2013 F-150: TV Pushes MPGs and Denis Leary

F-150 Comm screen cap 2 II

In the newest round of F-150 commercials, Ford will continue to beat the drum on fuel economy and towing capability through the staccato stylings of Denis Leary.

The half-animated, half-live-action images still serve as the main visual element, though they do a much better job at showing (and explaining) the benefits of the truck instead of relying on Mr. Leary's sharp statements.

As far as we know, Adweek is the first to post these videos, so click here to see the 2013 F-150 commercials, which are likely to air during NFL games on Sunday.

F-150 Comm screen cap



TV ads for the most part are blather and there are so many commercials I tend to block them out. I am more likely to google reviews that are independent from this site or cars.com because advertising tends to make reviews more biased and comments from fanboys do not give an accurate accessment of what a product is really like.

Having a product that I am interested in is another factor. If I am looking for midsize trucks and I know that Toyota and Nissan has what I am looking for then I don't care how good a Ford or Ram commercial is I will not be motivated to buy a product that I don't want. On the other had if I am interested in a particular product and the commercial actually gives me addition information that maybe I didn't know about then I wil listen to it. To me a commercial reminds me that a product is still available.

The most import part of a product is that once I buy a product and like it then I am more likely to buy that product again. That is one thing in Toyota's favor because if I do buy a Tacoma and like it I am probably going to look at their other products as well so that is one reason why the individual sales of each product are not as important because if you have a good experience with a product then you are more likely to buy that product again and that is why Toyota's ads don't matter as much because they have a lot of repeat business. I have a feeling that if I did not buy my S-10 and would have bought a Tacoma I probably would not have bought another Chevy or Ford. Who know's for sure but that is why it is important to have the right mix in your product line. That is why I stopped looking at Fords or GMs when they did not have a good choice among midsize fuel efficient crossovers. Ford had a econboost 4 cylinder but the trim levels were cheap where Kia and some of the nonAmerican brands offer you a nicer package with the more efficient engine. I have done my research and Mike Rowe or Dennis Leary will not convince me otherwise unless they advertise that Explorer or Edge is introducing these packages. This is the same thing with those who want a nicer trim package on a Silverado, they are not going to be swayed by an ad if it is not something they want.

I know I will get some flack from the Ford fanboys but I am not alone. No amount of advertising will convince me to buy a product that does not meet my needs and the criteria that I want. So you can tell me to take it or leave it and when there are other choices I will take the other choice regardless of how much I like Mike Rowe and I really like Mike.

My favorite ads were "like a rock" ads for chevy, "the rules have changed" for the 94 dodge ram, The new cummins ram ones, and for ford.....cant say i remember one that stays in my head like these others

there is a 2011 f150 reg cab with 5.0 engine 33000 km headliner hangs door trim falls off when u open the door the transmission shudders slips and after stopping at a light 15-20 seconds later it bangs into first gear now the front end is rattling truck is used lightly im a general foreman for a plumbing company this is the biggest piece of sh%t we have ever had we have 3 dodges and 2 chevs worked hard and minor issues not sure why all the ford guys stand behind such a shi%tty product i know lots of contractors who will no longer be running fords in thier fleets

we gave the new ford a try thinking we would be able to upgrade our aging fleet. we will be upgrading our fleet but it will be with new ram 1500 sxt's or silverados this is the first and last ford for us the only thing it has is a good engine the rest of the truck is absolute crap

@HEMI V8 - Ram has some game changers and late to the game on others. Ram still has no answer for Fords V6s, now a majority of F-150 sales.

The original Hemi V8 was legendary, but the Coyote V8 embarrasses it in terms of engine tech, power vs displacement, fuel economy and emissions.

Ram has a strong enough product to beat current GMs, but it only goes to show you can't outrun the past. Dodge trucks were such a pathetic offering (on a nearly 20 year old truck) by the late '80s, Chrysler almost killed them off like they did their commercial/medium duty truck line.

Dodge trucks would've been extinct if it wasn't for Cummins. That was a great move at a perfect time. Ram still has a long road ahead to even think about beating GM sales.

"1. 2010 Ford F150
2. 2010 Toyota Sienna
Please tell me again how an effective add has affected my purchasing patterns?"

