LD Pickups Offer Cash and Competition

2013-Chevy-Silverado-LD II

There's a lot of good news out there if you happen to be in the market for a full-size, light-duty pickup truck. It seems a perfect storm of variables is coming together to make this one of the best seasons for wheeling and dealing in a long time.

GM dealerships are scrambling to make sure they don't get stuck with too many of the current-generation Chevy Silverados or GMC Sierras, according to Automotive News. Production facilities have been running at full tilt, building up supply in the pipeline to accommodate the staggered factory slowdowns and shutdowns in order to make the needed changeovers that will build the highly anticipated new GM full-size half-ton trucks, which are likely due out at the end of the first quarter of 2013 as 2014 models.

But don't expect other truck manufacturers to sit and watch GM dealerships offer strong incentives to buyers; each truck maker looks to have its own "truck month" special program, in some cases cutting as much as $4,500 off the factory sticker.

In addition, the Detroit News is reporting that the GM dealer body was shown quite a few new cars and trucks at a recent dealer meeting in Las Vegas. And near the end of the event, dealers were able to see the new Chevy Silverado (as well as a few other fullsize SUVs off the same platform), and the excitement was palpable. Even though expectations are appropriately high, several dealers reported saying they were very happy with what's coming. And to the best of our knowledge, all those inside the exclusive meeting have not broken their vow of silence. Of course, if they do, we'll be sure to bring you all the details fit to print. (2013 model shown above and below.)

2013-Chevrolet-Silverado-LTZ II



Interesting asto the conflicting views on the 2014's. One camp is excited "and the excitement was palpable" and others were disappointed "several dealers reported saying they were very happy with what's coming."
Were the excited ones that way because they view any improvement as good? or are they from the fanboi side of the equation?
The fact that some dealers are not happy is not a good sign.

GM fans rejoice! Great deals on new trcuks! Everything must go! We're doing trucktober, truckcember, truckuary and on! Trade in your 'like a rock' Silverado for a 'like origami' Silverado! BE THERE BE THERE BE THERE!!!!!

Its no wonder resale value sux on the big 3 full size LD. With incentives like this does anyone pay near asking price for these things? When considering a Colorado a few years ago, there was $14k off the sticker price. Still didnt buy it.

What's "palpable'?

Interesting asto the conflicting views on the 2014's. One camp is excited "and the excitement was palpable" and others were disappointed "several dealers reported saying they were very happy with what's coming." - Lou

Who was dissapointed? What you just wrote doesn't make any sense.

palpable - seen, touched, felt, easily noticeable! This is a good thing.

Thanks Greg.

I now drive a Ram, but my last 2 trucks were Chevy's. No way I'd buy a 2013 no matter how much they discount the price. I'm going to buy another new truck next year and I'm waiting to see the new Chevy. It better be a game changer (as nice or better than my Ram) or I'll be looking at Ford and Ram again.

Look it up LOSER.

Good Luck!

The trucks are JUNK! TinFoil bodies, Piston Slap, Cheap ass interiors, rusty wax dipped frames, DRUM BRAKES in 2012!! And the Silverado is ONE UGLY DOG!!! Where's our TAXPAYER MONEY BACK??? WHY did my tax dollars go to fund 2 TWO truck lines??? WHAT A WASTE! I HATE GOVERNMENT MOTORS CORP. That company needs to be buried in the deepest recesses of Hell.

Obama better run out and get himself a bling bling Denali with the GovtMoCo badge done in ghetto gold while they're cheap! Or since he's head of Government Motors does he just get GovtMoCo trucks for free if he wants one? These trucks are piles of disposable crap anyway. All the incentives in the world won't move these heaps. I'd rather pay More money for either a Ford or Dodge.

Ill take rear drums on a pickup any day. Calipers in northern climates are terrible.

Yeah Ryan, that's why all 3500/F350 and smaller use only disc on front and everybody but GM uses disc rear brakes on their 1500/F150/Tundra/Titan. Because GM is CHEAP!

My bad. I thought they said unhappy. I retract my statement. My apologies for misreading the post.

@Ryan - I've seen drum brakes freeze too. It has happened to me. Brake pads on disc brakes can wear out faster than drum in dirt and mud but discs will regain effectiveness faster once run through water or mud. I've ice raced dirt bikes in cold weather and never had a disc brake freeze up. I've had discs freeze on vehicles when parked in cold weather but they unstuck a lot easier than drums. I've had tires freeze into the ice and pull of the bead when driving off. Ever experience a frozen throttle?
Spare me the "Northern Climates" line to justify GMC's drum brakes. GMC did have rear discs for a while. They went back to drums on 1/2 tons because they were a nightmare of unreliability. Instead of fixing the problem they went backwards.

