Spied! 2014 GMC Sierra 1500/3500

Sierra 1500 front II

Photos from KGP Photography

With all the recent buzz about what GM told dealers at the national meeting in Las Vegas, we knew it wouldn't take long before we saw something interesting from our spies. We've gotten our best looks to date at GMC's 2014 Sierra 1500 and the Sierra 3500 HD dualie prototypes.

Our spy shooters say the prototypes caught here look complete with the final production-spec headlights and taillights, as well as the front and rear bumpers. It's possible both these might be Denali models, but there is no mistaking the similarities between the grille shapes and logo masking. 

It's easy to see the Sierra's final headlight designs as it show nicely through the camouflaged front clip, revealing a chrome-rimmed, blocky shape, with minimal jewelry inside the headlight elements. At least on these test models, it appears that GMC designers have avoided the popular LED craze found on an increasing number of 2013 model headlight designs.

According to our shooter regarding the Sierra 1500, this could be the Denali model, with what looked like retractable running boards fitted into the lower sill.

Sierra Dually Duramax II
The Sierra 3500 HD dualie prototype, cleverly made to look like its Chevy partner, is an imposing beast, with a larger, beefier front fascia. That could mean there are some Duramax improvements to come that require more air-flow for cooling purposes. Likewise, it looks like they're keeping the same DEF tank location as on existing turbodiesel models as well. 

  Sierra 1500 rear II

Sierra 1500 side II

Sierra 1500 headlight II



First!!! Let the bashing begin, to all the haters out there..

3500 front end looks very aggressive. I like it a lot. Can't make everyone happy but its hard to argue with a proven powertrain/engine combo like the Allison/Duramax.

yes the gm bashers will be here soon

I hope I can out live the new truck GOD I really hope COME ON laddy !!!!!!!!!!

I"ll start, still looks like a 2008 to me, square wells, HD horrible looking mirrors from 10 years ago and the 1500 front end looks ok, but the truck looks big and then they put those puny mirrors on it, still not impressed

That Hd looks like the ugly brick Ford super duty, Gm nor ford just can't make a good looking pickup.Lol

Best looking
Best diesel

How can anyone judge the looks of something that is in development, and Camouflaged?? You think something that you cant even see is ugly?

I guess it doesn't matter what the final product looks like, they will hate it.


How can you tell it looks like the 2008 model? You have x-ray vision or what?

It's looks like an 08 model with a Ford front end. They were trying to make them look like Fords right down to the interior. GM said at the dealer meeting in Vegas, "If it's on the King Ranch, we will have it!"

Looks like somebody didn't feed Frank this morning!

Dave is at the keyboard!

GM is seriously trying to copy Ford to get market share back that GM lost. "If it's on the King Ranch, we will have it," GM said and "Our trucks look too feminine" (needs to look more masculine like the Fords.)

You might as well wait for the real deal. The 2015 Super Duty and F-150 will be the makeover. Compare the two: GM vs Ford. Then buy the best quality at the lowest price.

I'm excited about the new Sierra. I like what I can see through the camp already.

Who ever though it was possible to make a bigger more obnoxious grill than the superduty has?

Also, look at how low the front air dam is

That should say "camo"

If Obama reelected words has tthe 2014 GMC Sierra will come with other improvements such as a free Obama phone via Onstar. If you don't get your welfare check or if your power running boards stop working you can call 911 and complain.

Obama has my vote!


If Obama gets reelected word has it the 2014 GMC Sierra will come with other improvements such as a free Obama phone via Onstar. If you don't get your welfare check or if your power running boards stop working you can call 911 and complain.

Obama has my vote!


Keep Obama in president, you know. If you are on low income you get a Free Obama phone and free Onstar for life on every 2014 OMC. Obama Motors 2014!

Free Obama phone? What is the free Obama phone? Is it on Onstar or is it an acutal phone? Does anyone know if the free Obama phone will be on just the GMC Denali models or will it be on all trim levels? Thanks.