Well, we would have to find out how many Ford, Ford Trucks, Toyota, Sienna, Dodge and Caravan commericals you have seen. Go back to how many you have seen as a child and young adult and into adulthood. And how many your wife has seen. You said your wife bought the Sienna, not you. She probably bought the Caravan, too. You don't watch ads? Impossible. The ads are online and products are placed on set. The products that you see placed unassumingly on the counter and table tops of your favorite TV shows, will most likely be something you will try at one time or another. Vehicles on TV shows and movies are also ads. You may have done this a dozen times already and not have realized it.The ads are all around.

There doesn't have to be any pattern to the purchases either. You can one product and then a totally different product years later. But here is the pattern that has been revealed for your truck purchases:
1) Ford Ranger
2) Ford F250
3) Ford F150

You don't have to buy anything either. For instance, say you have Built Ford Tough, The Best Never Restaads, this is combination with other factors influences your purchase. You may not pay attention to it right away, but the advertisers know that this will seep into our minds without us ever realizing it....For instance, Like a Rock = Chevy van. The influnce may be subtle but that is all it takes.

You may not think advertising influences you. But the research shows it does. The brain is a funny organ, it is wired full of memories, some you will never recall. Just the sight of something can trigger this memory and you may never know it.

These commercials bring back memories.

CLASSIC COMMERCIALS - FORD Collection 1970's - 1990's (2 of 4)

The third commercial called "Rainy Day" reminds me of Lou with a dog and one of his children....It's what a truck is made for!

Ford Trucks.
The Best Never Rest.
The Best Built. Beselling Trucks are built Ford Tough!
The Techonology the imports can't match. Ford Ranger
The Best Never Rest. Lou Never Rests!!!
Have you driven a Ford lately?

Truck advertisements are like political ads, they are both nauseating and they run them too many times. They both lie.

@Jim; Let me straighten that out. Ford gives you a narrower bed, and it's very hard to find the supercrew with a 6.5 bed. Their supercab comes up a little short in space when compared to the Ram quad, and their console is on the small side when compared to a Ram or Tundra. I can get a quad cab all day long that has more interier space then a supercab, why you are apying extra cause you had to order your supercrew with a 6.5 bed, so you can be one inch narrower at the wheelwells, and we can have what number inside of bedwall? Ford doesn't post that. So you can have 2 inch longer bed? Wow, that 2 inchs makes all the differance.

Now the highway mileage is the same as the Fords city mileage? What you talk about, Willis? And what do you even know about the Rams 2013 payload? Hasn't been released, right?

The Fords 6 speed was alot better spaced the the Dodge 545 RFE (which technically was a 6 speed way before Ford and Chevy and Toyota had six speeds) But now, it's gear ratios are on the short end of the stick. Take a back seat, Ford trans! Their 5.0 and 6.2 come up short on low speed torque for naturally aspirated engines. They are both rather peaky. I am sure you will tell me all about the Ecoboost. Tell me more when you get some with over a 100,000 miles. Say 150, and the turbos are good, and no direct injection issues. Does Ford even tell you exactly what engine oil temp is, or exact water temp? You sure have to pay alot more to get self dimming mirrors on a Ford. Some of us prefer a torquey (for it's size) naturally aspirated engine. Not something that needs higher revved. (5.0 ) Some of us don't like the fact that Fords look like they started styling, then they just couldn't stop, making designs cause they were bored.

Most of the people that come to this website are hardcore fans that don't need to see any ad to influence what they already know about trucks, but there are a lot more people that don't do much research. Ads like these from ford might just convince somebody to consider a ford with their next truck purchase. I know of a few people that it would definitely influence. Chevy just offends people with their ads saying ford's are for girly-men. That's just offensive to anyone who would consider buying a ford and makes me think less of chevy. Ford is definitely doing their ads right. Mike Rowe is great. Most people don't even know who Dennis Leary is he just has a tough sounding voice.

Tom is a troll full of crap. Anyone that has been around the new f-150s can testify they are awesome trucks. I wish i could justify trading my 09 Ram, but not yet.


2012 Ford F150 5.0L

360 HP

380 TQ

14/19 MPH

2012 Ram 1500 5.7L

390 HP

407 TQ


Why do I want less Horsepower and less gas mileage?

