August 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Pair of Fords II

Most of the automakers are reporting strong numbers for August, especially when compared to last year. Percentage-wise, the Honda Ridgeline is leading the pack with relatively modest numbers, and Toyota seems to be making a strong push with the Tacoma and Tundra, doing well above 10,000 units per month each.

Most experts continue to attribute the sales increases to pent up demand, pointing to the growing number of permits taken out for new home construction. Pent-up demand is likely to continue to carry the fullsize segment to its best year since 2007. Ram and Chevy sales are still doing well but 2012 models are being heavily discounted to make way for the new trucks both will get in the coming months and year, respectively. Ford continues to be the leader of the segment with continued strong sales of the EcoBoost and naturally-aspirated 3.7L V-6, with a combined output for the half-ton versions with more than one of every two F-150s sold with a V-6. We suspect Ram will see a much higher take-rate for their 3.6L V-6 and TorqueFlite 8 combination when it hits dealers in November.  

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. August 2011
1 Ford F-Series +12.9% August 2012 58,201 +19.3%
408,656 August 2011 48,795

2 Chevrolet Silverado +3.6% August 2012 38,295 +4.0%
261,775 August 2011 36,832

3 Ram Trucks +22.3% August 2012 25,215 +18.7%
187,620 August 2011 21,242

4 GMC Sierra +5.5% August 2012 14,495 +9.4%
98,545 August 2011 13,244

5 Toyota Tacoma
+28.7% August 2012 12,193 +41.0%
90,696 August 2011 8,650

6 Toyota Tundra +20.7% August 2012 11,347 +68.1%
65,634 August 2011 6,752

7 Nissan Frontier +22.2% August 2012 5,464 +12.8%
40,460 August 2011 4,843

8 Chevrolet Colorado +36.5% August 2012 4,222 +66.8%
29,775 August 2011 2,531

9 Ford Ranger * -55.3% August 2012 198 -96.8%
19,053 August 2011 6,192

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +24.7% August 2012 2,294 +28.2%
15,119 August 2011


11 Nissan Titan +12.0% August 2012 1,907 -19.0%
14,614 August 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +58.7% August 2012 919 +329.4%
9,169 August 2011


13 GMC Canyon -1.6% August 2012 702 -56.3%
7,063 August 2011


14 Suzuki Equator -10.1 August 2012 154 -15.4%
1,269 August 2011


15 Cadillac Escalade EXT -6.5% August 2012 183 +5.2%
1,160 August 2011


* No longer in production but still being sold.


Nice numbers, up up up!

if you can't outsell the ranger after it has been out of production for a year you just need to stop building!

Nice to see more green than red in the YTD vs 2011 column.

They do not make the Colorado/Canyon as we know them anymore either, 37,000 of them.....

Looks like Ford is back to its old ways:
"Ford Motor Co has been sued for allegedly infringing a patent that covers a fuel-injection system it uses in its top-selling F-150 truck"

I wonder if the Colorado will pass the Nissan Frontier it looks like a close race there.

@Diesel Power Yeah I was reading that on Ford really rip that dude off I hope he wins his case.

I read in Forbes magazine that we have a new government motors. The only car company that owes the government money. It is Ford! The government gave Ford 5.9 billion dollars in June 2009. They are required to start making payments now. So much for Ford not needing government help afterall.

LOL Ford owns the pickup market just look at those numbers amazing in Canada Fords truck sales went up by 8% in Aug lets face it in North America Ford just kicks some a$$! The Ram only sold 188000 trucks this year i guess ppl are not likeing all those parts made in china includeing thoses cat skin leather seats just creepy!!

Wow, Ford is kicking a$$.

Regarding the Ford Lawsuit, Ford has been working with the DI Technology in Europe since 2003.


Ford borrowed 5.9B to produce more fuel efficient vehicles, and guess what, THEY ARE PAYING BACK EVERY PENNY. Whereas, GM couldn't pay squat and went down the hole.

nice to see all doing well, we must be turning a corner

Everybody gettin' mad!

