Three Pickups on U.S. Most-Stolen List

1999 Chevy Silverado II

Three of the top 10 most-stolen vehicles in the U.S. in 2011 were pickup trucks, specifically the 2006 Ford F-Series, 1999 Chevy Silverado and 2004 Dodge Ram. Nationally, the Ford is ranked No.3, the Chevy No. 7 and Dodge No. 8.

Just in case you own a half-ton truck — or any full-size pickup for that matter — we suggest you find out what is popular with thieves in your area. (It can vary quite a bit from state to state, even city to city.) In some cases, especially in the South and Midwest, pickup trucks are sometimes in the top two or three slots and can make up the majority of the top 10 players. Check with your local law enforcement department for more details.

The most-stolen list is compiled by data submitted to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center from state law enforcement agencies.
While the top two spots (Honda Accord and Civic) look similar to 2010’s most-stolen list , the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports a new trend of late-model vehicle thefts. Newer cars typically are harder to steal because of higher-tech anti-theft devices.

The report attributes the theft of later-model vehicles to more thieves who illegally obtain replacement key codes for a specific vehicle. A key code is an anti-theft technology that requires a code in the key to match a code in the vehicle’s ignition system. Thieves are finding more and more ways to obtain replacement key codes through proper replacement practices at dealerships and locksmiths, or by having an insider, NICB reports.

Overall, thefts are decreasing, and FBI crime statistics show that vehicle thefts have not been this low since 1967.

2004 dodge-ram-1500 II


Why am I not surprised the highest truck thefts occur with the highest selling truck and the lowest with the lowest selling truck, think # of trucks available to steal for each manufacturer have anything to do with this?

PLEASE steal my 1999 Silverado!!!

The study doesn't specify, but F-150 don't crack the Top 10 list of stolen vehicles. I believe the last F-150 make any Top 10 list of stolens was the '97.

Pre 2008 F-250s have dummy keys and '07 was a short production run. This makes '06 SuperDutys the newest and most targeted F-Series.

Ford F-Series: THE BRAND MOST LIKELY TO BE RUN OFF A CLIFF BY THEIR OWNERS out of frustration for owning such a second rate product.

Thieves need a reliable truck as well.

Where I live it is mostly Tacoma's and Frontiers/Hardbodys that are stolen. Most people here drive midsize trucks so the need for cheap replacement parts is high.

Oh and Rangers which are rumored to be easy to steal.

Thieves need a reliable truck as well.

Posted by: Frank | Aug 23, 2012 12:11:34 PM

No doubt. They are not going to get that with a Triton or Powerstroke powered truck.

PLEASE steal my 1999 Silverado!!!

@Jason, those GMT800's are such piles of garbage it's sick. Hands down the poorest quality, cheapest POS truck built in American history. You have the standard rocker rot, cab rot and bed rot that will work all the way to the top of the bed to where you'll literally have no bedside left there. They sourced the cheapest junkiest steel for everything on that truck from the biggest eyesore (the body), to the rusty blown brakelines, to the rusty frames, to the cheap as thin ever warping rotors. Then to add insult to injury they stuck CHEAP ass interiors in them like they were some Fisher Price toy. Cluster guages that always failed (speedo and gas gage etc.), door handles that would always break off in the winter when cold. You can't even Keep the plastic trim ring around the tailgate handle from falling off. Most just throw them away. And that's if you can keep the tailgate handle from breaking because they always do. Combine this with their piston slap problem that plagued Many engines and you have Pinpointed the EXACT year where Chevy Trucks went into the proverbial toilet and Never recovered. GMT800's and frankly GMT900's should be Erased from Chevrolet Truck history as far as I'm concerned. Total and complete piles of junk. This is where Chevy went downhill in 99 and Ford went uphill starting in 97 at roughly the same time. When the 2004 Ford came out, Chevy was done for. They had 3 damn years to knock that F-150 down to size and in 2007 all we got is more Cheap GM SH*T. Chevy quit building quality trucks in 1998 end of story.

Here's some more.

And here's how to fix them..

It seems most trucks around this time period rust really bad. You can go on You Tube and find vids of 2000+ model yr Ram and Fords that are rusted beyond belief. Go troll somewhere else. FordTrucks1/American Chevrolet.

I'm not a troll and I sure as hell have nothing to do with Fordtrucks. Is Jason H a troll too because he posted the same evidence I did. You're just another GM apologist who doesn't want to see them get their act together apparently. You think this stuff is acceptable?? Really?? This is what you get after 5-10 years for spending 30-50 grand? There is NO truck during that era that literally rotted away before your eyes like the 800's. This is the truck that ruined their Like A Rock reputation plain and simple. And I don't need to come up with another name to post under either unlike yourself. I've been here a long time. People like you making excuses are the reason GM had to go to the Government and beg for money. You accept poor quality while the rest of the world had moved on. Pathetic.

