Could This Be Jeep's Secret Weapon?


Wild Boar Jeep Pickup side

We recently attended the annual Off Road Expo just outside Los Angeles, and we spotted this unique Jeep sitting outside in the display area. In honor of the upcoming SEMA Show, the yearly festival of all things unique and custom in the automotive aftermarket, we thought we'd pass this one along. 

Built by Wild Boar, this custom-converted 6x6 Jeep Wrangler is an all-new creation called the JK6 Wheeler. The vehicle uses a custom-lengthened frame and custom transfer case with output shaft adapters and offers 65 gallons of fuel capacity, giving it about 1,000 miles of tank range.  

Although the JK6 uses a stock Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6, it does offer quite a few other custom details, inlcluding a roof-top pop-up tent and a unique covered bed area over the dual rear axles. 

Look for more custom trucks like this as we head to Las Vegas to cover the 2012 SEMA Show closer to the end of the month. You can bet we'll have all the inside information from the show about the coolest pickup trucks we can find, as well as the latest and greatest parts and new products for your own rig. 

Wild Boar Jeep Pickup front



Jeep lost their credibility with me and lots of other people when they aligned themselves with Chrysler! A good way to ruin your reputation is when you associate yourself with a company that builds nothing but garbage. All of this Guts Glory crap that people put on this site is simply a bunch of spam!

What no crazy quad turbo setup with 900 hp? Isn't this SEMA? Where is the "P-magnet" yellow or "look at me" neon green paint and the 30 inch lift kit with 36 inch rims of 54 inch tall tires?

WTF! SEMA must be going downhill

(I sincerely hope everyone can hear the sarcasm in this post, I like the 6x6 concept, very cool)

Fiat-Jeep doesn't have the guts to build it. In 2005 we were supposed to get a Jeep pickup. 7 years later, it still isn't here. Now it is supposedly coming...just have to wait another 5 years. It's nothing but hype and promises they don't deliver on. There is a lot of hype going on at Fiat-Ram-Chrysler and people are catching onto their lies.

You missed the part about this being the Off Road Expo just outside Los Angeles. SEMA is in Las Vegas later this month. Believe me, the bling will be at SEMA.

We've only had about a year of Fiat-Chrysler; you're talking about the lies from Daimler Chrysler where they did everything to spur interest but then did nothing to follow up on it except create more SUVs that diluted the Jeep name. There should be three simple Jeep models: The Wagoneer, the Wrangler (I'll accept separate 2- and 4-door models) and the pickup---whether it be called the Commanche or Gladiator. The rest of them are pure fluff that don't belong under the Jeep badge.

@James, True, I am still waiting for the 6.4L Hemi Jeep Apache.
When? Mopar When?


What about the Cherokee/Grand Cherokee?

Either way, Jeeps little car based CUVs are here to stay. They make it possible to keep vehicles like the Wrangler around. Otherwise, the Wrangler would have to become more CUV like to meet fuel economy targets.

I guess they do have the Jeep Appache kits you have to convert your own jeep. It would be awesome if you could buy one from the dealer already built.

We seem to be in the doldrums of truck news these days.

Nothing real to report. A quick click on the SEMA link above brings up the Brute concept from last year and, as noted in others comments, you can just keep going back in time to find more Jeep truck concepts that have never come to fruition.

I like the look of the Jeep truck concepts and Jeep has good off-road pedigree. But these teaser concepts are getting old. Jeep seems to have no real vision or direction right now.

Here is a Ram from sema. The urban Ram with the big boy 392 Hemi.
The last vehicle in attendance was the “Urban Ram”, which at first glance looks like a standard 2013 Ram1500 regular cab with a factory body kit, a factory option power bulge hood, a hard tonneau cover, unique paint and a driver’s stripe. However, when you pop the hood the standard 5.7L Hemi has been replaced with the 470 horsepower, 6.4L monster Hemi found in the current SRT8 vehicles.

Sorry ElCid I did miss the Offroad Expo part. I saw SEMA in all caps and interpreted that this was headed to SEMA (it still may be).

Of course my whole post was a joke so hopefully the next 59 posts won't be about how I am a troll or such-and-such a fanboi or some other lame remark.

I would like to see an SRT Ram of some kind even if it is scaled back to the 6.4 Hemi rather than the Viper's V-10. with the new 8-speed's ultra low 1st gear this would scream in the 0-60 times.

@matthew... The Brute is not exactly a concept, but a conversion done by American Expedition Vehicles. Very nice layout in my opinion, but far from cheap.

All- new is a stretch- this thing was at SEMA last year, although not really functional.
It looked to be lacking any support for the rear of the rack. Underneath, you can see some jack-stands.
Are the Wild Boar roof tents anything more than vaporware at this point?
@ Ford Trucks USA1 - while you're entitled to have your opinion about Chrysler, the AMC years weren't exhactly the hallmark of quality for jeep. Parts pilfered from every parts bin, cobbled together.