Runs up rand back hands Tom With A Ranger AHHHH yes we are mad LOL! just kidding tom

interesting fact; YTD Toyota has sold 156,330 trucks without a 3/4 ton or 1ton.

Ram is at 187,620, that is starting to be a close race, i think toyota may overtake them.

Listening to the Neal Bortz show the other day and he said government motors took the money they were supposed to pay back to there owner obummer and us taxpayers and are building 60 something new dealerships in china with it. Wow they are helping out the economy alright, just china's not ours!!


GM is pure garbage now. Sad!!

I'd be curious to see this same information limited to half-tons.

The order would still be the same.

Colorado is doing well now but they will be like Ranger in a few months, they will run low on inventory. Tacoma is just getting a larger percentage of the midsize market and Frontier is doing well. Even the Tundra is growing. I think Toyota will just hang in there with the Tundra and eventually it will become a major contender. I am glad to see a sizable number of midsize trucks sold this will at least keep Tacoma and Frontier on the market and those of us that want a midsize don't even have to bother with Ford, Chrysler, or GM. Those that don't want to wait for the new Colorado will still have options.

What is the deal with the Titan? What is the minimal annual sales they need to justify running a line for it? I get that the Ridgeline is a niche setup for now, Ranger is gone, etc. But the Titan is trying to be a mainstream half ton and it is barely selling a thousand units a month. Is this approaching pull the plug territory? Or is it time to heavily upgrade the truck territory?

Toyota's production was down last year due to Japan's tsunami and earthquake until end of the year. Some of the factories were working at half cpacity and weren't shipping parts. They didn't get back up to full production until December of 2011 or later.

At this time last year GM shut down production of Colorado trucks being produced in Lousiana due to supply issue of the transmission that is made in Japan.

Honda also suspended orders.

Look at August 2009 to get a bigger picture of what is going on in August:

August 2009 Tacoma. 12,547 Tacomas sold.
August 2012 Tacoma. 12, 193 Tacomas sold. -2.9% drop

August 2009 F-series. 45,590 F-series sold.
August 2012 F-series. 58,201 F-series sold. +27.6% increase

Even with the Ranger out of the way, Tacoma still sold less Tacomas in August than they did 3 years ago.

@Jason-Wait for Colorado's stock to deplete and if fuel prices remain high the 4 cylinder Tacomas will increase even more. Frontier will gain as well and a lot of Ranger and Colorado buyers will buy Tacoma and Frontier. Sure there will be some Ranger and Colorado buyers that will switch to an F-150 and Silverado but most midsize truck owners own a midsize truck because that is the size they want. Asking all midsize truck owners to accept large trucks is like asking a compact or mini car driver to just buy an Impala, Chrysler 300, or a Ford Taurus instead of a small car. Most will not and its more than just gasoline mileage its better handling, easier to park, and being able to reach in the bed with out having to get out a ladder or use a built in step. You still see a lot of older Nissans, Toyotas, Rangers, and S-10s on the road and that is because they are very reliable and people like the size. It is good to see the uptick in sales for all the trucks and hopefully this will continue.

phillyguy, the titan and frontier are built on the same platform. only a few minor changes are added to strengthen it for the titan, thus it is quit simple to make two bodies for the same frame. ie. chevy/gmc. The engines are different so you got me there.

A lot of the discussion of today is centered on are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Taco sales:
August 2012: 12,193
August 2008: 12,407

Without the Ranger, Taco is selling less in August 2012 than they were 4 years ago!

