2012 State Fair of Texas Roundup

1 Big Tex 2 II

By Mark Williams, Photos by Evan Sears

There isn’t anything more iconic in Dallas than Big Tex, the 52-foot greeter that welcomes State Fair attendees. This year marks his 60th birthday. In fact, Big Tex stands at the entrance of the outdoor truck exhibit where all the major manufacturers of pickup trucks hope to lure unsuspecting Texans to their new half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton cargo haulers. As you might expect, Ford and Chevy have the biggest displays, but Ram Truck and Toyota are making a push.  


2013 Ram HD 3500 Long Horn

2 Ram HD II

The big news at the fair was that Ram Truck introduced a significantly improved and upgraded Ram HD and chassis cab lineup. The 2500 HD and 3500 HD models get all-new frames with upgraded (and stronger) front and rear suspensions. There are plenty of improvements to the Cummins engine, now offered with three different transmissions, each with a different horsepower and torque rating. Our favorite piece of technology on the beefed-up Cummins is the dual-inlet air intake, which selects between warm or cold air depending on conditions. Buyers of the 2013 Ram HD will likely be most impressed with the new interior dash layout and the new trim packages that offer the big 8.4-inch screen on most of the lineup; those same interior upgrades are included in the chassis cab work-duty models as well. Expect more detailed info on price and exact towing and payload numbers at the Detroit auto show in January.


2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum

3 SD Platinum II

Ford gave select journalists the chance to drive and tow with the all-new Super Duty Platinum pickups. This trim level sits above King Ranch and starts at $53,000, and it offers almost $20,000 worth of options, including a new well-sorted fifth-wheel prep package. We have to admit the ride and look of the truck is impressive, though we didn’t get to drive every configuration. The most significant highlight is the new center stack with the 8-inch screen and upgraded MyFord Touch system. The woodgrain, leather and satin chrome accents are similar to the ultra-plush, high-end furniture. The Platinum model can be ordered with either the 6.2-liter V-8 or 6.7-liter Power Stroke. Early orders, we’re told, are just under 20 percent of the mix but are expected to settle down to 2 or 3 percent of total Super Duty sales.  


2013 Ford F-150 Limited

4 F-150 Limited II

The other interesting luxury creature Ford brought to the State Fair was the upcoming Ford F-150 Limited. This, too, is the new top-of-the-line model and does not have many mechanical changes from current models, but it does offer a few unique features. A new grille, high-intensity-discharge headlights, 22-inch wheels, retractable side steps, plush leather seating and a redesigned interior dash are just few of the details that separate this model from the competition. The half-ton SuperCrew will start just under $50,000 and be offered with quite a few options that push pricing close to $60,000 — for a half-ton truck! The Limited is only offered with the EcoBoost for now, but that could change.  


What We’re Driving

5 Silverado 2500 HD LTZ II

GM was kind enough to set us up with a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD LTZ with the Duramax engine. Even though the truck was plush with all the options — listing for a touch over $60,000 (to view this monroney, click here— we were practically invisible driving around Dallas. Full-size pickups, especially heavy-duty models with all the goodies, are quite common around here. As nice as this Silverado was, it doesn’t come close to matching what Ford was showing. Now you understand why all the truck manufacturers have made the State Fair of Texas a must-visit stop for all their executives and engineers. The fair is good time to talk to people who know trucks and find out what they’re thinking.


2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch 

6 F-150 King Ranch 2 II

Ford took advantage of its 12-year history with the King Ranch people (owned and operated by real people in South Texas) to introduce the newest edition, the 2013 Ford F-150 SuperCrew King Ranch. Nothing has really changed on the model, but all 2013s get the new center stack with the new wider and taller screen and upgraded MyFord Touch setup.


Chevy Silverado Turns 95

7 1955 Chevy 3300

The only real GM news we heard about was that Chevy Silverado is celebrating 95 years of truck making at the show by sponsoring all the musical acts that will play each weekend of the fair. Some of the models they called out in the press release were interesting, so we might condense it a bit, once we track down a few photos, and pass it along.


