2013 Ram 1500 Updated Pricing Released

2013 Ram 1500 Updated Pricing Released

The new Ram 1500 pricing sheets are out, and there are plenty of choices. Given how much new technology and material upgrades are part of this redesign, pricing is not much different from 2012. We take that as a clear indication of how aggressive Ram Trucks is going to be in the future and how much more aggressive GM and Ford will have to be as well.

MSRPs for the 2013 Ram 1500 will average just over 1 percent higher than 2012 prices. The starting price for the 2013 Ram 1500 will be $23,585, including a $995 destination charge. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 with the eight-speed TorqueFlite 8 transmission is a $1,000 option over the 4.7-liter V-8 with a six-speed offered on Tradesman models. The Ram Active Level air suspension option will be priced at $1,595.

2013 Ram 1500 Updated Pricing Released
2013 Ram 1500 Updated Pricing Released
2013 Ram 1500 Updated Pricing Released


Cheaper then Ford so far

You get what you pay for.

Good to see all the choices, sad to see the prices on the cheapest of trucks in the mid 20's.

when buying a {fiat} dodge, do you get a trip to dodge headquaters in italy?

I'm really looking forward to the fuel economy reports from people who get 2013s, as well as some real life reports of the air bag suspension. A lot of the Ram updates seem like great ideas in theory, but its always nice to see new components tested by others first. If everything works well for these new 2013s I may take a long hard look at Rams when I am in the market for a new truck in a few years. Still think that used trucks are the way to go though. Find one in decent shape you just almost the same thing for half the price. And with gas prices skyrocketing I may end up suspending my slow searching for a good used frontier and pick up a used half ton. Its bigger than I want, but high fuel prices really crash half ton prices around here. If those high fuel prices persist it will probably do Ram well with these 2013s though. All those fuel saver features look good when gas is high.





Not worth it way over priced only towing or hard work the 2013 Ram will see is towing a parade float in San Francisco. The Richard Simmions Ram Special Edtion !!!


I've learned from this site that Dodge trucks are built out of the same stuff that made superman. They are indestructible and the HEMI any HEMI is the absolute best engine that ever was created.
Have I missed anything?

Posted by: Lou | Sep 8, 2012 12:03:28 AM

@Hemi motard


"Cheaper then Ford so far" - DODGEGUY

...and quality too!

Ram pickup leads group of Most Dangerous Cars In America

Take a vehicle's Insurance Institute for Highway Safety score, throw it into a data pot that includes Consumer Reports ratings, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash safety results and J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study numbers, mix thoroughly, then pour out the most dangerous vehicle on the road today: The Ram pickup truck.


By Scott BurgessRSS feed

May 30th 2012

I am hi-jacking this thread, as I have sent numerous news to pickup.com and nothing is ever mentioned on here nor a reply.

With that: Anyone want to see pictures of the 1/2 ton Ram quad cab diesel? Pickups.com doesn't
How about the new truck company that is going to build hybrid delivery trucks in Hazzelwood, Mo. a subburb of St. Louis. Emerald Automotive

all this site cares about is the current stuff, a shoot out, it will not matter to the 99% of the people who buy the trucks, they buy what they want......

I've learned from this site that Ram trucks are built out of the same stuff that they make Spaghetti O's out of. They are destructible and the HEMI any HEMI is the absolute best engine Tony ever made just add some tomato sauce. Bon Appetite!!
Have I missed anything?

I have learned from this site that Raptor frames are made out of wet dishtowels and will bend at the drop of a hat.


"Cheaper then Ford so far" - DODGEGUY

...and quality too!

Posted by: Frank | Sep 14, 2012 11:49:01 AM

I see that Frank has also started trolling Ram threads now.

Does anyone else see the irony of someone with "HarleyF150" as their screen name going on about something over priced?

@Hemi, Hang in there. Never stop dreaming.

Your friend,


"Cheaper then Ford so far" - DODGEGUY

...and quality too!

Sad thing is people actually believe that, while ignoring the condensation problems the EB is having, or the trans issues of the 6 speed F150. It is truly sad.


Posted by: HEMI_4u | Sep 10, 2012 7:37:09 AM

FORD ESCAPE= ESCAPE THE FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who needs to bring a BBQ to the tailgate party. Just drive your FORD.LOL

Posted by: Jim | Sep 10, 2012 11:56:09 AM

Good job Ram Trucks. Thats the way to step up & be competitive.
My first new Dodge Ram truck was in 1982 (D150) & the last new one was 2003 (3500 Diesel). I can't seem to wear out the '03 to buy a another new one.
All the makes have their good & bad points.
I do like the competion from the various brands, it makes everybodies product better.
But the best to me is RAM!


Has anyone noticed that all these FIAT TOOLS HIGHJACK the thread (price release of 2013 F150's) TYPING all there FALSE garbage .... now they say we ford fans troll this new THREAD . HYPOCRITES . you FIAT FANS are more like those LIBERALS I see on T.V. all the time spamming FALSE BULLSHIT .... mainstream media TOOLS ...

