Video First Look: Ford's New Luxury Trucks

Ford Pair II

We got a chance at the State Fair of Texas to see Ford's new F-150 Limited up close and personal. Additionally, Ford got us behind the wheel of the brand-new 2013 Ford Super Duty top-of-the-line Platinum model. Both trucks have all the luxury comforts you could possibly want but are these trucks the best packages to offer when the economy is still weakened? Here's a quick video were able to put togethe but we'll have more info and impressions to come.  


They sell trucks for too cheap. Now they sell trucks that are too expensive. Admit it haters, Ford understands the truck market and builds products that people want. Ram agrees, and is following that same plan.
I love that new Ruby Red color. It has a tinted clear coat and looks deep and rich in the sun.

Luxury with one engine choice. Kinda like eating donuts with a diet coke.

A diet Coke? More like a Jack and Coke.

The Limited trucks are already in showrooms. They are nice!

Ford Trucks are awesome! Only haters would say otherwise. Compared to European models Ford is cheap. And much better. I drive a Ford truck for 5 years and I am delighted. I am seriously considering buying this model. I like to eat onuts with a diet coke. :D

@Michigan Bob - I agree the SuperDuty nose took a nosedive after '07, but they still make bras, don't they.
Looks are just superficial, but you're right about premium, high end trucks being "MORE MONEY GRABBING". I thought that was what it was all about. I think GM agrees if you read the last article.

Today premium F-series are fully 25% of sale so again, GM is once again LATE TO ATTEND THE PARTY!

It makes sense to have EcoBoost only. Luxury buyers don't want the standard engines Luxury buyers want the top of the line. Limiteds never had max tow. The unique suspenion on Limited is not compatible with max tow. So it is really pointless to have the 6.2 in it. Hence, top of the lin EcoBoost only.

F-150 should have kept the grill surround chrome. It looks missaligned with the headlights. Good looking chrome bars on the grill....they are straight off the GMC All Terrain Concept! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Umm. It looks like the "All Terrain" because who did GM use as inspiration to design thier All Terrain?

"The grill bezel snout reminds me of the Ford SuperDuty." - Lou

"So they stuck an SD grille on the front of a Sierra and fitted it with the Raptor's shocks. Imitation if the most sincere form of flattery."

grill could be said to be reminiscent of the denali or modeled after the super duty"

"looks good makes me proud of my super duty. Glad the GM copyed the look of it and not the dodge"

more colored plastic yay!

Bob, You need to study up more. A King Ranch or King Ranch style interior in a half ton that GM is talking about is only in the low $40's. Don't want one? Good for you! Or maybe you cannot afford one. But don't play classwarfare and pit two different classes against each other. You really do sound like Obama with that kind of rhetoric.

Take away the tax deduction, and even contractors could not justify paying these inflated pickup prices. Pricing what the market will bear ALWAYS leads to overpricing. Not that another economic system is better, read socialist. It would seem the gordon geko syndrom has infected every sector of our society. What ever happened to common sense? We learn life isn't fair in elementary school.....


Seriously, the only person that would complain about the price is someone who can't afford it or a hater. People in the market for these trucks will simply buy and enjoy. I love the 2 tone seats on the Platinum Super Duty The plastic color at the base of the seats is the main reason I got a lariat instead of king ranch but I liked the thicker leather on the king ranch.

P.S. Hey Bob, you like statistics? How about 41-14? Ring a bell? Alabama kinda destroyed your poor wolverines bob... Another cute stat, Your team didn't even cross midfield until the score was 31-0.

The most commonly repossesed trucks are non-luxury older models. The non-luxury buyers like Bob will lose their toys first: usually ATV's, RVs, and boats. Next comes their truck. Lastly is their home. In that order.

Best looking trucks out there our Rig manger is buying a 2013 f350 Platinum that beast is going to look good in the oil patch! Ford built oil patch tuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob, It's stupid. That's not how conservatives are supposed to think. You are pitting the people who spend a few thousand more for the luxury package against those who spend a little less on the mid range. That's not the way conservatives argue. It's stupid.

Instead of being a mastermind and trying to tell which people what they should or shouldn't buy, your focus should be on the private sector, private property rights, and the constitution. Instead of saying you are in this class you cannot afford this, you should buy this package, you're in the upper class you should buy a LTZ, only the super super rich can buy the King Ranch, etc. That's not how Americans are supposed to think. Open up the constitution.