@Lou, yep. GM was too cheap to fix the problem so they went backwards. My 05 F-150 has all wheel discs and I've not once had a problem. They work perfectly all the time every time. I can't say that for the last 2001 Chevy I had. By 2004 it needed all new rotors and pads. Their rotors were so damn cheap and flimsy they were warped inside of 2 years and couldn't even be turned when it came time to replace the pads. The dealer said they were too thin to turn. The pads were likewise crap and the dealer even said they put cheap parts on at the factory.. Easily the worst truck I've ever owned that was a Chevy. I had this stupid front brake wheel speed sensor issue that would cause the brakes to fail and about went through a front window of a convenience store as a result. A month before I traded it off on a Ford and swore off Chevy for good it blew a rear brake line because it was already rusted out. Those trucks went to hell. Over 30 years I drove nothing but Chevy trucks. Never again after that pile of junk. The Chevy I had before it was a 95 and bulletproof reliable and solid as could be. GM/Chevy quality went into the toilet. Cheaply built, chintzy interior, rust buckets.

Anyone even thinking about spending their hard earned money in this tough economy on one of these piles of junk need to consider these 2 sites first. You owe it to yourself to be informed. We're talking zero resale value here. Nobody wants a GM/GMC truck anymore. The old ones bring in big dollars because they were the best. The newer ones aren't worth anything. Why anyone would support GM after all they've screwed their customers and American taxpayers out of is beyond me.



Anyone even thinking about spending their hard earned money in this tough economy on one of these piles of junk need to consider these 2 sites first. You owe it to yourself to be informed. We're talking zero resale value here. Nobody wants a GM/GMC truck anymore. The old ones bring in big dollars because they were the best. The newer ones aren't worth anything. Why anyone would support GM after all they've screwed their customers and American taxpayers out of is beyond me.

-Obama will keep GovtMoCo going no doubt though. His re-election depends on it. He'll have a firesale on Denali packages for the GMC blingmobile's and then claim success is sales. I wish this company would just go away already. I flat out hate GM-GMC. They built garbage for how long? Then expect us to save them. You guys do know they have the cash reserves to pay back the taxpayers but won't do it. They choose to keep that money to prop up Opel which loses millions-billions every year. They do that so they can sell Buick's in China. Which is also why they sell GMC's as a second truck line so they can prop up Buick here in the United State's. Every American citizen and even those in Canada who helped save GM-GMC should be outraged. GM is bad news. The Buick-GMC-Opel trinity are utterly disgusting and just filthy tax stealing brands.

Trade in your 'like a rock' Silverado for a 'like origami' Silverado! BE THERE BE THERE BE THERE!!!!!

@Tom, no thanks. I'll keep my 'like a rock' gmt-400. They can keep their gmt-900 piles of crap. GM hasn't built a decent truck since 1998. When this old thing dies Ford will be my new home. GM has done nothing but damage Chevy trucks to the point of no return.

The piston slap issue of 1999-2001 is all you guys can come up with? What about the 8 years of failure-prone Ford Powerstroke 'diesels' and those gutless Triton engines that spit their sparkplugs out all the time? Or Dodges' junk 4 speed automatic transmissions? As for thin sheetmetal, my brother has a 2008 Ram and he has Dent-Wizard on speed dial!

@Big Bob - true. Every car company has made mistakes. I haven't heard much bad about the 6.4 PS other than sh-tty fuel economy. I have heard complaints about the 6.0. The Tritons were unfortunately Ford's attempt at one size fits all. I personally have never met a person with spark plug issues from that series of engines. I knew a few guys with crappy Dodge transmissions, weak rear ends, and front end problems under the Cummins engine. I do think the Chevy sheetmetal is weaker than the others. Probably more because of those large flat fender flares provide little structural support. A curved piece of sheet metal is tougher than a flat piece. I would have to say the chrome on all of the new trucks is sh-tty. I do think that the Sierra front bumper design is very prone to damage due to the curved cutouts for driving lights. The Chevy bumper seems to be poor too. That is based on what I've seen with my brother's company trucks. Ford and Dodge bodies and bumpers seem to be slightly tougher. They all look pretty bad after 3 years of gravel roads. Ford does seem to have the market cornered with electrical fires. The nod has to go to Chevy for building a windshield washer that catches fire;)

