that information very carefully.

Things are higher in Au because we don't believe in Capitalism. Plain and simple. They brag about how much higher their income is. Average earnings may be a little higher in Au, but when everything costs 2-3 time's as much, there is no benefit at that sort of price difference.

EX: For example an Hyundai Tuscon is $24k usd , the same car here iX-35 is $42.5k. Both cars built in the same factory in Korea, so what gives.

Australia has more equal income but it is a much smaller market. It doesn't mean we Australians make more money. It means the income gap is smaller! What brings American incomes down is there are A LOT more people, a lot bigger bigger market which brings a lot more who are low income bringing the rest of of the middle and upper income earners down slightly. But overall there are a lot more that are higher income in the United States who.

Australians want the market to determine the price, but disregard 70% of the market and bullshit to themselves.

We just bought a stroller for under Au$500 from Amazon US (inc shippping) versus the exact same model for just under $1,000 in a shop in Aus. And it arrived in 6 days! How can retailers claim shipping costs for the high prices here when Amazon US only charged us $15 postage for a bulky stroller?

And baby clothes! Good grief! I just stocked up at Marks and Spencer (UK dept store) and even in pounds plus postage, they are cheaper. For example, a 3 pack of all-in-one jumpsuits is £11 ($16)… A single Bonds jumpsuit is $20. WTF?! That's 3 x's as much!

I really can’t feel very sympathetic to these sheltered, limited, technophobic protected retailers and dealers in Australia. Want cheaper prices? Go to the US. Guys, this is how capitalism works.

I’d like to buy locally, but locals merchants generally aren’t interested in competing and free markets. They want to hang on to their margins while simultaneously squealing about unfair competition.

Who needs them ? I’ll happily see them all go out of business.

@ Big Al - thanks for the perspective. It seems like an incredibly rough 35% inflation compared to U.S. $'s. That puts these "fully loaded" trucks in the $35,000 range, $30,000 at times with incentives. That's not terribly bad, about on par with the Tacoma which sells well even though it's overpriced for it's features. In U.S. spec, with navigation, heated/cooled leather seats, and other gadgets, these trucks would probably reach near 40k, maybe more with the diesel engines.

That's in the neighborhood of 10k cheaper than a comparable 1/2 ton with about 60% of the capability. I think that's marketable. These trucks will have to sell based on available features, because stripper trim levels will not be able to compete against the full-size offerings

We have very open roads in Austrlia. But Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Gee, have a look at our trucking industry and look at what we operate. Road trains now to B triples, B doubles are the norm on the east coast.

We have 1/2 ton pickups and HDs. The people who buy them are generally an enthusiast.

What I'm saying its good to have full size pickups, but don't stop mid size trucks. By the sounds of it there is a NA market for them.

I'm also saying that much of what your 1/2 ton trucks are doing a mid size can achieve.

From reading the article the mpg rating includes mainly urban and off roading with some highway driving, but not much. A lot of our articles are made that way, it gives a truer sense of fuel economy.

@DenverMike- I would have to agree with some of you that I would not pay 50k for one of these Australian truck, I would rather have an F-150, Ram, or Silverado for less but then I could also buy a Frontier or a Tacoma for much less than the Australian trucks even though I have no doubt that the Australian trucks are more capable. I will never have my truck offroad and use the 4 wheel drive on my Isuzu in the snow. After seeing the midsize selection shrink I am glad I bought my crewcab Isuzu 4 years ago. I will see what is available in the midsize truck market when I am in the market for another truck but now I just like to keep track of what is available. Allister I did buy a new midsize 4 years ago a new crewcab (it only has 22k mile on it now). The next vehicle I will buy will buy will be a crossover and I will let my wife choose that which she is leaning more toward a Enclave but I will not get anything until it gets much better gas mileage and I think maybe the Koreans might have something in a few years that is more fuel efficient. I really like Hyundais and what they have done with their cars and trucks has definitely got them on the top of my list.

@Jeff S
Take it easy, I never said you should buy something just because it's American made. In fact, I wasn't directly addressing you at all. I was just pointing out that while certain automakers abandoning the compact market is unfortunate, it's just a business decision, nothing personal. Ford and Ram will lose sales from people like you to Toyota and Nissan, a fact I am sure is not lost on them. You can buy (or not buy) whatever you want.

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