VW’s 100-Gallon Hat


Although Volkswagen has made it quite clear it (still) has no intention to bring the Amarok to the U.S. anytime soon, VW thought it was important to be at the State Fair’s auto show because it seems the turbo-diesel models (most of which have close to or more than 700 miles of tank range) are becoming more popular with long-distance-driving Texans. They even showed a flamboyant Beetle with an entire map of Texas painted on the body, complete with Texas flag colors and donning a 100-gallon cowboy hat.


Explorer Limited G-Vans

9 Explorer Limited 60K II

With all the talk of certain pickups costing in excess of $65,000, we thought it would be nice to show some other functional and versatile vehicles for the same amount of money (to see the monroney, click here). This Explorer Limited van conversion was off sitting by itself during the press day, so we didn’t get to talk anyone about them, but the sticker said it had a satellite HDTV inside, four reclining leather captain’s chairs, plenty of extra headroom height and a comfy couch. The GM full-size chassis van conversion can be ordered in either 1500 or 2500 configurations and can hold seven or nine passengers. This model had the Vortec 5.3-liter V-8, and was built in Wentzville, Mo. — the same plant that will soon switch over to Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon production.


2013 Ram Power Wagon

10 Power Wagon

There’s nothing really new about the 2013 Power Wagons (beyond the upgrades that all the new Ram HDs get), but Ram did show this custom truck, and it was coolest truck of the show. The new Power Wagon still uses the five-link front suspension (all 2013 Ram 2500 HDs will continue to the use the five-link; the three-link setup is only for the 3500, which has the wider front frame section), but it does get all the other upgraded goodies: new frame, gauges and dash layout. The Hemi will continue to be the only engine available for Power Wagon. And, yes, this suspension has been quite modified, and no, this will not be a new paint-color option.

Rumor Roundup

Anytime you get a group of journalists together, there are always pieces of information that get tossed around that may or may not be true. Here are the most credible ones we heard:

  • Sources at Ram were talking about some improvements being discussed for the next-gen Hemi. Some improvements could include direct injection, switching to an overhead-cam setup and a more aggressive cylinder deactivation program.
  • Cummins and Nissan really are working on a project to provide the Titan with the first turbo-diesel option in the half-ton segment. No dates or timing was given.
  • Even though the newest high-lux Super Duty isn’t in dealerships yet, the early ordering rates have Ford thinking there may be room for an even higher, more luxurious trim package above the new Platinum.  



I think in the next couple years there is going to be a nice line up of trucks. But Man, the prices they are asking for them just keep going up and up.....

Unfortunately no matter what you buy you will be paying more and more as the dollar becomes worthless. I say it is time to say no unemployment over 8%, no more more than double the price of gas, no more high inflation, and no more Barack Hussein Obama! The time is now. Say goodbye to Obama.

Super Duty Platinum Diamond edition coming next:

Lay-Z boy reclining and massaging front seats
Center console refrigerated mini-bar
HUD display runs sports ticker bar so your never behind on the scores
Adjustable pedals with shoe shiner

I do not have anything against high end trim levels on trucks even tho I would never buy one, but it is just plain stupid to put 22" wheels on a pickup. Trim levels on a truck do very little to decrease capacity (lose a little payload), but 22" tires hurt everything else. It seems like it's all about looks. Just makes trucks look a little more like cars. This would be worthless for serious work IMO. There, I've vented. I feel better.

Anything above 19" wheels is USELESS, that is according to road racing drivers and teams!

From thier perspective, they argue you get no perfomance gains above 19" wheels, it is just cosmetic and you actually lose performance because of skinnier tires, especially with the weight of these tanks!

In the off-road world, wheels of that size are just plain stupid!

Have fun airing down to what...

Off-road you need more tire than wheel for airing down and side wall grip, etc...

These expensive pickups are for more play and show than work!

Buy a damn car if you want that much BLING!

@oxi - good point. That is why Ford offers 17" wheels on the off-road Raptor. The Limited is offered in 4wd but only meant for street. They make different packages for different purposes.