I need that black padding for my truck ! Just about everytime I go shopping some a-hole either scratches or dings my truck ! I hate lazy inconsiderate people who damage other peoples property ! If I ever catch them,they will be seriously injured,I can always follow them home lol,lol,lol !

GM trucks are not that bad looking,Dodge Ram is the best just about everyone agree's Ford's are priced so low people just buy them up like crazy ! I have a 2002 Ford F-350 (looks like a 90's Dodge Ram front end styling toned down) I dont like the car front end look of the f-150's and the tall box sides makes the Ford-f-150 look very odd and awkward,again low price to buy is the reason sales are so high,plus government contracts.

GM cant wait to pay back enough money to get out of the Governments ownership,though Toyota,Honda,Nissan,VW ect all get millions of dollars from their countries governments and people here dont understand that they bash GM for getting a bailout/loan...and then they buy an import not knowing that in those countries they are propped up by their governments,TOYOTA has billions of Japanese taxpayer dollars ,yet Americans will bash GM for doing the same thing..Odd,also Toyota/VW ect dont pay their Governments back,its a pure gift of millions and up to hundreds of millions per year ! Yet Americans praise them yet bash American companies for doing the same,sort of American car companies have to pay it back..Americans have no pride anymore...thats what that is all about.They feel guilty,so they buy imports and bash american brands.

So keep bashing GM/Chrysler/Ford pretty soon you will be stuck with Toyota/Nissan as your only vehicle..As they say Americans are sooooo Stupid,this Auto loan/bailout just proves it ! Yep,Obama give South America millions to drill for oil there,yet closed/bashes American oil companies/operations..It just proves there are a group of people out to destroy America,bash our vehicles,bash the oil industry (while giving hundreds of millions of dollars to South America to drill for oil for the States)

They look better, because they are definitely trying to make them look like a Ford. Those are tiny mirrors on the 1500 though. They look distorted, like a big guy with little hands. Overall they look fine and will sell to the loyal GM guys who have been waiting for a refresh. The details that are yet to be announced will determine if they are a game changer to recapture some of the lost market share.

The nose on the HD reminds me of the Sierra All Terrain Concept.

Kinda funny how they put a Ford oval on the front of it too.

My only concern about the heavy duty is where the DEF tank is placed. It is too close to the front wheel. With it that close I would be concerned about damaging it with debris and such.

They are hideous!! It looks like they are covered in padded garbage bags....

They look amazing. Best pickup built in the world. Would love to have a job test driving them.

And for the haters, we have a special place for those kind of people.

They're not looking to shabby. I'm budgeting to buy a used 2014 gmc 1500. That being said, the location of the def tank is disconcerting, you'd think that they'd at least put it somewhere semi protected...

Oh, and can we get some kind of system where we can vote comments up and down?

What does the free Obama phone have to do with GMC? Nothing! Has there ever been any confirmed problems with the DEF tank location? I have not heard any. As for looks, THE Sierra HD looks amazing and nothing like Fords. GM will have everything that is on the King Ranch AND MORE!

Nice! Looks really good! Let's go Gm! Back in the game....with all that ford and dodge have done with their new models chevy to me just feels right!

it is starting to look like the super duty.
look at the size of that grille.



Posted by: Lou

awe crap LOL!

@BigRoy, I thought the exact same thing

Here we go again. This looks nothing like the Fords or Super Duty! I repeat. Nothing like Ford!

There's only so much you can do in the way of styling, inside and out, and there's not really anything GM or the others can do to set the pickup truck world on fire.

I'm not sure what was wrong with the current truck's looks and styling, I thought they were fine, but GM should've left that alone and focused on a new lineup of engines.
I realize GM is looking keep their pushrod engines going indefinitely and really, all you do to increase efficiency is to increase size, but until competitive engines and transmissions come online, it's just putting lipstick on a pig.

With GM banking it all on these twin's looks (and upscale gadgetry), they'd better hit it out of the ballpark.

After an initial uptick in sales, the GM twins will fall back into place and it'll be business as usual.

Yep looks like the mighty Ford with crappy GM mirrors lol.
Ford trucks rule the game.
Good luck with that lol.

