IIHS Report Identifies Safest Pickups

2009 Ford F-150 4x4 II

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-profit organizatioin funded by auto insurers, has just released a new report showing the highest and lowest insurance claims for 2009-2011 vehicles.

As you might expect, the most expensive claims and most severe overall losses are in the large luxury sports car categories. That makes sense since those are likely to be the most expensive vehicles to purchase, maintain, and repair (not to mention the fact their owners usually aren't the best drivers). On the flipside, however, there are quite a few pickup trucks represented in the Lowest Overall Losses categories.

Among some of the lowest overall vehicles on the list are the midsize GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado pickups; however, the only full-size pickup to make the list (in the under $30,000 category) is the Ford F-150.

Also of note are the statistics of personal injury protecton claims among the vehicles of the same period. This information was collected to calculate the number of claims filed per 1,000 insured vehicle years for 2009-2011 vehicles as well. In this particular category, the highest ranking pickup truck was the Chevy Silverado 2500 Crew Cab 4WD with a score of 5.5, while the F-150 and Silverado half-ton 4WD pickups tie with a score of 6.5.

The data come from 80 percent of the insurance claims filed in the U.S. each year, which is collected and compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), an affiliate of IIHS.

For the full article and explanation of the testing data, download HLDI_losses_report here.   

2011-chevroler-silverado-2500HD II



"Injury claims data show something that crash
test results can’t: the role of vehicle size. In the
real world, if all else is equal, a larger vehicle
protects people better than a smaller one."

Yup, sounds about right to me.

I am surprised that Ford did not come in last because of their tendency to catch fire. How does it go?


The comments by these Dodge-Ram people just make all Dodge-Ram owners look silly. I am hoping these idiotic remarks are being made by high school children who can at least claim ignorance.... I have been a fire fighter for years and the only vehicle fires I have seen have been crash enduced. To claim that one brand is better based entirely upon personal preference is not intellegent. I have owned mostly Ford trucks over the past 15 years and have had nothing but trouble freeing driving over hundreds of thousands of miles, I am sure Chevy and Dodge owners have had the same experience. Would it be possible to raise the bar a bit for the comments given so we all do not get dumbed down with every article?

NorthernMN, you must be new around here. PickupTrucks.com has the most juvenile, idiotic comment section of any forum I know. It's hard to believe that pickup owners are that much less mature than those who frequent other forums, so I have to believe that there is simply no attempt to moderate the comments on this site.




And MPM is so quick to raise his hand with the moron confirmation.

NorthernMN, I live in a pop.1.8mil. town and the firefighters here have stated on the local news that they have put out several unoccupied, spontanous Super Duty engine fires.
Not an epidemic, but certainly a reason for concern.
Recently one in a driveway that spread to the house, killing two young boys inside the house.


this kind of stuff is HILARIOUS to me.

Mark Williams, please tell us why in the body of your article you explain that this an amount of claims (highest and lowest) reported for vehicles but your heading Touts SAFEST VEHICLES?????????

For the record the Top safety picks from the IIHS are the Tundra, Ridgeline and F150.

How does this information point to what truck is the safest???

these numbers are affected by the price of parts (which are definitely cheaper on Ford and Chevy I'll give you that) but they are affected by EVERY variation of things and have absolutely ZERO effect on how safe the vehicle is...........

Heck just look at one aspect, Tundra trucks use GOLD TERMINALS AND CONNECTIONS on ALL vital components for safety equipment so OF COURSE they would be more expensive to replace. the parts on that truck are more expensive to make and therefore more expensive to replace. This has no bearing on how safe it is, correct?

Please help me understand why this article is titled this way, it sure seems misleading to me. It kinda even seems like its a ford advertisement?

@Hemi and dodge numb nuts, are you guys hurt the 6 year old GM vehicles are the safest? Ouch...

@northern MN

I wish it could go that way, well said! It would be nice if this was regulated like a forum, but it can't...