Correct me if I am wrong but Chrysler purchased American Motors way back when, who owned Jeep. They bought only to get the Jeep Brand. I think they have done a pretty good job at keeping the Jeep true to its off road roots. Except for the Compass (gag) which should never have been built. This six wheeler looks great but will never be built by Jeep because of cost and the small market for it. You can get one at Wild Boar right now so don't complain.

Sema Dodge Charger with a Viper V10.
The star of the show today was the Dodge Charger Juiced, which offered a fairly mild exterior dress up package that included an interesting hood, roof and trunk lid that wore what SRT’s Mark Trostle called an anodized version of the metallic orange body color. The matte finish hood has an open facing air intake along the front end that looks a great deal like the air opening we have seen on the Vipers over the year – which is fitting considering that this mean looking Charger R/T is powered by the 8.4L Viper V10 engine.

Looks like Australia has been ambraced at the Off Road Expo.
The 6 X6 conversions and tent /unconventional TC combinations are very common here.

Toyota Lancruiser, Nissan Patrols

He does not live far from me.

I far preferred the Wagoneer to the Cherokee, though I will grudgingly accept both the Cherokee and Liberty as trail-capable as I've watched both do impressive things with only minor mods. The Grand Cherokee replaced the Grand Wagoneer which, to me is a waste and the loss of a classic marque. So as such, I'll revise my preferences of Jeep marques to Wrangler, Wagoneer, truck and Liberty/Cherokee. (Cherokee after all was the smaller wagon while the Wagoneer still existed.)

I had a 95 Cherokee Sports and I thought it was quite capable off road, when it wasn't broken.

@Robert Ryan
We have a few "6x6s" up here, though I haven't seen any towing yet. To me they look a bit odd and awkward. A few guys at work swear by the roof top tents, like on the Jeep, so they can still tow a fishing boat.

I have never seen a 6x6 Viper V10 for off roading or camping, can you post some pictures of it. Sick of the Rams already.

@Big Al from OZ,

This was at SEMA last year.
Must be slow for news.
Any GMC news on their trucks?
Ford must be coming up with at least one more new grill package.
I'd ask for Ram news but with all of the Motards around, they post more stuff that PUTC does.

Big Al, ok here is a 1945 Dodge 6x6 for ya, enjoy.

@Robert Ryan - I'd love to have one of those, but other than for showing off, I don't see what practical purpose a 6X6 has other then those AM General, military 6X6 simis.

6X6 Suvs and pickups seem like more of liability, off road. On road, you have the extra parasitic drag and weight with not much added towing or payload, legally or otherwise.

My favorite or ultimate off road enhancement isn't really a mod.

@DenverMike They have a fair bit for the users, probably why Jeep is looking at a similar 6 X6. Now starting to see more and more of them in the city for general use. SES, State Emergency Services uses them on their vehicles.

The Russians and Europeans uses 6 x6 and 8 x8 on HDT trucks for Off Road Work.

@DenverMike - you can get track kits for quads. I can't remember what they cost but I do think they are pricy. I am surprised that I don't see more 6x6 (front drive axle) heavy trucks. There are many tri-drive trucks around (3 rear drive axles). There are quite a few medium duty 4x4's around Northern BC as service trucks.

People from North America would be very unaware of how common LT, MDT, HDT, 4 X4 , 6X6 , 8X8 Trucks are globally. They shift a lot of Cargo Commercially.

Hino 4 X4

IVECO/Astra6x6 Tow Truck and Crane Greek Fire Service

Scania 4 X4 MDT Crane truck,1a10b870-1.jpg

Isuzu LT 4 X4

A European MDT 4 x4 as the basis of a Motorhome.

I think this is pretty cool and I like that it has a pop up tent. People that like the outdoors would really like this Jeep.

4x4 MDT's make sense for many applications. When my father first started trucking, single axle trucks were extremely common. He was saying that they got stuck all of the time and also did not have decent cargo capacity. Most trucks were also gassers. Everyone shifted en masse to tandem drive axle diesel powered trucks. It is interesting to see how USA emission rules are causing a return of MTD gassers.

What a bunch of whining and crying on this site. Bunch of bitches...whaaaaa! The jeep isn't built perfectly and specifically for me!!! WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Go cry you bunch of spoiled little idiots.

@Angela, I am very outdoorsy, and I can handle getting to most car-camping and backpacking trips in a 30 mpg CR-V. I don't see this big, thirsty thing as more than a design exercise or a toy for folks who want to look like they go outdoors. It's not really a truck, either.

A tent on the ROOF? WTF...maybe if lions were prowling about, but otherwise getting up to answer nature's call in a dark camp site could mean a broken neck. Anyway, if I were going camping in Tierra del Fuego, I'd get a Land Rover.

Maybe Jeep could, say, build a versatile, rugged truck with a little diesel to get great MPG and haul cargo? Ya think?

This brute is just dumb. @Truck Guy, "WHAAAAAAA" etc.

Wow! This is awesome! This is really perfect for outdoor trips, camping and other outdoor activities! I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Great concept. Although I guess that means you can't setup base camp and then go driving.

Something like a slide on camper would be good for that purpose:

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