Retro Ram Art to Highlight Texas Parks

2013_Dodge_Ram_art II

By Richard Truesdell

Chrysler's Ram brand is drawing upon America's national parks heritage to target 3 million outdoorsmen in the biggest, most important market for new pickups — Texas — with a retro-themed ad campaign that showcases the 2013 Ram.

The four ads, which resemble fine-art posters, will appear in a hunting/fishing guide for outdoor enthusiasts in Texas, a huge recreational market that’s home to prime pickup truck buyers. In the guide, Ram Truck joins other national advertisers, including Nikon, Bass Pro Shops, Geico, Dick's Sporting Goods, Whataburger and Wal-mart. Ram is the exclusive automotive sponsor in the guide. Two of the ads are full-page ads; the other two are double-page ads.

The ads were designed by the Anderson Design Group in Nashville, and they follow, in spirit, the color theme and illustration style of posters from the Works Project Administration. The New Deal agency was created after the Great Depression, and its Federal Art Project promoted the natural beauty of America’s parks. This program put starving artists to work and produced some of the most iconic posters ever created in the United States.

"This was the perfect opportunity to take a different creative approach,” said Olivier Francois, Chrysler's chief marketing officer. “The use of vintage type styles, hand-rendered illustrations and muted color palettes creates a nostalgic approach to advertising art that we hope will resonate with consumers just as the original posters helped romanticize each national park destination."

2013_Dodge_Ram_art 3 II

It’s almost ironic that Americans need to be reminded of our rich national-parks heritage by a man who once said, “I'm a Frenchman working for an Italian company, Fiat, managing an iconic American brand, Chrysler.” Francois is also credited with green-lighting the famous “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl commercial featuring Eminem, a TV spot that many credit with being one of the key turning points in Chrysler's remarkable turnaround from its 2009 bankruptcy.

These new ads feature renderings of the Rio Grande Valley, Balanced Rock, Enchanted Rock and Lighthouse Rock, using them as backdrops for the Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition Outdoorsman, Ram 2500 Power Wagon, Ram 1500 Lone Star and Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn. Like any good marketing program, the posters highlight Ram attributes that distinguish the trucks from the competition.

“Ram trucks are an essential tool of the trade for the avid outdoorsman,” said Fred Diaz, Ram’s president and CEO. “The ads make an impactful statement about the beauty of Texas, my home state, while showcasing features hunters and fishers need in their trucks, including a powerful Hemi V-8 engine, towing capacity, all-terrain tires and versatility, combined with interior styling and luxury.”

2013_Dodge_Ram_art 2 II

Chrysler spokeswoman Kimberly Shults shed more light on the Ram pickup story with regard to the Texas market. “In calendar year 2011, Texas represented 16 percent of all U.S. large-pickup registrations. Texas pickup truck registrations were nearly three times larger than the next largest state, California. Three of the 10 largest metro market areas for large-pickup registrations are in Texas: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio,” she said.

“It's also important to note that Ram is celebrating its 10th anniversary of selling the Lone Star model in Texas, a truck designed specifically to appeal to Texans,” Shults continued. “And Ram has continued to draw inspiration from the Texas pickup customer, as seen in the Laramie Longhorn model released in 2011.”

The prints and postcard sets from the ads are for sale on the Anderson Design Group website. Desktop wallpaper images are available for download on

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Sweet adds..shows Chrysler is on top of their game !!

Rich, Way to keep up. I learned about this on TT a month ago.

@ Hemi Man. This post was submitted to last month. I think that wanted to get the tech details and the driving impressions of the 2013 Ram posted first.

FYI, I posted the wallpaper images on Automotive Traveler on August 22 in anticipation of this post being published and searching at Google Images, I don't see any other posts of the complete set of images large enough to use as wallpaper. (The Motor Trend post did go up on 8/15.) Most of the posts that mention the artwork don't offer downloadable images. I hope that if you like this WPA-style poster art, you'll download the set. I have the Inspiration Canyon and Balanced Rock posters set as the screensavers on my laptop.

I collect WPA and aviation/travel posters in this style and think Ram was really thinking outside the box on this. Kudos to Ram and the marketing group at Chrysler.

C-YA Chevrolet. Dodge is back! +1 Dodge, -1 Chevy. There's NO DOUBT in my mind the Silverado will drop to 3rd place in truck sales as Dodge Ram moves to 2nd place within the next 12 months. This art is just icing on the Mopar cake!!!! Next up, FORD.