@Hemi LOL, how is it Toyota might overtake Ram when lots of buyers are waiting for 2013 Rams to come out? What Toyota truck will be different in 2013 then the current one? Not much, right? "Tundra; The Truck that's not changing much since 2007"

@Jason-12,193 versus 12,407 is 214 trucks less is .172483% which rounded up is .2% which translates to 2/10ths of a percent. How significant is 2/10ths of a percent decline over 4 years. That is hardly measurable. That is a real stretch to say that 214 less units sold out of 12,407 is a significant decrease in sales. Yes Tacoma is selling less than 4 years ago but in 2008 there was the mortgage melt down and buyers switched over to smaller trucks from larger is another factor because gas went up and a lot of people were losing their jobs.

The construction industry, a major buyer of full size trucks was in near collapse. In 2008 there were lots full of full size trucks and people were not even interested at 10 to 12k off sticker. I know this because I bought a new truck in 2008 and the dealers were begging me to buy a full size. There were lots of late model 4 wheel drive trucks for sale by owners that could not even sell them for the balance left on their loans (that is not the case today). There was a flood of late model full size trucks 4 years ago competing against new full size trucks which is not the case in 2012.

To factor in any kind of decrease you need to factor in all variables otherwise you are just doing fuzzy math and anyone can manipulate percentages around to justify their opinions. We are in a Presidential election and campaign strategist are masters at manipulating statistics to justify their postions and this is true on both sides of the political fence.

Way to go Ford The F-Series rocks the sales are great, Ford Super Duty is included in the sales if the sales are good by october im shopping n buying one myself, Since im a die hard ford n ford super duty fan

You're the one who was not factoring in other variables and just making comments like, "Taco sales are getting larger!"

For one, I pointed out the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Wonder why Toyota and Honda and Colorado with a Japanse tranny are the only ones up the most this month? They are Japanese and were hurt the most by the tsunami.

My other point is you can't look at the percent increase this August and say Taco is getting more sales. I don't care if the decrease is only .2% or 3%. The point is there has been no increase in August in 4 years.

Go back before the Tsunami. The facts are the Toyota is selling less Tacomas this month than they were this month 3 or 4 years ago.

In 2009 Taco sold 3 percent more than this month without even the Ranger in play!

I don't think that Toyota's sales will surpass Ram in the short-run; Ram's sales have been pretty strong the past few years.

However, that exact same logic could be used the other way--maybe there are lots Toyota buyers waiting for a new Tacoma, or Tundra. or a Toyota 3/4 ton/1-ton... .

In the long-term, probably. Toyota is a pretty conservative company that has a long-term outlook--compared to companies that go bankrupt multiple times and ownership gets passed around like a drunk floozy at a frat party.

It seems Jeff that the math challenged one is you. The Tacoma sold in 08 98% of what it sold now, not 99.8%. Do you know how to calculate percentages? It sold 97% in 09, when the market was at its weakest than it does now. With fewer competitors and a stronger market now then 3 - 4 years ago the Tacoma should be selling 27% more like the F150.

Maybe someday Toyota will build a relevant full size truck instead of the Tundra.

I will say if Colorado is having record sales it is because GM dealers are LITTERALLY giving them away!

“I don’t know what our store’s days’ supply is; it’s probably embarrassingly high,” Matt Ringlien, a sales manager at the Chevy store in Columbus, said in a telephone interview. The dealership is frequently selling pickups for less than it paid to GM!"

GM is pure garbage now. Sad!!
Posted by: Frank | Sep 4, 2012 4:22:32 PM

You can say that again. They have to give trucks away just to "compete." What a concept.

I am so glad we bailed out GM instead of letting them go through bankruptcy court like every other normal company does.

@Jason--How much is Ford paying you? I hope you are getting at least free use of an F-150 of your choice for a year. It is great F-150 is number 1 but looking at all the other numbers most are doing well. If you are not getting free use of an F-150 then you should. Yes Taco sales are getting larger than they were but maybe not 4 years ago and you have a very weak argumentt that a less than 2/10 of a percent decrease in 4 years is significant unless you are bad with math and you though it was 20%. If you did mistake it for 20% then the education in the US is in a bigger crisis than I thought in this country and things have really gone down since I was in school. If that is the case the Chinese are going to take over sooner.