@Ted Kennedy,

QE3 = continued dollar devaluation and the sheep in this nation keep accepting this behavior without question!

National debt is over $16 trillion and climbing but hey who cares right, just keep spending because someday your federal government will not be in existance...

That much debt can only equal one thing: COLLAPSE!

I am going to write in Count Von Count this election for electoral college president better known as Count Dracula!

With his four fingers, he has a better chance of balancing the budget than the demoCRIPS or reBLOODicans!

Check to see if your state is one of the few that allows write-ins and follow through with writing in somebody that can get the job done better than the two loser parties that have destroyed this once great Republic!

And BOYCOTT the debates!

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Wake up folks! You have the tools in the palm of your hand, learn about third parties because you will see them on the ballots all across this nation!

"These expensive pickups are for more play and show than work!"

Hey oxi,

Work? You want to talk about work?

That Platinum SD and Ram Long Horn can do more work than your Taco could ever dream of.

Limited F-150 is not designed for work like other trucks, but is more capable than a comprably equipped Taco. Ltd is 2wd so no need to go on about the off-road world. We know who makes the ultimate 4x4. Buy an off-road truck if that's what you want. People like choices. Not everyone wants a 4x4.

You are ragging on the LTD so I thought I would do a little comparison...

Limted F-150 vs Taco Dcab V6

Limited 7500 lb
Taco 6300 lb

Limited 1480 lb
Taco 1430 lb

Fuel econ
Limited 22 mpg hwy
Taco 21 mpg hwy

Interior Room
F-150 by a mile

There is a 4x4 LTD...

4x4 LTD F150 Payload 1300
4x4 Taco Payload 1280

4x4 LTD F150 7500
4x4 Taco 6500

Fuel econ
LTD 21 mpg
Taco 21 mpg

If you want to compare off-road, then start with off-road trucks. But as far as work goes, Tacos don't do more work. That is a myth from oxi who didn't do his homework.


Different class of pickup, try again...

By the way my pickup is doing quite a bit of work from stock, that is larger diameter tires, off-road suspension and increased payload compared to stock...

So as a %, I am doing more work empty than most pickups out there. It just grows when hauling gear, etc...

Better photos--but you still need to put a polarizer filter over the lens. Even if you're using a phone camera or a cheap point-and-shoot, you can cover the lens with your polarized sunglasses and kill that glare and the worst of the reflections.

Ram HD: Too many reflections
Ford SD: Too much glare
Ford F-150: Too many reflections
Chevy Silverado (What We're Driving): Glare and reflections
F-150 King Ranch: Glare and reflections
G-Vans: Reflections
Power Wagon: Glare

Come on, guys. Good photography can be easy.

As nice as this Silverado was, it doesn’t come close to matching what Ford was showing.

-Straight from Mr.Williams himself. Is HE a Ford Troll too? Everybody says it, everybody knows it. Fords are Nicer than Chevy's now. High Quality, High Class, High Luxury, Superior Off Road capabilities. On and on it goes. Chevrolet has NOTHING on Ford anymore! And they never will either. Stick a fork in em.

What about the Plat and Long Horn? Those are expensive. Are they more show than work?

The LTD brings down capability significantly but it can still do more work than a comparable Tacoma. That just shows how much more capable a F-150 is.

The difference between me and you and I like having choices. You want to limit choices to your own narrow mindset.

@BlueOvalEmpire Mark Williams aint a ford troll. The fords are newer then the current chevys, so yes they should be better it's only common sense.

"Ram did show this custom truck, and it was coolest truck of the show. The new Power Wagon."

That Power Wagon is sweeeeeeeeeeet!
I want one with that Mopar Lift kit and a 6.4L Hemi. I see a Ram Heavy Duty in my future.

P.S. Thanks Mark Williams for the photos and info.

