2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch Debuts at Fair

2Ford F-150 King Ranch Debuts at Fair

Ford chose the State Fair of Texas, which runs today through Oct. 21, to reveal the 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch. The 2013 package will continue to be offered with the 5.0-liter V-8 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines, but it will now will include the new MyFord Touch system and upgrades, as well as a host of other trim-exclusive interior upgrades.

The new MyFord Touch setup is mated with a completely new center stack, similar to the changes seen on the new Super Duty, yet it's more integrated into the dash layout to give the F-150 system a distinct look compared with the beefier layout on the Super Duty.

This will be the 12th year Ford has offered a special King Ranch model, which is now part of 10 newly updated models. When the package was introduced, it was the most upscale model in the Ford lineup, sitting just above the Lariat. Now, there are two higher trim packages above the King Ranch: Platinum and the new-for-2013 Limited.

Expect the western theme to get even more popular as full-size pickups continue to sell well in Texas and the Southwest. Ram continues to have strong success with its Longhorn Edition pickups, and the 2014 Chevy Silverado is reported to be offered in a High Country trim package when the new truck comes out.

The 2013 King Ranch F-150 Super Crew will start at $44,510 and will arrive at dealers in the next several months.

Ford F-150 King Ranch Debuts at Fair


Man, the Spam Bros are out in Full Force today...

RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Ford Commerical.

I'm afraid Ram wins this one. The stitching in the seats and dash on the Dodge Ram Laramie Big Longhorn Charger whatever whatever whatever the heck it's called takes the cake over the King Ranch.

You guys keep complaining about Ford news yet where is GM? Oh! that's right! THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT!!!!!!!! GM has nothing new. Only Ram and Ford. So until GM rolls out the new trucks, stop your bitching.

Thumbs up Ford. Continue to be the leader.
Meanwhile many are jealous for buying second and third best lol!

Looks just like last years King Ranch

Looks too square!!!

Not sure what to make of Fords interior space. Looks like lots of leg room but the seats look like they are about a quarter inch off the floor. Probably wouldnt be fun to ride in the fetal position with your knees in your chest/gut for very long.

Looks like a bunch of colored plastic to me.

I like the leather seats especially the color. Otherwise you can keep the truck, too big and too expensive, but a good company truck.

"Looks like a bunch of colored plastic to me."

That was the new Chevy's interior. You clicked on the wrong post.

@Warfish--That appears to be the camera. Those seats are not that close to the floor. I have seen several of these at the Ford dealership where I have my wife's Taurus serviced.


Your chain has loosenup up again?!

Looks like a lose piece of board over the odometer..Looks slapped together ! Looks like you can just pull it off,this is the best Ford has to offer ? Now I know for sure,DODGE RAM RULES !!(I have a ford f-150 )

Ask yourself this question,would you rather have a lame sounding 6 cyl (sounds likea 4 banger econo car or minivan ) with trouble prone twin turbo's that suck up more gas than a V-8 and doesnt sound awesome like a V-8 or a would you rather have a more reliable Non Turbo(turbo's are trouble prone performance always drops off with higher mileage) ,have better gas mileage,better performinmg HEMI V-8 ? Heck the HEMI is so great ! GM,Ford,Toyota use the old Chrysler HEMI in racing today !!! I know 2 Eco-Boost owners same gearing,same model truck and 1 is 2 car lengths slower then the other !! the faster has 11,000 miles the slower has 55,000 miles HA ! My 5.4 F-150 will soon beat the Eco-Boost the way they slow down ! But my 150 will be gone when the 8 spd HEMI RAM's come out .

Ford has been doing King Ranch since 2003. GM is just starting to understand Texas innovation and luxury. Finally next year GM is supposed to come up with their own only 10 years late to the party.

Looks awesome, but I like the Ram's better.

@Dave GM has a Texas lonestar truck right now. Had to say this since you did say Texas!

@FU Ford, Toyota, and Dodge use GM based 350s for nascar raceing today too, it's called the rule book!

Ford has been doing King Ranch since 2003. GM is just starting to understand Texas innovation and luxury. Finally next year GM is supposed to come up with their own only 10 years late to the party.

Posted by: Dave | Sep 27, 2012 7:58:19 PM

Keep drinking the Ford Kool Aid. High County was done first by Chevy in the 1980s. This is 20 years BEFORE King Ranch.