Do you honestly think that Toyota is going to pull out of the midsize truck market over a 214 unit decrease in 4 years? What are you mixing in your Kool Aid? Yes when business recovers and people have not bought a new truck for a while sales are go up, but things can go down as well. I hope that Ford sells a ton of F-150s and that the others do as well because that means more job. I guess you also haven't paid attention to how bad the economy 4 years ago. People that lose good paying jobs tend to hold on to the vehicles they have and the average age of cars and trucks on the road went up to about 11 to 12 years old the highest it has been since WWII. There were obviously a lot of pent up demand and many of these owners would have rather bought a replacement 4 years ago but when you cannot afford something then you put off buying it. Now people are feeling more confident and the gates are starting to open.

I am actual glad that Ford is out of the midsize market because they can better focus on the F-150 and their core customers. Ford has not had their heart in the midsize market with a 20 year old product that was still good but not competitive. Ford should also get out of the luxury car market with their Lincoln division almost dead last. Chrysler was smart enough years ago to finally do away with Imperial.

Toyota and Nissan have always been leaders in the smaller trucks and Toyota outsells Ford in most of the World except NA. Toyota sales will not surpass Ram as Dav said but they are in for the long haul and the Tundra is just a learning process. When Toyota finally gets it right in the full size market they will be a force to be reckoned with. Any way 90,696 Tacomas sold a year is not bad and I hate to bust your Ford fanboy ego they will not discontinue the Tacoma with those numbers and anyway Ford does not even come close to selling as many Fusions or Focuses to Camry and Corolla. Toyota doesn't have to sell as many trucks in the US they are number 1 in car sales and they are not taking any loans from US taxpayers which means even the loans paid back.

Has anybody here seen the movie Too Big to Fail when one big bank failed it started a Domino Effect with the other healthy banks because everybody is linked together even competitors. Since Ford is a publicly traded company a collapse of GM and Chrysler (2/3 of the U.S. auto industry) would have had a bad effect Ford and possibly taken them under as well which is why Ford's own CEO said this:
"If GM and Chrysler would've gone into free-fall they could've taken the entire supply base into free-fall also, and taken the U.S. from a recession into a depression," Mulally says in the accompanying video, taped Friday at Ford's world headquarters in Dearborn, MI. "That's why we testified on behalf of our competitors even though we clearly did not need precious taxpayer money."

Referring to his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on Nov. 4, 2008, "today looking back I think we'd absolutely make the same decision," Mulally says.

I don't understand how the Ford guys think that if we knock over 2 out of 3 Too Big to Fail dominos that the 3rd domino (Ford) will still be standing by itself.

@Dave--They don't keep that many Colorados in inventory to give away. The article you provided the link to states that it is Silverados and this is correct. The Chevy dealerships around me are overflowing with Silverados but there are very few Colorados. For Chevy's sake they would have been better not to make so many Silverados because it cheapens the brand and the resale value plummets. Also I am sure the UAW is also a factor in that because if they shut a plant down for too long they have to still pay some of them. I am not a big GM fan but I have also become less of an American auto fan. I have owned Fords and Chevys since 1994 and have bought nothing but those but my next vehicle will probably be South Korean or Japanese. For the features and the money I will probably buy a Kia Sorento. Also after reading all the fanboy comments from Ford fanboys, Chevy fanboys, and Ram fanboys I am willing to try a different brand especially when these fanboys force their opinions on everyone else. Their products are better than the other 2 so in that case I will choose something else and none of the above which means no American brands.

@5.3L LOL, Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
Ford continues to be the leader of the segment with continued strong sales of the EcoBoost and naturally-aspirated 3.7L V-6, with a combined output for the half-ton versions with more than one of every two F-150s sold with a V-6. We suspect Ram will see a much higher take-rate for their 3.6L V-6 and TorqueFlite 8 combination when it hits dealers in November.