These numbers for Ram are only going to get better on the 2013 Ram 5.7L

The 5.7L Hemi V8 is proven reliable.

The Ram V6 is best in class MPH. Also available in crew 4x4.
No one else offers that.
Looks Like Ford is the one that's coming up SHORT.

@hemi v8
I have a hemi in my 09 Ram. Gets about 15 to 16 MPG, which I think is pretty terrible considering I drive rural paved roads 45 to 55 miles per hour with not a lot of stops most of the time. My seat is falling apart. My ignition switch wore out and broke (crappy plastic). My windows barely have enough power to work now. I first bought it and thought it was great. Now I really wish I had waited and bought a ford. I've had a mysterious annoying gas pedal vibration that nobody seems to know what is causing (apparently it's a really common problem in the new dodge trucks). I'm not impressed with the dodge. Has a lot of power though.

@beebe, I had a Ford once it caught on fire and burned. Lost thousands.

P.S. I don't believe you for a minute that you have a Ram. Your just a desperate Ford fan boi trying to smear Ram trucks. FAIL!
I call bull $#*!
My Ram is an 03 with 74,000 trouble free miles. Best vehicle I have ever owned. 09 makes mine look old.

@beebe brain, My brother in law has a 09 Ram. He used to drive a Chevy. He is having none of the problems you are. My 04 Ford E250 ignition switch is plastic and worn out too. It has high mileage. Things are going to wear out no matter what brand.

Most people on this site are so brand loyal that most advertising is not going to sway them. Is any kind of Ford ad going to sway Hemi V8 or is a Chevy or Ram ad going to sway Ford Trucks 1. Getting feedback on what ads work and don't work or if ads work at all is not going to work on diehard Ford, Chevy, or Ram fans. Let's get real about this, I like Mike Rowe but he is not going to change my mind to buy an F-150 even with the ecoboost. I think most people will either hit the mute button or if its on DVR skip over the commercials. This is especially true during an election. On the other hand I might watch a few Ford ads after the election, it is better than listening to all the negative campaign ads. I look forward to hearing Mike Rowe again and not hearing from Romney or Obama.

When in the States I did notice alot of your adverts for vehicles is based on "ours is bigger or faster" than the competition. How does this equate to real performance.

Yet you can reach 60mph in most vehicles in less than 12sec. How many times when you drive are you going to do a sub 20sec to 60mph. Not many, unless your going to the hospital for an emergency.

Its generally bigger or more and cheap for many of the people on this site that excites you. Why? Because its the only way you can measure your subjective view on a particular brand. Why can't you say I like "X", you can't.

Our adverts are much less inclined to state that something is bigger. Ours generally imply quality and performance. They generally don't specify definete figures. This makes you more inclined to research.

I can see from this site most people in NA measure vehicles on couple of horsepower, 1 mpg gain, 1/4" wider bed.

Even if a vehicle has a higher towing capacity doesn't mean it will be better or safer at towing.

Just because a vehicle has more horsepower doesn't mean it is faster or better. One drivetrain and/or engine could have more frictional losses.

As an example, look at the Pentastar, would you buy one in a Fiat Ram? Even if it gets 1mpg better than a Ford?

Not much is mentioned on the significant differences, ie, egornomics, comfort (not options), handling. These are what you live with everyday when driving.

I know most people when buying a vehicle first look at a budget then peruse through reviews etc and talk to others about their vehicle and the problems they encountered.

Look at Jeff S, from his posts he would be interested in the future in a mid-size twin cab to a cross over. So competition it more intense than most on this site think.

I suppose the people who are roped in by advertising can't apply logic. Super sizing or bigger doesn't equate to quality and most importantly necessity.

Most of you guys wouldn't use that 1/4" wider bed or 2hp its just BS, your just banging dicks with each other.

My favorite add is the "Like a Rock" commercial

@Lou, I agree with you. My favorite as well! Old Chevrolet was fantastic!