@ tyler

I'm not sure if you were aiming that at me or hemi owners..........

wrong guy if you aimed it at me, the GM twins have a 2 star side impact while the tundra is a 5 star, thats a BIG difference. the tundra is FAR SUPERIOR in crash test ratings to either of the GM trucks. OH and the Tundra is a 6 year old design as well! and the FIRST and still the ONLY truck to have driver and passenger side knee airbags PERIOD. and they are standard since 2010 when they added it mid cycle. Just like Toyota, they add the new technology as time goes on and doesnt wait till someone forces them to, they actually do whats best for the consumer purchasing it.

@Tyler: What Hemi LOL just said: It is not a story about the safety of the trucks, if it was actually about that, the Chevy wouldn't get mentioned at all. Be it Canyon/Colorado or the Sivlerado and it's GM sister, neither are that good in a crash. Lets see, Silverado, weak side structure (check it out on IIHS's side impact testing) weaker roof, and gets a yellow on the front impact. The Ram out scores all on head on, but has a weker roof, and good side structure (read: stronger then GM) that didn't get as good a rating in side impact due to no seat torso airbag, which is new for 2013 Rams. So once again, GM is behind. The Toyota comes out as about the safest, followed closely by Ford when it is all averaged. Both have a yellow in their head on test, but average way better due to stronger roofs.

The Canyon/Colorado? Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha!

the only reason the tundra does as well as it does, is the gov. test only involve a stationary object, but when in an accident with another truck or car, it's a different story, and one of the seasons the 3/4 Chevy does so well overall in the above story, probable has something to do with the "low hanging frames", and I would bet the rewason for that is the way the hight of the frames matches up with other vehicles in a normal crash!

@Hemi and TRX, Tyler is just a GM apologist. Otherwise known as Bvonscott, Sierra, SierraGS, all of the Bob's etc. He's a GMC nutswinger Anti-Chevrolet nutjob plain and simple. The Ford guys called him out on this long ago. They have Real insidenews on this clown and with many of his GM posts.

@ sandman4x4

if you truly believe what you just posted then you dont have a very good understanding of crash technology and physics.

to further the story a little the IIHS and NHTSA use between 9 to 20 data points on a crash test dummy. Toyota on the other hand uses patented one of a kind dummies that collect 106-109 data points or effectively more than 5 TIMES the data that NHTSA and the IIHS collect. ALSO, Toyota even goes so far as to testing the materials and how they deform if YOU hit a pedestrian so the pedestrian stands a better chance of living through it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me another manufacturer that does that???? Just so we are COMPLETELY clear, i have held the projectiles and stood right in front of the machine that does this so please no comments as if i dont know any better.

I'll give you one more explanation if it will help.... If you watch Mythbusters you may know that they tested the "double destruction theory" you know the one if 2 cars hit head on at 50 thats equal to 1 car hitting a wall at 100 mph??? COMPLETELY BUSTED! two cars hitting at 50mph is like one hitting a wall at 50mph, simple as that. So your theory of which you claim the Tundra is somehow less safe hitting another vehicle is COMPLETELY WRONG as well. Toyota doesnt spend $1 Million an hour in R&D waisting time, its so their vehicles are the safest most dependable cars on the road.

Wow. This the most misleading title ever. It has NOTHING to do with safety, it is just was cars are cheaper to repair.

Maybe the guys that post and wear tinfoil hats are right--it was just another opportunity to mislead, indirectly smear the competition, and promote the F150... .

FORD RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do agree that the heading for this news is misleading.
Can one argue that a certain vehicle is safer than another based on injury claims?
It costs less to put a corpse in the ground then to look after a spinal chord injury survivor.
I'd rather go on crash test data.
This is good to see what vehicles are more expensive to fix, but as pointed out - a Lancer Evo has the highest expense because it is driven hard.
A Ferrari is also going to be more costly to fix due to the rarity and purchase cost.
It is good to point out that this data exists, but without a thorough explanation by an expert is just a bunch of useless numbers on a page.