Here is the 2008 sales synopsis.
Here is 2011 sales synopsis.
Full sized (includes Avalanche,GMC+Chevy, Lincoln etc)
2008......................................2011.............% change
Ford-520,144 .........................632,353........ + 18%
GMC-673,334..........................626,040........ - 7%
Chrysler-245,840.....................244,763........ - 0.5%
Toyota-137,249......................193,613........ +29%
Nissan-34,053.........................75,821......... +55%

At the end of the day:
- Chrylser has returned to 2008 levels.
- GMC is failing
- Ford is doing well
- Toyota is gaining but to what end?
- Nissan is gaining but to what end?

GMC better hit a homerun with the next gen trucks.

If you look at small trucks and I'll confine the look to Tacoma and Frontier since everyone else is dead or functionally extinct.

2008............................................2011.......% change
Tacoma-144,655 .........................110,705.... -30%
Frontier- 44,997...........................51,700 ..... + 13%

I thought Toyota were the masters of building compact trucks?

Looks like the king of full sized (GMC) and the king of compacts (Toyota) need to go back to school.

If GM had gone through normal bankruptcy they would not have been knocked out, the union contracts and pensions would have been knocked out and then new management would step in, and run the GM operation profitably without taxpayer money. This is not "Let GM go into freefall."

In Toyota's defense, a foreign company making a profit, some of which stays in the USA, is better than an "American" company destroying wealth for all American taxpayers.
Economics isn't a all or nothing game. Those that make a profit benefit the entire system, those that destroy wealth hurt the economic health of the country for everyone.

@Dave-I now agree and maybe GM should have gone thru bankruptcy are better yet offered to a competitor or the Chinese. Where I live Toyota has been good for the State of Kentucky providing jobs in the Camry assembly plant in Georgetown, North American parts distribution in Hebron, and North American headquarters in Erlanger. Ford has a truck plant in Louisville. Maybe if I do decide to get a new truck Tacoma is a good choice because it is not receiving any US taxpayer loans, it provides a lot of American jobs, unions don't run the show, and they still make a product I want and it is American made. I don't have to buy a Ford, Chrysler, or GM and I get what I want.

If you think bankruptcy was the answer keep in mind in the movie Too Big to Fail the govt. tried that when they let Lehman Brothers go into bankruptcy and all that did was cause uncertaincy (panic) in the market (the same way speculation drives up the price of oil) and caused the other healthy publicly traded banks problems. Ford is a publicly traded company so when 2/3 of the auto industry has failed people will dump their Ford and auto parts suppliers stock in a panic sincing the auto stock market is crashing. Ford didn't testify for GM and Chrysler out of the kindness of their hearts.

Also in that movie we also learned throught the collapse of Lehman Brothers that if a company or companies that are too big to fail go into bankruptcy it will be very damaging for the whole market and the damage will happen lightning like fast before the company that went bankrupt can complete Ch.11 proceedings.

@5.3L LOL --That has been my point of view as well but there is so much hatred of GM that a lot of people cannot see that it effects the part suppliers which supply parts to Chrysler and Ford. It still hold out hope that GM gets their act together for the sake of all the good paying jobs that would be lost which would damage the economy further and as a taxpayer I would like to get my money back. I think some of these bloggers are cheering for the demise of GM just to prove themselves right. I hate government loans to any industry but what is done is done and to wish for failure is counterproductive. With enough negativity GM will fail for sure because who wants to buy a product from a company that is thought of as negatively further making failure assured. I am skeptical after reading all the comments and I also don't hold much faith in most CEOs or boards but I do think that if a product is not living up to people's expectation then you should voice constructive criticism in hopes that the corporate leadership will reconsider a bad decision.

When it comes to a lot of fanboy comments they take any constructive criticism of a product personal and feel they have to defend the corporation. If you say it is too bad that a certain product was discontinued they launch into attack to defend the corporate decision. It is possible that someone from that corporation might be looking at some of these comments and if they see enough that are similiar then the corporation might reconsider a decision. That is one reason why Chrysler is allowing pictures of concepts out to gauge interest.