Ecco-Boost update::: I have just returned from a trip with 2 Harley's in the bed, my wife and I and all the crap we take with us, I rolled over the scale near home as we left, and GVW was 7,100lbs. Went to the NH mountains fro a few days and put 750 miles on 41 gals prem. that comes out to 18mpg! not bad considering the weight and the hills, and the fact I always seemed to be I a hurry? the truck has 49,000 miles, and I have changed the oil every 6,000miles or so, and have never had to add any oil ever, allthough I should not have too, and I havent had to add any in the Chevy either, (with no piston slap), I always use synthetic oils in every thing I have with an engine, and have no problems with it. On the trip we were with my cousin that has a reg cab tundra 4X4 reg cab 6' bed, and I never let him get the better of a jump or passing on the hyw. or in the hills, and he only had one bike! alone by himself, he did have both coolers with him though. So far I am sold on the EB, and the F-150, it has a nice solid feel to it, and it just keeps asking for more! and I know he wont admit it, but my cousin likes the Ford a lot, he was always a Ford guy, but started to have issues with the 5.4's in the past rucks he had, and went to the tundra because of the 5.7! now he keeps asking me if I will let him drive mine!, and I have let him when w go on trips without the girls, and he says it's nice, but he wont even consider one without a 6' bed! ine a reg cab, and he doesn't think the 5.0 will run as well as his 5.7 tundra, and I dont either, I did drive one when I test drove the F-150's, it was a nice STX reg cab 4X4 6' bed, and it did run strong! but I could not get a plow package without the HD package 8' bed, so I already have a toy truck, and the one I bought just fit the bill, overall it has been rely nice, and at this point I woould do it all over again, and recommend one to anybody.

@beebe - I wouldn't expect your problems are typical of Rams, but neither are Fords that burn to the ground. Luck of the draw? My mom's '03 Dodge 1500 doesn't have any of those problems.

There's no reason for your windows motors to be slow. It sounds like a bad ground so I'd check for corrosion at the ground screws.

My buddy's Ram has the vibrating gas pedal situation and it won't go away. He's tried balancing the Goodyears, ditching the Goodyears and keeping the brake pedal from shaking. It's strange phenomenon that could signal your ball joints are about to explode or a ghost of the Death Wobble!

@Big Al for Oz - Commercials will always exploit what's bigger, faster, better. That's what they get paid to do.

My friends own every brand of trucks out there and we don't get together and have pissing contests. Some don't own trucks and others drive Tacos or Rangers. Bottom line, who cares?

A truck purchase has little to do with exact specs especially non commercial. There are too many other things to consider, however, 0-60 tells you or gives you an idea of pulling power when loaded down. It's something to compare a truck's combination of power vs. gear reduction for pulling mountains or safely getting your max loaded truck up to freeway speeds (and getting clear of simis) from a dead roll.

If there was only one vehicle for a specific market. What attributes would they try to use to persuade customers. They wouldn't use what is currently being advertised. Why not advertise the substantial advantages of a vehicle.

The differences in pickups is insignificant, even in Australia with our mid size trucks the same applies. They are also used as SUVs. I don't think a person buying or leasing for a business would care less if one vehicle is 1/2 a second quicker to 60mph or even if the bed is a tiny bit bigger.

Then you have your plywood scenario. I bet that would have started out as an advertisment from one of the Big 3. And now I see it is frequently used on PUTC. Like I have stated most pickups I saw in the US had perfect paint in the bed.

Your pickups have become a status symbol, yes they are versitile. Have a look at how they advertise them.

I do recognise some are used for work.

Yourself, an owner of a trucking company wouldn't buy a truck based on a TV commercial. Why advertise as much to a commercial user when they buy when and what is required.

Seeing as you have stated that most pickups (1/2 ton) are used as SUVs with a bed and their performance differences are really marginal.

The likes of the fan boys use the data as if it supports subjective criticism of an "opposing" brand. As I stated in my previous post most of it is a pissing competition.

Its also BS that the more horsepower you have the vehicle is safer for overtaking, really. What happened to commonsense when driving.

We have orignal and funny commercials that you remember and sometimes you remember the commercial not the message.

Your pickups like our pickups are so close in comparison that they have to use trivial comparisons.