"Oh boy here we go AGAIN, More MONEY GRABBING high dollar option packages...

I read the article about GM and their King Ranch equivalent...I WON'T be buying one!!

That is one of the reasons why this country is what it is today."

"FYI, I was referring to HD trucks in general and not 1/2 ton trucks. You're damn right I don't want one. " - Bob


So your problem is with the King Ranch/High Output packages on the HD but not the 1/2 trucks? King Ranches are what's wrong with the country? Huh? Look at this.

F-150 King Ranch $42,510. with $2k discount.

Super Duty King Ranch $45,570. with $3k discount.

There is only a $3k difference between the half ton and HD. What shoots the price up is not the King Ranch style high option packages, but the diesel engine options. The diesel adds $8k to the price. The trim difference is peanuts to luxury buyers. Your rant should be on the increased costs of diesels which is in part caused by the government/EPA and environmental nazis.

@Michigan Bob - I don't disagree with your views on politics and some of us living beyond our means, but my last new trucks have been pretty basic STX editions. Those are perfect me and I like reading these articles same as those about SVT Raptors, ZL1 Camaros, GT500s and other high end stuff/toys that I have no intention or desire of owning (new). But this isn't about what you or I prefer.

If we assume premium truck buyers can afford them, and I know a few rich b@st@rds that own these, this story is all about supply vs demand and maximizing OEM profitabilty.

Repos aren't necessarily an OEM problem, but when you ignore demand, (like GM has been), it's no different than flushing MILLION$ down the toilet.

If people also want high end German cars, they should have at it. If they can't really afford it, that sounds like a 'them' problem.

I read the article about GM and their King Ranch equivalent. Honestly I could care less if they have one or not! I simlpy have no use for a truck like that. If GM feels like hey need one then more power to them. I WON'T be buying one!! I would love it if there was a statistic out there that showed how many of these premium $60,000 trucks out there that end up being reposessed because their owners cannot pay for them. We live in a IF I WANT IT....I'M GOING TO HAVE IT REGARDLESS IF I CAN PAY FOR IT society. That is one of the reasons why this country is what it is today.

Posted by: Michigan Bob | Sep 28, 2012 12:01:32 PM

I agree with Michigan Bob. Buy what you need, not what you want. If an option does not get used a lot, like daily, then it DOES NOT BELONG on the truck. This country would be better off if we would buy what we need. I would never buy a HIGH OPTION PACKAGE Chevy. Ban the Ford King Ranch package and their Chevy equivalent and the better off we will be.

We should also being asking the rich to pay their fair share. Nobody making more than $200,000 a year should pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than a middle-class family pays. Obama 2012.

My buddy Bvonscott has this to report:

And im glad GM has had such a good lock down on any images being released. Keeps the competition in the dark. Because when they are released Ford and Dodge arent going to know what hit them. This is no longer a case of GM just meeting the competition, they are going to crush them. These new trucks are going to be desirable.

Spied! First Shots of 2014 GM Interior

There is still more work to be done. Obama 2012. 4 more years.

"Ford should borrow some of the camoflage off of GM's test mules to cover up that UGLY FRIGGEN NOSE on that Super Dooty." Michigan Bob

One of the things that bothers me about the current Super Duty is the 2007 Toyota Tundra Limited had a big chrome Front grill that stuck out past the headlights with a color matched front bumper and everybody said it was ugly with the Ford guys leading the charge. Can someone explain why Ford went and did what all of you said is ugly?

@Sierra, first of all that is a girl's name.... secondly, you should pay your fair share! Obama first day of office: $10T national debt. Today's national debt $16T+ What other president has run up the national debt as much as Mr Personality? None! 4 more years of Obama would make it $20 Trillion! How "unpatriotic!" I just hate to think of what China will want to do to the USA when they want to collect the owed debt. America: China's bitch.

The problem is Alex, if the government doesn't borrow, the money has to come from somewhere. So you can buy your pickups and survive. This approach makes it more difficult down the track to resolve your country's financial situation.

I can see alot of people on this site simplify or generalise this situation that affects them, but they have to realise what is causing the problem.

The problem is you and other OECD countries have lived beyond your means and sooner or later you have to pay it back.