"No doubt. They are not going to get that with a Triton or Powerstroke powered truck."

They already do TROLL!

@Frank is a troll Speaking of rust do you know the best truck car etc... company Toyota buils rust bucket check on the net trucks that are 7 or 8 years old with rusted through frames and bad engines buy one you will like your Chevy truck.


For every pic you posted of a GM truck with rust you can post a pic of a Ford or Dodge doing the same, whats your point? You don't take care of your vehicle and drive it in a state with harsh winters and Salt what do you think is going to happen? take a hose every once in a while and spray the underside. Metal will rust when salt or other harmful chemicals hit it over time, look at ships. They have special sprays and coatings yet they still have rust over time and need a repaint.

There are countless pics of rusted body mounts and tanks, suspension components and what not.

Yup, appears to be rust

1997 F150, the year "Ford" went uphill

Whats with the late model pic of a dent in the bed side? You know that is not cause by rust right?

BTW, Ford went and had to get government money too...

Power washed my 1999 GMT800 EVREY time it was in salt...not just the outside but the underside also.
Had the same rust in the same areas...never again GM.

Power washed my 1999 GMT800 EVREY time it was in salt...not just the outside but the underside also.
Had the same rust in the same areas...never again GM.

@JK, I had the same issues in all these same areas with my 03. Washed, waxed, garaged and babied. These things are rust buckets. I couldn't care less about the bailout, I do however care about quality. I agree with everyone, Chevy's last worthwhile truck rolled off the assembly line in 1998- early 99. After that, their trucks have been the cheapest ass crap built by any truck manufacturer in existence. They've survived the last 10 years on old reputation and loyalty alone. Certainly not on quality,

I have no idea what you guys are talking about, I have owned Chevy's And Dodges for the past 35 yrs. 8 of them in all, and have had not one with rust problems, and I live in New England! on an Island! you know surrounded by salt water! and with salt thrown on the roads at the 1st sign of ice, and have driven on the beach almost every day of those 35+ yrs. With that said the friends I have that own toyotas and datsuns and nissans have all had their share of rust issues, not one of them has an original bed on there trucks that are over 8-10yrs old (pathetic flat beds) or old Chevy or Ranger beds, and a couiple of them have had to have the entire FRAMES replaced (by toyota) but still! and in all my yrs of driving and being on this planet, the only trucks I have seen with any rust issues at all are foreign!!!not American! as a matter of fact my 10yr old Dakota has NO body rust, and very little surface rust of any kind underneath, and I do drive that truck in the winter, and on the beach daily! also a lot of guys I know out here are commercial fishermen, and that means after they come in with their catch they load them in the beds of their trucks, in big giant coolers filled with salt water&fish, to bring to the local wholsaler, and if any truck were to have rust issues would be them, and they do, the ones that own tacomas, tundra, titans ect. ect... all foreign to be shure, and they do own them a long time because they do run a long time, there is no taking that away from them, but 5 out of 6 I know are not pickup trucks anymore, but flat beds now! there is one guy out here with a CHevy, I'm not sure of the yr. but it has a plastic composite bed on it, it was an option for a couple of yrs. and he bought it just for that reason, and that bed actualy looks better than the rest of the truck! (not because of rust) but it doesn't seem to scatch at all!!! and no dents either! and at this point he has well over 100K on it, and has only had to do reg. maint. So don't come trolling here and talk trash, because it is getting obnoxtious!

Nice ford tops ram and gm Again!! is there no mountain ford cant climb???

Pickups and vans/minivans are popular decause they can used for other crimes. You can tow or haul your stolen goods with them. Some are popular just because they are very easy to steal.
USA Top 10:
1. 1994 Honda Accord
2. 1998 Honda Civic
3. 2006 Ford Pickup (Full Size)
4. 1991 Toyota Camry
5. 2000 Dodge Caravan
6. 1994 Acura Integra
7. 1999 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
8. 2004 Dodge Pickup (Full Size)
9. 2002 Ford Explorer
10. 1994 Nissan Sentra

Canadian Top 10:
1. 2009 Toyota Venza 4-door
2. 1999 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
3. 2000 Honda Civic SiR 2-door
4. 2006 Ford F350 Pickup Truck 4WD
5. 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT 4-door AWD
6. 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS 4-door 4WD
7. 2007 Ford F350 Pickup Truck 4WD
8. 2001 Pontiac Aztek 4-door AWD
9. 1998 Acura Integra 2-door
10. 1999 Acura Integra 2-door

I had to laugh at #8, the Aztek. Maybe it is commonly stolen for parts because owners do not want to publically admit to owning one?