@hemi v8. Don't believe me? well it's true. I really liked the truck at first, but the cloth seats are terrible. I don't know what the problem is with the windows but it sucks. The gas pedal vibration is extremely annoying and there is nothing that can be done to fix it. I've researched it extensively. The plastic ignition switch just sucks. It shouldn't wear out after less than 3 years. And replacing those plastic key fobs is really expensive. Comparing it to a truck that is nearly three times as old doesn't make sense. As for the truck that caught on fire, was that back in the 80s or 90s? probably. A lot has changed since then, and it was probably a battery short caused by yourself. It seems that's how most vehicle fires happen. The fact is I got a ram. It was a good deal. that's why I got it. It was 5,000 less because of a deal that was going on and it had the lifetime powertrain warranty. But it's definitely not up to par with the fords. If ford had come out with their new engines by then I would have gotten one.

@Big Al from Oz - Trucks are close enough in capacities, dimensions and performance that side by side comparos are a waste of time. That's in the real world, but advertisements (also a waste of time) play up the differences because they have to.

Advertisements exist because they work and even a vehicle that has an entire segment to itself still requires advertising so it can draw in customers from other segments and also to get current owners to update sooner.

Advertisements just need to stick in the back in your head that the Titan (or whatever) is bigger, faster or better (even if insignificantly) so that the buyers end up at a Nissan Dealer before any other. A subject's mind isn't stopping to think of the significance of said meaningless data, just that the Nissan Dealer is their 1st stop.

Simply put, catchy slogans pay off. Not for anyone on this blog, but when someone with no preconceived notions thinks new trucks, his/her mind will link up with the junk they've heard over and over, even though they weren't really pay attention at the time. "Like a Rock", "Guts, Glory", "The Best Never Rests", you name it, it works.

Power to overtake isn't about common sense driving. When you enter an on ramp, you're already commited and there's no turning back. Most on ramps are like blind dates. You don't know what the heck you've got yourself into until it's too late!

@beebe - Also the power-window ground screws are ahead of the sill plates, behind the kick panels.

@Hemi V8

Not sure where you are getting your fuel economy numbers from above.

2012 Ford 5.0L
2wd 15 city/21 highway
4wd 14 city/19 highway

2012 Ram 5.7L
2wd 14 city/20 highway
4wd 13 city/19 highway

It also should be noted that Ram recommends mid-grade gasoline for the Hemi (89 octane), while Ford recommends regular for the 5.0L (87 octane).

@HEMI V8 - If you own a truck that's been recalled and you don't take it in for repairs or don't know it's been recalled, that's ignorant.

Do you know if what you're driving now has any open recalls? I thought so. Now would be a good time to google it.

@DenverMike - I agree that truck advertising works better for those who do not emerse themselves in the subject. Another area of effectiveness is the crowd who needs to have the "latest and greatest". It also works for retaining owners as evidenced by the fanboi's who constantly parrot advertising. The "man step" Commercial is a perfect example of that or Sam Elliott's catchphrase is another example.
I also agree with what you said that friends and acquaintances do not get in pissing matches over who has the better truck. My friends own every brand. When someone I know gets a new truck the conversation is usually, "Hey, nice truck, congratulations dude".
Does advertising affect my buying? I don't think so. If it did, I wouldn't of bought a 2010 over the 2011's. Wasn't all of the Ford advertising pushing the almighty Ecoboost?

One thing that I have noticed, the guys that haven't questioned my purchase decisions on this site are the guys who make decent, and respectable posts.

I hope you don't get offended when I call a Ram a Fiat Ram:)

I think the fan boys are in a class of their own. I wonder if they realise that a major company will use them to their own advantage. They prey on the fan boys.

Do the fan boys get a special discount from the manufacturers for their "loyalty" to a piece of metal and plastic.

When the fan boys leave school and look back at this time of their lives they will feel embarassed. But, hey, we have to remember they are only kids.

I wonder how many people are turned off of a particular product from reading some of the one eyed brand buyers comments on this site. This site sometimes could be deemed anti-advertising.

How many fan boys get birthday and Christmas cards from their favourite manufacturer? Not many. Maybe Hemi V8 does, by the way he carries on about the Italian utes:)

We have the Ford/Holden crowd over here, and when they start at work I just walk out, sometimes I think they just rob oxygen and offer very little.

No company gives a damn about personal issues unless it affects their bottom line. Maybe except when the union bleats.

Here is an Austrlaian beer ad. Ecidnas (spiny anteaters) have really long tongues. It took the censors months to have it removed. It used to be shown during prime time.


