2014 Chevy Silverado Spy Photo Special!!

  GM Silverado Spy Shot II

Photography by GM, Chris Doane Photography, and KGP Photography

The folks at GM are at it again. First, they sent us — and by "us," we mean all the major outlets — a video of the new Chevy Silverado towing a load up a hill. Now they're sending us a very specifically angled spy shot from their own photographers. 

There's not a lot we can tell from the photo, but then again that was probably the point. Still, it does look like the dash is padded, it is a Chevy bow-tie on the grille, and the engine is likely the new smaller V-8 or new V-6 engine. There is a small detail that prevents us from thinking the rear suspension will still be leaf springs, and the wheel and tire combo almost looks carryover. 

We do like the bigger Silverado HD-style towing mirrors, leading us to believe this particular truck could have stronger towing numbers than previous models. Here's exactly what GM said in the accompanying press release:

"GM engineers are conducting the final validation of the next generation Silverado light-duty pickups. In addition to all of the torture testing, the team has paid considerable attention to delivering a comfortable, well-balanced ride which is being refined on a variety of track surfaces at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. The new Silverado will start production in 2013."

But that's not all.

As you might expect, some of our spy photographers were also out and about when this particular truck was moving around the streets of Detroit and grabbed even more shots, from various angles. This is what Chris Doane sent us, regarding the same truck, with a wider variety of details. 

"After months of seeing Chevy's next-generation Silverado completely covered in heavy camouflage, we were almost shocked today to see a production-ready, 2014 Silverado with almost all the heavy camouflage removed!

Under the hood of the Silverado 1500 will be the new Gen V small-block V-8. It is rumored to be an aluminum block and feature direction injection and cylinder de-activation. A V-6 will also be offered, but which one exactly is still a mystery. While it may be the 3.6L V-6 found in many other models, we know GM is also working on a high-output, turbo-charged, 3.0L V-6. Given Ford's success with their EcoBoost F-150, we think GM will want to match it.

An 8-speed transmission is also rumored to be in the works, but may not be ready for the initial launch. The 8-speed is likely to only see use in the light-duty, 1500 models.

While a hybrid Silverado was originally in the works, recent reports have implied that GM will cease making hybrid variants of their big trucks and SUVs or, at least, delay their arrival.

Codenamed "K2XC," production of the regular, the 2014 Silverado is currently slated to begin production in April, 2013. The heavy-duty models, codenamed "K2XCZ," will follow in October of 2013. Both will be built at the Flint, Mich. and Ft. Wayne, Indiana assembly plants."

We note that these two trucks are similarly camoed but they are not identical--look closely at the mirrors, front hood, sidesteps, and chrome accents. We're guessing this one is the LTZ model. 

Chevy Silverado_cdauto II

Chevy Silverado_cdauto 2 II

Chevy Silverado_cdauto 3 II

2014 Silverado.frontsusp02.KGP.ed-2122771245-O

2014 Silverado.rearsusp01.KGP.ed-2122771216-O

2014 Silverado.rearsusp03.KGP.ed-2122771463-O


What is with the blockishly square wheel wells?
Truly hideous and unfinished.

@ClatterMan, my thoughts as well. A major letdown for this Chevy guy to say the least. The wheel wells do not sit well with me at all. I don't like these wheels either. I'm not crossing it off my list just yet but I may have already owned my last Chevrolet truck. Maybe even car.

The Sierra is going to look just like this but with different badging, grille/bumper and a Denali interior instead of a High Output. It's blowing away nobody.

I don't see anything majorly impressive yet. Looks a lot like the current truck, except with a bulkier front end (like what they put on the hybrids).

If that's the case, then I hope for their sake they're offering an amazing powertrain lineup.

And just Matching the King Ranch isn't going to cut it for Chevrolet any longer. The King Ranch has been around for almost 13 years unchallenged by anything Chevy has. Even Ford has moved on to many higher trims. Chevy is screwed. Especially now that Dodge is coming after them hard and fast too. These wheelwell designs were a huge mistake IMO as well.

@Jeremy, Yep. ALL of it. This truck is a huge letdown for me personally. Mostly the wheel opening shapes is what just kills it. The back end looks fine. The front end I'm sure is fine if they ditched that 3 piece bumper. They cleaned up the sides so that is all good. I just can't get past the openings though unfortunately. Your point on the interiors is spot on. I've waited for a King Ranch Chevrolet for so long I almost don't even want it anymore. It's like old news. Chevy trucks have become one letdown after another in one form or another since 1998 ended.

