Video First Look: Ford's New Luxury Trucks

Ford Pair II

We got a chance at the State Fair of Texas to see Ford's new F-150 Limited up close and personal. Additionally, Ford got us behind the wheel of the brand-new 2013 Ford Super Duty top-of-the-line Platinum model. Both trucks have all the luxury comforts you could possibly want but are these trucks the best packages to offer when the economy is still weakened? Here's a quick video were able to put togethe but we'll have more info and impressions to come.  


Founded in 1888, New Process Gear was purchased in 1934 by Walter Chrysler; ironically it had been owned by Willys, future makers of the Jeep. New Process would make Chrysler’s four-wheel drive systems, transmissions, transaxles, and compounders

New Process Gear was purchased in 1934 by Walter Chrysler

In 1990, New Process Gear became part of New Venture Gear, the first joint manufacturing effort between leading U.S. automakers. It was re-formed as a jointly owned subsidiary of Acustar (a division of the Chrysler Corporation) and General Motors. This provided the company with GM’s underused transmission plant in Muncie, Indiana and reduced the need for Chrysler to risk as much capital on future investments. General Motors only owned a minority share, and had two directors to Chrysler’s four

General Motors only owned a minority share, and had two directors to Chrysler’s four


That F-150 Platinum is a really nice looking truck (notice the stupid 'brackets' on the sides of th grille are gone!). However, that Super Duty looks terrible! When will we ever see an all new Super Duty? Great move Ford finally ditched those crappy Mod engines and gave up on those Cornbinder diesels, but the rest of the truck is dolled up 1999. Is the Super Duty going the way of the Crown Vic, Ranger, and Econoline? Just going to tweak it until it dies in the marketplace?

More Guts!

More Glory!

More ass kicking Ram!

Posted by: LOU TRUE BELIEVER | Aug 1, 2012

HEMI V8, New Process is dead and gone, just like Chrysler Corporation.




I am liking that new Ram HD though.






@Alex, Alex is a girls name, so you are either a girl or a sissy. Me thinks you a sissy, so sissy Alex and all you uneducated blather, vote for Mitt and watch Obama get 4 more years. Republicans rely on inbreds like you to for for them. Hope ford pays off their governments like GM is, Mularky is one hell of a hypocrite.

@Big Al from Oz--My carpenter & handyman had trouble finding an F-250 work truck back in 2004. He told me even back in 2004 many of the F-250s came in the loaded trims that were close to 50k. He had to go hundreds of miles away to a less populated area in Indiana where he found a new white F-250 Powerstroke crewcab with vinyl seats, 5 speed, and 2 wheel drive (he wanted 4 wheel drive). That was after an internet search. As DenverMike said the manufacturers make more profit on the loaded trims and a stripped crewcab F-250 they would rather not sell because the profit margin is lower.

I realize nothing wil ever be the same but if this is what is going to happen to the truck market then I will be looking forward to the Chinese entering the market and having some competition. The GWC crewcab 4 wheel drive pickup around 30k or below would at least be priced where most families could afford it.

Both the trucks are nice, especially the red leather seats in the
F-150. I liked the video but I will just look at 50 to 70k I will let someone else buy these. It is no wonder why Ford would rather sell F trucks than anything else if they can sell these in large numbers then they don't need my 30k to 40k business. I completely understand and if GM and Ram or going to follow Ford then a lot of other customers will have a choice of used only or if you want new to buy Asian. Nice trucks but I don't fit in to your customer base and I am a lower margin consumer. I completely get it now.

Get rid of these Hemi and Chinese spammers.

@tj - Ouch, that hurt. Get yourself an education and a job. It will help you.

@Alex - he probably has a full time job as a grand wizard with the KKK and KFC.

Avalanche, Escalade -EXT, Hummer H2 & H3 (SUTs), Explorer Sport, Lincoln Pickup all went down, why this luxury pickups. They dont have sufficeint space like SUVs.

@Max Reid - IIRC 25% of Ford trucks sold have high end interiors. That is why they make them. Big sales and big profits.

There's that "wannabe Big Rig" nose again and it looks even more hideous as it actually looks like it's trying to stick out in front of the bumper!

Look. Personally, I don't care if you want to drive road whales. I don't care if you want to project your (lack of) masculinity with something pretending to be a long-hauler. But know that I won't buy anything that looks like that unless I absolutely need it--which is very highly unlikely. You guys like it? Fine--keep it. I'd rather have my ordinary wide-grilled 1990 XLT Lariat if I've got to have big but even that gets traded for something smaller or a Jeep truck when the time comes. Then again...

Hey, guys. I know a truck that's only 2 years away from Antique status. Be an easy restoration and going cheap. $5000 cash right now or $200/month for 3 years; take your pick.


@DWFields - No thanks. I already owned a 1990 truck. If you had a '79 I'd consider it.

@DWFields as US Pickups "pretend to be long haulers". The US Commercial Trucking fleets are some of the lightest in the World. Your Class 8's are 80,000lb, the European equivalents are 88,000lb or 62 tonnes with a drift to more and more HGV or multi trailer heavy trucks. Asia is going the same way, we are now going to B-Triples. MDT's are being less frequent or dying out. I think the nature and size of US Cities is causing this to happen.

