Ford Trucks Will Be Ready For SEMA

Ford SEMA SD Kelderman front II

This is our first look at some of the unique and interesting project vehicles Ford will have at this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas later this month. 

SEMA is the ultimate wild-and-crazy car show for buyers and builders of everything related to automotive performance. That means parts and pieces for classic hot rods, suspension kits for 4x4s, and just about everything else a car enthusiast's twisted brain can imagine. We'll have troops on the ground watching for developing trends as well as unique expressions of extreme creativity.

There are always plenty of gawk-worthy pickup trucks from individual builders, but we've always been impressed with what Ford has done, taking over a huge space in the Las Vegas Convention Center to display impressively unique versions of F-Series trucks. Here are three renderings that we expect to see in the Ford booth. 

Ford SEMA SD Kelderman rear II

Big-truck experts Kelderman Air Suspension Systems will be presenting an F-250 Super Duty with a huge lift that is controlled by an AccuAir TouchPad. Tim Nicolau Designs played a huge part in this buildup, making sure just about every inch of the truck is powder-coated. We'll have more on the truck when we get to the show. 

Ford SEMA Truckin II

Truckin' Magazine also built a 2013 F-150 for Ford that looks like it was designed for ultra-track handling and super-sport power and control. We hear it has massive brakes, an impressive interior, custom wheels, and wild, richly deep paint details. 

Ford SEMA F150 - K-Daddyz-1 IIThe final truck we've been told about comes from the team of K-Daddyz Kustomz, which is pushing the limits of "urban luxury" with 24-inch wheels and a bright red monochrome paint scheme. We've heard big things about the highly stylized and detailed undercarriage, so we'll make sure to get on our bellies when checking out the truck, and we assume there is a ridiculous sound system and some type of powertrain mod.

More to come. 


Bragging about a Hemi?


That's the engine of choice for soccer moms and wannabees that couldn't afford the CUMMINS!! LMFAO!!

Hemi V8,

This is Chevy and Ford truck country. Always has been, always will be.

Will be in production before 2015... GM + Ford = unstoappable force!

Despite beliefs by transmission manufacturer ZF’s president that the race to add transmission gears is close to the limit, General Motors and Ford are teaming up to jointly develop new nine-speed and 10-speed transmissions.

The partnership between two of America’s largest automakers aims to build transmissions to use across their lineups in hopes of maximizing fuel economy. GM is in charge of developing a nine-speed transmission for front-wheel drive applications while Ford is focusing on a 10-speed transmission for rear-wheel drive vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, and performance cars.

Development began earlier this year, but is still currently in the design phase. The automakers are hoping to begin production before 2015 however. Details on the agreement were not announced, but a GM spokesman did confirm that the automakers are in discussions and have signed a memorandum of understanding on the project. A definitive agreement is expected to be announced soon.

It’ll be even more interesting to see if this relationship blossoms to something greater. A manufacturing alliance wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, and could help boost both automakers’ production and development.

I guess I didn't get the memo when I bought my 03 Dodge Ram that only had 100 more horsepower then Furd or Cheby.

All new next gens
BIGGER and better trucks
Lighter and STRONGER construction
10 speeds trannies
GM + Ford = unstoppable force!

GM + Ford = unstoppable force!

Posted by: bobby1971 | Oct 24, 2012 8:55:54 PM

Ya, I guess your right it's hard to beat tin foil and flames! lol

The Rambo Motard Goat Herder's Association is getting all personal.
I'm crushed............ Bwhahahahahahahahahahaaaa.

@Mechanic - is that your name? or something you pretend to be?

A V6 Ram won truck of Texas.......... Not the 5.7 powered Ram......... A V6. Sometime in 2013 a 5.7 will roll off the assembly line mated to that German ZF transmission.

Ford won the HD part of the test with an old design, an old frame, an old body design, and the ugliest grill in the industry.
That has gotta hurt.
You guys must like eating goat meat and leave goat droppings all over PUTC.

To the leader of the Goat Herder's tribe:
- no wonder why your posts are such a mess.........
A huge identiy crisis exists with wanting a Ram HD and being a "Buy American" type.

The Ram HD as Big Bob pointed out has a front axle made by an Austrian based company that is Canadian owned, with a HD transmission that is Japanese, powered by a diesel that is American, but has been built in Brazil and Mexico for the Ram. The truck is assembled in Mexico by an American based company owned by Italians.


Post as many recall notices that you see fit. (BTW - it didn't affect my truck).

They do not bother me one bit BUT I know what I just posted bothers you.

By the way - how did that Power Wagon you have a boner for (limp willie) fare in the Truck of Texas offroad test?


Here is a hint....... about the same as it did in the Ultimate 4x4 shootout.




On the subject of polishing turds...........

Turd rhymes with third.

