Chip Foose Preps for SEMA 2012

Foose WD40

Automotive designer and car enthusiast Chip Foose is preparing to build two custom trucks for the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Foose is partnering with WD-40 and Source Interlink Media — owners of Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Four Wheeler and many other enthusiast magazines — to create two unique trucks that pay homage to those who love to work on their trucks, old or new.

"This year, we're upping the ante and building two vehicles — one that pays tribute to WD-40 Company's history and one that celebrates some of its newer specialty products that help auto pros like me get the job done right," Foose said. "With the help of some great aftermarket partners and a lot of WD-40-brand products, we'll be able to build two vehicles that honor those who work hard every day."

Both trucks — a 1953 F-100 and a 2012 F-350 Super Duty — will be shown at SEMA and then auctioned for charity at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. Proceeds from the auction will benefit two SEMA Cares charities: Childhelp, a group that provides services to abused and neglected children; and the Victory Junction Gang Camp, which provides life-changing camping experiences to special-needs and chronically ill children.

We'll have more coverage of the SEMA Show when it opens its doors at the end of October. No doubt we'll learn more about the types of trucks that will be there and the press events as the show gets closer. More to come.

Foose WD40 2



That '53 is looking sweet! Bring on SEMA!

I can not stand this Chip Foose guy either, but atleast the money will go to good places.

Nobody can stand you either johnny dork.


Mr.TRUCK boy I sure would so if anyone ever wants to give you a FORD TRUCK please let me know! They are the best TRUCKS going today bar none so even though I own one I will gladly take your free one and enjoy the best TRUCK ever made. Chip Foose knows it too!

Chevy ruined their truck reputation with that cheap ass GMT800 and then further damaged it with the even cheaper pos GMT900. That and they yanked the SFA out of their 2500's. They did this to themselves. Or at least GM did it to Chevrolet. Screw em. Ford all the way now!!

just a thought, I wonder what powers the old Ford? LS E-Rod maybe?

Dont like classic/muscle cars/classic trucks when they are redone by changing everything !

ie: big modern wheels,horrible custom interiors and aweful 2 tone paint..

The old 53 looks best with stock interior,stock body..and little touches as lower the front a little couple inches,add either wide white walls or Crager mags with white lettered tires no bigger than 15 "

I just hate it when you see a muscle/classic car lowered to the ground all custom interiors ,no door handles,no trim that actually make them look cheap (even by foose) big 16-22" wheels dont suit older cars ! Period correct is the best !

Sure on the 53 you could add lets say a 60's Ford 390 or 428-429 or do up the Flat Head ! A new efi engine just doesnt do it for astute collector/seller of fine quality collector vehicles ! Plus I find when they totally customize them,they dont sell as fast nor as much..(over priced t.v auctions are different because the uneducated wanna be tv famous person pays too much for a custom clunker) I know some guys do the Foose thing because original interior parts are hard to get,but older vehicles look odd when they are Fossed !

I will say this though...good on him(Foose),he made a load of money doing what he likes,and some people do like what he does,just saying it aint my cup of tea.I will say this though... the 53 looks like one of his better pieces I have seen..doesnt look like he cut the door handles,and shaved the whole truck down to nothing..though a little too low but like the door signage..

He FOOSED it up ! OMG ! WTF !

Ford also needs to partner up with "duct tape" nothing represents more Ford then duct tape!

@Chris, yeap you got that right. FORD and duct tape. Both are the strongest and Most used items in the world!! Glad you brought that up because without duct tape we are screwed. Without FORD everything shuts down. Thanks again!!

The '53 looks good.
@sandman4x4 - Foose has made signature trucks for Ford in the past so I doubt it would have a Chevy engine in it.

@Diesel & HEMI & 440 & 454 & 429 & 426 & 413 & 400 & 396 & 383 & 354 & 350 & 340 & 302 ! - I'm not a fan of wildly modified "old" trucks or cars either. I love a good "period" restored hotrod like a model T model A with a flathead V8 in it.

I was just being a WA! I like originality also, but only for show, if you are going to drive it though, you should save the old engine, and run a modern sog free (you ever get stuck behind an old car truck) PHEW!! my eyes water! I am the last person on earth to hug a tree, but we do need to breath, there is this tree huging earth warming progressive out here that drives an old Volvo, who thinks she is doing the earth a big favore, you know stop the manufactioning of any big products! it is killing the earth! and when you get stuck behind her in traffic, man it is awfull and her car runs as good as it can, but has no pollution controls on it at all (never had them) and when I approched her about it, she wouldnt believe me! I swear they are in their own little world!

That's right kieth, Ford is screwed without duct tape, that's what they use to make their genuine parts. I've noticed that ford fans ultimate part is duct tape and like you said " without it you we are screwed". Couple things that will shutdown without ford is repair shops and ford fans.

Geez, what a bunch of internet tards!

Do most of you even realize you sound like a bunch of sixth graders on a school bus?

Grow up!

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