Ford Touts F-150's Diverse Market Strength

Ford Touts F-Series' Diverse Market Strength
By Dave Lee

Ford's "We Own Work" online campaign, which collects and shares stories of Super Duty owners who use their pickups for tough tasks both business and personal, is being extended to the entire F-Series.

It's part of a strategy to promote the F-Series as a truck whose market share covers a wide swath of industries. Citing R.L. Polk data, Ford says the F-150 holds 62 percent market share in road and highway maintenance, 68 percent in hazardous materials work and 67 percent in the oil pipeline industry. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the full breakdown across 12 industries.

" 'We Own Work' is a direct reflection of Ford F-Series leadership across tough jobs in a variety of industries demanding strength and durability," said Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing manager. "Both Super Duty and F-150 have dominant positions in their respective segments across industries where dependability and durability is core to getting the jobs done.

"For F-150, we tend to see a higher mix of personal use than with Super Duty," he continued. "But to the truck, there is no difference between towing a trailer full of environmental conservation equipment or a pontoon boat. It's all work, and Ford holds an equity stake in getting the job done, whether the end result is work or play."

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Ford Touts F-Series' Diverse Market Strength



as said before, Ford doesn't even understand their competition, kinda scary, since there is no more Dodge.

RL Polk provided this information. Through last month, the company was still tracking the Dodge name for new vehicle registrations.

I prefer to read stories about new drive train designs, technologies, and improved fuel inefficiencies rather than beat over the head with more marketing and advertising.

no dodge, fiat.

So it's true that Ford has more fleet sales than everyone else?

@Ken My feelings exactly. I'm a gear head and want to know gear ratios, engines, etc. I could care less about advertising BS., just give me some numbers to play with. I can then make an intelligent choice on what I want and need.

oh yeah?
it must be everywere else all we drive drive around is Ram Hd and chevrolet C/K 90's.

they did not even bother to include the Tundra or Titan?

BigRoy: the story is about HD trucks, I know of no HD tundras or titans? do you?

After reading half of the comments on this story alone, mike levine has to be laughing all the way to the bank right now

I liked the article, post it all, I will read what I want.

Well they call me the fireman....that's my name....makin my rounds all over time puttin' out Ford flames.

Fire Trucks
Fire Hoses

Posted by: Firefighter Phil | Oct 1, 2012 8:08:52 AM

makin my rounds all over *town* not time but that is a good song from george strait though and that fits in the song good lol

They had so much to post they forgot to add the RV category which must be around 85%. Gotta love Ford trucks.

I give credit to Ford for dominating their competition but I always wanted to know do they sell more trucks to fleets than people? I know the Tundra is sold way more to people and not fleets as here in S.A. the school districts use Fords and local utilities use Fords. Also how does Ford have the unmitigated gall to say "The Ford F-150 with 3.7-liter V6 engine beats the Toyota Tundra’s standard 4.0-liter V6 model by an additional 1,800 pounds." The Tundra uses a SAE tow rating and Ford just ups their numbers with no physical changes everytime someone does physical changes and comes out with a higher number than theirs.

Honestly, if I needed a work truck I'd by a Ford as I do think they are built the toughest and I could deal with an ugly truck if it was just for work. For everything else the Dodge is a better all around truck and looks ten times better.

@Sandman - Actually, these are 1/2 ton comparisons, not HD. Ford also owns the HD market

Ford has done it right. From stripped down work trucks to the highest of luxury trucks to serious off road trucks and everything in between. They offer everything for everyone under One Ford brand. Ford truck sales lead to Ford car sales and overall Blue Oval loyalty. This company will still be here in another 100 years. I will give Dodge credit for trying although think the removal of the Dodge name from their trucks was foolish. I suppose it's still called a Ram though and to most, it is a Dodge Ram still. They've been doing well. GM has really hurt Chevrolet and it shows in their sales and loss of loyalty to the Bowtie. As a once Chevy guy myself, I'd love to see Chevrolet pull it together like Ford and Dodge have.

Fleets and businesses are people, too. Go Mike Levine! Go Ford!

Yea I have to agree about the Ram thing, most people still call it a Dodge Ram. Heck the crosshair grill is a Dodge trademark and every Ram wears one of them.

So what ford is really trying to inform us about is their fleet sales, which looks to be about 60% of the 1/2 ton market!
Not really sure they would brag about that, but oh well.

I'd rather know who's trucks are strong enough and prefered by businesses for real work than just by inviduals who never work their truck and just drive to the office, mall and grocery store.

It's not saying fleets are 60% of the half ton market. What it is saying is 60% of the businesses out t here that use these trucks for work go with Fords. Less than 10% of businesses pick Ram. A decent amount pick GM. Think.

