Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing

Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing

Photos from KGP Photography

Here's what we just got from our spy shooters in Detroit. Whether this pans out or not, it will be interesting to find out what's under the hood and what kind of suspension changes will happen, if any.

"We caught what appears to be a Chevy Silverado SS prototype out on a test run in Michigan. This particular Silverado was riding on 275/55R20 Goodyear Eagle LS-2 rubber — identical to the tire size and brand choice found on earlier Silverado SS models. Add to that what appear to be classic Chevy SS five-spoke 20-inch wheels, and this prototype has some important cues that could well point to a more performance-oriented street truck in GM's new-truck pipeline. The identical wheel and tire specs could also signal that GM will follow the same jack-of-all-trades approach as the prior Silverado SS, chasing a wide range of performance and comfort achievements without going as extreme as others' past offerings, like the SVT Lightning or the insane Dodge Ram SRT-10.

"One other curious detail we noticed on this prototype was a red seat belt, visibly securing the guy in the passenger seat. While no smoking gun, it is something of a noteworthy observation that seems consistent with GM's SS branding. Could it point to the performance leanings of this truck, from a trim and finish perspective? We can't say for sure, but it's an odd detail for a standard Silverado model.

"With a recent sighting of a Dodge Ram 1500 R/T, a battle could be brewing between Ram and Chevrolet for more street-focused pickups, leaving the SVT Raptor by itself for a little longer."

Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing

Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing

Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing

Spied! 2014 Chevy Silverado SS Testing


@Greg, Rich - The federal government bought out GM because it was too far underwater and would've been scrapped out. The stocks the federal government bought are now worth pennies on the dollar, but you're right, GM technically owes (itself?) nothing.

Ford owes a relatively small DOE loan, but did take out a huge private load before the bailouts. Ford put up the Mustang, F-150 and the Blue Oval trademarks as collateral and Ford recently took back control of those namesakes as they've paid back a majority of the private loan.

Life would've went on just fine without GM and Chrysler. Millions of Americans lost their jobs before the bailouts and millions since. No big, right?

What definitely would've happened is Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and all the other survivors would've got stronger and also picked up most displaced auto assemblers AND SALES. Well, only the good workers, but that's how business is run in the private sector and what made the US great at one point. Not so true anymore.

You're supposed let the weak die to strengthen the rest herd and it definitely sends a clear message. Make better, business smart decisions or die.

Yes Ford made its share of crappy cars, questionable decisions and mostly sold out its future customers for short term gains, but GM and Chrysler took it to a whole other level.

It wouldn't surprise me if Chevy decided to build everything of one block.

A 4.3 liter V6 300HP+
A 5.5 liter V8 370HP+
A 7.0 liter V10 440HP+

Add DI, aluminum block, Cam phasing, VVI and start/stop assist, and displacement on demand and you have something....quite interesting.

Common parts galore...

I'm looking forward to this truck more than anything. Not necessarily in the SS trim, just the new Silverado in and of itself. I can't tell much from these pictures but it sure can't be any worse than what we have right now. Let's hope for a winner.

I'm also not a GM fan. I don't like how the restructuring was handled at all. I am however a Chevrolet fan at heart still. GM could be gone tomorrow and it wouldn't hurt my feelings. I'm of the opinion that Chevrolet Motors could have continued on as a very strong and properous company on their own and held their heads high without the Government Motors Corp stigma.. I suppose it is what it is. Let's just hope for one serious Silverado. If it does come time for GM to dump Opel, Buick could come off of Chevrolet platforms for sales in China, GMC could close and Chevrolet would be back stronger than ever. It's going to take the perfect truck though. Look how The F-150 and 250 SD has turned around Ford over the last decade. It always starts with the truck when in America. You lose your credibility to build good cars without it. You also lose car sales to other brands from the loss of your truck buyers going to those brands. Again, I hope Chevrolet slams this one so far out of the park it's not even funny.

I'm looking foreward to seeing the unveiled next gen Chevy. I do hope it is a homerun, I don't care if it regains #1 sales spot either. I'd like to see them succeed. If they create a mediocre product, they do not deserve a second chance.

I do not believe that's an image of an SS Silverado but it may just be an extended cab with 20" wheel option like what is available now, my dad's AllStar edition Silverado ext cab came with 20" wheels standard. Nothing new here, just an observation.

@James - look at the first posts. They are spelled incorrectly indicating a racial slur. If spelled as you indicated, it would not be an issue.
Any racial slur is wrong.