@Johnny, Dave said Texas innovation and luxury. GM's Texas edition is nothing more than a regular mid range truck with Texas badging. Not that there's anything wrong with that but that's not innovation nor luxury.

I get it now!
Dave and Frank are tied to the same chain. It's who's got more energy at the moment that gets the access to the keyboard!
Sorry Frank! It wasn't a loose chain, it was a weak Dave on the other end that has let you express yourself.
But then Dave pulled himself together and managed to scribble out 3 sentences before Frankie pulled him away.

What if you don't live on a ranch. Maybe call it the King Townhome, King duplex?

Only ppl that buy this truck is farmers they must buy alot this truck trim line has been around along time! One truck that wont see any farm work is a silverado to dinosauer man they let that truck be so outdated its like a black and white tv haha

@Johny doe; Dodge uses a GM based engine in Nascar? That's funny. The rulebook leaves little options, but the Ford, Dodge, Toyota and Chivy are not all one engine! Nice try though! Chevy had to copy alot of stuff that Richard Petty's old W-2 355 (Dodge 340s with bigger stroke) Dodges had ever since he had to take the Hemi out. Nascar slowed and slowed the Hemi until it was no use anymore!

It's funny Johnny that when Dodge came back to Nascar racing in 2001, there were alot of unhappy Chevy drivers lobbying to slow them down. Dale Sr was UPSET!

Anymore there is very little in common with a street v-8. I'd like to see Kasey Kahne take the cup, Chevy or not. I have always rooted for Brad Kesolowski too, mabe he can take one out of less then a handful of Dodges and take the cup!

The 80s were great for Nascar, atleast I thought so. Bill Elliott with his Ford T bird put the hurt on GM's (insert name of car, they tried Caprice, Lumina, Monte Carlo) and ended up crying about power (the Ford 351 spanked 350s all day!) and aerodynamics!

So, what's new here?

@Warfish: they do sit lower to the ground. The 2008 light duty shootout covered it.

I like my folding flat floor in my quad cab. Wish Ram offered it in a crewcab. Plus I can put tools and stuff under the seat in the compartment, without them rolling around on the floor.

@Johnny Doe, No the engines in NASCAR are not based off the chevy 350. Each manufactuer has there on engine so do your homework. Ford has a Ford, dodge has a dodge, toiletodor has a toiletodor, Chebby has a chebby. Also in dragracing the hemi is not the hemi FU is thinking about. Been disgusted on here several times and no parts will interchange with the hemi past or present so FU needs to do her homework too.

You just can't beat a FORD. #1 and always will be. Thank GOD for a REAL TRUCK, FORD!!!!!!!

How does a picture of a pickup interior turn into a a debate about race cars?

@keith, What Nascar motor uses FORD parts?

Okay... To the 13-17 year olds who know everything about luxury and the ownership of truck, please spare us with your knowledge. We know you don't drive an F150 after you bash the company in entirety. But to make a relevant comment:

I love the f150, I wouldn't get the king ranch though, I'd get a lariat with a navigation. And most definitely the ecoboost. That's just my opinion, it's not worth that money to me, personally.

In all seriousness though, FORD IF YOU READ THESE COMMENTS, please make a street truck. I love the raptor, but again too $$ make a modern day lightning for anywhere between 30-35k put two engine options (5.0 and 6.2) reg cab. Base it off of an xlt put some nice wheels and sporty headlights. The market is out there. If people buy $60k raptors a 30k street truck would be great.

@Keith, You need to do your home work.
A top-fueler's exact horsepower is a mystery—there isn't a dynamometer that can handle one. Current estimates are in the 8000 neighborhood, and, no, we didn't mistakenly add a zero on the end. The basic layout is very similar to the 1964 Dodge Hemi 426 V8—16 pushrod-activated valves—but with two spark plugs for each cylinder and a total displacement of 500 cubic inches. The supercharger, which is just a belt-driven air pump that force-feeds the engine, is so massive that it takes 700 hp to run it. The extreme internal forces literally flatten the crankshaft bearings and destroy valve springs during a pass. So the engine is rebuilt after every run by a team of eight mechanics. They perform this harried rebuild in just 40 minutes.