No one wants a drop in their standard of living, but judging by the situation of the US and Europe you have no choice. And you can't blame anyone but yourselves, remember you all vote or should vote. The Greeks and many others are in a similar position.

Most of you guys complain at the price you pay for a pickup, well I bet in ten years the price will be between 50-100% more for a HD pickup.

Your currency has to devalue and inflation needs to increase to help resolve your situation.

Like Jeff S said, we'll probably be paying $100 000 for an HD.

It's like having to much credit card and home loan debt. To pay it off some luxuries of life need to be dropped ie, less services and more taxes need to be paid.

38% of your economy is government spending and your government only collect 27% of GDP in tax. Your taxes have to increase 40% overall to break even. That's and enormous hike.

Who can you sell sufficient quantities of exports too?? Most every other OECD country and others don't have the money or are in a similar position as the US financially.

@Big Al from Oz--When the prices of trucks get into the 50s and 60s in an economy where few can afford this it becomes ridiculous. I could probably afford one of these but to me these trucks are ostentatious. Ok if you really want one of these or you are a rich farmer or businessman But when the Big 3 are pushing these and their are more of these on the dealer lots than anything more affordable then I lose interest. I prefer to live below my means. If the Big 3 are pushing these and getting away from more affordable trucks then that is their choice. For me I will probably go to Asian brands and just get what I need. I like Fords and GMs but if this is the future then I just won't be a customer. I know I will get some criticism but this is too much. I do wish them the best.

I am glad I switched to synthetic oil in my Isuzu because at these prices I am going to keep it as long as I am able to drive. I might even have my S-10 completely rebuilt at these prices particularily if these trucks do become 100k by 2025. Who knows what will happen but I will not pay that for a truck.

@Jason - please do not quote me unless you use my whole comment.
This is what I had to say on the "Spied:2014 GMC" thread - "The grill on the HD looks like the Ford SD grill. why would anyone in their right mind copy that design?"

Basically, if you quote me saying that I think it looks like the snout on a Ford SD, I'm not using that as a compliment.
I do not like the looks of the Ford SD grill/nose. I like the looks of the rest of the truck. I do not mind the painted/colour matched bezel.

@Bitchagain Bob - quote " That thing is so UGLY THAT EVEN A MOTHER WOULD REJECT IT."
is that what happened to you? It would explain everything.

@Jeff S
I know this is off track, but it affects what luxuries we can and can't buy. I like my ute and 4x4s.

In the past when the US had economic woes the costs of commodities reduces ie oil, iron, coal, food would decrease significantly, becasue of the US's influence on the world economy was quite large.

Not this time. Others are stepping in a buying up a lot of what the US used to use. Hence, commodities prices are remaining quite high.

This is stifling any chance for the US and Europe to dig themselves out of the hole they are in.

I know. I didn't think your whole comment was necessary because I was just responding to the person who said Ford was copying the all terrain grille. But when the all terrain grille was first unveiled people said they were copying the super duty. I'm not crazy for either and I would wait for both of the remodels in 2014/15 if I was going to invest in a HD/SD right now. Thanks for your comments.

They sell trucks for too cheap. Now they sell trucks that are too expensive. Admit it haters, Ford understands the truck market and builds products that people want. - Ford850

It's funny. Are Ford's too expensive or too cheap? Which is it? Or do they sell trucks at a wide variety of prices and are just right to fit any budget? The theory changes when the articles change. When the artices is on a new truck, or after a shootout victory, the comment is it's too expensive. But when the article is on sales, it is Ford is always the cheapest. Chevy is finally getting their first luxury interior next year since Ford started doing it 10 years ago. I can see why Bob is upset. This is what years of frustration will do to you.

@Jason - thanks for the reply and my apologies. The Rambo Motard group takes peoples comments out of context all of the time. The trolls unfortunately sour this site and occasionally make me doubt the veracity of commments that come from reasonable bloggers.



If you want to be a baller, there is only one choice, GMC Denali. That being said, I think the Denali model will carry over a lot of the successful styling from the current generation Denali with a touch more masculinity. The interior seems to have some soft material and an easy to use - simple interface. Auto news has reported that the truck will be about 3 to 4" taller, the cab will be longer, and a 6.5' bed will be available on a crewcab. The GM and Chevy will continue to be a success with their new models.