I owned a 2011 Silverado which turned out, as of last week, to be the last of a long line of GM trucks for me. I was dissapointed by that truck from the day I bought it. I bought it because I was a die hard Chevy person. I drove it for 15 mos. It was down for 21 days at the dealership with A/C issues. Those fender bulges were parking lot dent magnets and the interior was great for about 2001 and those stinkin' drum brakes in 2011 really? The 5.3 is an engine I used to love but this thing was gutless, I pull trailers from time to time and go to high altitude as well. This thing was not up to those challenges. It struggled with the trailers and at high atlititude they all lose power but this thing became anemic. I massaged that engine with intake and exhaust help but still could not see any significant difference. I shopped for about a month and last week chose a new F-150 EB. The fit and finish seem tighter, the interior is modern, the truck just feels stronger and better thought out in every way. I looked at them all and they all have strengths and weaknesses but for the overall experience I like the Ford the best. My deal was heavy on factory incentives, they obviously want the 12's out and with GM bulking up their incentives my final price was almost 16k below the sticker. I didn't want to buy a truck again after 15 mos but at the same time I simply needed a better tool. Chevy is in my DNA as its been our truck for 4 gens and I hope they make a comeback but so far I don't see it happening.


I forgot to add one other:


to bad about all the trolls here, I own both a 2011 Chevy Z-71 and a Ford F-150 EB, both trucks have there good points and better points, but no bad points, I like them both and will own one or the other for many yrs to come, but the short bed in the picture is nice, I would like to get one of the new ones that come out, but I just found a 2007 Harley Davidson Sportster XL-50, 50th Aniversary limited (#032/2000), it has been in the local dealers since new, I bought it with "3" miles on it, and it was never titled, so it is a new bike, and I payed a little less than sticker, and they are selling for what I payed for a used bike with over 10,000 miles on it! So I wont be able to get any new trucks for a while now;( but in about 5yrs, I will be in the market for a new 2017-18 Chevy or Ford SB reg cab, V-8 or turbo V-6?

gimmie more motors, wont be around in 5yrs.

@ Silverado Driver

You really want us to believe that you bought a new truck last year and were too dumb to compare them. Then in your infinite wisdom double down on your 'bad choice' by buying another new truck and taking a huge hit on both. Now you want us to believe you got 16K below sticker on an EB!!!!

Let me guess you tow 10,000 lbs all the time and the truck get 28MPG too. How many times do you plan on posting this story?

Get ready for the big surprise!

Today, 04:53 AM#988
Re: Semi confirmed news on next gen 2014 trucks
Originally Posted by GM213

i have seen both 2014 silverado and sierra. two different looks. a few good surprises coming to chevy fans


You stated you are a Chevy dealer. Could you tell us more about the few good surprises, the engines in particular? Thanks in advance!


Yesterday, 09:09 PM#986


Then again, I contend GM-GMC should have gone under. No Government money, no Government Motors. Chevrolet should have soldiered on as an individual company with Cadillac.

Should "GM" want to keep Chevrolet guys on board, they need to let Chevrolet step up to Ford's plate again like they used to. It's no coincidence that the sayings "Chevy's are for racing, Ford's are for working" or "The only good Chevy is a racecar" exist. GM has destroyed the Chevy truck legacy of old. I contend that had Chevrolet been it's own real company like Ford is, those sayings wouldn't even exist. Chevrolet would have done everything in it's power to crush Ford. GM however has other motives. GM is all about GM or 'GMC'. I reside in the real world where it's still Chevy vs. Ford. Always has been, always will be. And I refuse to be on the losing team.

Originally Posted by FanOfDurant

According to the post above yours, they are both the same peanutbutter sandwich and Chevrolet truck owners should just essentially STFU, sit back, accept it and take it.. You on the other hand are correct. This is precisely why Chevy guys don't like GMC. GMC's are nicer than Chevy's now just like Ford's and Dodge's are nicer than Chevrolet's now. They look nicer and have nicer interiors. They have for the last decade. And when a Ford or Dodge is nicer than a Chevrolet or more capable, it indeed makes us upset.

Chevrolet should be kicking Ford's ass just like they always did (agree'd). Not taking a backseat to Ford for the sake of some corporate truck. This is the same garbage stunt GM is pulling with Chevrolet cars. Chevrolet again takes the backseat to Ford just for the sake of Buick (buick is more uplevel than Ford or Chevy, not sure what you are getting at here). It's also why Chevrolet loses market share to both Ford and Dodge continually.