They want to match Ford's Ecoboost, that's fine, there's only one problem, their only three years behind, that equals a lot of lost customers ???

The Silverado and Avalanche are both Chevy's built by GM, so why the hell would GM get sued for using Avalanche styled bumpers? If that's the case then maybe GM should get sued for the hideous Avalanche looking front-end they used on the 2003 to 2007 Silverado's.

@Steven, I agree, they should get sued for both. I hated those Avalanche Silverado's with the Japanese slant eye front ends. It about made me want to buy a Ford. I can see the point on the bumper though. I always thought it looked like an accident waiting to happen.

I really don't understand all the complaints over the square wheel wells. Chevy/GMC trucks have had square wheel wells intermittently back to the the Task Force series in the '50s, and steadily back to 1973. You can't argue with taste, but it seems like a pretty silly thing to garner so much vitriol.

If the wheel wells were round, everyone would be complaining that they were copied.

Why don't you all give your opinions when you actually know what it looks like.

All this yammering from the Ford gimps is pathetic.

@Gibber, copied from what? The 67-72 Chevy trucks? The Corvette? What the heck are you talking about. I'm a Chevy guy and I think this looks like crap. Did Dodge get called a Ford copy cat or an old Chevy copy cat when they went to round wheel openings? I think not. As for giving opinions, what else is there to give an opinion on? The wheel well shapes are right there plain as day for everyone to see. And they suck. Chevy needs to go back in time and take their crown back. They Owned the original clean round wheel opening look and design. Now they're just like lost souls with no damn direction. These wheel openings are of the worst I've ever seen.

Generic Motors tagline for the New Silverado: "Yup, It's a truck alright."

I'm a hardcore Ford guy...But I have to admit...This is just getting sad...To the point that even I'm feeling sorry for Chevy. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot. Its really quite pathtic.

That small spot of rust on the frame is the hoist contact point. Those prototype trucks spend a lot of time in the shop. Lots of cobbled-up work has been done on it too. Not production. The thing is the styling of the GMC will be so different from the Chevy chances are if you don't like the Chevy you will love the GMC. This truck will raise the benchmark, wait and see. It will be particularly rough for the Super Duty when the new GM HD's come out. Together with the new HD Ram's, Ford's poorly restyled 1999 Super Duty is going to get clobbered, even though the 6.7L Powerstroke and 6.2L Boss are great engines. No number of increasingly gaudy uplevel trim packages are going to help. Ram is already beating Ford in class 3-5 commercial truck sales. When GM gets back into those markets, is going to get even worse. Where is the next generation Siper Duty???

I look at that top picture and the only thing wrong with it I see is the overly square cut out shapes for the wheels. These guys complaining are 100% right. It really does not look good at all on this truck. I never thought it looked good. For something in 2013 though, it's exceptionally bad. It's slightly odd to me something so glaringly obvious like this made the final cut. It almost makes me wonder if this is a fake.

They should sell it with the camo on it or make that an option. It looks better than way than the previous model. Much better.

The thing is the styling of the GMC will be so different from the Chevy chances are if you don't like the Chevy you will love the GMC

@Bob, that would be just fine if I wanted GMC. There's a problem here though, I don't want anything with a GovtMoCo badge. I'll take a Chevrolet and it's the only product GM has I'd own other than Cadillac. This is pretty sad logic on your part. The Chevrolet truck is the top dog that goes up against Ford and Dodge and this is the best they can do? Rather pathetic to me. You'd see me in a Ford or a Dodge long before I ever stepped foot in something that said GMC on it. Most Chevrolet guys feel the same.

Some more tag lines for them:

Close enough is good enough.

It will have to do for now.

At least we're not in third place.

4 more years!

That small spot of rust on the frame is the hoist contact point. Those prototype trucks spend a lot of time in the shop. Lots of cobbled-up work has been done on it too

-LOLOLOL!!! ROFLMAO! Hoist Contact Point? PLEASE. Get that frame wax dip out of your melting brain!! GM is TOO CHEAP to PROPERLY PAINT their Frames! And I Bet they spend a lot of time in the shop!! LOL! Their whole Truck is a cobbled mess!