You guys make it so bloody easy, I feel kinda guilty about it, like someone laughing at the kids who wear helmets and lick the windows on the short bus.

Hahhahhah, Your P.O.S Craptor can't tow my Rig. Useless. Toyota tocoma has more You think that Super dooty can out 4x4 a power wagon lol. That Power Wagon will go places that craptor only dreams of getting to. Lets see what 4 wheel mag has to say next month. PUTC is all for Ford hoping to get a P.R job like mike levine did lol. By the way 2010 power wagon won over that gutless 5.4L Craptor in 4 wheel mag off road.
Do you need me to cut and paste the article?

2003 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
What Edmunds Says
Not enough power from top V8, poor fuel mileage

Funny blobby in 03 I was mopping up Furd and slowties all day long on the streets here in L.A.

@Rambo -


Cut...........and.........paste................ have..........some...........thing..............sharper...........than...........a...............crayon............????????????????????

That's why real men get the CUMMINS!

Way more power

Way more MPG.

Sissies get the hemi cause that's all their mom's can afford to co-sign for them!


@cummins i6, Ya comming back from vegas doing about 112 I had a Dodge cummins try and pass me in my Hemi. He wasn't able to. Guess those cummins run out of steam on those high rpms or maybe it was my 4.56 gears i guess will never know.

Those are consumer reviews.

Edmunds says not enough power from top V8!

@blobby, Lay off the cool aid the edmunds article you posted say's nothing about the Hemi 5.7L . Homer. I guess your pucked cause unlike your ford fans I can read.LOL

You're like lving in the past man. The 03 Ram was good back in the day but that was 10 years ago! It's just an old truck.

You like to bash Lou's truck from 2010. When Lou bought his truck it won the shootout but is outdated by current standards.

Same difference.

You also lied about the hp being 100 more. Sad, silly little man. I bet your son is proud of you!

Fair enough The 2003 Hemi 5.7 came out later but you still lied about the hp. The 2004 F150 deubted at around the same time and was a much better overall truck than the Dodges.

@blobby, That ford was so good I passed it climbing cajon pass doing 70mph on cruise control with my 8,000 lbs trailer. My truck had the tightest turning radius of all trucks because it came with rack and pinion steering. Industry first, Solid fully boxed frame. and 100 more horsepower plus a 7 year 70,000 mile warranty. Furd and Cheby did not even sell a four door with a 6.5 inch bed for my two quads. Much less their crappy 3 year 36,000 mile warranty lol.

More lame posts by Hemi V8 i think the mopar queens crown should go to Hemi V8 he is the queen of all mopar queens he is now crowned ladies and gental man! Why i hate Ram so many reasons junkie front ends cant handle oil patch roads at all feels like driveing a apple box. Reason 2 under powered motors the Hemi feels very laboured under tow like u have a 3 cyl under the hood and it cant even match Fords EB V6 in anything wow like how sad :( Reason 3 low quality parts that are qoute un qoute made in North America but are really from cheap Chinese slave labour plants that Fiat likes all about profits for them. The Communist Ram edtion haha creepy

@Hurley 150, Your over worked v6 doesn't have the horse power that the Hemi V8 has or the gas mileage. I noticed you had to compare a twin turbo v6 vs a naturally aspirated V8 and still come up short on horsepower lol cause that gutless 5.0L aint got the horsepower that Hemi has.Nor does your twin turbo V6 lol

@Hemi V8,

The Hemi 5.7 was late availaibilty for 2003 so I will compare it against the 04 F150 in a few of your favorites categories.

The 5.7 Hemi is a thirsty beast. The 5.4L may not be the most efficient thing on the road, but it does best the Ram in that regard. The 04-08 F150s have always received exceptional crash/impact ratings. Additionally, the F150 will have more interior room in the SuperCrew than in the Ram's 4 door QuadCab. Interior on the F150 was class leading. Did you buy the best you could? I don't think so.

@blobby, The bed was 5 foot. can't hall my two quads. After 9 years still have not been involved in an accident. F150 is gutless I will do circles around it pulling my 8,000lb trailer or without.
And my Hemi has been rock solid after 9 years.

Funny to say a V6 can beat the rotten Hemi! Pretty cool a Twin turbo V6 from Ford can tow 11300 and the Hemi over 9000 hahhahah wow. Talk about a gutless Hemi haha i hope u enjoy your Communist Ram Edtion how sick

@hurley Flamming F150, Ford sprinkles their magic towing dust on their fiber glass hood and rear fenders and say they can tow anything lol. Your V6 or your 5.0 don't have the horsepower to match the Hemi.

Hey Hemi V8, ever heard that in ain't a race unless both people know?

The new-gen Hemis are turds. My CUMMINS would SMOKE your "streets of LA" joke of a gasser engine. It isn't even in the same league as a CUMMINS.