Not every Chevy guy wants a GMC. In fact, very few do (you turned that around, only a few "chevy" folks wouldn't buy a GMC, most are GM loyal and understand they are the same truck, it is the closed minded people that think otherwise and it seems to be a small percentage). Just like not every Pontiac or Oldsmobile guy wanted a Buick or Chevrolet so they left.

And why would a Chevrolet man reward GM with a purchase when GM essentially gave us the middle finger and put our truck lower in the late 1990's not allowing it to compete straight up with Ford (different strategy)? Not giving us a Denali? Where's our Platinum (Wait until the new truck comes, the luxury car interior in a truck only started in the last 5ish or so years...)? Where's our King Ranch (see before)? Where's our All Terrain truck? Hurting our trucks body designs in favor of the corporate GM truck? It's simple, many of us won't.

I don't deny GMC's right to exist on an equal playing field. GMC guys should be able to get their truck just like Buick guys should be able to get their car. I simply don't want Chevrolet Downgraded just as you said for the sake of it. Style them different, Make them all equals, make them all great, let Chevrolet kick Ford and Dodge hard. Only then will I ever support this thing called "GM" as a whole.

I care not to entertain the GM-GMC crowd that overruns this site again. I know there's a few good Chevrolet men left on here and I'll fight to my dying breath for them. Your truck wouldn't even exist without the Chevrolet Motors Division or our Engines (um I think you have that backwards, GMC built trucks before Chevy did. Now they all share engines from parents company GM, just like Lincoln and Mercury did under Ford). Our's on the other hand would have been just fine for all of these decades. I'm not taking the bait from the GMC clan of kids this time. Cast it elsewhere.

All of the Ford girly girls need to SHUT THEIR PIE HOLES and just wait for the new truck to be unveiled. I have never seen more brain dead Kool Aid drinking fanatics in my life. You Ford fan girls really take the cake!

My 07 Tacoma has rear drum brakes. As far as I know there weren't any changes made and 2013's still have rear drums. Just thought I mention that fact to be fair to GM as it appeared as if they were the only ones left. Not saying it is good or bad just stating the fact. Personally don't have any problems with them, but then again I don't tow and its not even a half ton. To be fair, I was surprised and dissapointed when I found out. I would expect disc all around for that price of either one of the trucks, especially in 2012.

You tell em, Bob!

Why make so many trucks and then offer discount.

Its high time, GM launches vans to match with Ford, Dodge & Nissan who are unveiling their vans.

Sounds like jealousy to me, all the whining about GM trucks. What hurts so much, their bullet proff drivetrains? The fact they have the oldest truck and are number 2 in sales (almost number 1 combined). What is it that makes you other truck owners so scared or insultive?

Keep up the good work GM, gonna be awesome to see what is coming!

@Chevyman, GMC sucks. Always has, always will. Nothing but a redundant Chevy truck rebadge with a Chevy engine. You couldn't force me to drive a truck that said GovtMotorsCo on the front badge. What an embarassment. At least with a Chevy you get the cool Bowtie symbol. Piss on GMC. I'd rather have a Chevrolet too. Those first General Motors trucks were just rebadges anyway from the Rapid company. It was a fitting start to GMC's legacy. At least Chevy built their own first trucks and they were the real deal. Once they came on board to GM, 90% of everything on a GMC was just a Chevy. GMC is just as utterly stupid and pathetic as Lincoln trucks were. Nothing but a rebadged Ford.

Chevrolet again takes the backseat to Ford just for the sake of Buick (buick is more uplevel than Ford or Chevy, not sure what you are getting at here).

@Chevydork, Buick is more upscale than a Ford? PLEASE. Buick is a crappy old farts brand. Show me one Buick as nice as a Ford Taurus Limited. Good god, I'd drive a Chevy before I ever stepped foot in a damn Buick. Either way, Chevy does take a backseat to Ford! Always will. You idiots at GM don't even have AWD on the Impala. Ford Taurus has it! Stick with your cheap rental cars screwballs. Ford will always crush Chevrolet. Keep pawning those Opels off with a different badge called Buick. Typical Government Motors/Garbage Motors operating procedure.


You sound like a 12 year old boy reading the latest Silverado brochure, what's the matter, mom wouldn't take you down to the GMC dealer too?

BTW, Rapid just did a name change kid; sheesh...