Face it Hemi, your Ram are still sucking hind tit. Can't even out sell an outdated Chevy, and have a snowballs chance in hell of overtaking Ford. You and the other Motard Goat hearder trolls on PUTC have solidified your place as scum sucking bottom feeders.

The Ram is a very cheap made truck it has the worst reliability of all trucks and is very laboured under tow i know that because i worked in the oil patch passed 6 years and we had a few junkie dodge trucks!! The Cummins sucks the Hemi is aweful and its sad when a Ford v6 twin turbo can out tow out MPG your flagship v8 ! I think Fiat should shut the Ram production down and leave it to the big boys to make trucks ! Fiat should just stick with makeing fiat 500 cars!!

If you Chevy guys have the stones to watch this........you will not be happy.


@HEMI V8 - You need to let it go, bro. Get counseling or whatever you have to do already.

Accidents, fires, floods, etc, happen. That's why we have insurance. Fires aren't always an OEM's fault (poor maintenance, neglect) and I don't see Mustangs mentioned as any of the 4.5 million recalled.

To keep bringing it up, and re-enforcing your personal Ford vendetta (and likely misplaced anger), you dilute anything else you have to say about your preference for Ram trucks

2013 EPA fuel economy is available for the 4x4 version of the 3.6 now too:

@ Al Bundy(AKA hemiv8) Peg says its time to put up your laptop and go to work. She wants a truck load of shoes sold so get in your duster and go get em. Fun time is over.


Fix It Again Tony!

Ok here goes. It doesn't matter after which story I write this comment because all the comments are the same about Ford vs. Chevy vs. Ram.

Just bought a new Ford F150 4x4 Crew cab pick up today. Why?well here goes. I did a lot of research and guess what. All three trucks are basically the same. With incentives and year end deals prices are about the same. All are capable 4x4's for what I do(Hunting and fishing) All had ample towing, all had similar gas mileage. Here what tipped the balance. I will self disclose that I am a Chevy guy and have owned suburbans and pickups and loved them all.

The RAM felt cramped and the transmission hump takes up 1/2 of the passenger foot room. Beautiful interior on the Laramie and back seat but not as comfortable for long trips. Middle seat had no head rest.

Chevy had either seating for 5 in leather or seating for six in cloth. No head rest on middle seat, 5 and 1/2 foot boxes all around. Back seat space abysmally small and uncomfortable.

Ford, middle seat head rest, 6 and 1/2 foot box, best fold down middle seat combo in the group. Leg room and comfort galore in the back seat.

I use my pickups as a kid, toy, trailer, dog hauler on long trips. passenger comfort ended up being the deciding factor. I was going to wait for the new Chevy but I could wait no longer.

If not for those little extra's all the trucks were the same and everyone should chew on that for awhile and share the love...

@ MTRoads

Thank you for not putting up some stupid obnoxious partisan post. It is a welcome relief. Can you mention your F150 trim level, and whether or not your transfer case selector has a 4WD auto choice for when the weather is inclimate but not necessarily bad enough for 4hi?

@MTRoads - Thanks for sharing. That's what PUTC is supposed to be about.

Ram is poop

FIX IT AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN ALLEN! http://www.autoblog.com/2012/09/05/2013-ford-escape-recalled-for-third-time-again-for-fire-risk/

@barry - only if it has Enzo's name on it and costs 7 figures ;)
Maybe you'll get a tour of the Saltillo assembly plant with the purchase of every 1500, 2500, 3500, or rebadged Fiat van.

YOU CAN TOUR FORDS CHINA PLANTS LOL Ford Motor Co. (F) broke ground for two new plants in China as part of its major expansion plan to boost sales in the world’s largest auto market. The company announced plans to invest $600 million and $760 million in its two new assembly plants, located in the southwestern city of Chongqing and in Hangzhou, respectively.

MTRoads raises some valid points. There are some trucks with more power, some better transmissions, some have a better ride, some have better ergonomics etc. Fastest up the hill, fastest in the 1/4, best HP, best towing etc. matters most in shootout results or those who need to feel superior to everyone else. What about the overall package? I do not think that a really bad truck exists anymore.
It all boils down to being honest about what you want. I can see many not looking beyond the badge on the grill and engine emblem on the fender.
Why can't we discuss the pro's and con's of our trucks like mature adults and learn something while we are at it?

Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association -
Fiat is planning on selling pizza and spagetti in China too.

"Fiat Plans Second Plant in China as It Cuts Spending in Europe."

"Chrysler/Fiat start from behind to tap China market"

Looks likes starting from "behind" is a common problem at Fiat.

Fiat is good at making winners out of loosers.
That explains why the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association is so fond of Fiat.
Ram trucks make losers look like winners.

@Lou, HEMI V8 - Domestic OEMs are opening assembly plants in China for car sales in China.

@DenverMike - looks like it is only new news to those from the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association. I do not see it as a bad thing. It is not as if they are building in China to import into North America. The risky problem with building in China is that they will not let you in unless you "partner" with one of their companies. It makes it real hard to protect intellectual property and maintain standards.

Al Bundy says the duster won't make to china.

@HemiV8, where's Peg??

Some of the Ford and GM boys appear sorta bent out of shape.

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