Let me guess, one time, at band camp, you even drove your pickup on a dirt road!

City folks... .

@cummins I6, Ya, I only off road it at Glamis and pismo dunes lol you boy's east only have hills while we have mountains to climb.'


you have never owned a dodge truck. So you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Just some jealous $#!^ talking blow hard. My Dodge truck is 9 years young and going strong with 35's and a lift kit.

Congrats to Ram trucks. Just waiting for that big boy 392 Hemi in the power wagon before I sell or give my truck to my son.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 22, 2012 1:26:51 PM

@cummins i6, Ya he had no idea he was trying to pass at 112 knowing we both could have both went straight to jail for reckless driving. lol

@cummins i6, Besides i see plenty of diesel trucks getting stuck in the soft sand due to their weight and torque down low just dig right in.

Tradeing in my 2010 F150 for a 2013 Ram soon reason why my tranny just went this really sucks! Ram with 8 speed is a truck i am looking for Hemi V8 i am with you brother.

Mountains to climb?
Rambutt - all you talk about is Cajun Pass?
Would that happen to be along I-15?
You need to be a bit more specific since driving along a freeway isn't really what most people would call mountain climbing.

I like the Cummins powered Ram.
The I6 Cummins.
An engine who earned its reputation the hard way unlike the 5.7 which shares its hemi trademarked name with a Mitsubishi 4 banger.

Power Wagon.
Only the original earned its reputation.

The new PusWagon like the "hemi" is just a rebadged trademark.

Any 3/4 ton with a winch and skid plates can do the same job.

Third rhymes with turd.

Since you love cut and paste:
"The Mitsubishi 2.6 was basically a good engine design, plagued with a less than ideal valve seal setup and expensive, hard-to-fix carburetors. It generated 92 hp and 131 lb-ft of torque, almost the same as the later 2.5 liter Chrysler design. The clever MCA-Jet system increased efficiency and performance; hemispherical combustion chambers with top-mounted spark plugs and facing valves also helped (Chrysler even put "2.6 HEMI" badges on the side of some 2.6-equipped cars.)"

Guess where that came from?

Your bible...............................................ALPAR


My side hurts.....................................................


A 92 hp Hemi.................................





Gotta love the fake posts..................
Trade my truck off on a 2013 Ram??????????

That is even funnier than a 92 HP hemi



You Rambo Motard Goat Herders are funny.

Heavens Gate....aka Hemi a club for crazy azz losers.

Do you think the vehicles that are getting stuck is due to the engine or the driver?

Also, did the truck have open diffs? What was his tyre options?

I have found that the biggest factor in as we call it in Australia - bogged (stuck) is the drivers abilities. Did he let his tyres down? Did he select the correct gearing etc. Or was he driving like an a$$hole like you by the sounds of some of your threads.

You don't need massive horse power to drive on sand or to off road.

I have found that low down torque is better in all the situations I have been off road.

Your Dudge pickup must be the overpowered hairdresser version. You know the type, hey look at me, because the world is about me.

Have a look at the most rugged, capable and reliable off road vehicles, they are diesel.

I thought I have written to you about these sorts of off roading situations.

This site is tuning to $hit thanks to the kids on the site. Go and play with your X Boxes and stuff and leave intelligent conversation to the adults.

There are fresh PICKUP TRUCK news out there, haven't you heard?
There is actually a lot going on in the pickup truck world right now other than SEMA crap!
For what you pride yourself in you're not even close being that!
Everything is 5 days late or doesn't get here at all!

Wow. Look at those low slung green control arms on that Super Duty. They are just begging to be hit and busted in half by a large rock. Ford has seemed to have lost their way lately when it comes to their trucks. Honestly I don't believe that they will be on my shopping list next year. Low slung control arms and outdated trucks don't cut the mustard. I just don't know about Ford Trucks anymore. Hopefully the Dodge dealer is willing to deal whenever I stop in there. If not there are two Chevy stores within 20 miles of my house. At least there are choices in this great country.

This site is a joke....has been 3 days since a "news" story has broke and not even a mention of Chevy Silverado reveal


don't you know, this site is

Yup instead of talking about new GM trucks ,were talking about riced out f150s

Big Al d u : when you say that the most cappable reliable and hardest working truck are diesel, in America, we dont have the different types of trucks you have there with diesel engines in them, only HD trucks have them, so around here the most off road cappable is not diesel, maybe hardest working ect. but not off raod, ok so that is to general a statement, that is all.

Is some clown really bragging about a 9 year old truck? Really? And acting like having 35 inch tires is a big deal? Some trucks come with 35's.....

@Alton - yes, that dude makes Bob look like a reasonable guy with an Einstein IQ.

Interesting!!! I keep on saying this all the time when it comes to Ford Trucks they just know “Joy knows no compromise”… Two thumbs up for a great post and thanks for sharing!

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