@Ted Kennedy

I usually don't post comments on this site, although I am a frequent visitor. Why would you say something like that? Are you not aware of the seemingly common knowledge that the Commander in Chief himself essentially has NO ties to inflation, and even less association with fuel prices? Obama, Bush, Clinton, and all other preceding presidents THEMSELVES have no correlation with purchasing power of the USD and fuel prices during their respective administrations. Nevertheless, President Obama is the reason we can appreciate the new Dodge lineup, as they (Fiat-based Ram) are now a solvent company, thanks to their bail-out. I'm not saying I support the man or not; it's just if you're going to start hating, at least use legitimate factual arguments and not broad generalizations and accusations. Thanks.

@Oxi: So the same stock rotors are still on your truck? I have to wonder how that works? And the same stock gear ratio? All the reviews I read about the Toyota 4 cylinder in a truck said it had to work hard to keep up! Your bigger tires hurt it and all the weight. But I am sure the cold air intake, a tuner, and high dollar headers makes all the diferance!

I agree with oxi...

I'm voting for Dracula!

Anything above 19" wheels is USELESS, that is according to road racing drivers and teams!

From thier perspective, they argue you get no perfomance gains above 19" wheels, it is just cosmetic and you actually lose performance because of skinnier tires, especially with the weight of these tanks!

In the off-road world, wheels of that size are just plain stupid!

Have fun airing down to what...

Off-road you need more tire than wheel for airing down and side wall grip, etc...

These expensive pickups are for more play and show than work!

Buy a damn car if you want that much BLING!

Posted by: oxi | Oct 2, 2012 10:24:00 AM

Amen, oxi!

I am sick and tired of these expensive pickups getting all of the coverage!

Pickup trucks are supposed to be work and not supposed to have this much bling!

If you want to look like an idiot that's your choice, but keep the damn bling on the cars where they BELONG.

Pickup trucks are supposed to be work!

19" wheels...tires...useless...the weight of these tanks...more for show than work?

Tom makes an interesting point. Like your oversized heavier tires that hurt braking and performance. Like your truck with all of the added weight on the stock chasis, axles and brakes, your real payload and towing is shot. Like your anemic 4 cylinder. Oh wait, you added a K&N air filter so everything is ok in your world.

@Oxi - welcome back to your old form. By your own admission, you use your truck to play offroad and as a BOTT in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse. You also have said that you have a small car to go to work, and also have said that you buy a beater for the winter. You also have said that you do not tow with your truck.
You have a 4x4 but do not drive it in the winter,
you have a 4 banger 4x4 but do not drive it to work,
you do not tow or haul with your truck.

Your truck is a plaything, a toy, amusement.

It is very hypocritical of you to ridicule other trucks for not being used for work.

You do not use your truck for work.

I don't think there was much news overall from the Texas State Fair. Some info about the new Ram HD's, more Ford bling, same old same old for everyone else.

Toyota tacoma work! LOL Yes maybe out work a Ford Raptor but that is about it. That is why their is TOY in toyota.

@Mark Williams So Cummins and the Titan are still on? If they do show eventually ,it will be interesting to gauge the "Non-intenet" reaction.

Ok so compare that limited f150 to MY Tundra.
Since J2807 isnt adopted by Ford i'll use the numbers from MY truck. 2010 Platinum Tundra.

4x4 LTD F150 Payload 1300
4x4 Tundra Payload 1550

4x4 LTD F150 7500
4x4 Tundra 10,100

Fuel econ
LTD 21 mpg
Tundra 18 mpg its funny though my truck does THE SAME by observed fuel economy when ANY third party compares them.

I like comparing full size to full size... Simply put the Tundra is BUILT to work AND play not just one or the other! If you dont option your F-series with some ridiculous option package that noone buys then the Tundra embarrasses the f150 at EVERY turn all the way down to the stereo system. If you put the trucks next to each other the fit and finish differences are night and day different. the 150's doors and trim are uneven, even the weatherstipping at the bottom of the doors on the f150 dont meet up and the tundra are one piece and this list goes on and on and on.......

I have 20" with 35.5" BFG's. Air down to 20lbs and tow 9,600lbs through beach sand no problem.