Read this and then tell me which truck would you rather be in if you got in an accident. Ford and the Toyota are the best when it comes to your safety period.

LOLhemi::: let me be clear for you! I said that they do good in a "Gov." test with an object that is not moving, but when both are moving something happens and they don' tdo as well, that is all I said, and I have seen the awful results that is all, like are you trying to tell me a taco will do better than a Dakota in an accident? then why is the insurance higher on tha taco, and why do all the body men tell me that most of the imports are totaled at a higher rate? expecialy when involved with an American, or even a German car? even a VW holds up better than most cars! but it seems (to the guys that fix them) that the japanese cars&trucks fold up beyond repair. I am only repeating what I have been told by a # of different body shops that are in the real world, not some Gov. test or some insurance test or another, but the guys that have to try and streighten out the frames or unibody sections, or cut them out altogether and weld in new ones. That is all I am saying. I has nothing to do with "crash technology" or "physics" buy the body shops that do the work!


@ sandman4x4

that is precisely the point. the vehicle should absorb the impact saving your body. Your body's rate of deceleration is key in saving your life as well as preventing lasting injury. If your body comes to a complete stop in one tenth of a second your brain is going to bruise as it bounces of the wall of your skull either killing you or causing concusion ect. ect. if your body were to come to a stop at lets say for arguments sake (i have no exact figures here) around a second instead of a tenth then your more likely to survive without injury.

This info is a description of why Toyota and Ford have systems in place for the seatbelts to retract at the moment of collision and then once a certain amount of force is realized the seatbelt will ratchet outward so your body slows to a stop instead of coming to an abrubt stop saving you injuries....

What a bodyman says as far as repairs go is completely correct. the problem with that logic is not what you want to keep you and your family safe. I dont know about you but i can replace my truck not my family. BTW a tacoma is safer by a HUGE margin over the dakota.

yep allmost everything you said is true, about the vehicle absorbing the impact to save yourself from harm, and that is why the taco is safer than the Dak, in an accident, but that is why it sustains more damage in an accident over the Dak, and that is just what I said, the bodyshop guys tell me all the time the tacos fold up, where as the Dakotas don't, I guess in a realy bad wreak you would be safer in a taco, but the whole idea is to not get in an accident at all, and the more fender benders you get in the more your insurance will go up, and that is because the tacos sustain more damage than the Dakotas, that is all I said, I said nothing about one or the other being safer.

They are only counting the Tundras that did not have rusted out frames. Tundras up north are so unsafe, Toyota is buying them back or replacing the tin foil frames that are under them.

@Greg - thanks for proving once again that you are a moron. If they were made of tin - they wouldn't rust.

@Lou, Tin foil Tundra is an expression used in the Tundra community.


@Bob - I highly doubt Greg takes the time to read anything that doesn't involve a bowtie.
The link you provided talks about a tinfoil bumper. That implies weakness.
Interesting attempt to discredit Toyota and support one of your trolling brothers.

Regardless of your point - tinfoil does not rust.

Brains don't rust, but they do decay.

You and Greg provide ample evidence of that fact.

@Hemi and TRX, Tyler is just a GM apologist. Otherwise known as Bvonscott, Sierra, SierraGS, all of the Bob's etc. He's a GMC nutswinger Anti-Chevrolet nutjob plain and simple. The Ford guys called him out on this long ago. They have Real insidenews on this clown and with many of his GM posts.

Posted by: DennisScarborough | Sep 20, 2012 3:47:20 PM

DennisScarborough is a troll along with all of his other cronies like: BrianHawn, FordTrucks1, BlueOvalEmpire, etc. etc. There are so many Ford trolls, I have simply lost track. Hell they even sound like the same person in most of their posts (probably is the same person). Usually whoever is posting this garbage will end several sentences in a post using the word "anymore".

