New Silverado Will Have High Country Luxury

2013-Chevrolet-Silverado-LTZ II

Reports are coming in hard and fast: GM will finally allow the new Chevy Silverado to get a new high-lux trim package, tentatively called the High Country trim level, to compete better with the premium Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 models. 

Automotive News reports that GM representatives did not discuss the new model in much detail with dealers at a recent national meeting in Las Vegas, but they did say they thought this new package would make a lot of Chevy fans quite happy. 

Current premium-priced packages in the half-ton segment can easily top $50,000 and have been more popular than many expected, especially when the overall economy has taken such a hard hit. The highest trim package for Silverado was the LTZ, but the new High Country (actually borrowed from the Chevy Blazer top-of-the-line SUV from over 30 years ago) will likely start between $5,000 and $7,500 above that low-$40,000 range. 

Expect GMC to expand its trim packages as well, as it has traditionally been the brand that buyers go to when they want more features and style. Many critics have long believed that the Denali package was not quite up to the levels of the competitive packages (like the Longhorn, Platinum or Limited) but this new Chevrolet package could also give GMC a chance to offer one or two more premium models as well. 

2012-Sierra-Denali II


Will it have an aluminum body like the next F-150? :-)

But it will still have drums on the back! Doh!!! A gutless 5.3, an old "shoulda been on the shelf a long time ago" 4.8, a 6.2 that is peaky (and Tyler never did say if GM actually recommends premeum 91 , just that it can run on regular.) The 4.3 is an old antique, and it's wrapped in the ugliest truck made!

The only one that makes sense in this conversation is Greg,In my business I upfit them all,drive them all,& will say that easiest to work on,best built,driver comfort is GM & fleet experience they buy Ford's based on price,not reliability,comfort or ease to work on.

@Derek - you lost all credibility with the statement "The only one that makes sense in this conversation is Greg".

I've heard guys on this site say that they own or deal with fleets and say , "Insert your favorite brand here" is the best and "insert the brand you hate the most here" is the worst.

Gets really annoying.
The guys that do drive or wrench on fleet trucks do NOT say generic stupid crap like that.
They might say that a certain brand of a certain year or model has slightly more problems with rear ends, or ball joints, or bodywork etc but none of them will make a statement that a certain brand is head and shoulders ahead of anyone else.
The exception would be brand loyal nutswingers with a Dennis the Menace sticker on the window of their truck pissing on a competitor's logo.
I only know 1 guy that is a brand loyal dickhead like Greg, and ironically drives Greg's favorite brand.

@Toucanfeathers - There isn't the same kind of profit margin in a base truck or a fleet truck.
If there is money to be made selling base trucks, then why do most dealers not carry a large number of them? or when you look to buy a base model they try to sell you a higher grade trim package?
Fleets buy based on price.
Lowest bid.
Toyota sells very few vehicles to rental fleets due to the poor profit margins. Commercial truck fleets and government fleets have better profit margins than rentals, but they still don't have the same profits as selling to an individual civilian.
I see the brands that big fleet customers buy change over time. If one brand was vastly superior, why doesn't that brand dominate?

@Hemi; Well it's nice that Wards said good things about the Ram, they show ignorance when they say it's a 5 link INDEPENDANT suspension, and start talking about take rates of manual transmissions. They don't even even exist in half tons!

I for one would like to see the end of the two interior method for the GM trucks. It has to be expensive to run two different interiors. One style dressed several different ways would be my preference.

All of the new GM products that have either arrived or are coming use variants of the Camaro interior design. Mostly in the instrument panel. I for one have rented Camaro's and spent some time with them and I'm not a fan of that instrument cluster design. Also rented an Equinox same basic instrument design. I hope that in the trucks they change from that a bit to something that is easier to see and more ergonomic.

As for a lux Chevy truck, I'm ok with that. I think the market is dictating that it happen. $50k for a 1/2 ton truck is hard to swallow sometimes but there are a lot of people willing to pay that, as any business should Chevy needs to have a presence at that market level and try to get some of that business.

It is easy to be critical of GM, they bring a lot of criticism on themselves, they are usually late to the party with their vehicles, they don't innovate much anymore but by the same token, regardless of your feelings on the bailout, they are still GM underneath all the problems there is still a company with some people who want to build great vehicles. Those like Ed Wilburn and others I hope that at some point in the future those people and not the accountants or government will let GM build the cars and trucks it can, the cars and trucks we want. I hope that GM finds its way again as an innovator, and that GM will get over its fears of being cutting edge. I know they can but will they? Only time will tell.