I have decide to let the fanboys have the satisfaction of feeling they are right and not express any opinions. I will not say anything even constructive, but I will vote no with my pocketbook. Somehow I don't feel alone because usually if the consumer doesn't feel he or she is listened to and their opinions are shouted down then they will go elsewhere.

I have been called a fanboy for hoping that GM does better but I guess wishing for things to get better for workers and the economy is considered to be an act of a fanboy.

G.M. is a prime example compared to Chrysler. It's not how many units you sell to be successful it's how much profit you make. Chrysler paid off the U.S. Government loans at 19.8 % interest. They are profitable. Chrysler is small compared to G.M. and Ford.

@Lou-I don't think Toyota is losing as a whole. They are not gaining as much on the Tacoma but I have not read anything that says they are losing money on each Tacoma being sold. Tundra is a different story. I also doubt seriously that Camry is losing them money. I don't think that not hitting a home run on every product is losing, if you win on most of your products then you are still in the game. Anyway just because NA is not the biggest market for Toyota trucks doen't mean that is true about the rest of the World. As Big Al from Oz says we are just a big fish bowl. We deny the existence of the rest of the World and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The Sun revolves around us instead of we revolving around the Sun. We are the center of the Universe.

@5.3LOL - 2/3 of the industry failed? Correction 2/3 of the USA based auto industry failed. One was a huge failure and the other one wasn't. Chrysler going through bankruptcy wouldn't of been that big a deal. Someone would of bought them out. Chevy on the other hand is a different matter. Would Ford and the rest of the industry been dragged down with it. Probably. Who says it isn't going to happen anyway? I believe that all we did was delay the inevitable.
As far as banks go, the psychology of purchasing and selling on the stock market is based more on a herd mentality. If a few buy, the herd follows suit. The opposite happens with sell offs. It usually is not governed by rational thought.
Banks etc failed badly because the circulation of currency or the movement of currency slowed down. Like a soap bubble, it retains its shape as long as there is air inside and enough soap film adhering to the outside keeping it intact. In this case we had false hopes of unlimited profits inflating the bubble and as long as money was keeping the outside of the bubble moist and intact it kept going. (I've had a few "experts try to explain it to me - hopefully I've paraphrased their comments correctly).
Did bailouts stave off a "Great Depression" level collapse"?
Yes, but I believe that is short term in effect only.
The "big one" will come and governments are much weaker for their intervention.
They screwed up royally by letting it happen in the first place. Political ideology lead to the downfall and before the knives come out for current "captain", the skipper who skuttled the ship left on his yacht.

I do hope that I am wrong and we see increased sales and productivity out of North American economies.

@JeffS - the passive agressive self pity thing is not what I'd expect from you. Fight the good fight. If corporations do read this site, your voice is being heard. Opinions and the free expression of those opinions are the foundation of society. Being a small truck fan on this site can be as tough as being a Honda Ridgeline fan (or Toyota fan).

oxi, Did you really just drill the roof rack right into the roof?

"I am planning a small 1/4 ton trailer to haul some heavy gear to keep the bed for lighter, fluff type gear, have to ask CBI if their bumper would hold up to a 1/4 ton small trailer... "


What will you be hauling in the trailer? Why do you need a trailer and to use the bed for fluff if your truck is one ton capable?


Page 2 of the comments. Tom Wilkinson at GM says for you and the haters out there to chill.

@Sierra - GMC is in trouble. They need to fix the problems with their trucks that have been commented on multiple times on this site. Even some of the staunchest Ford supporters say that their drivetrains are the stuff of legend. Problem is - the rest of the truck isn't.
Yes, there are those who hate GMC and would like to see it fail. Most of us do not fall into that category.

Hate and jealousy are words used time and time again by fanboi's.


Eat your peas and chill. The mighty, Tom Wikinson, Communications Manager at General Motors, has spoken.

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