The signature grill is what I expected. Nice view of the headlamp assembly. We haven't seen that before. The chiseled corners may be a styling que for what the sheetmetal looks like. (boxey Ford look). I'll have to see it before passing judgment. The trend always goes from squared to rounded and back again. No suprise there.
I'm glad they resisted the LED rope lights but as I've said before, those optic lenses work better with a smaller headlight that will never go with the front fasia on any large truck. The non functional filler around them is only to get the size ratio needed to correct this shortfall.
The camo crew was having some fun with the oval on the grill. At least they are'nt taking their job too seriously. They enjoy messing with our emotions and antisipation drives us crazy.
The good news here is the dash is still covered. To me that means the spy shot reveal seen before was a decoy. The only "leak" form the Vegas private dealer preview was the interior "will be a pleasant suprise". As in never seen before.

Looks like they gave into the Ford styling. Not like thats a bad thing...

According to other GM leaks, they will indeed have LED lights on some trim packages. The HIDs are pushing it and I don't care for LEDs at all, but some people like them. If they do have the LEDs I think they will be the first on a truck.

They will also have LED lights in the bed rails.

@Tom with a Ranger,

I thought those headlights, grille look familiar. LMFAO!

GM was serious when they said, they need to have what Ford has!!! Good grief!

Are the LED's for the illumination or just decoration? the LED's for illumination would certainly cut electrical load meaning smaller alternator is ok....yada....yada... more efficient.

LED headlights are really nice. I love them on my RZR. I don't see why they would not work just as good on a truck.

I hate the Ram but Gm has to be building some of the worst pos out there! i dont care what anyone says one here Gm lost a crap load of market share in Canada nobody wants there old dinosaur motors. There 2014 trucks will be sub par wont even come close to the F150 or even the Ram for that matter

@Bob & Bob the Trolls

You're right! Lets all vote in Mitt Romney. That way we can send GM to China and rename it China Motors (CM) that sells the CMC Sierra. Dont worry about all the American workers, Chinese are cheaper.

@All the Haters

Im not a big GM fan but give me a break. THE TRUCK IS COVERED IN CAMO!!!! How can you idiots judge it? Its like going to the Middle East and judging which girl is hot and which isnt through their head-to-toe burka's. I'm sorry but the girl with the sexy eyes could end up looking like a baboon once all the clothes are removed. You just never know!

Let's keep Obama in because GM has already gone to China, and tax-payers have no choice other than to give their money to support a failing company. You should take Economics 101 - nobody on the left knows anything about economics, yet you all have opinions.

Whoubu, you and every other consumer sends money overseas when you buy any foreign-made product. Has Obama done anything to prevent that like tax Chinese imports? No!

@socialism sucks

Has Mitt who outsourced to China?

I'm not overly left or right so don't assume. But if you are going to claim socialism, look up its definition compared to the republican tea party mission statement. You may be surprised.


And the right under Bush knows about economics? Again, I'm not overly left nor right but neither side knows what the hell they are going. It's basically the lesser of two evils. I want to like Mitt, but what's the plan? What's he going to do? Bashing Obama wont help him in office. I want to know before I vote, not after he is in office.


Fair enough, remember though venture capitalists have no more obligation to create jobs than you or I. They just make investment risks, which creates jobs as a byproduct. So I hate the criticism on Romney for that. (It's an attack on businessmen), but they do more to create jobs than government ever will. I'm fairly centered too (a little to the right), not happy with Obama. (Wasn't happy with Bush either, except on foreign policy - but he is not running this time). I believe only certain things should be socialized: roads, power infrastructure, and education. I'm happy to be taxed for these things, but not for lazy people who just don't want to go to work. Anyway, I just hope people vote with a clear head, and not base their decisions on rhetoric or from celebrity persuasion.

Oh, you have a good product, but with Ford's new engines, you've been losing people for the last three years, the 2014's are going to have to double special !!!

Obama 2012. 4 more years!


I couldn't agree with you more!!!

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