Hey "KID", I wouldn't park a POS GMC in my driveway if I was paid. Take your rebadged Government Motors truck elsewhere. I'd back the Chevrolet screwballs before I Ever back the GMC clowns. GMC was just a Rapid and then GMC was just a Chevrolet. What a pathetic brand. Typical GM. And you GM minions wonder why One Ford stomps all of your goofy "brands" combined. You're company is a fake. It's not real. Just a bunch of badges and a Pathetic waste of taxpayer dollars. I'll enjoy watching you close for good in the next 5 years. Good riddance to nothing but a big mess.

They need to do better than $4500 off sticker. I got twice that with incentives in 2010. I had 4 years to go before it was last yrs. styling and this is clearance pricing?

I don't believe the exterior styling will stray too far from the usual look. They have to stay true to the brand. If someone looks at it and has to ask "Who makes that one?", they haven't done their job.

The dealer who has seen the new 2014's said:
"a few good surprises coming to chevy fans"
I don't think he was talking about exterior suprises...were you GM213? Hint please?

Some of the spy shots show the double chrome bar on the Chevy grill continuing through the headlight assembly to devide the headlamps. I'm not real warm & fuzzy with the Optic Lenses makers all seem to be going to. They look good on a Lexus, but those are much smaller in size. They get swallowed up in a truck light and they have to do filler crap around it to distract from that fact (see new F-150).
I fear car and truck styling may become homoginized to get the lower drag required for the new MPG mandates. Personally, I don't want a truck that looks like a car..period.


My arrow was meant for David.

While I am on the subject, name one Buick nicer than a Ford, sure, ill name 5. Enclave>Explorer, Regal (especially GS)>Fusion (though the new one coming looks promising), Verano>Focus (though my cousin just got one and it is nice but not up to par), Lacrosse>Taurus (except SHO which Buick doesn't have on that line) and finally the new Encore, well it doesn't have anything at Ford to compete with. Buick is more upscale just like Mercury and Lincoln were.

Shoot, the impala is very nice, only thing the Taurus has going for it over the impala is the awd. If your talking performance the SS will cover that... I haven't sat in a new impala but I hope it is bigger than the cramped Taurus, it's like riding in a small mid size with the weight of a suv!

You know what sucks, other than the Full size trucks Ford really doesn't have a vehicle that "owns" chevrolet. The Mustang doesn't, cars don't (though Ford does make good cars, actually all the big three are now), Suv, heck no, though the escape has promise. Where is Ford's Vette fighter? What is going to happen when the new trucks come out? I can get just ask many GM cars and Ford cars for rentals bub...

Its good to know I have a fan out there. I did research the trucks before I purchased 15 mos ago but the EB had just been released and none of the local dealers had one. I did not want the 5.4 and the 5.0 trucks hadn't hit the lots yet either. I did take a loss on the deals but after its all washed out I essentially drove the Silverado for 15 mos and got almost all of that back in trade. (I don't buy upside down) so in the end I paid a rental fee for 15 mos money I won't get back but money that I can drive out of the Ford over time. When I bought the Silverado my life looked a bit different and towing/hauling weren't the top priorities. Things changed, and I looked at the diesels and ran the numbers and shopped and compared. It was a lot like when I bought my computer I could have bought one that kept up or I could have bought one that was as far advanced as I could buy today. When I started out I didn't really know what all I needed as time went on I did and I realized I needed a different tool. Over my life Chevy trucks have been my automotive life so this was not something I did on a whim. To keep the $$ in line I could have purchased a used 100k miles or more Diesel Dodge, Ford or Chevy or gas 3/4 ton but about 8k is what I tow, all of those would have been overkill with a lot of added expense when I wasn't towing. My 2011 Silverado was my second brand new vehicle and not all was bad with it. It was a great run the kids here and there transportation piece. I am moving to a high altitude area though and still need to pull the same loads as well as drive around. The Silverado struggled there that and the fact if felt like an old truck were the driving factors. No axe to grind, I did have some peeves with it as stated in my earlier post but I'm not a Chevy or Ford Fanboy except I pull for the Chevy's on Sunday. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Growing up in a high altitude area turbo boosted engines always seemed to do better gas or diesel that was a huge consideration. I did not buy the truck for eco or to impress the neighbors. I still own another Chevy truck and my wife says I can have her Suburban when I pry it out of her cold dead hands so I'm going to be in Chevy's for a long time. When truck time comes again around 2020 I hope that GM has a world beater game changing truck. I would love to get back into the family way there. Now except for pointing out my complaints (drum brakes/old interior) I won't relay my recent story anymore :) I love the passion we all have for these trucks.