Read more: Top-Fuel Dragster Diagram – Top-Fuel Drag Racing Car Video - Popular Mechanics

@Keith, READ THIS!!!!!!!!
With the exception of the Super Stock and
Stock categories, automotive drag racing in
the 21st century is essentially dominated by
three types of engines: the aftermarket engine, based
on the late-model Chrysler Hemi, for Top Fuel and
Funny Car; corporate and aftermarket versions of
small- and big-block Chevrolets; and the relatively new
Pro Stock Dodge Hemi.
The factors behind the reduction in type and brand
of engines being used vary from traction potential to
economics. Ever since the early Chrysler Hemi
emerged on the scene in 1954, it was far and away the
most powerful, but it offered no distinct advantage
because the tires at the time simply could not provide
enough traction to handle the extra horsepower.
Consequently, you could go to any drag racing
event in the 1950s and early 1960s and see Top
Eliminator entries powered by a wide variety of
engines, including small-block Chevrolets, Buicks,
Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, Mopar wedges, and even such
luxury-car engines as Cadillac and Lincoln.
“You have to remember that in the old days, the
dragsters smoked the tires for the entire length of
the run,” said Dale Armstrong. “That meant that just
about any type of engine, if it was prepared properly,
was good enough to get the job done. The initial
appeal of the Chrysler 392 wasn’t its power but
rather its serviceability. It was a very easy engine to
work on.
“But when better tires came along in 1967, along
with the slipper clutches, power became a bigger
factor. The late-model Chrysler Hemi, which was
introduced in 1964, took about three to four years of
development work before it had a significant power
advantage over the old 392. But when that happened,
everyone started to switch over.”
Funny Car teams, which arrived on the scene in
1965, were initially more reluctant to switch to the
Hemi because of the fan appeal associated with
running the same brand engine as the body style.
Chevrolet diehards like Bruce Larson and Kelly
Chadwick always ran big-block Chevy engines in their
Camaros or Vegas. But when the most popular
Chevrolet hero on the match race trail, “Jungle Jim”
Liberman, switched to a Chrysler Hemi in 1969, most
other teams followed.


@ Jonathan - Ford could take the engine out of the Boss 302 and put it into an F150 or better yet, the 5.8 Litre Shelby Mustang engine.


Keith, Just stick to what you do know which isn't much!