@Hemi lol I will take my fully boxed frame over your C channel frame any day.

@hemi lol - why would you pick a comparison to a truck that has low towing and hauling numbers?
My 2010 F150 is rated at 1460 cargo and 9,500 towing.
You get a best of 18 with yours and my best is 20.4. Sure the I Force has way more power than my 5.4, but isn't my engine supposed to have really bad fuel economy?
It is unfortunate that none of the Detroit Badges have accepted J2807.
I took a close look at all the brands when I bought mine. I would not say that the Tundra was vastly superior to the Ford. That would be stretching it even for a salesman.
MSRP were close but I got 10,000 dollars more in discounts than the Tundra. The Tundra is a good truck but not 10,000 dollars better.
I do not know what you mean by optioning the Ford with some rediculous option package that no - one buys?
Are you refering to the max tow package?
I see tons of them around with that package.
Are you refering to the luxury packages?
I see tons of luxury packages around too.
I also see tons of both packaged together.
Are you refering to 6.5 box crewcabs?
I see tons of those around too.
Are you refering to mid level trims?
That is what I see mostly.
Are you refering to base trim trucks?
I don't see many of those.

How many option packages are there with the Tundra?
How many Tundra's get sold every day?
One can blame tradition for that but in reality the Tundra is a good truck but not vastly superior to the competition.

I know you hate Ford, but try not to sound like a stark raving fanboi. There are already too many of them on this site and you just make your favorite truck look bad by falling into that trap.

One would have to have a low level of self esteem to feel self- conscious or ill at ease over the fact that someone else's truck can tow or haul more or has more bells and whistles.


No Dan, a pickup running larger tires with no trailer or payload is doing more work than a similar pickup with stock tires...

Get it now?


I really do not think you get it...

The Toyota 4-cylinder has little to do with the larger tires, it starts with the clutch and goes back from there, the engine will do its duty no matter what the tire size...

And Toyota 4-cylinders are pretty bullet proof and that is why I got one for my off-roader, no need to worry about the powerplant much...


Point was with larger tires, it's like towing a certain size trailer or carrying so much payload on the chassis...

Do you even know how pickups work?

Put 44" boggers on your pickup and drive it, you will understand what I mean those 44" boggers are like pulling one massive trailer around...

And leave my survival pickup alone, your just jealous of it because it is all function, no bling like yours!

Your just jealous that you do not have a mind to build a pickup properly for off-road or have a defined mission profile for your pickup!

Lou, you should be commending folks like myself because like pickups that pull large trailers or haul heavy payloads, etc... I too am one of the few that pushes the limits of a pickup though my case is off-road focus where you can learn from us what works and does not insteade of always bashing because my pickup does not look normal like 99% of them on the roads and majority that just do not use them for their capabilities!

Well I push those factory limits bud, learn from it...

And yeah I have a winter beater up here, the majority of the time the winter roads are a hazard for 4wd SUV's and pickups, the only time you need them is deep snow, the rest a small sedan or rwd only pickup can handle 95% of winter driving in a season!

It is more dangerous to drive a 4wd SUV or pickup in winter because center of gravity is higher off the ground! Where did you learn physics?

And when I go to work, I park my vehicle and go into the building to assist in production like majority of folks out there that drive pickups!

We have some Toyota forklifts that do work in our facility but no personal vehicles do work here and at most facilities out there!

m really against that type of trucks which hugely impact our environment friendly air.

Hope they really do follow through with the turbo-diesel Titan. That will definitely put Nissan back on the truck spotlight.

OXI, by your own words you prove you don't know what you're talking about.

True, once the roads are plowed just about any car or truck will work, but if you have a snowfall of 4" or more (where I live they're either 2" or 6"+) then that 4x4 SUV (like my 4-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?) has the advantage simply because of its higher ground clearance. For that matter, even on that 2" fall, 4x4 and AWD has the advantage over any 4x2 in avoiding skids and getting out of them--as long as they're driven sensibly. You see people all the time driving 4x4s like idiots, I agree. I've also seen GOOD drivers take a sports car through conditions that have sent a poorly-driven 4x4 off the road.