You damn COPY-CATS!!!!!

Posted by: Frank | Sep 24, 2012 6:13:56 PM

Why don't you grow up and act your age. You are acting like my little brother that is in elementary school. I am ashamed of you. Sitting in front of a comptuer screen does not give you the excuse to act like you are.

The exception would be brand loyal nutswingers with a Dennis the Menace sticker on the window of their truck pissing on a competitor's logo.
I only know 1 guy that is a brand loyal dickhead like Greg, and ironically drives Greg's favorite brand.

Posted by: Lou | Sep 25, 2012 12:25:58 AM

Pretty harsh statements there Lou! You're getting to be as bad as Frank and the rest of the Ford "nutswingers" as you say.

I'm glad Chevy is getting away from that huge, exaggerated nose look; I wish the GMC had done the same. The truck may look a little bland compared to the others now, but that alone now helps set it apart from them.

And personally, if I'm buying a truck as an occasional vehicle or as a daily driver, I certainly don't need Cadillac-level luxury in it. Comfort, yes; luxury, no. It's not a limousine, after all. If it's got leather, that leather better be tough enough to handle heavy wear 'cause the driver is likely to have tools in his pockets and denim jeans--very abrasive. He's not going to be wearing silk and satin. That interior needs to be tough, too. The dash will be used as a desk and tool rack while sitting at the job site. If you don't think the dash becomes a catch-all, just look at most of the trucks in real use.

If I were in the market for a full-sized truck, the Chevy at least has my eye. But as I've complained before, it's still a road whale. Smaller is better--for me.

@toucanfeathers: You're only half right; the MSRP on most trucks is about a 35%-50% markup for the base model. However, not all trucks sell at that markup price; quite often you'll see them marked as $2k-$5k off MSRP one way or another. This is where the luxury trims come in--adding minor changes during the assembly process that raise the price (not necessarily the cost) by thousands. In other words, those luxury trims do subsidize the base models--especially when you throw in fleet rates.

@Michigan Bob - Off topic of course, but actually, YOU were totally ABSENT TO THE PARTY when we discussed this the past few days. Speaking of which, where are those compact trucks?

Posted by: DenverMike | Sep 24, 2012 8:21:26 PM

Excuse me for not being here but I HAVE A LIFE and a job outside the blog. I don't have the luxury of being here every waking hour of every day like some of you do.

@Michigan Bob - that is where the luxury of being successful in one's life comes into play = free time!

@Michigan Bob - I'm here when I can check my email or stuck in traffic gridlock, but the Canyon tread is still alive.

You're the one that mentioned "ABSENT TO THE PARTY" and 2015 isn't really here or now. Anything can happen between then and now, but the thing is, nobody else wants that ever shrinking niche market.

But where the hell was GM when Ford and Ram were selling close to 200K (combined) premium, high end pickups? ABSENT? Or out pimping loss-leader Volts???

GM is giving you what you want with the upgraded package. This should be good news for many of you. For me I would not spend 50k to 60k on a truck, but if that is what some of you want then you should buy it whether it be Chevy, GMC, Ford, or Ram. I would rather not spend that on anything but if I were it would be a Lexis or an Acura.

PS. I doubt High Country stands for anything but the high country and not anything to do with drugs.

As an owner of a 2008 GMC Sierra SLE1 all I want to see is an upgrade to the quality of the interior and exterior components of the truck. I bought it for the Duramax/Allison transmission, right now I no sound on the left front speakers of my radio and turn signals I can't hear. My black exterior plastic trim is now grey etc. etc. GM Work on it Please.

DenverMike--I guess we Americans are richer than I thought. When a 50k to 60k premium pickup becomes the norm and a midsize truck becomes niche then we all must be wealthy. Gee maybe its just me but 50k to 60k for a truck seems like alot of money unless it is a company job which pays a salary at least well into the six figures and maybe into the seven figures. I sure wasted my money on a college education if I cannot get a typical six figure job so I can buy the typical 50k and 60k truck that is not a niche truck. I guess I have never followed the crowd so I can be proud to be driving a niche vehicle that is less expensive than the nonniche. Oh well I guess I am a middle class white collar stiff who has to live on a beer budget. I did not realize I was among such elite readers that drive such expensive trucks. Just call me thrifty and a guy just looking for a niche.

