2013 Ram 1500s on Parade

2013_RAM_Drive_6123 II

Nearly 200 dealers gathered Oct. 24 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan to take delivery of the new 2013 Ram 1500s ready for dealerships across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. 

“The new Ram 1500 is the truck folks are talking about,” said Fred Diaz, President and CEO Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler Mexico. “Customers are returning to the pickup-truck market. With best-in-class 25 mpg fuel efficiency and other class-exclusive features, buyers have been anxious to get behind the wheel and check the Ram 1500 out for themselves.”

The event is one of several across the country that the automaker is hosting as part of the truck’s official launch. “Dealer drive-away events give the Ram team an opportunity to pass the energy onto our dealers and see them react firsthand to the new 2013 Ram 1500,” said Bob Hegbloom, director of Ram Truck Brand.

The vehicles were ready for pick-up in a large parking lot where 170 Ram 1500 Big Horn editions, the most popular Ram model nationwide, waited to be driven home. Depending on the location of the dealer, the vehicles being driven away will be available for test drives and on sale by the weekend or sooner.

“Ram 1500 production began just a couple of weeks ago, and our dealers are really excited to get them,” Diaz said. “The 2013 Ram 1500 is setting a new standard for the industry.” Never shy about hyperbole, Diaz is clearly excited to get production trucks into dealers' hands.

The dealers took possession of all 170 Big Horn Rams parked nose to tail, all with list prices in the $40,000 range. Ram Trucks had another event like this for the Texas region and given the response from dealers, they're likely to have more of these events in the future.

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Oh wow, Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association does exist. See HEMI V8 with his skirt and pom-poms.

Wow 170 Rams in one place......That's a lot of jumper cables and one tired Chevy to jump them off....

Cheer up frank, You might get more then a new grill in a couple of years. Until then ford will take a back seat to the refreshed 2013 Ram.

All Guts=395HP

All Glory=with all of it's awards

Let the ass kicking commence

A Ford V6 woops on your 395 HP Hemi.

Stooopid. Another Ram commercial for all the lame brains that have infested this site. Zzzz...

Is it just me, or are they all the same colour?

What engine and transmission?

Nearly 200 dealers and 170 trucks - does that seem odd to anyone else?
What did the other 30 dealers leave with?

I am surprised that I don't see any with HIDs. Either way, I hope they do well!

Ram has had by far the largest increase in year over year and month over month sales for the past year or so. Looks like that trend is going to continue. GM has been the biggest loser, which is sure understandable.

"CEO Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler Mexico"


If that doesn't speak VOLUMES about their priorities and thinking, I don't know what else does!

It's nice to see Mexico making a truck! Are any 1500 rams made in America ????

Today I went and seen one of them that was there. Pretty slick! the newer interior colors looked better then the old grey. The new dash and center stack are really nice.

But I was hoping to see a V-6 one. Or the air ride.

Who cares o wow a new v6 engine Ram u are late to the party its already been done by Ford . Such old news only ppl with no teeth and wearing a bed sheet would care about this !!!! Lets bring the banjos out

Every one of them is replacing a Fard in somebodies garage.
Good job RAM.

Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China
Washington Examiner ^ | Oct 25, 2012 |

In another potential blow for the president's Ohio reelection campaign, Jeep, the rugged brand President Obama once said symbolized American freedom, is considering giving up on the United States and shifting production to China.

Such a move would crash the economy in towns like Toledo, Ohio, where Jeeps are made and supplied, and rob the community of the economic security they thought Obama's auto bailout assured them.

Fiat SpA (F), majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers’ operations in the region.

From the Washington Examiner via freerepublic


@Italian Owned Jeep Made in China
Only reason they want to build a second factory for Jeep is because lazy americans can't keep up with Jeep worldwide demand.

@zviera, In a Bloomberg interview, Jeep's president said the automaker plans to restore Jeep production in China, suspended in 2009, and is considering making *ALL* Jeeps in China.

"Fiat SpA, majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers' operations in the region," reported the business wire service.


I would rather have my truck built in mexico than give one red cent to the UAW.

So, 170 left the parking lot, but the story doesn't say how many of them actually made it to the dealership...

IF JD Power and/or Consumer Reports are to be trusted, the odds are good that 2-3 of these Rams will have a problem in the next 3 years.

The fact is, all the data says that the Ram is the lowest quality truck on the road today.


It's great to see Chrysler bonding with their dealers, but they've got some work to do when it comes to quality and reliability.

Looks like the Toyota folks are getting tired of the Tundra not being the big seller they thought it would be.