Hey, I now have one of those so-called "winter beaters". Interestingly enough, that 1990 Ford F-150 almost never saw winter roads; it sat under a lean-to for almost 12 years. Surface rust underneath, yes, but the frame is still solid and areas like the bed, wheel arches and elsewhere that are common rust points are untouched by rust. I'm not going to be driving that truck through snow or even salted roads this winter because the Jeep is a far more capable (and economic) daily driver--especially under snowy conditions.

As others have said (and your own photos prove) your Toyota is nothing but a Toy Truck. Admit it. You can't haul a load--your springs are already maxed out. The level of gloss in the paint job and other things quite visible in your photos prove that truck is used for one purpose only--playing in the mud. I certainly wouldn't have a black truck playing out in the desert. Be defensive all you want. If you want to prove your words, then film your truck doing those things and post them were all of us can see it.


How much do you pay in taxes?

If they allow 4" of snow on the roads before even plowing, I would seriously look into the taxes you pay!

Where I live they have dedicated fleets of plow trucks that are out immedietly during the majority of snow storms. With that said the roads are plowed enough a small Honda can get through!

I remember going through snow drifts with my little Celica, snow drifts above the hood and I would plow through them and get home safely!

Lower to the ground AWD vehicles like Subaru's are much safer than your Jeep bud!

Never heard of higher center of gravity have you? I hope I am not near you when you lose control on a slippery surface and crash into the ditch!

Here is a little test, take your pickup and punch the accelerator pedal all the way down from a stoplight in rainy conditions and see if you break traction. Odds are you will and just imagine in the snow/ice conditions...

As a matter of fact jerk the wheel in snowy conditions and see if you can keep it on the road! I can do that with my wife's Subaru and she never goes off the snowy roads!

Your just jealous like others on this forum that some of us can build our pickups for things like off-road expedition trips and your stuck with the same pickup that everyone else drives!

When I am done with my pickup soon, I will write about my trips I will be taking while you are stuck to the campground gravel roads!


I just completed a 1,200 mile trip late July, I had about 1,700 lbs. overall payload what I called a moderate payload, rear resting on the bumpstops yet no issues even traveling over 75 mph on the highways...

My Deaver springs are durable and strong and guess what? Still in the same spot with no ride quality issues whatsoever and the rear is not sagging, so care to explain yourself?

I mean your such an expert about my pickup, I want to hear from you your findings since you drove it around, took it on a long trip with moderate payload, c'mon give me details!

The fact is you do not know what your talking about! It's called jealousy! Your just jealous that somebody can design and install stronger leaf springs that what you have while increasing payload without sacrificing much on integrity of the pickup overall...

Why don't you do a search of expedition style vehicles out there, you will be suprised what folks can do to their pickups to improve performance like payload, etc...

"Point was with larger tires, it's like towing a certain size trailer or carrying so much payload on the chassis...

Do you even know how pickups work?

Put 44" boggers on your pickup and drive it, you will understand what I mean those 44" boggers are like pulling one massive trailer around..."

It's settled. Just put giant tires on your truck and you will instantly turn it into a work truck. Combine giant tires with massive wheels (unsprung weight) and your pickup will basically be doing the same work as a medium duty.

@ lou

i think you may have misunderstood my intent there. or maybe i was simply raging mad that someone would be dumb enough to pit the working cababilities of a tacoma vs a limited f150. Maybe i sounded too harsh with my comments. i will tell for sure in the USA you CANNOT buy an f150 like equipped to a tundra for 10k less than the tundra it doesnt exist. matter of fact the MSRP on a comparably equipped f150 is higher than the tundra.