RAM 2500 SLT MEGA CAB® 4X2 6'4" BOX

MSRP* $37,290 $39,125 $39,125 $39,985
Exterior Dimensions
Cargo Area - Bed Height 20.1" 20.1" 20.1" 20.1"
??? CargoAreaBedHeight ???
Cargo Area - Bed Length 76.3" 76.3" 76.3" 76.3"
??? CargoAreaBedLength ???
Cargo Area - Bed Width Wall 66.4" 66.4" 66.4" 66.4"
??? CargoAreaBedWidthWall ???
Cargo Area - Bed Width Wheel 51.0" 51.0" 51.0" 51.0"
??? CargoAreaBedWidthWheel ???
Ground Clearance - at curb weight - Approach Angle 14.0 deg. 14.0 deg. 14.0 deg. 14.0 deg.
??? GroundClearanceatcurbweight-ApproachAngle ???
Ground Clearance - at curb weight - Breakover Angle 15.8 deg. 15.8 deg. 15.8 deg. 15.8 deg.
??? GroundClearanceatcurbweight-BreakoverAngle ???
Ground Clearance - at curb weight - Departure Angle 24.2 deg. 24.2 deg. 24.2 deg. 24.2 deg.
??? GroundClearanceatcurbweight-DepartureAngle ???
Ground Clearance - at curb weight - Running Ground Clearance 7.8" 7.8" 7.8" 7.8"
??? GroundClearanceatcurbweight-RunningGroundClearance ???
Overall Body Width 79.1" 79.1" 79.1" 79.1"
??? OverallBodyWidth ???
Overall Height 74.1" 74.1" 74.1" 74.1"
The distance from the ground to the vehicle's highest point
Overall Length 248.4" 248.4" 248.4" 248.4"
Overall length of the vehicle from bumper to bumper
Overhang - Front 39.5" 39.5" 39.5" 39.5"
Distance measured from the center of the front wheels to the furthest forward point
Overhang - Rear 48.5" 48.5" 48.5" 48.5"
Distance measured from the center of the rear tires to the furthest rearward point
Track - Front 68.6" 68.6" 68.6" 68.6"
The distance between the centerlines of a vehicle's front tires
Track - Rear 68.2" 68.2" 68.2" 68.2"
The distance between the centerlines of a vehicle's rear tires
Turning Diameter - curb-to-curb - Left 50.7' 50.7' 50.7' 50.7'
??? TurningDiametercurb-to-curb-Left ???
Turning Diameter - curb-to-curb - Right 50.7' 50.7' 50.7' 50.7'
??? TurningDiametercurb-to-curb-Right ???
Wheelbase 160.5" 160.5" 160.5" 160.5"
The distance between the front and the rear axles
Interior Dimensions
Cargo Capacity - Behind Front Seat Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
??? CargoCapacityBehindFrontSeat ???
Head Room - Front 41.0" 41.0" 41.0" 41.0"
??? HeadRoomFront ???
Head Room - Rear 39.7" 39.7" 39.7" 39.7"
??? HeadRoomRear ???
Hip Room - Front 63.2" 63.2" 63.2" 63.2"
??? HipRoomFront ???
Hip Room - Rear 62.9" 62.9" 62.9" 62.9"
??? HipRoomRear ???
Leg Room - Front 41.0" 41.0" 41.0" 41.0"
??? LegRoomFront ???
Leg Room - Rear 34.7" 34.7" 34.7" 34.7"
??? LegRoomRear ???
Passenger Interior Volume 142.6ft3 142.6ft3 142.6ft3 142.6ft3
??? PassengerInteriorVolume ???
Seating Capacity - Maximum Seating 6 6 6 6
??? SeatingCapacityMaximumSeating ???
Seating Capacity - Standard Seating 5 5 5 5
??? SeatingCapacityStandardSeating ???
Shoulder Room - Front 66.0" 66.0" 66.0" 66.0"
??? ShoulderRoomFront ???
Shoulder Room - Rear 65.7" 65.7" 65.7" 65.7"
??? ShoulderRoomRear ???
Base Curb Weight - Automatic Trans 6224 lbs. 6224 lbs. 6224 lbs. 6224 lbs.
??? BaseCurbWeightAutomaticTrans ???
Base Curb Weight - Manual Trans 7179 lbs. 7179 lbs. 7179 lbs. 7179 lbs.
??? BaseCurbWeightManualTrans ???
Fuel Tank Capacity 34.0 gal. 34.0 gal. 34.0 gal. 34.0 gal.
??? FuelTankCapacity ???
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - Maximum 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs. 9000 lbs.
??? GrossVehicleWeightRating(GVWR)Maximum ???
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - Standard 8800 lbs. 8800 lbs. 8800 lbs. 8800 lbs.
??? GrossVehicleWeightRating(GVWR)Standard ???
Payload Capacity - Standard 2580 lbs. 2580 lbs. 2580 lbs. 2580 lbs.
??? PayloadCapacityStandard ???
Towing Capacity - Maximum 14750 lbs. 14750 lbs. 14750 lbs. 14750 lbs.
??? TowingCapacityMaximum ???
Towing Capacity - Standard 10650 lbs. 10650 lbs. 10650 lbs. 10650 lbs.
??? TowingCapacityStandard ???
Brakes - Front Disc Disc Disc Disc
??? BrakesFront ???
Brakes - Rear Disc Disc Disc Disc
??? BrakesRear ???
Driveline Configuration RWD RWD RWD RWD
??? DrivelineConfiguration ???
??? EPAClassification ???
Maximum Number of Doors 4 4 4 4
??? MaximumNumberofDoors ???
Steering Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
??? Steering ???
Suspension - Front Ind Ind Ind Ind
??? SuspensionFront ???
Suspension - Rear Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf
??? SuspensionRear ???
Tires - Aspect Ratio 70 70 70 70
??? TiresAspectRatio ???
Tires - Construction R R R R
??? TiresConstruction ???
Tires - Spare Tire Type (Full / Compact) Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size
??? TiresSpareTireType(Full/Compact) ???
Tires - Type LT LT LT LT
??? TiresType ???
Tires - Wheel Diameter 17.0" 17.0" 17.0" 17.0"
??? TiresWheelDiameter ???
Tires - Width 265 265 265 265
??? TiresWidth ???
Vehicle Type Pickup Truck Pickup Truck Pickup Truck Pickup Truck
??? VehicleType ???
Body Opening Width 34.2" 34.2" 34.2" 34.2"
??? BodyOpeningWidth ???
Open Door Angle 65 deg. 65 deg. 65 deg. 65 deg.
??? OpenDoorAngle ???
Open Door Trim to Body 29.0" 29.0" 29.0" 29.0"
??? OpenDoorTrimtoBody ???
Seat Cushion Height from Ground 36.2" 36.2" 36.2" 36.2"
??? SeatCushionHeightfromGround ???
Seat Cushion to Rocker Panel 7.9" 7.9" 7.9" 7.9"
??? SeatCushiontoRockerPanel ???
Step-Out Height -0.7" -0.7" -0.7" -0.7"
??? StepOutHeight ???
Step-Out Width 7.9" 7.9" 7.9" 7.9"
??? StepOutWidth ???
Step-Over Height from Ground 20.9" 20.9" 20.9" 20.9"