This is a good New Zealand Hilux ad. The Kiwis have made some great Hilux ads, there was sort of a competition between Toyota NZ and Australia for a while who could make the best ad.


Sorry the first one is an underwear ad.


Wow! You are an idiot! The 2013 Ram blows the F-150 and rest of the competition away and you know it so just shut up and admit it fool!

ROTFLMFAO!!!!! that is the funnyest comercial I have ever seen!!! and the part with the Ram! if they sold Rams in NZ that would be the best double entandre in the world! I don't know, do they sell Rams in NZ?

@Lou--When a friend of mine gets a new vehicle regardless of brand or size I congratulate them and tell them how nice it is. People have spent their hard earned money for something and they had to go through a time consuming process and they should feel good about their choice regardless if I have a preference for that vehicle or not. One of the guys at my bus stop bought a new crewcab Tundra a few years ago and several of us told him how nice it was. Same thing with another guy who bought a new Dodge Ram several years ago and another guy that bought a new F-150 recently. My lawn mower mechanic use to show me his new Silverados and I showed him my S-10 and Isuzu when they were new. People like to feel good about their purchases and what good does it do me to insult them. Life is too short.

@Big Al from Oz--Bigger is better was the mantra for car buyers over 30 years ago but now its luxury and economy. You are right the F-150s, Rams, and Silverados have become the new Cadillacs and Lincolns rolled up with the Mustangs, Cougars, Cudas, Challengers, Camaros, and Firebirds. Not to pick on you Denver Mike but you even said I get muscle car performance wrapped up with luxury in a truck. To an advertiser this is valuable information because along with towing and payload then I can taylor an ad to the full size truck buying audience. Advertising can accentuate these features but if you are loyal to a brand you will not be swayed by a competitor's ad.

As for car ads less people are as loyal to a car brand as truck owners unless maybe some diehard Honda and Toyota fans and then an ad is not going to sway them.

Millenium and Y generations are not interested in bigger is better or lots of horsepower. That group will just tune out. Maybe the Kia Soul's rapping hampsters is more effect for the younger buyers but also showing them fuel economy, wireless interconnectivity, and some cool interior lights. The big half tons are of more interest to baby boomers and the generation before them for the most part. Give another 10 or 20 years and the next generation will favor smaller vehicles especially when they are paying higher fuel bills. Every generation has their preferences and what their parents like they usually don't. Someone might be raised with Fords and Chevys but as adults they might buy Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas. The F-150 ads to me as any full size truck ads are of more interest to the boomers and those olders with the exception of a few buyers older than Generation Y and Milleniums. Most of us older guys are not going to be motivated to buy a Kia Soul seeing a bunch of rapping hampsters but our kids and grandkids might be influenced and they might dance along with the hampsters.

I mean "hamsters" spelling error. Anyway I am starting to look forward to seeing a few F-150 ads and dancing hamsters over the political ads. Living across the river from Ohio and Ohio being a key battleground state my mute button on my remote is getting worn. I hope my remote lasts through the campaign season.

@Big Al from Oz--If one of the manufacturer's would give me a new truck for my endorsement then I would endorse them and say only their product meets my needs and the competitors cannot measure up. Here that Ford even though I don't want or need a full size truck I would like you to give me a new 2013 F-150 extended cab 4 wheel drive with ecoboost and in return I will blog your virtues on this website, post your advertising slogans, and post links to you website supporting what a great product you have. Ram and Chevy the same offer applies to you. I would also like a birthday card with 25% off discounts on parts and service as well. Thats not too much to ask for my loyalty. I just started holding my breath waiting for a response but I started to pass out and my wife had to resuscitate me.

My suggestions to fan boys is leave the advertising up to Madison Avenue because most on this website have already made up their minds and arguing over which brand is best is like a loyal Republican arguing with a loyal Democrat and vice versa the virtues of their platforms and candidates. The argument will lead to no fruitful outcome and only lead to resentment which can lead to high blood pressure and a stroke. Just not worth it, you will not change anyone's mind and they will just dig their heels in and be more adamant about their preferences.

