2013 Ford F-150 Pricing Released

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Prices for the 2013 Ford F-150 are out, and dealerships are ready to take orders.

You've already seen several of the new offerings Ford has shown for the 2013 (the 2013 F-150 Limited and SVT Raptor), but now the full lineup of F-150 can be ordered and priced from one website. 

Pricing for all 10 base 4x2 models of F-150 is below (at this point, the 2013 Harley F-150 has not been announced). These prices exclude the $995 destination charge.

Model                    MSRP

XL                     $23,670

STX                   $25,935

XLT                   $28,685

FX2                    $35,185

Lariat                 $35,835

FX4                    $38,765

Raptor                $43,340

King Ranch        $43,515

Platinum             $46,100

Limited               $49,180

Ford's Build Your Own F-150 website is set up like a configurator to allow you to click on various option packages, then make other choices from there, such as bed lengths, axle ratios, cab configurations and more. It's worth noting that Ford has made the larger 6.2-liter V-8 and the 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost engines available at just about every level (no word yet about an EcoBoost Raptor).

Overall, there are many more options and much higher content levels for each of the trim packages, but price increases seem relatively tight.  

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Wrong vid. My bad.

Here is the right none.

2013 Ram 1500 Reveal



Tyler, here is a math lesson for you since you seem challenged with basic arithmetic:

The current 6 speed auto behind the 5.7 has a first gear ratio of 3.0 multiplied by 3.92 rear axle ratio gives a combined multiplication of 11.76.

The 8 speed has a 4.71 first gear ratio multiplied by a 3.92 rear gear ratio for a combined multiplication of 18.46.

You're probably right, my hypothesis that the 8 speed will help the hole shot on the Hemi is probably wrong.

Since both the 65RFE and 8HP70 have basically the same three gear ratios up top, I doubt we'll see any highway fuel economy gains from that. Any gains they do have on the highway are going to come from the other stuff.......the active shutters, low rolling resistance tires, lower air dam, ect.

Where the transmission will really help is in city fuel economy and performance from a dig. The 65RFE has a pretty tall first and second gear vs. the competition. The 8HP45/70 has a much better spread with an extremely low first gear. If you can get the tires to hook, it will put a lot of torque to the ground (though, with LRR tires traction may be more of a difficulty).

To Hemi v8 all i got to say is that working on a oil rig in Canada makes u really see what kind of truck lasts out in -40 weather in the winter and though mud swap hole rig roads in the spring. And that stuff Ram has is garbage like 30000 km on it and everything is falling apart chiness parts cat skin seats to chiness newspaper dashs like keep your junkie Ram and enjoy third place! I really hope a new Tundra comes out and puts the Ram to fourth place. Canada should have never bailed out that auto company Chrysler what a screw job!!!!!!!

Posted by: Harleyf150 | Sep 12, 2012 4:43:48 PM

Ram Trucks are #2 in sales in CANADA.

Maybe #2 in canada but still TURD place in the USA. I would hate to be in TURD place with TROLLS like shemi v8 taking away all that like the ram trucks. Sorry guys but I just don't really know what to do about it. When it comes to shemi v8 you just can't fix STUPID

Second, when listing wheel well liners, it states optional across the board, hmm, people gripe about the GM trucks not having them, they are optional dealer installed. Personally, I don't them it is one more thing to break, ever seen them hanging down after the clips holding them in get broken? What do you think will happen when a bunch of mud or big rocks hit them hard? Leave those for the car like Dodge ram, those hippies will never leave the pavement with the air ride and pretty dual exhaust unless it is to get on a soccer field to drop off the teams playing equipment for their kids soccer team.

-LOLOL!!! @Tyler, you little GovtMoCo GMC Sierra Fairy. A soccer field? Good thing they're in a Dodge if it's muddy then instead of a pavement pounder GM truck. Dodge doesn't use those cheap GM plastics that break so no worries. GM is just to dang CHEAP to put Liners in their trucks. Leave those who want a QUALITY TRUCK for DODGE!

@2013 HEMI - You don't have to absolutely flood PUTC with mopar propaganda, we know where to find it. But you should've read this part:

"Except as specifically permitted herein, no portion of the information or documents on XXXXX may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of XXXXX. This includes, but is not limited to, "reprinting" on the Web, in newsgroups, and in mailing lists."

I seriously doubt XXXXX wants to be associated with you and you'll be hearing from their legal dept soon.