The first add is covering my next Ram Truck. The mighty 6.4L Hemi V8 Power Wagon. After 66 years their is no substitute for the first civilian 4x4 Truck.

Cool advertising. Link the "New" Ram to traditional art and National Park themes. These ads tie into discussions on other posts. These ads may be targeting the biggest truck market found in Texas, but they also strengthen Dodge trucks ties to US history, and to the USA.
They want to erase any doubts or fears that Ram is no longer American. They want to implant a strong image as an "American" truck company.
This quote sums things up:
"It’s almost ironic that Americans need to be reminded of our rich national-parks heritage by a man who once said, “I'm a Frenchman working for an Italian company, Fiat, managing an iconic American brand, Chrysler.”

Very nice art. Dodge has come a long way. May pass chebby but out selling FORD is a whole different story. Dream on boys.

@Keith, It doesn't have to out sell Ford or Chevy to be #1 in my book. It's not how many you sell it's what you sell. Once again 2013 Ram offers more then Ford and Chevy. You have to be a blind and ignorant fan boi to deny it.

@MoparMadness Can I watch you cry next year when you are still in 3rd place. LOL

Notice the front ends are kept out of the artwork?

Just like my Mazda, they cover the front end with a bullbar for most photo shoots.

I like these retro posters, great artwork.

Lol Al, I haven't hardly seen a Bullbar on a new Ram. It isn't ugly like your Mazda, it looks good so they don't need to cover it! LOL!

@TRX4 Tom
It's ashame we don't have the Rams here. If we did, trust me you would have to put a bullbar on them.

I think they look better than Chevs and GMCs, but not as good looking as the Fords.

Fake BULLBARS ARE FOR QUEERS AND STEERS. You don't look like a steer to me so that kind of narrows it down.

@Big Al from Oz, Looks like you will get to experience the Rugged Ram UTE coming to AUSTRALIA soon.

Beat up article. Total fantasy. I notice the author had a few "urban myths" thrown in as well "Mining Companies want them"
Since that article not a word on RAM, by anyone else.

Looks like someone is driving Rams in AUSTRALIA.


Where I live bullbars save you thousands of dollars a year. I've hit a kangaroo about every 2 000km up here. One of your bumper bars just don't cut it. Our pedestrian friendly front ends crumple.

My bar is rated to hit a 220lb kangaroo at 62mph and not have any damage to the bar or vehicle. I don't want to try it out though.

Once driving through outback Queensland I saw about 20 dead cattle (full grown), a road train hit the herd just before I arrived. The truck was still like new except for the mess.

They are also useful off roading etc.

@Hemi V8
Chrysler talked in the late 90s about importing Rams into Australia, it never occured. The mining companies would not buy them as Toyota 70series are more reliable and rugged. They come with a nice 4.5 litre V8 diesel.

They would sell some, but they would have to be made more like a truck. The suspensions on your half ton pickups are too light, no one would buy them. Its pointless having a truck carry a little more weight than a stationwagon.

And for the asking price we would pay the build quality would have to improve.

Hemiv8 lay off the KOOLAID .... your propaganda is all BULLSHIT ..... Taking over for BoB your doing a very GOOD job TOOL !!!!!!

Thanks for grabbing life by the HORNS!

@HEMI V8, Salstrip are an IMPORTER of marine goods and RAMS for mainly the RV trade.
You will also find people IMPORT and SELl Ferrari's, Porsche's , Lambo's etc.
To import and sell Hilux's, Ford Ranger's is ILLEGAL in the US. We can import limited numbers of US Pickups into Australia as they are not sold here, that is not the case vica versa in the US.

@HEMI V8. "The Dodge Rams being used on mining sites" came from this. Every myth has a kernal of truth.
These are specially modified,speed limited Pickups that a mining accessories coming in the US was producing.

@HEMI V8, Guts Glory Ram!

@ Hemi V8, its funny how you spam trolls turn right around and describe yourselves in the post you make. Thats you ain't it, ignorant fangirl.



Very, very nice ad/poster art. True to the period and awesomely executed. Props to Ram. Makes me want to drive my truck over to one of the parks this weekend. And almost makes me want to give Ram another look. Whew.

Of course the rio grande valley poster is last, and does not even come close to looking like the RGV..smh

These are great! I'd like to know if I could buy one and hang it up at the office. Anyone know if and where they can be purchased?

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