The thing is the styling of the GMC will be so different from the Chevy chances are if you don't like the Chevy you will love the GMC.

-Like a CHEVY guy would SET FOOT in a Government Motors Company Blingity Bling Bling Denali Girly named Sierra!! LOLOLOL!! Give me a BREAK! If a Chevy guy was broke down on the road LIKE USUAL, I'd at least pick him up and help him out. A Government Motors screwball can walk home for all I care. GMC SUCKS. Line all of those SISSY GovernmentMobiles up and I'd run em over till they were crushed for good and light a match!!

This Silverado SUCKS too. Can't come up with your OWN tailgate design so you have to copy that of DODGE? Can't come up with you OWN rim design so you have to copy DODGE DAKOTA Rims?? You could AT LEAST make the truck look good and give it REAL Wheel Wells! These square cardboard cutouts look like something a kindergartener would do with construction paper and scissors. What a bunch of IDIOTS.

Alright, let's say we're looking at the world's prettiest truck. OK, so what? It's still the same old ageing drivetrains below the exciting(?) all-new skin. The current/outgoing trucks are pretty good looking too, but we'll get used to them soon enough and then what. Back to #2? What exactly was wrong with the current bodies?

All this time and resources should've went to getting these promised engines and transmissions on the road while extending the life of current truck bodies, if they had to or until truly obsolete.

At least we're not in third place.

@Meh, they will be if this is really what the new Silverado looks like. Not attractive at all to these eyes. I hate to follow the crowd here but I must, it's the square wheel cut outs that kill it for me. The rest of the truck looks really nice I think. I couldn't buy one unfortunately with those wheel shapings though. They either need to be fully round or more rounded to look right. I hate to say it but I think GM ruined yet another Chevy truck.

Wow I guess a very close look exposes some difference but it basically looks the same or worse imo............

moparmadnening::: man I agree with what someone said the other day about you, you need to have your mother proof read what you type there young man, if you can't say anything suggestive don't say anything! SYPH!

Pretty much what I expected a conservative but handsome looking truck. Think about it, styling wise what has Ford and Dodge done since 2004 and 2002? They've all been evolutionary changes to front fenders hoods and grills. Yes, the interiors have been updated as I'm sure the GMs will be too.

I guess those extremely squared wheel openings give it a retro 70's or 80's look. Maybe that's what they were after?

@ Sierra, "This is the Silverado. The Sierra looks PHENOMINAL and will blow people away, will also blow away competition."

Now that the camo is off I can't see the looks blowing away the competition like that guy on the otherwebsite claimed was going to happen.

-If you guys would stop listening to that BvonScott aka SierraGS aka Sierra aka Bob's aka GregoryJ and whoever else idiot you'd know better. This guy is a true fool who attempts to push his GMC agenda on everyone. I've called him out from day one on his BS. I can't stand that guy.

And no, this new Silverado does not look good with those wheel well opening shapes. In fact, it looks very bad. The rest of the truck looks ok. Better than the last one I suppose.

More rusty crap with poor shape and no soul from Government Motors. Chevrolet should have left that trashy organization years ago.

Pretty much what I expected a conservative but handsome looking truck. Think about it, styling wise what has Ford and Dodge done since 2004 and 2002? They've all been evolutionary changes to front fenders hoods and grills. Yes, the interiors have been updated as I'm sure the GMs will be too.

@Jack, The difference here is, Ford and Dodge both started out with good looking trucks and really have nothing to prove. Chevy hasn't had a good looking truck by most accounts including mine since the 1990's. Most people expected far more. These overly square and blocky wheelwells likewise kill this trucks potential fopr me.

GM still has a ton of trucks sitting at dealerships still. There is gonna be one heck of a sale here soon.

Hey FordTrucks,
Have I told you you're an idiot?!
If not, than here it is:

As far as this truck goes. I like it very much. Square wheel wells don't bother me at all and I wouldn't be surprised if Silverado had them round and Sierra squared. At least that's the theme so far with Equinox/Terrain, Traverse/Acadia. The rest of the truck, from what's visible, looks very clean and strong. What's under the hood, under the truck and what's inside that matters most.

All GM has done is destroy Chevrolet Trucks for the last 10-15 years or so. This one looks to be no different. Who even cares anymore.