Agree that an SS should be a regular cab with no towing mirrors.. but this might just be testing. Anyways, while I find the Chevy regular cab to be the most physically very appealing truck.. too many things turn me off to Chevy.

- They needa v6 that can compete in the HP and MPG game and it will come too late
- Their regular cab is just uncomfortable to me.. they need more cab room on the two door reglar cab. Ram and Tundra are much more comfortable
- I want a rambox like feature on my next regular cab
- I want same color bumpers on a regular cab
- I want a big rear window on my next regular cab.

The side profile picture it looks like the hood slope/windshield rake of the 1988 to 1998 CK series. And the sheetmetal from the grille to the tailights look like it taking on the somewhat round shape of the '67 to '72 pickups.

I am surprised that Frank isn't in here trolling this thread. Give him time, he will be here. He is probably replacing a blown out spark plug in his Super Duty truck.

I want to see GM succeed, but I don't see things happening with their vehicles (except SS sedan) that show me anything groundbreaking. I'm a 4th gen GM driver but had to break with tradition. I recently took delivery of a new Ford F-150 Ecoboost. My 2011 Silverado just wasn't getting it done as far as trailering and hauling were concerned. I looked at all of the makes and the Ford was the best all around. The Dodge is over styled and I don't want to tow heavy with rear coils. The Nissan and the Toyota felt as old and aged as the Chevy in design. The Ford, while it is an older platform has been continuously refined and and updated and with the ecoboost has the power and torque to haul what I need to. No truck is perfect but I feel that for my needs the Ford simply fit better. It was hard to leave my bow tie behind and ride off in a blue oval but so far I have no buyers remorse. Had GM had something comparable I would have taken it without issue. All the data that I've seen on the new trucks has been underwhelming to say the least and that did factor into my choice. I'm seeing too much of the current trucks in the spy shots. I was hoping for a game changer like we had from Chevy in 1988 but I don't think that is going to happen. I hope with everything that I am wrong and that the new truck makes me re-think my purchase but I just don't think GM has the ummm (male anatomy) to do that currently.

@ Silverado Driver

You really want us to believe that you bought a new truck last year and were too dumb to compare them. Then in your infinite wisdom double down on your 'bad choice' by buying another new truck and taking a huge hit on both.

Let me guess you tow 10,000 lbs all the time and the truck get 28MPG too.

That's something new I've never heard of...Ram being "over styled." I like what GM, Ford and Ram all have to offer, but the Ram has always been the best looking truck on the road.

"With a recent sighting of a Dodge Ram 1500 R/T, a battle could be brewing between Ram and Chevrolet for more street-focused pickups, leaving the SVT Raptor by itself for a little longer."

-Street? That's all those screwballs build is street trucks. Where's the SFA HD??? Where's the Raptor??? The Raptor is by itself? I think not. Both the Power Wagon and Ram Runner can go off road. Ford and Dodge are pounding Chevrolet into it's grave one truck at a time.

@RonKenseth, You have to remember this is a Ford leaning web site. Mike Levine went to work for Ford after leaving PUTC.

The side profile picture it looks like the hood slope/windshield rake of the 1988 to 1998 CK series. And the sheetmetal from the grille to the tailights look like it taking on the somewhat round shape of the '67 to '72 pickups.

@Steven, I thought the same thing. And you know what, if that's what this truck turns out like, (A 67-72 meets the 88-98), I will be the first guy in town to buy one. Loaded with 4wd, the rumored Outlaw interior and all. Hands down my 2 favorite Chevy trucks of all time. I'm not getting all excited just yet though. You are right however, that is what this looks like. Minus the squared off front fender.

Anyone notice the square cut outs on both sides of the rear bumper? Are they steps? I don't think I like that if that's what it is. The center section is already low to use as a step and it's only 6 inches over. No need for 3 steps. It does have all wheel disc brakes and rear fender liners though. Both of those are a huge plus. I'm not too keen on the overly squared fender look up front. I hope they either make them round or tone it down a little. Not only are looks going to play a major factor on this truck but build quality is going to be a major player. I hope they either will be painting their frames or using another coating besides the awful wax stuff. This truck will make or break the Bowtie IMO. They gotta hit a home run out of the park and into the next time zone.

I'm not too keen on the overly squared fender look up front. I hope they either make them round or tone it down a little

-This. I'm so sick of the square wheel openings on Chevy's. They look like crap anymore. They were played out after the 1973-87 model ended. They made them look ok enough for the 1988-98 models. After that it's been redundant city with those guys. The 1967-72 was their best year. Go round again for awhile and make it fresh again. With round openings, I'd say this truck looks good from what we can see.