It's not 2008 anymore. Your stuff has problems too. Your Tundras are not perfect. But keep playing that card.


nice looking trucks!
chevy, ram, toyota, isuzu are the trucks for me!

but i will take a ford excursion any day....i like those big suvs they are monsters!

currently own a ford expedition and its a beast also, except MPGs suck......

Fiat is also looking at building Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep products in Italy for American consumption. The European economy is much worse than that of the USA. Fiat is being pressured to increase jobs. I am willing to bet that we will see "domestic" cars made in Italy for export to the USA.
Is an Italian made car just as bad for the USA economy as a Mexican made one?

@TRX4Tom - what were the engine/transmissions found in those trucks?
Did they say when the air ride and 5.7/8sp would be available?

@Lou, Some of the trucks available now will be Hemi 6 speed.

First quarter of next year for Hemi 8 speed.



Bighorn Hemi 65-RFE 6 speed. The first thing I noticed was the interior grey is not the same, think it was charcoal grey, now it's diesel grey.

If you look under standard equipement, you see 3.21 gears. Why not, heck, Chevy runs 3.08s with a whole lot less torque.

Lou, I didn't finish that. It shows 3.21 as standard gears, which is unique, cause Rams atleast since 2009, had no 3.21 with 4x4s.

It has 3.55s.

Lol. 170 RAMs and 200 dealers?!? Is this a joke? Very funny. Ford rules.

PickupTrucks.com aka RAMPickupTrucks.com

Why doesn't Ram push that stepbar inward a few inches? That looks awkward (if not stupid) seeing it stick out past both the front and rear wheels. Other than that, nice looking truck.

@ TRX4 Tom: The consumeraffairs website is a sham. Anyone can submit anything they please without proving ownership of the product in question through a "Guest Review" account. Also, the check for "I would like an attorney to contact me". Get real! Finally, the text required to type in to hopefully defeat an automated entry is extremely weak.

@ Bashers and Mark W.
The bashing that's tolerated on this site does nothing but degrade it and reduce to it troll status.

I agree with an earlier post: times have changed and this site does not have the quality and respect it once HAD.

It's a pity, really.

Bighorn? Whatever happened to the Schlonghorn?

When everyone forgets that ford made the 6.0 then you can start bragging up ford.

170 trucks and 200 dealers. The article states these trucks will be used for test drives. Some dealerships will bring more than one dealer to the event. So each dealer brings home one truck for test drives. It won't be for sale at first. That is my guess.

Ram 1500 production began just a couple of weeks ago, and our dealers are really excited to get them,” added Diaz.

Production began 9/10....7 weeks ago. Only 2 weeks after Ford. Ford's build and price has been up since August. Another day goes by and the 2013 Ram build and price still is not up.

Seems like most of the Ram fans on this site are young kids. As a Ram owner I don't see any way Ram will overtake Ford anytime soon. The ford is certainly better quality. At least for the last few years. It's really a long shot to say they will overtake chevy. I feel stupid for buying a dodge. Sure seemed like a great quality truck until about 60,000 miles. No way I'll make that same mistake again. I was blinded by the hemi power and the improved looks.

Frank: I wish I could put the picture of my 2011 F-150 reg cab 4X4 Ecco-Boost truck on the back of a Ram flatbed, when the dealer came to pick it up with a blown head gasket, and FMCO is trying to make me pay for it! with only 34K on the truck, they say because I put a C.A.I. on it the warranty is void!, when this Ford is fixed whether I pay or FMCO pays I will be looking at a new Hemi or Chevy 2014! I tries your Ford wonder duty and have had it! it was nice while it lasted.

Should have used sport models, the chrome is getting kind of outdated.

@ LJC: Yeah, so so are saying that all people that wrote in there and complained just made that up? Tundra's have NO PROBLEMS at all? I don't buy that!


Here, that's from the Tundra forums. I am sure you will say that'sa sham as well?

I have seen some brake complants too, but I haven't looked too hard.

But then after the 30K shootout where the Tundra bombed the braking shootout when it had 1,000 pounds in the bed, and two passengers, I would question their "overbuilt" brakes.

Tundra HQ came on here to act like they have no issues at all. He/she is wrong.

Who cares o wow a new v6 engine Ram u are late to the party its already been done by Ford . Such old news only ppl with no teeth and wearing a bed sheet would care about this !!!! Lets bring the banjos out

Posted by: Harleyf150 | Oct 25, 2012 8:06:14 PM

That is really brilliant man. You have about the same mentality as our ole pal Frank. You are nothing but a Kool-Aid drinking Ford Fan Boy. Grow up dude.