Actually, peak HP, torque and mpg aren't stats real truck buyers focus on. You're confusing us with muscle car and Prius enthusiasts.

Funny, all those pages and pages of SPAM and still no mention of Ram's embarrassing towing and payload!?

RAM- Class leading most dangerous vehicle in America.

You Ram fanboys are rediculous!


LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdR2T6YKAUc

I wish these prices were Canadian prices.


How many posts on this thread are actually relevant to the story??

Someone said on another thread that the Rambo Motard Goat Herders were killing any fondness he had for Ram.

I'd buy a Chinese pickup before a Ram just to keep from being identified in any way shape or form with the Rambo Motard Goat Herder Tribe.
I take back everything negative I ever said about Bob. He is a saint compared to these goat humpers.


The 8 speed will be more efficient in the top 3 gears because it has less parasitic losses.

The 545/65RFE transmissions are durable, but they robbed engine power like a SOB. Yes the top 3 gears are similar to the 8 speeds, but when the trans is robbing less power, the engine doesn't need to work as hard to put the same amount of power to the ground, thus the 8 speed getting better FE even though is has similar gearing in the higher gears.

@Lou, Your in luck. Here is your Chinese F150. I wonder if it has any FIRE recalls as well. http://www.carnewschina.com/2012/02/13/jac-4r3-ford-f150-clone-from-china-new-pics/

@Lou, You wouldn't buy a Ram because of what some guys said on the internet? Did they hurt your feelings? You got to grow up!

@HEMI V8, Keep getting the information out. I love it. Ford fans hate it and we know why....

2013 RAM

I think that the 2013 Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

@Hemi V8, Lou agreed with us that Ram is the class leader. But then he got brainwashed by all of the Ford propogandists on this site.


Parasitic Loss???????? WTF?

Does Fiat Ram transmission have worms??

How come the first 5 gears have no worms? Are they on medication? Or is the last 3 gears worm drive.


@Hemi V8
Have you heard about this gearbox ailment from Fiat? :)

Did Bob switch allegiance to Ram? Geesh talk about overcompensating for something.... I'm just waiting on one of these Dodge boys to say his daddy can beat your daddy up. Absolutely pathetic.

P.S. Hey Bob, if your still around. ROLL TIDE!! ;-)


Are you really that dumb that you don't understand what parasitic drivetrain loss is?

FYI, it is the loss of power in the drivetrain (transmission, differentals, axels, driveshafts) mostly caused by friction. Example: the power at the flywheel of the engine is less then the power that reaches the wheels.

Wow these Ford stories really bring out the sheep lovers. After seeing all these herders' comments I understand why those guys like their Rams so much... since they are so soft in the rear.

@Lou-I agree with you I had some fondness for Chrysler products but the Ram Spammers have killed my desire for any Chrysler product. I feel the same way about some of the Ford guys as well especially their lectures about why there should only be large trucks in the market and that small trucks are a niche market and that you are an idiot for buying a small truck and the continued rantings of bailouts. As I said I have bought domestic brands mostly for almost 40 years and have found all of them good. In order for me not to have to totally hate domestics I have had to take a break from this site.

I too am starting to miss Bob and Oxi after this recent crop of fanboys.

I would rather just get in a talk about the article than get in a fanboy and bashing session. Arguing and bashing does not win anyone over it just alienates others and makes this site a less desirable site to read.

I am ready to buy a Chinese truck as in order to be a contrarian. In other words "None of the above" which is how I feel about politics and religion after being bombarded with all the arguments and negativity of the election year.

I figured with the tick problem in the Pentastar engines flea powder might work.

With the "parasitic loss" transmission problem instead of transmission fluid some worming syrup might be better:)

Well it is a Fiat Ram.

So bhp is at the flywheel.

Also, it called real humour, not the one eyed brand bull$hit that is filling this post.

How would frictional loss be greater at a higher ratio?

Losses are a persentage, doesn't matter what gear ratio the trans is in.

should be interesting to see how this competes with Chevy's incentives, as they'll be dumping their 2013's to make room for the 2014's at dealers.

Still no Ecoboost in a regular cab/short box configuration. It would be a nice set up for manoeuvrability in every day driving and plenty of power for towing when called for.

Gm sucks do not care what the mpg or hp or pay load is if it it is always in the shop u girls need to use all of them like i have before u get an opinion get a ford or a ram

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