Chevy showed off 13 new models to dealer reps 2 days ago in Vegas that will hit show rooms next year. One of them was new Silverado. I hope somebody had big enough ball to sneak a pic or two :) I'm ready to see this new truck. Aren't you guys?
Dealers were very excited:
"(The vehicles) exceeded my expectations in not just exterior design but the execution of the interior design and our ability to deliver world-class technology"

@GregoryJ, (Bob's,Bvonscott,SierraGS etc.), I read the same comments about the new Malibu. Dealers who had seen it were blown away by it's luxurious high quality interior and bold new looks. When it was finally shown to the public, ehh. The interior wasn't so great and the looks are so so at best. If the new Silverado is another Malibu debacle, Chevrolet and likewise GM is in trouble. They've hurt their Silverado truck line so bad with poor build quality and looks since the 1998 model ended that they are literally Forced to blow the world away with the launch of this next one. Anything short of that will be a failure in the eyes of most. After seeing the spy shots of the new Silverado interior and then reading GM was scrambling to fix it has me worried a tad. If they genuinely thought that was a world class, Ford and Dodge beating interior, there is no hope left for them. Their standards have fallen far too low for the modern day truck buyer.

@ FordTrucks1

What are you talking about? Malibu debacle? The new malibu is a great looking car and inside and out is at least on par with anything in it's category.

As for hurting the Silverado are you aware that the GM 800/900 have been the best selling truck for 8 of the last ten years.

Where have you read that GM was scambling to to fix the interior of the new Sivlerado? Plaese post a link.

And what makes you an expert on what GM has to do and what will be a failure. I get so tired of reading such moronic carp on this site. If you're dumb enough to dismiss an entire truck line based on 3 spy shot that just shows how rediculous you and your opinion really are.

The dash has a camo cover. If the cat's out of the bag on the new dash design, why hide it? They didn't have enough time for a re-do and show a finished design to dealers on Thurs. in Vegas. The other posibility is that it is the LTZ/Denali dash that we haven't seen yet.

@DennisJ: Those blocks on the bumper ends are part of the camo. The drivers side is drooping and held up by the cover.

What are you Ford guy's so mad about? You wouldn't drive a Chevy if your life depended on it? OK, we get it! If you don't want to see them while out and about, you may have just found another use for those blinders you already have on.

What Chevy needs to do is go the route of the ever popular 1980's box style S-10 and S-10 blazer meet's the 67-72' CK's meets the GMT400 for all of their trucks and suv's. Boxy enough to look tough again like the 80's trucks. Round enough on the front end like the 400's to reduce drag and look smooth. Round wheel openings like the 67-72's and 1980's S-10's to look sharp and classy while still retaining that tough truck look. They should do it with the Silverado, Colorado and Tahoe-Suburban alike.

Most people are right. A combination of the 67-72's meet's the GMT400's with some 73-87ck to top it off is where Chevrolet needs to start and rebuild it's truck base that's fallen so hard since the 98 model ended. As with many I've read from here, I have no love for the 800's or 900's. They're cheaply built and unattractive.

@Jack, Please!! The Malibu joke of a launch has been ALL OVER the net! It's the most failed launch in modern times. It's an ugly ass car with a goofy looking interior. You can't even be serious with your Silverado crap. Those pieces of trash litter up Chevy dealer lot's all over and they can't give those heaps away!! They won't ever touch Ford in sales. Soon, they won't ever touch Dodge either. And if you get so tired of reading stuff on this site you'd be WELL AWARE that the SIlverado got SLAMMED for it's cheap old interior looks on those spy shots!!! Even the minions on that GovernmentMotors inside news fansite HATED the Silverado Interior! CHEAP CHEAP, UGLY AND CHEAP. Dodge's and Ford's are FAR Nicer than Chevy's now!!!!


Another moronic post by what has to be a 5th grader. Again if someone (I assume you too) is going to dismiss an entire line of trucks based on 3 spy shots of a cameo prototype then thier an idiot.

Again if someone (I assume you too) is going to dismiss an entire line of trucks based on 3 spy shots of a cameo prototype then thier an idiot.

@Jack, I'd about dismiss the Silverado on the spyshots I've seen on the interior too. Not very impressive at all. I too understand that GM is scrambling to fix this mess. That interior was just plain sad and pathetic for something from the year 2013. It would have bee passable for the 1990's at best. And Chevrolet wonders why Ford and Dodge are kicking their butt into the dirt. One needs to look no further than those spyshots. Subpar to the max.

So based off of wheels and tires it's an SS???? What a joke!