What "destroyed" do you see on that new Silverado?

So if I am lifting 100+ lbs onto the truck I am supposed to insert my foot into the little hole in the bumper. Then jockey my other foot over the tailgate and somehow pull myself onto the truck. This is a poor design. Might be an improvement on the bumper but doesn't replace the tailgate step.

who would load something thats 100+ lbs into the bed like that anyways.....only an idiot would do that...set on tailgate then step up.

I don't like it. It's true, the square wheel shapes look really bad. I'd have to pass on this to be honest. It looks very outdated compared to the Ford & Dodge offerings to me. They really should fix those wheel openings next time if there is one.

I think Chevy is showing us a fake truck, but if that truly is the new wheel well, think of the money they will save on every truck with less sheetmetal. They would save at least 2 sq. feet per truck.lol

Know what I think? The Ford and Ram fanboys are scared. The problem with being that far in the tank for one particular make is that when another company does come out with something better, you have to save face and not buy it. I can buy whatever truck I want to, and my friends and family wouldn't say a thing. In fact, what usually happens is when I buy a particular make of vehicle is that everyone around me buys the same within a few years. That happens when you are a professional. I buy the best, period. And next time it could even be a Ford, if they ever come up witha truly new Super Duty.

I would like somebody here at PUTC to answer my question which is for those of you who who call the Denali Obama's bling bling is that due to the fact that he is half black or would you call it that if a white person was president and GM was owned by the government?
The only reson I ask is when people are angry they usually try and say the most hurtful things like derogatory comments and racial slurs so I am trying to get an accurate count of how many of you have issues.

Come on guys. This is not the real truck. It's obvious they are playing games to keep the competition guessing. GM engineers are reading your comments here and laughing themselves silly. These are just mules for their new engines. When the new trucks are revealed for real, you will be blown away! Have some faith in a great company. Next year when you see the real deal, you'll think back to this thread and chuckle at how you were duped by some mules. Like I said, you will be blown away at the new designs and technology they will reveal. Start saving your money for a down payment now!

I repeat. This is the Silverado. The Sierra looks PHENOMINAL and will blow people away, will also blow away competition.

Look no torsion bars....

My buddy Bvonscott writes...

You know, to me all ford f150's and superduty's look the same every year and generation, especially the superduty. ALl they do is change the grill for over a decade but have left the old school slab sides the same. SO not sure why all the complaints about a GM truck having an evolutionary look... um hello its a "GM" truck. Its going to continue the tradition. Look at the Camaro. Even the new GMC, which takes a little farther departure from the last gen but is basically coming in line with the new Acadia and Terrain look, has a familiar "GMC" look. GM loves to use heritage design cues.

Answer this one question. How are we crucifying the thing if we haven't even seen the front end the interior?

"The Sierra looks PHENOMINAL and will blow people"

That's about it. Sierra is so GAY!

rancho shocks don't make a z71 an off road capable (espically since the trucks sits so low). has to be a V8 considering the blue oil filter on the bottom (high feature V6s have cartrigages). a 3.0 tt V6 might compete with an ecoboost maxed out but the ecoboost has room to improve. if u want a cam in block V8 get a better looking truck that will already have an 8 speed around this time. no matter what generation V8 i see that blue ac delco oil filter is still in that same aggrivating to get off spot with the oil pan rapped around it (burn and scald yourself gm fans, eat your heart out with this "new truck"). this is just a refresh like the 2013 ram, just not as innovative. you know chevy, eventually the brand loyalty is going to wear off. last but not least, the editor said leaf springs are unlikely; i see leaf springs, you see leaf springs? anyone?

My chief says "square peg round hole won't fit"

sqare wheel wells are for the mentally challenged.

@GM design team: http://www.especialneeds.com/helmets-and-head-supports-hard-shell-helmet-with-face-bar.html

I see were GM designers got there inspiration for those wheel wells!

@Big Bob - I do agree that Ford needs to do a major overhaul on the SD's.
I do hope that there are some huge changes hiding under the sheetmetal. The new gen trucks look more angular/square. They have a bigger crewcab, and a 6.5 box option in the 1/2 ton. It looks like they finally have put discs on the back.