@Michigan Bob - Hey, welcome back. When did they let you out? It's been getting almost too quiet around here and speaking on which, have you seen Oxy and his posse? The Dodge Spam bros must be on vacation. When does their Mexico assembly plant shut down for the summer?

Hey, I came here one time to yell at all the trolls and an intellectuala discussion of trucks broke out!

GMT800's still selling like hotcakes STFU... You wanna see cheap ride behind a Ford roll over some rough pavement and watch how bed the bed shake and yall say the inside is all plastic?... What the hell yall think is in that Ford? Leather? Are you serious? Yall Ford fans are ignorant... Go find an ecoboost to hump or something

Stop weeping GM crybaby!

@John, LOL at your ignorance, boy do you take the cake!!

Here are some videos for you American Chevrolet since you enjoy posting videos so much. Look at all of this wonderful quality. Fords have been doing nothing but going up hill since 1997. LMAO....uh huh.....yeah right buddy. Keep sippin your delicious Ford Kool Aid. The 97-03 trucks were a joke compared to the 96 and before.

@Denvermike The spam boys had to go back to school.

Oh darn now we cannot publicly ridicule them for their foolishways

Hey must not drive to work everyday like most of us, on an island beach every day wow that is hard on a truck body.
No tash talking from me just the facts.
I will spell it out for you sandboy,
We spent our hard working $ on a new truck that we power washed-waxed-garaged-babied and it rotted apart.

Those videos are nothing compared to the Chevy. Ford rockers on those trucks Do rot But they are tucked up almost underneath the door so you don't see them. They do not however rot nearly as fast nor do the beds and cab corners have NEAR the rot issues the GMT800's had. Not even close. For every one Ford truck you can show me with severe corrosion I could show you 100 Chevy's. What about how GM cheaped out on the rusty brake lines? They can put a stainless muffler on there but not stainless brake lines that can rupture and kill someone when they rot and blow?? What about how they cheaped out on the frame coatings? Those frames are pure rust within a couple of years.. Wax dips don't work. That's why Ford and Dodge Paint their frames now. Ford started building superior trucks in 97 to the GMT800 that came out in 99. the 97 Ford compared to the 97-98 Chevy was a joke. Chevy stomped it. Chevy's beds and rockers held strong and sturdy. You're also not comparing steel thickness. The GMT800's were the beginning of the tinfoil era that only got worse with the 900's. The 97-03 (and really the 04-08) Ford's were all still thick and durable like the GMT400's. That is what people wanted. A sturdy truck with a sturdy interior. Fords interiors used far thicker interior plastics and higher quality seat materials. They also had nice thick durable steering wheels that didn't disinsigrate with every day use. Chevy steering wheels turned to pure mush. The GMT800 is nothing but a sea of cheap plastic if you step into one. It's horrible. It's beyond me if you love Chevy's or GM in general how you can defend such cost sutting shoddy trucks. Those of us who DO love Chevrolet want them to be the best again make NO excuses and will accept nothing but the best from the company we still love.

It's almost like you WANT Chevrolet to fail so 'Good Nuff' is just good enough in your world. Not in mine pal. You're probably one to defend issues such as piston slap and point to Ford's spark plug issue.. I'l address that right now. For one GM engines Still have this issue after 15 years. That is Not quality. Ford Fixed their problem within a few years. Nonetheless, Two wrongs Never makes a right. Chevrolet engines should be the gold standard of the world. Especially when it comes to V8's. You're probably one to defend the wavy sheetmetal stampings over the rear wheel wells on the 900 Silverado's. You're probably one to defend the yet again poor quality-fit and finish interiors of the 900's. I thinks it's horrible that they'd put a product out there like that. I wouldn't buy a 12k dollar Sonic with those waves in the sheetmetal let alone a 40k dollar truck. Especially one I'm going to recieve a piston slap bulletin on from GM within 6 months. I hold Chevrolet quality to the highest standards in the world as they used to be. After ther bailout, there is NO excuses to be made for any cost cutting measures such as the ones continually discussed on this site and others.. NONE. I LOVE Chevrolet! They MUST be the Gold Standard of the World again when it comes to trucks and engines Period like they once were for decades on end. No more excuses. It's time to be the best money can buy again.. I refuse to be an enabler of poor quality.

No "trash" talking from me just the facts.

No "trash" talking from me just the facts.