@Big Al from Oz--I agree with your assessment. China and Asia will continue to grow and demand more raw materials to fuel their growth. That is what a lot of Americans don't full grasp especially when it comes to oil. The developing countries are in a hurry to catch up and their populations are ever so hungry for a piece of the good life. This is just human nature to want more. Most Americans don't realize how good we have had it. Unfortunately the next generation is not having it so good and will be forced to pay more and have less. We have a government that will be forced to raise taxes and cut much more from its budget. There will always be a market for luxury goods but the gap between those that have much and those that have much less has widened to a level that has not been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. I am off topic but it is frightening.

@Sierra - WTF?
"If you want to be a baller, there is only one choice, GMC Denali"

Please clarify that statement?



3996 up, 1329 down

May 28, 2006 Urban Word of the Day

2. A person who finds success and wealth. The source of income is usually unknown by others, but can tell wealth by the "baller's" attire and usually cocky attitude.

Did you see that baller who just sped by in that GMC Sierra Denali?

@Big Al, actually consumers should not require the government to borrow money from China so I can have a pickup. I would rather wait until I can afford. The government printing more money that causes inflation (it doesn't just happen). The real problem is entitlements: food stamps, "free" health care, government-created jobs, bailouts, and wasteful spending. Ultimately, it is spending more than what you take in. It's simple economics, but the same basic principles apply to both macro and microeconomics.

People agree that the government cannot spend more than it takes in taxes, and that the only way to rectify this is through increased revenue (taxes) and reduced spending. Problem is, those same people balk when they are asked to either pay more in taxes or receive less in benefits. We all (and I mean ALL) have to accept to pay more and receive less to get out of this mess. The sooner we accept this, the better.

This thing will never see oilfield. Just office in Fort McMurray. My friend works at oilfield right now. He has RAM 2500 with Cummins.

@Luke, I agree we need to do that, but we also need a system that encourages people to invest in America to create jobs. So you can't tax investors too much, or the money will keep going overseas. That's why capital gains is taxed much lower than income tax, but lower SES people do not understand that unfortunately.

@Sierra - and I thought "baller" was what you called your boyfriend.

I agree about printing money causes inflation. That approach used to be effective, especially when commodities dropped in value with economic activity.

But now you have high commodity prices adding to the mix, not good and it adds to the inflation. This equals a lower standard of living because as the CPI goes up incomes don't.

Social services and subsidies add to cost and mask the real cost of goods. But it does add to the economy, but its a very inefficient tool for growth. If it is used long enough it will cause negative growth through debt like you said. It should only be used as an interim measure.

I don't know why the media and economists can't see there will be a massive restructing of the OECD economies in the near future. Fiddling around the edges isn't going to work.

There's only two ways to make money, investment and creating something that didn't exist. If there is no market for creating something and selling it and nothing to invest in other than debt you have a problem.

The economy and markets are living a false dream here. They are investing in economies propped up by subsidies, welfare etc. The problem the cost of subsidisation is greater than the return.

@Luke in Co
You're very correct. But governments only look out 4 years. No one has the balls to make the big decisions. And people vote for who ever offers the most spin and bull$hit.

Maybe politicians, unions and businessis should be held liable for incorrect decisions.

5.3L LOL@ Never miNd the ford girls, they love color plastic just cuz it says ford on the grill. You can't reason with the retarded LOL!!

Breaking News: Ford, GM to jointly develop 9 and 10 speed transmissions

from this evenening's AN.

GM is leading design of a nine-speed gearbox for use in front-wheel-drive vehicles, said three people familiar with the companies' plans. Ford is taking the lead on a 10-speed transmission for rear-wheel-drive vehicles such as pickups, SUVs and performance cars, the sources said.

This goes out to all of the Ram bots.


Hey Hemi V8, It's pretty obvious that Chrysler still lacks the design smarts to design their own trannies. They have to license them from ZF.

Dave, Go Ford and GM!

@Tom, That's why Ford and Chevy used Chrysler Transfer cases and manual transmissions for years. LOL.
Ever heard of New Process Gear????


NPG was a joint venture between GM and Chrysler and is now owned by another company since 02. The Hemi spam keeps rolling in.



Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 28, 2012 10:26:46 PM

@Hemi v8, GUTS

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