This looks to me like a ford bed with a dodge cab and gm front end.....I hope this is not a huge disappointment like the last redesign....03-07(classic) silverado was the best truck ever created

@Guy, no way. Those things looked like large Colorado's but really bad. If both of those trucks didn't have Chevy emblems I'd swear they were Chinese trucks or something out of Japans Mitsibishi from the 80's early 90's. They looked nothing like the good looking Chevy trucks from the 50 years prior. Those 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's truck were all awesome. I don't like this new one either but I'd almost say it looks better than the 03-07 slant eye trucks. The 99-02 was nice though.

@kenjensen Lol the "slant eye" or cat eye as we call them here in sc is what I love about them I hats the flat tops(99-02), cant disagree about the older trucks but I guess Sence I'm young and only 18 the cat eye was the truck of my dreams when I was starting to think about driving and its all I have owned so far, but it is getting time to upgrade and I'm hoping for something great with the new trucks because I am not buying what they are producing now!

thats not an ss... no way, maybe a ltz trim package with base motor... typically the GM High output motors IE 6.0 vortec max and 6.2 in the LTZ and Denali have exhaust that exits straight out the back, this is the "typical" 5.3l exhaust...

not sure how we got here... but GM should have been left to fail... not purchased by the US govt... if that would have happened they would have restructured and been BETTER OFF than they are now... instead the unions and liberals got what they wanted.

go rear disc brakes!

The tires are nothing fancy lol those were oem on my 2009 with 20" rims. Horrible tires. That isn't an ss sorry to burst bubbles here

I don't see anything here to indicate that this truck is an "SS" model. Seems like a real stretch to create a story. The Silverado has had an option for 20" wheels for the last 6 years. The tires on these wheels are Goodyear Eagle LS2 275/55R20. If this is the only reason this writer feels that this truck is an "SS" model, they should be fired. They clearly haven't done much research before writing this story and know very little about this vehicle. In fact, the Goodyear Eagle LS2 275/55R20 is probably the most popular OEM tire for the 20" wheel option on most pickup trucks. It is an average tire at best with pretty poor traction. I would think that GM would certainly choose a much better tire than this if it were really an "SS".

Thank God president Obama saved GM. Thank you Mr President!

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Anyone here ever pull a trailer? A lot of talk about gm trailering mirrors, but all about astetics. Have any of you ever used them, or ram or ford mirrors? Ford mirrors don't extend out far enough to see anything and ram mirrors are too small to see anything. GM trailer mirrors have the surface area of ford mirrors with the extension of ram mirrors. If you actually pull trailers thats all that matters. You need to be able to see around the trailer and actually see.

ok so what if its obama motors the goverment need the best plane and simple no shity fords or junk dodges

i just like see chevy silverado ss with 8.1 gas eng

I love my '02 Silverado ECSB 6.0 with 427rwhp, Eaton Posi, and 4.10. Perfect dd to keep some eyes open. Thanks to the aftermarket us truck lovers. And with the new SS, the aftermarket will have a new project. Looking forward for further news. I'd like to see a stronger 5.3l turboed, or a gumption fill supercharged 6.2l like in the Cadillac V.
I would also like to see GM a step in a Performance Driving Class to make sure people are aware of what to do in a tight situation with so much Hp.

I'm sorry I'll be honest, I don't like the side mirrors! Those look too rough for the shape of the body.

Vortec max??? Lol I have one and love it! Procharger inbound!

Why not blow them all out of the water and put a 571 in a regular cab, short bed, 2 wheel drive silvy with a 3:71 rear, 6 speed manual tranny for some, 6 speed auto for others,give it a 2-4 drop, brimbo brakes all around, a custom grille, ram air hood, and a chevy tonneu cover, and only produce 500 of each. I'm sure Jay Leno would have one of the first ones. :)

I want 350-400bhp awd standard cab step side. with the bed modeled after early 70's step sides. a sport truck something like a syclone without a stupid name just a ck/ss.

I would like to see another black SS truck ,ext cab 22"rubber five spoke aluminum wheels ,super charged aluminum big block air ducts up front that are piped to brakes ,big brembo brakes ,drilled rotors smoked glass ,box cover body color.black interior or charcoal leather .leave the chrome and fake wood out of it as well as dvd player or sun roof,for me it could have a iPod doc a usb charger. full time 4wheel same as my 03 and cup holders that don't dump coffee onto seat when you straighten a corner with the big sway bars and performance shocks .yup ...Tap...Tap ...are ya listening GM I'm not buying another truck until it's better than my 03 SS and why ?why ?the square wheel openings???

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