For the record that MPG statement i made was ENTIRELY EPA ratings. i get 19.6 on the highway (running 75 MPH not 65) with a ton more power and gear than what your able to accomplish with the 5.4, i believe if i slowed my speed down that i could achieve 21 or 22 but i'm not that patient. I really wasnt meaning to bash, but if you spend some time looking very closely there are vast differences in build quality. The Tundra wouldnt be named most dependable the last 7 years in a row if they werent doing something correct with the truck. Nevermind what the haters say. So the tally is my truck is rated for more payload, more towing, with more interior space, with 70HP more, 40 lb. ft. of torque more....... this is starting to add up you see, the truck should cost more. dont get me wrong i'm glad your happy with your truck but i like mine better. most of the time on this site i'm not bashing rather defending the bashing against the tundra from people who know NOTHING about the truck nor their own for that matter.

what i meant about the packages is that the heavy tow package isnt something seen very often where i'm at for sure, or the heavy payload package which people seem to think is the same thing................... its NOT. then they further stretch the advertising so the american "sheeple" believe that this same truck that supposedly has the most payload and the one with the most towing and the one they claim get the best economy are somehow the same truck?????? again they are not but people believe it! and finally i wasnt talking about 6.5 ft. bed i think Toyota needs that as well.

@hemilol - I agree that it is hard not to get on edge. This site needs some sort of moderator to control trolls and trashing. Thanks for clarifying. I have nothing against the Tundra and know a large number of people who own them.

@oxi - we can start the whole back and forth war all over again if that is what you want. Your posts are consistently inconsistent. You still continue to contradict yourself.

I used to have a Ford Ranger. It was basically at its cargo limits every time I went on a long hunting/fishing/camping trip. I knew that it was unsafe and illegal to modify it to carry more. I grew up around heavy machinery and heavy trucks. Overloaded is overloaded whether or not it is a Mack truck or a Tacoma. My answer to the problem was to buy a plain jane 3/4 ton truck. My cargo problem went away and was still legal.
I know by your posts that you are arrogant enough to go on a 1,700 mile trip with your truck on the bump stops and think that is okay.
I've been on longer trips than that. That is another reason why I bought a 3/4 ton.
Keep your truck offroad for the sake of mankind. We appreciate the fact that you drive that abomination as little as possible on public roads.
Jealous - are you on crack? or just high on yourself?
OMG - I admire Oxi and am jealous of the fact that he drives an overloaded 4 banger Tacoma with springs that are supposed to be 1 ton rated but still ride on bump stops borrowed from an 18 wheeler.
No one is jealous of you - Disdain and disbelief are what I feel when I read most of your posts. It is safe to say that most feel the same way.

Lou and the other morons on this site,

Your just jealous that my 4-cylinder powered pickup is more capable than the $50,000 Raptor and some full-size pickups!

You can claim all you want on pulling large trailers or hauling heavy payloads but the question is can you off-road with those high numbers?

I can carry 1 ton payload and still hit the same trails and off-road areas with little sacrifice...

Pickup trucks are not all about pulling the biggest trailer around or 5 tons in the bed, some folks like myself put heavy emphasis on off-road capability like expedition style where payload is improved or not sacrificed...

It is so sad that folks like yourself cannot comprehend that folks out there can mod their pickups for greater capability and all you respond is with jealousy!

I am one of those folks that lives out on the limbs pushing envelopes that you turn key folks can never understand, why don't you try desert racing with a stock pickup, you will learn the meaning of making mods to your pickup to survive out there!

That is why hardcore off-roaders mod their vehicles because we know what works and does not off-road!

Just stick with your little stock buddies and leave the modifications to folks that understand pickups and how to make them more capable!

Your weak mind is not capable of understanding things that I say!


Based on your extremeley ignorant definition, your full-size pickup is a TOY!

How many people actually use them to their 10,000 lb tow ratings to their full potential? Not many, thus TOYS!

oxi increased his payload to go off-roading! A TOY is when you keep a vehicle stock or build it up just for showing off. oxi actually uses his vehicle off-road in the hard stuff...

oxi will also be running 33" tires soon and, that puts extra burden is just like towing a trailer...

A TOY is the equivalent to a person who buys a truck with a 10,000 lb tow rating to haul his dog around! That is a status symbol or TOY!