Dennis is not a comedian. He is a no talent asshat with no ideas of his own. His act is stollen from the late great Bill Hicks and makes no appoligies in doing so. At least make it a tribute to Bill's genius. I might accept that as giving credit where it is due but don't act like it's your genius because Dennis; you're no Bill Hicks!

At least Sam Elliot has a respect factor with his body of work.
"The DUDE abides"

@Stevador--I am not a fan of Leary. I like Mike Rowe and sometimes listen to his Ford commercials, Viva paper towels with his parents, and Lee jeans commercials. Mike is a more likeable spokesman and I can relate to him much more. Sam Elliot just has one of those voices that you can say this guy is down to earth and I feel he knows something about trucks. I don't know if this is true but that is my impression of Sam Elliot.

Here are a few car commercials that I thought were great:






@Denvermike, @HEMI V8 - If you own a truck that's been recalled and you don't take it in for repairs or don't know it's been recalled, that's ignorant.

Do you know if what you're driving now has any open recalls? I thought so. Now would be a good time to google it.

Posted by: DenverMike | Sep 8, 2012 11:13:50 PM

HERE IS AN OPEN RECALL. 2013 ESCAPE.http://www.washingtonpost.com/cars/2013-ford-escape-recalled-again-for-engine-bay-fire-risk/2012/09/06/f9b864a4-f85e-11e1-a93b-7185e3f88849_story.html

Why didn't you have insurance on it? That's what insurance is for.


The rear wheels can lock up in Rams from the 2009 and 2010 model years, potentially causing crashes, while power steering fluid hoses can leak in 2012 Grand Cherokees, possibly causing ENGINE FIRES, according to documents posted Monday on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/07/24/feds-probe-jeep-ram-vehicles-for-safety-problems/#ixzz25zsssQ67

6k recalled on the Escape

over 340k on this Chrysler recall.

Be objective and do the research.

In documents posted Monday on its website, the agency said it has launched preliminary probes into 106,803 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees because leaking power steering fluid hoses may have caused fires, and 230,000 2009-10 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups because of a failure in the differential that can cause the rear wheels to lock up.

NHTSA said it has reports of two fires in Jeep Grand Cherokees since May, and a third report of leaking power steering fluid that led to loss of power steering.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee with 35 miles on the odometer was consumed by a blaze June 13.

"While driving approximately 50 mph, the (owner) glanced into the rearview mirror and noticed smoke outside of the vehicle. Immediately the vehicle was maneuvered to the side of the road," NHTSA's summary of the incident said. After the driver exited, "massive flames erupted from under the hood."

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120724/AUTO0101/207240322#ixzz25zu7P8JQ

2012 Ford 5.0L
2wd 15 city/21 highway 360HP 380TQ
4wd 14 city/19 highway

2012 Ram 5.7L
2wd 14 city/20 highway 395HP 407TQ
4wd 13 city/19 highway

3.5L V6 EcoBoost®
2wd 16 city/22 highway 365HP 420TQ
4x4 16 City / 21 hwy with SelectShift transmission


2013 RAM 5.7L HEMI

P.S.Chrysler recommends 89 but 87 is fine.

October 2009 Update: Ford Recalls Another 4.5 million Vehicles Due To Fire Risk

On October 13, 2009, Ford Motor Co. expanded its largest-ever recall by about 4.5 MILLION vehicles equipped with a faulty cruise-control switch linked to at least 550 vehicle fires nationwide, and the destruction of many homes and other properties. Ford has now recalled more than 14 MILLION vehicles in eight separate recalls over a 10-year period because of the problem.

More grist for the mill...

Chrysler Recalling Over 100,000 Dodge Ram Diesels for Possible Fire Hazard

Chrysler is recalling 108,429 2007-08 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines after 14 reports of fires caused by sagging noise insulation coming into contact with the engine's exhaust-gas recirculation cooler.


Be objective and do the research. Chrysler and Ram have a ton of recalls for fires.

If you want to be a Ram fan that is ok! But be honest with yourself and do it for the real reasons.

Chrysler recalls nearly 87,000 Jeep Wranglers due to risk of fires
Sat, May 19, 2012


Only 2010's were recalled but...

NHTSA said in documents that it had received 14 complaints of Wrangler fires from the other model years....

The one is going to be a recall, 2 are recalls. There are more. Chrysler is not imune to fires.

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