I'll just have to be satisfied with my 3,000 square foot $300,000 niche house and bemoan the fact that I do not live in a multimillion dollar 10,000 square foot house and have a 60k pickup to run errands in. It is tough to be middle class and poor.

@Jeff S
Hey, don't feel bad about that. This might be an elitist site :) Judging by the views on fuel economy etc, most must have 6 or 7 figure jobs :)

I think they all might live in Mexico or Canada. Because when I'm in the States most pickups I see are 2wd regular cabs that are quite old.

Or most are dreamers. That wish for what they post.

@Jeff S - 3000 sq ft? That's my house X3... Now who's the elitist???

I think we are richer, but not as a country. Collectively we're poorer, but yeah there isn't a shortage of rich people, that's for sure. There's plenty of government employees retiring on fat pensions too.

Business owners and ranchers want the very best and not just because it's a write off. Your truck represents you business' prosperity and since you'll probably live in the thing or spend more waking hours in it than your family, and XLT or SLT just doesn't cut it.

A lot of it is just showing off, but it's true that it's a tool necessary to do the job, so it's mostly justified. At least for me it is and I make a lot of cost cutting sacrifices everywhere else . An STX is perfect for though.

You live in a 10sq home? and own a trucking business?

@Big Al from Oz - I think that breaks down to 1000 sq ft and built in the year 1906, but I've always lived within my means. I did pay cash for it on 2 acres with an old barn and ancient trees. I like it and so do my dogs.

@DenverMike & @Big Al from Oz--Thanks, I was starting to feel not normal. I have no objections to the manufacturers offering these premium trucks, I just don't want them to get carried away and think that this is the typical customer. I could probably afford one of these but honestly at almost 61 years old I plan on retiring in a few years and my standard of living will definitely be less and I will be a lot more frugal. I am not putting you down DenverMike, my house will also get downsized and when I bought houses were considered an investment, now they are more of a money pit. Fortunately I was able to pay my house off and have no debts so if I get stuck with it I can rent it our winter somewhere else.

I fear with the new standards that 50k to 60k might be the starting price for a new truck and car and that these premium trucks will be 100k. I hope I am wrong but fear I am correct. If that is the case I will be keeping my 2008 Isuzu with 22k miles until I am no longer able to drive.

My house was built in 2001 so it is not very old. My yard has lots of trees and a walking path.

@Michigan Bob - that is where the luxury of being successful in one's life comes into play = free time!

Posted by: Lou | Sep 25, 2012 2:01:34 PM

Really? Well why is there no Plantinum or King Ranch in your driveway?

Jeff S and DenverMike
I think motor vehicles of a shapes and sizes will increase in price globally. You guys will end up paying what we pay soon for motor vehicles. I just hope incomes in NA increase as well.

The funny thing is our motor vehicles prices have only increased very little since about 1990. A Toyota Corolla back then was $17 000 and now they are $21 000. But our wages have nearly tripled.

I bought a premium BT50 in lieu of a SUV. I was looking at a Kia Sorento 2.2 diesel, V6 diesel Grand Cherokee and I touched on a Discovery 4. The reality is for much less I have gained a very capable of road vehicle that gives fantastic fuel economy for its size.

@Big Al from Oz --Wages for most have not gone up. I am in my third year of a wage freeze while fuel, food prices, and health insurance premiums (but deductibles go up and what is covered is more restricted) rise. If the new fuel standards make 50k and 60k the new average price of a new car or truck and these premium trims go to 100k then people will not buy as many unless pay goes up dramatically, which I don't think will happen. The average age of vehicles on the road will go up dramatically. I plan on buying that crossover just before I retire and plan on it being my last new vehicle or maybe last vehicle period. I cannot see with future price increases how I could even afford a late model used car or truck. This is one reason why young people have lost interest in vehicles because they can barely afford a used one. Student loans, bad job market, and low paying service jobs have forced many young college grads to move back home with their parents. I am glad that I am not young and starting out because the future looks very bleak. Those are my observations and if I were starting over I would probably be driving a 12 year old Corolla and living at home working at McDonalds. The American that I grew up with is history and the opportunities are more limited.

It's a GM truck. You could put a leather couch, soda bar, microwave oven, vending machine, and 60" flat panel TV inside with satellite television...but at the end of the day it's still a poorly engineered, problematic, GM piece of garbage truck.

As the old saying goes, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig".

@Michigan Blob - "Really? Well why is there no Plantinum or King Ranch in your driveway?"

I'd rather spend my money on sending my kids to private school considering the fact that you are an example of what the public school system produces.

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