Some will hate the looks regardless what is done to it. I'd like to see the big flat fender flares on Silverado get changed and the front bumper get changed. To me those were both eye sores. The Sierra had much better lines and the bumper was cleaner looking.
The interiors still need upgrading and I suspect that will happen too.
GMC may have some awesome drivetrains hiding under those hoods.
Ford and Ram may be in for a big surprise.
My only concern was that GMC indicated that the Colorado would be around for better mpg. Does that mean they are just focusing on power/performance with the full sized trucks?
That would backfire because if we are to believe Ram press releases - you can have your cake (power) and eat it (mpg) too.

I heard the 2014 Government motors trucks will have self cleaning windows, in case they are licked on!!!

I'm not sure what to make of this. I like the truck better than what we have now but I'm not sure I like it enough to stick with Chevrolet any longer to be honest. I'm just not liking those wheel openings here. That squared look was ok in the 1970's but so were bell bottom pants, shag carpet and white men with afro's. It's a look that for me personally has not aged well. Round wheel openings are more classic and pretty much a timeless design. I was really hoping for something different this time and more along those lines. The 400's and 800's we still have are less "squared" I guess you'd say than this and I think they look much better. Though I'm rather burnt out on those too. I guess I'll wait to see the whole truck with the wraps off. As is, I'd have to say it's probably a no go for me. Too bad really. I've owned nothing but Chevrolet trucks and cars for decades. I couldn't buy the 900's either as they just looked really bad to me save for the 2011 HD. Chevy just isn't making attractive trucks any longer IMHO.

This is the Silverado. The Sierra looks PHENOMINAL and will blow people away, will also blow away competition."

-You incorrectly assume that people who own Chevrolet's would automatically jump to the GMC brand if they don't like the Silverado or even vice versa. GM themselves know this not to be true otherwise they'd not have two lines of trucks. For the most part, people are loyal to the brands or companies GM has, not GM itself. GM also knows that to be true. Otherwise they'd not fret everytime they had to close a brand. Under your logic those customers of Saturn for instance would just merge to another GM Mothership name and GM would never ever lose customers or market share. Of course, this isn't the case. I myself never have owned a GMC and never would own a GMC. If it's not a Chevrolet I'd rather have a Ford or Dodge. We did the much talked about grille swap to our trucks as kids too. If it happened to be a GMC, we'd go buy a new Chevy grille or try to find one at the junkyard to convert our GM's over to Chevrolet's. They were Chevy trucks with Chevy engines for heaven's sake. I also don't like what the GMC letters represent now after Government assistance. It's fine they took our help, I just don't want "Government Motors Co." advertised on my new trucks thank you.

"The Sierra looks PHENOMINAL and will blow people"

That's about it. Sierra is so GAY!

@Frank, no kidding. Sierra and Bvonscott just need to get a room already and go away to their little GMC fantasy land. The name Sierra is a gay name for a truck in the first place. 'Gay Man's Chevy' is more like it.

I would like somebody here at PUTC to answer my question which is for those of you who who call the Denali Obama's bling bling is that due to the fact that he is half black or would you call it that if a white person was president and GM was owned by the government?

@5.3, I've always thought Denali sounded ghetto bling. Just like Escalade. It has zero to do with the President or anyone else. It's the name and the types of people who drive vehicles with those names that turn me off to them. I'd drive a Cadillac but never an Escalade. I'd never drive anything that said Denali or even GMC now for that matter either. Complete fruits.

This truck does not look good. Typical GM hurting the styling on the Silverado yet again. They'll probably limit the interiors too just like always.. Limits and rules, limits and rules. You're a Chevrolet customer? Too Bad! You can't have this, you can't have that.. Ford will give you what you want, Dodge will give you what you want, Chevrolet is not allowed to by Big Brother. I'll never understand why GM plays Big Brother to it's Chevy customers like they're the Government trying to tell people what they can and cannot have. Oh, wait. Government Motors.. Nevermind.

I say Free Chevrolet from GM.

That black Dodge Ram in the background looks far better than this Chevy does. I agree with nearly everyone here, it's the wheelwells that screw up the entire truck. Compare it to that black Dodge to see how a wheel opening is properly executed. GM really dropped the ball on this one yet again. What's so hard about designing fenders, flares and wheel openings that don't look like a first grader did them? The last Silverado truck was a complete disaster in design and now this one too? Very disappointing indeed.

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