At a thrid event Fred Diez will drive a parade of pink regular cabs up from Mexico with the Dumbo trailer tow mirrors. It will be one of Ram's newest trim packages called the "Pink Elephant."


Mike, you got that confused with Chevy, they like pink.


You are delusional, don't get me confused with someone else.

Post under your real name, TROLL, oh sorry Hemi V8


WTF does your problems have to with me, all trucks have problems. Perhaps Ford is correct, you voided the warranty by adding aftermarket parts.

Do you ever bother to read the owners manual?


I do think the Rams are the best looking truck around, only thing I don't like is they have about the biggest gap between the bed and cab, Ram needs to integrate them togeather better.


Do you know if the Pink Elephant model is for real? I know it sounds funny but I can definitely see Diaz saying, "Boys, bring me pink elephants or go home!" I did a quick google search and this what I found... http://tinyurl.com/pinkelephantram Hoping to hear more on this interesting new model from Ram.



Tradeing in my 2010 F150 for a 2013 Ram soon reason why my tranny just went this really sucks! Ram with 8 speed is a truck i am looking for Hemi V8 i am with you brother.

Unfortunately Ford will slip,once the Eco-Boosts owners find out their engines are blowing head gaskets left,right and center.Small engines work harder thus wearing out faster,best to stick with big cubic inches in a heavy vehicle.Eco-Boost trucks are coming in needing repair for excessive oil use,a few with head gaskets.
The 5.0 is a better choice same mpg as the Eco and the 5.0 has the same 1/4 mile time as the eco,a tad bit slower 0-60 but passing power is better in the 5.0,better yet the 6.2 all out beats the Eco -Boost,as tests dont show the same truck with the Eco vs 6.2 the 6.2 was always 1000 lbs heavier and still runs beside it.I drive a 5.0 and it gets better mpg than my demo Eco I used for 2 weeks.

I have personally owned new trucks from Ford, GM, and Dodge (Ram) in recent years and I can assure you that the Ram is TOPS in quality and reliability. My Rams never spent a single day in the shop. My GM was in the shop 10 times in the first 12 months. The Fords are good trucks but they have cheap interiors, cam phaser issues galore, and the wacky rear shock locations cause the bed to vibrate.

@jeep TROLL maybe you should leave the blogging for folks that can read.
Jeep production is staying in the United States, but Chrysler is considering building a full line of Jeeps in China as well, for the local market. Chinese trade policy imposes extremely high taxes on imported cars, making the sale of US-made Jeeps in China extremely difficult.

In the 1980s and 1990s, a joint venture, Beijing Jeep, was successful with their line of Chinese-built Jeeps. After Daimler took over Chrysler, they also took over the joint venture, which now builds Mercedes for the local market.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, last night, took a report from right-wing blogs and repeated it to a crowd of people, claiming that Chrysler planned to shift production from the US to China. The original Bloomberg story merely stated that Jeep “may eventually make all of its models” in China — but also carefully noted that production would not be moved from the United States. The blogs did not report on that aspect of the original article.

Romney’s father famously ran American Motors, which purchased Jeep from Kaiser and was later purchased, with Jeep, by Chrysler. His campaign did not respond to followup queries, but a Chrysler spokesman stated that Jeep had no intention of transferring any production to China.

Cerberus leaders had reportedly tried to sell Chrysler to Chinese automakers, without success, during the brief period when Cerberus owned the company.

Frank::: what does is have to do? well with all the smak talk about the wonderfull great stupendous marvelous ect. ect. ect. V-6 from Ford, that I might add was why I bought one! so I could inform folks like yourself with some truth! and to put my $$$$ where the rubber meets the road, that is all fanboi!!! at this point though, I will buy a Hemi before any more Ford v-6's or buy a Ram V-6 for that matter! you realy don't have to be so rude fanboi, when someone does not agree with you, it just show your immaturity now, if you were not all full of smak we could have had a decent posting here, that is all . That and there is a law that says I can put a C.A.I. on the truck! and the dealer is a POS, it was myfault for going with the best deal, and not the best dealer! when buying my first new Ford I should have known better! when I took the truck, again on the back of a Ram, for a second opinion, the dealer there said because the other dealer had aready opened a warranty claim, he could not do anything about it, but did tell me to get a lawyer and I could beat them in court! but I am not that way, the truck will be fixed and then traded in before any car-fax can ruin my re-sale, I hope! butu anyways NO MORE FORDS FOR ME, if the dealer had just fixed it for me, I would be singing Ford praises, now...........

@jeep TROLL I'd rather have a Jeep made in China than my 2010 F150!

Posted by: Lou | Oct 24, 2012 11:23:15 AM

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