@JK, I'm with you and back you fully. My 05 Chevy I bought new I dumped in 2009 for a new F-150. Already had the rocker rot coming through and bubbles over the rear wheels. Disgusting what Chevy sold me. Same cluster gage problems as everyone else. The damn gages never did work right. Frame was rusted fairly quickly and all over too. My auto 4x4 button never did work right. Sometimes the light would show it was on when it wasn't, other times I couldn't even engage the 4wd. The interior plastics were of very poor quality from the get go. I was so torn between sticking with Chevy and switching to that new Ford that came out in 2004/5 but like a sucker I stuck by my beloved brand of 40 years. I got so sick of that pile of junk after the first year even I swore off Chevy trucks for good. Same as you, I took that thing through our auto wash center everytime it rained or snowed. And they dry the vehicles off with towels there. The truck was the cheapest flimsiest POS I've ever owned. After owning Chevy trucks since 71, I'll be spending my last years of life in a Ford. Chevy did this to themselves. Nobody else did it but them. Ford's are built far better than Chevy's now and it's not even close. They're much nicer inside too.

Another thing, I looked at the pictures of your truck and all of those others posted. What's the deal with the doors? Not a spec of rust of them yet everything else around the door is all rusted away. Every one I see is like that. Why didn't they just make the rockers like that? How many extra pennies would it have cost them? Unreal.

Those 800's are exactly like GM cars from the 1990's. Cheap bodies, cheap interiors, knocking engines, guages that never worked right. Everytime I'm in one it's like being in a junky 1990's GM car. The gmt-400 is lucky is was born in the 1980's and came from the old truck guys at GM who worked on the 60's-80's trucks. The 400 was the only quality vehicle from GM in the 1990's. I'd put the new Corvette for 1997 right there with it. That's where it ends. Everything else is in the junkyard now because they were disposable crap to begin with. These 800's were no different. Just 90's era (in this case 99-06) GM disposable crap littering up the junkyards these days. I'm not so sure the gmt-900 is any better. And Chevy wonders why their truck reputation went into the gutter. They would have been better off to keep building the gmt-400 all the way up to 2014 when the new trucks arrive and saved their money to offer a beam axle alternative front suspension for the 2500's.

jaykay::: I do work every day that is what a commercial havester does, and when I drive on the beach its a short cut to the boat! at 4am! and the ride home, (the next day) at 4pm is also on the beach, so before you get all childish and talk trash and troll all over real hard working men that don't get payed by the hr. but by what they actualy do catch! STFU!!! you aren't even bait in our book boy! er or girl? but a real richard cranium thats for sure! I never have and never will talk down on anyone here, the only things I have done is support America, and her products ok? so move along now, pick up your bong and hide it, I think I hear your mommy calling for you, have a nice day.

jk: here are some other facts for you, Hand washing is a lot better for the finish on your truck that power washing! and driving on the beach is like driving on a salted road! even worst because rust only happens in the heat not at freezing! temp. so when you put your truck to bed at night in you garage, you are helping rust! because it is warmer in your garage! good luck and don't be so lazy! wash your truck by hand it is much better for the paint, and your waistline also!

@sandman4X4 - good point about garage kept vehicles. My dad used to say the same thing. A vehicle will rust faster if parked in a garage in the winter. Chemical reactions usually do not like cold. Another thing to consider is that storing a vehicle in a warm garage causes frequent heat cycling of the metal as well as water. Metal expands with heat and contracts in the cold. Water is an interesting substance. It is lighter and less dense as a solid and also occupies much more space as a solid.
Frost heaves, cracks, and pot holes happen to a road and that sort of thing happens with your vehicle.

Oh, one more thing - how did a story about car theft turn into a bashfest about rust?

What ever yall say... Hey I have a 99 silverado I love my truck.... Yall can continue talking about Ford im out

Lou::: a certain troll that will remain un-named, for the sake of the site,OK?

@sandman4x4 - rust never sleeps, just like stupidity ;)

TO JASON H.!!!!!!! You Have to wash it wonce an wile !!! I have one that has NOTHING WRONG WITH >>> EVER>

On 12/14/12 our car Nissan 2500 Commercial van has been stolen. The truck had a lot of cases lf wine inside,while the guy was doing delivery the guy who stole a car just sneaked and stole it like in 5 mins. The commerical van had a steakers ln the sides saying .empire wine collection. Brooklyn,ny.... He stole it from Manhattan and drove to the Queensborough Bridge. If anyone saw please call to us at 7184396883 this is the phone of the company. The characteristics of a car is white steakers on the side and the bamper in the back wasnt fully repaired because of the accident. Thank you!!!!!

What is the best and inexpensive anti-theft device for a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 truck?

Just want to say I own a 99 chevy Z71 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It has 250,000 miles on it and still run hard. Like a rock baby!

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