@ admin

a couple things......
1. Toyota as a company is not a problem to customers as far as replacement goes. quite honestly it sounds like a dealer issue for this person. they are very good not only at paying to replace these frames but put on new leaf springs, brake lines, lower control arms ect. ect. ect. in the process and therefore EVERY customer i know of that has had this done is THRILLED at the idea that now their truck has a second life because they never have mechanical issues with their trucks so now they claim they will put a couple hundred thousand MORE miles on them..........

2. Have you EVER paid attention to who made those frames???? DANA corp....... you know the one, they build frames and rear diffs for such companies as well ALL TRUCK MANUFACTURERS. example you ask how bout Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Jeep and nissans even.

1) It has more of a mixed bag, than everyone is "thrilled." I wouldn’t want a truck that has been torn down to its bones and built back up. The truck is never the same from that point on.

2) Before, Toyota seemed to blame frame supplier Dana for this issue. Now, it seems that Toyota has determined Dana is not responsible for frame rust problems on the first-gen Tundra.


@ jason

that story is a full 3 YEARS old. Toyota being the company they are WONT point fingers. Ok, look at it like this............
Dana manufacturing built the frames correct? they also coated the frames correct? yes, and yes................ hmmm looks like its Dana's fault, PERIOD. how could you possibly believe otherwise?

Let me reiterate that i know MANY customers that are THRILLED that they replaced the frame, as well as brake lines and springs and anything else that was compromised due to the rust spreading. I did not say everyone thats ever had one done is thrilled. The fact remains that with the way the truck is built when its broken down and redone CORRECTLY that the truck performs just as it did before the rebuild. the people that are rebuilding these trucks are not idiots they are Toyota Master Technicians on every job even if there are a couple of able bodies helping with some of the build its the master tech heading things off and they turn out wonderful! you can be a pessimist all you want but the facts are the facts.

hemi lol:

"BTW a tacoma is safer by a HUGE margin over the dakota."

Really? Looks to me like the head darn near hit the steering wheel as the airbag was losing air, in the head on. Also, if you look at the frontal offset crash numbers IIHS gives, the Tacoma is not as structurauly srong as the Dakota. Yes, the part in front of the cab are crumple zones, but the cab itself is not. Compared to the Dakota in head on, I wouldn't want to be in a Tacoma.

On the other hand, the Tacoma does better in side impact, showing it's side structure is strong and the Dakota bags don't work as well. Similar to the way the Ram takes a head on better then a Tundra, but not as good at taking the side impact as Tundra. I will say tho, the Ram and Ford used a CREW CAB, while Toyota crash tested a DOUBLE cab, with A and C pillars closer together then crewcabs. What, they didn't want to crash a crewmax? One thing the Ram and Dakota did not have was the torso airbag. Now in 2013 the Ram gets it, in the seat.

Roof test? Both did not stand up to the Frontiers roof numbers, but the Dakota had a stronger roof then a Tacoma. Rear impact is about even.

Where is the HUGE MARGIN?


Wonder how the 2015 F-150 with aluminum body will do...


Pathetic posters...get more original.
It's too easy to hate Ford because they are the best.

@Ken Lyns - How do they know those are aluminum panels? They do not look any different from steel panels. Those pics are useless. Did they use a magnet on them? or deliberately scrape off some paint?
800 lb weight loss is significant and expensive to achieve.
Dissimilar metals provide an interesting challenge. They expand and contract at different rates. How have they bonded the aluminum to steel? There could be an issue with electrolysis.

at least Ford at one time owned Jaguar, and there big car is made out of aluminum! of corse that is a 80K+ car to boot, and so does Audi, but that car is now over 100K, and there are only a small # of approved body men in the Country able to work on them, on the up side the car itself weighs a lot less than a comp. auto from MB Cadillac ect. ect. and the Jag has smaller engines and gets better mpg than the rest of them, so with that said Ford does have aleg up on there comp. with working with aluminum.

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