@Biggger Bob
We have the Great Wall dual cab diesel pickups over hear.

They come with 4x4, leather and power everything for 29k or a base model 4x4 single cab for 19k, that's still with a good stereo and power windows etc. Those prices are what we call drive away and are recommended retail price.

A lot of plumbers and builders are buying them and they seem to be quite reliable.

In the US if they could be imported, imagine a dual cab 4x4 with leather and all the bells and whistles for under 24k.

You would have people buying 4x4 pickups that weren't into pickups previously.

The idea of historic rivals Ford and General Motors working together may seem far-fetched or unbelievable to some, but the two companies have just signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop next-generation nine and 10-speed automatic transmissions for use in passenger cars, trucks and SUVs, Automotive News reports.

Read more:

Soon we're all gonna be brothers :) We'll all be driving Filverados and we'll all be happy :)

@Gregory J. - Toyota is working with Ford on hybrids. So would hat mean we'll be driving a Funderado?

No. A Fundra :)

@Gregory J - When will it end? ;)

gm and ford team to build a new trany ..,,,this is the best decision for ford always have problem whit trany special whit quality..truck suv car..

Lou, You got me there :)
But kudos to Ford and GM for doing that. It will save them a fortune! Money they can spend somewhere else to please us.
They have done it before right? They together designed the 6-speed, right?

@DWFields, Vulpine or whoever you are today: We get it you have an old F150 that you hate but it's better than a new one cause it's smaller. All large trucks are "road whales". Everyone should drive small trucks. Large trucks cost to much to you. You know more about what everyone needs than they do. Anyone driving a larger truck than you has issues with their sexuality and wants to be a trucker. Seriously you tell us in every post you make. Will you please tutor me on the rest of my purchasing choices so that I won't continue projecting a wanna be trucker image with masculinity issues?....

@Alton--That's going to happen anyway by 2025. It will not be compact but it will be a little bigger than midsize. Some of you full size buyers trade up to heavy duty and many will just adjust to the size. The prices will go up as well. I am not wishing this, it will be the new fuel standards that do this. I made a comment about many being priced out of the truck market, unfortunately I think the 50k to 70k might be the mid price range by 2025.

Let's put it this way, most of us reading this article will not be customers of these trucks. Like several of you said that this will be a business perk for some executives or an office on wheel for big ranchers and big farmers. My only concern is that if they sell lots and lots of these type of trucks that you will see less and less reasonably priced trucks on the lot. That might happen anyway with the new standards by 2025. Sure if I were offered a high six figure to a seven figure job and I were offered a choice of either of these trucks I would take it along with a clothing allowance. I would take the F-150 because it is smaller and I like the red leather interior, but I would not spend my own money for it. Give me the GWC crewcab with the heated leather seats and 4 wheel drive that Big Al is mentioning for around 24k and then I would put the rest of the money in my retirement fund. Of course I am coming from a 60 year old man who will turn 61 in Feb. and at best will work till age 70 1/2 but probabably retire at 67. Anyway I digress and I enjoyed the video.

PS. --But at this point if they offered me the use of a Ford Focus free of charge I would take it. Beggers can't be choosers.

Ford trucks are so much nicer than anything Chevrolet has to offer it's not even funny.

And here come the comments from one in the same. More of his GMC garbage in a Ford thread. Most people would rather pay premium pricing for Ford and Chevrolet trucks. It's precisely why Ford is taking Chevrolet customers from GM. GM isn't giving the goods to Chevrolet so they leave and go to Ford and now Dodge. I've been saying that for years. It's a Ford, Chevy, Dodge world. These trucks are beautiful, rugged, high class and high quality. They continue to build the Ford brand into the future. I can't say the same for what GM has done to Chevrolet. They continue to damage the only truck & car company that really matters in the end for them.

5)Bob's- All of them

How did I forget..

6)Johnnydoe and all fo the Johnny's
7)GregoryJ and all of the Gregory's.

Why does Ford feel like they have to put so many different fascias on a single line of trucks each year? It does nothing but add cost and make some of them absolutely hideous!

I'd be happy to, Alton--just as soon as you send me the latest season of your cooking show.

@Gregory J - looks like Hemi V8 will be getting that Power Wagon earlier than expected.

@Michigan Bob So if Ford is offering a high end model, they are 'money grabbing', but if GM offers one, then 'more power to them'? Come on, at least be slightly even keeled. I wouldn't want either super priced, super fancy truck either, I use mine like a truck and it would become 'a real expensive, beat up truck' real quick, regardless of what I drive.

But is there really any harm to you when the auto manufacturers offer items you don't want? People buy them, the companies make money, and they stay in business to compete and build better trucks for us in the future with more power and better MPG's. I think it's tough to argue against that. I personally have no use for a Chevy Sonic or Ford C-Max, but it's a good thing both companies are making them, don't you think?



Tony is that you? as in Fix It Again Tony?

such a nice luxurious truck, however i do think the engine could be a lot better.

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