PS I do hope to have a fun car once the kids are raised, right now that looks like a Camaro SS.

LOLOL!!! Chevy doesn't have AWD on the new 'oh so wonderful' Impala they've been touting??!!! LOL!! Hey Chevy guys, come to Dodge! We got AWD on our Charger! Who DOESN'T offer AWD these days? Pffttt. What a JOKE. Typical Cheap a$$ Chevy's.

@Tyler, Buick SUCKS. I'm sure you like it though. What, do you sit and watch Golden Girls reruns and get all teary eyed or are you the girly boy with Wham and New Kids On The Block posters still on your wall!. And I HATE to defend Ford but Ford's are FAR nicer than Buick's. You can't Really think a freaking Enclave is better than the new Explorer Limited or better yet Durango. The Explorer is like a Range Rover for crying out loud. Your Buick SUCKS. The LaCrosse better than the Taurus Limited? PLEASE! You're obviously a braindead GMC Buick FANBOI to the EXTREME! I too back the Chevy guys on this. GM SUCKS.

Buick is more upscale just like Mercury and Lincoln were.

@Tyler, I never saw a Mercury that was nicer than Ford. I'm well aware of how they were marketed but it never really played out in real life. I never understood why Mercury existed anyway. Like that Capri. Who on earth would buy a Capri over a Mustang? Like the Sable. Who on earth would buy a Sable over a Taurus? Even the Lincoln truck as has been brought up, why? I'll take the F-150 Ford every time. As a Ford guy, I never bought one and never would if it still existed. So called mid brands are the most pointless things that ever were created to me. Give me the main brand that goes all the way up to the luxury brand. Simple and straight to the point. Ford-Lincoln, Chevrolet-Cadillac etc.. Ford has it right now. What screwed them up all along was trying to follow GM. Now that they figured out that was a dumb idea, they went back to what's real and are reaping in the benefits. Even back when I was into Chevrolet's, I never did understand the rest of GM. I all just seemed so fruitless to me. Concerning the GM truck since this is a truck forum. Why? Give me the Chevrolet any day. They really just need to make it nicer like the Ford's and Dodge's is all.

@Chevyman, nice to see FanofDurant back. One of the few on GMI who's commentary had heart. I had respect for that guy and tended to agree with him more often than not. He's like the Lou of PUTC.

That old geriatric Buickmobile is still around stinkin up the GM joint huh? They should have kept Olds. I never liked Buick. Never liked GMC either. Easily the worst offender of badge engineering I've ever witnessed in my life. Those braindead idiots at GM never learn. I'll always be an Olds-Chevy guy even though I'm old enough that under the Govtmotors mindset I should now drive a Buick.. Screw them. I'd probably buy a Cadillac too if that Northstar pile of crap is gone. The rest of those brands save for the GTO car in the late 60's always stunk. Oldsmobile and Chevrolet were always where it was at. If you younger guys want to talk about legitimate divisions, take it from a guy who was there. There were only 2 powerhouses of genuine engineering. Oldsmobile and Chevrolet. Cadillac siphoned the best engineering off of those 2. The rest should have been disposed of 50 years ago as far as I'm concerned.

Crybabies. Chevy sucks now. It's all about Ford post 2000. Sales reflect it as well. GM wrecked Chevrolet anyhow. Scew em both.

You fanboys are really dense. Even if you hate Chevys, Ford and Ram are going to offer discounts as well. I like all the brands and have owned them all, but unlike you I don't worship brands. I will take advantage of these discounts. As Forest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does." Chevy has always made a good running truck and one could argue which is the best but as a consumer I will vote for the best truck for the money. The dealers will probably get factory incentives which will give them incentives to move these trucks out before next spring when the new model Silverados and Sierras come out.

Each manufacturer makes about 10k on each full size truck sold to the dealers so at $4,500 to $5,000 factory cash back they still make money. The bailout argument is getting old and you need to get a life and move on. Just buy what you like and move on.

Government Motors blows. Why can't we just get rid of that stupid company already? Maybe let Chevy survive IF they can pay their way out of the GM debt which I highly doubt. I've never liked GM either. Old 50's, 60's Chevy's are cool and that's where it ends. Let the good companies like Ford, Dodge and Toyota prosper and carry on. GM, GMC or whatever you want to call them just needs to get lost.

Very subpar quality trucks. I see the next one was to be no different until called out on it's cheapness. GM has become a disgrace to the trucking industry. I can see why the Chevy guys hate that organization now.

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