Get a clue.

oxi is kicking butt and taking names!

@ jamal - kicking butt? more like a clingon that sticks to butts.

"A TOY is the equivalent to a person who buys a truck with a 10,000 lb tow rating to haul his dog around! That is a status symbol or TOY!"

Lou got owned.



Toys are play things that are used for recreation.
Here is the definition of a toy:
1.An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
2.An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult

Oxi's truck fits both definitions rather well.
a.Oxi obviously acts like a child.
b. His truck is definately a model or miniature replica. A miniature - definately. A replica of what? we aren't really sure.
The BOTT Mobile.
Please have Oxi explain to his fans his Zombie Apocalypes Escape plan.
a.A gadget sure fits the discription of Oxi's truck.
b.Since it isn't used to pack a family, or carry tools or equipment, or to go to work, or get through inclement weather (with the exception of the great zombie escape plan), it is used to amuse only it's owner as no-one else would be dumb enough to drive it on the street.

Here is an Oxi quote that I love:
"I am one of those folks that lives out on the limbs"

So do primates, so do primates.

The Oxi moron fan club can say what it wants but all you bozo's are capable of doing is to make Oxi look worse than he already does.

I find it kinda odd that Oxi and the Oxi moron fan club shows up and the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association fades into the woodwork.
Is that some sort of coincidence or do trolls have some sort of Reciprocity agreement where only one group of trolls work a thread at one time ?
Do we have a Trade Troll Union to worry about?


@ Mark Williams:
So, at the Texas fair, a 2007 Tundra with over 666,000 miles was on display. Why no mention of it?

Here's a link to another site that talks about it:

I really got under OXI's skin with those two comments. As such, I feel required to respond to his defensive rants.

Taxes mean little when you're hit by a blizzard and live on tertiary roads away from the main highways. Where I live such roads may not see a plow until the sun is shining full and all the other, more important roads are clean and salted. That said, even New York City has to make do with using garbage trucks without plows to cut the path through many streets in some storms--and I live out "in the sticks" only a few miles from the state that has more paved roads than any other--despite its being smaller than Texas or even California.

Just because you live in a fancy subdivision near a big city that has more plows than it needs doesn't mean everybody else does. I still argue that for all your pride in your truck the simple fact that you choose to buy a 'beater' for the winter shows an extreme lack in confidence in that truck's abilities.

As far as whether or not I have driven YOUR truck--well obviously not. For one thing, I wouldn't want to. Your so-prideful photos remind me of a Ford Maverick I saw lifted to "Monster Truck" size--with a separate frame at about the height of a conventional 4WD pickup--a hashed-together piece of junk that the creator thought looked cool but couldn't even sell it for the price of scrap metal. There are fools and there are fools--I'm not foolish enough to even consider what you've done to that truck--much less believe your stories about it. Post real video of it doing the things you claim. Show us all that you're loading the way you describe and that it rides as well as you insist. Really--riding the bump stops and yet you claim no change in ride quality? Obviously you're not riding the springs at all--even unloaded if that's true. By your photos, that assessment would not only be correct, but make your truck one of the most dangerous on the road--maybe not to yourself, but to everyone around you.

In fact, your claim of driving that truck on a 1200 mile road trip reminds me of the time I was riding in a car through the California desert from Vegas to LA. The highway surface had been recently ground preparatory to repaving and the car I was in was passing a 4WD, lifted, compact pickup about the size of your toy. Without warning, that truck drifted out of its lane and put a very clear tire mark on the door panel right beside me--pretty much making me jump out of my skin as I was half-dozing in the passenger seat. We stopped and the truck's driver complained that he had trouble controlling his truck on the grooved surface. Since there was no damage to either vehicle other than some lost paint and a layer of rubber on the door, we went our own ways, but the guy in the truck made sure we were well ahead of him before he pulled back out on the highway.

My point? Just because you make your truck do things it's not supposed to do doesn't mean it's safe to do so. If I ever see your truck on the road myself, I will go out of my way to avoid it.

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