Ah, now come on HEMI! If you are gonna post a bunch of stuff about the Mega cab (are you drunk maybe? PT.C'n drunk aint good!) But anyway, atleast you should know those interior numbers are QUAD CAB numbers! Yeah they got it wrong! It's wrong on Chryslers page, and therefore wrong on MSN.com as well! I tried to tell somebody at the dealership, actually, two dealerships, but who knows? Maybe they well get it right! You are slacking on us, we expect more from you!

Grow up Lou!!!!

@Lou: my bad, I sorta hyjacked the post with racecar talk!

Ford had a Hemi beater for Nascar, it was the 427 Cammer. Unfortunately, it was effectively banned from NASCAR for being too powerful, forcing Ford to stick with the 427 Wedge when they returned to NASCAR in '67. The 427 cammer is the reason Toyota had to design a pushrod V8 when they entered NASCAR, even though they don't have any production pushrod V8's.

It did find a home in drag racing for a while (where it did quite well), until unfortunately it was banned from that too. The reason they run a 426 HEMI based engine now isn't because it's the best, it's because that's what the sanctioning body forces them to use.

Hey guys the brown color reminds me of the late 70s. Not a criticism but I noticed on the new Fords, Rams, and Toyota Tundras this seems to be the new color. I had a 78 Regal Limited 2 door that was dark brown with a tan landau top and tan velour interior. I guess I am getting old but to see some of these things come back. When are leisure suits and gold chains coming back? Just kidding.

Jeff S. - I was reminding someone about the brown colors the other day. I said the last time so many brown colors were available in autos was also the last time our economy was this bad.

TRX4 Tom I meant based like in 350 cubic inches. I know there is small differences between them all

@Ford850--I remember that too. The economy is bad now as well. Brown, Orange, and Lime Green vehicle colors could be a lead economic indicator. If poka dot women's dresses and poka dot men's ties come back in then we know our economy is in real trouble.

It is a nice looking truck but I would have to choose another color. The interior is nice but I would probably chose a metallic beige but keep the interior color with the leather. My wife had some dark brown towels that lasted almost 20 years, you could not wear them out. By the time we wore them out I swore that I would never have anything brown again (same with orange and lime green). I guess there is another generation that has not been through the brown phase. Also after a while there are only so many colors and styles that they can come up with so they just repeat the cycle. Same with shagg carpet and I see that now as well. I had that as well, but I will pass on that as well. Man I must be getting old.

@Hemi v8, yeah i've done my homework. Ford makes the parts for there nascar engines as do the other manufactuers so I guess that means a Ford is a Ford e.t.c but I guess when you are as ignorant as you are you can't see it. Also the so called hemis used in todays drag racing are no where near what you have in mind so shut your pie mouth and listen to Flash, he said a lot and get over your ignorance and listen girl.

Boy, oh boy, Do you know why the bearings are as you call it flattened (actually worn). It's not because of the tremendous forces created by the engine.

He is a task for you to research. Find out what kind of bearing material is used. Find out how long they run the engine in. I give you a hint it is alloyed with a soft metal.

Remember the top fuel engines evolved from a Hemi. Not one Hemi component fits. No parts are made by Fiat/Chrysler or for that matter Mopar.

It like calling a Ram a Ford pickup because Henry Ford made the first pickups. I bet you a F-150 has more common components with a Ram than a top fuel engine to a Hemi engine.

Hey, what did you think of our Charger with the 265 Hemi 6 cylinder engine? Fantastic car.

@TRX4 Tom - I'm not blaming you, besides - your posts make sense.

It's really quite simple girls...if you don't like it...then don't but it. Quit your whining!

Oops..."buy" it.

buy it

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