What it is saying is people who work their trucks don't want the coil spring Rams with the lowest payloads. Coil springs belong on cars, not trucks.

Ford sure has a huge market share in the oil patch most of everyone drives a Ford. looks like the ram and the word work dont mix! People that use the ram for work are a dieing breed!

@Dave, Real workers and businesses use only HD trucks, NOT half tons!

The new HD Ram has best in class towing, an amazingh 850 ft lbs torque best in class, an amazing 10% increase fuel economy, engine oil only needs to be changed every 15,000 miles - amazing - that is double what the competition offers and is best in class too, lighting performance has improved an amazing 156%, wheel to wheel sidesteps to provide access to the bed and reduce aerodynamic drag,


2013 Ram Heavy Duty pickups and Chassis Cab work trucks Reveal with Fred Diaz, President & CEO Ram Truck Brand from the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

In the fine print it does actually say Ram 1500, not Dodge Ram 1500...

I read that Ford and GMC have 30-35% fleet incuding cars and SUV's. I do not recall Chrysler's numbers. Toyota is low but the deliberately avoid most fleet sales like car rentals.

@Dave: The 2008 light duty shootout measured squat. The Ram coil spring had about 12% more squat then the Ford, with 650 pounds on the hitch (which is probably like being in the 700s in the bed. Do you think that many of these companys put anything close to max on a regular basis? I think alot of them if they had to haul heavy regularly would go HD.

Maybe the next shootout will have a squat test as well? Air bags vs coils.....

Pretty sure my truck with my aftermarkit $85, or whatever they cost, airbags handle my max load better then the typical supercab F-150 (even comparison) non heavy duty max load suspension and can ride much smoother. Can't imagine any comparison of going over bumps with the F-150 max payload. The 2 times I drove current Fords, the salesman got in and told me where to drive . Meaning; "let's drive on smooth roads". But anyway, my truck has aftermarket stuff. Now for this next year you can ride alot more level with airbags. Waiting for a test of the autocross of the air bags trucks. But we will if people are really concerned with having a levil sitting truck.

Oh, and as for stopping those trucks that have leafs and better payloads, didn't the Ford go from best to about worst when the load was in the bed in the 30k shootout?

The truck with the least squat was the Tundra. Too bad Toyota charges darn near more for less when you want a work truck. They are high $ to begin with. But I think they are a changing.

The big reason alot buy Fords is based on mileage. It'll be a differant game with the 2013 Rams.

Oops, I meant air bags vs. Leafs. Squat test?

but the real worker use gm dmax,,,for the big job...they only reason company get ford fleets is the price you get 3 escape for 50,000 t ...

Oh, and my bad Dave, it was the loaded autocross in the 30K shootout the F-150 failed in. The Ram had the least differance in the braking when the 1,000 was added. I wonder how the Ford would have done with the max payload in the bed? They advertise big numbers...lets test them! Or, are they throwing numbers out there like they did in the v-6 towing that they just updated for bragging rights, with no differance to the trucks? Test them, I say!

Somebody, car and driver or some mag did a story on max towing with a Ford-150 2-3 years ago, they basically said "yeah, the truck did it, but it wasn't very comfortable and mileage sucked." That I believe was a 3 valve 4.6, the same engine Ford put in their gas mileage video, against a Hemi, a 5.3, a 4.7 Tundra and maybe a Nissan...Guess it depends on what a person buys a engine like a 4.6 for. If it was around town, fine. But if that 4.6 had a load you can kiss that gas mileage goodbye when up against the others!

The numbers will be always tracked as Dodge and not Ram. Ram was used to seperate the cars, suv and cuv from the trucks. Ram VINs are all dodge.

FANBOI trx4tom TOLL ALERT .....

I see the fleet conspiracy lives on. Yes, many companies buy in bulk. They buy to get the most bang for their buck. They don't buy the cheapest, nor the most expensive, unless the trucks perform the work and save them money in the end. So what? It's good business sense to buy that way, just as it is good business sense to bid on those orders if you can make money. You can't whine one day because Ford is building luxury level trucks and making lots of money doing it, and then whine the next day because Ford leads all others in sales for trucks that actually have to perform work only because they sell a good value truck. As I have said before, Ford is building what buyers want and Ram is doing more of that now too. I hope GM rolls out a line up next year that shows they are too.

@Cory: at least I can talk more in depth then you. You are so busy knowing what little you know from you tube.

As for you using a Hemi and only getting 14 mpg or a worst of 7, well thats what happens when people that don't care drive the trucks. The people that floor like there is a fire, slam on the brakes before turning off, those that either use cruise in hilly areas, or can't be gentle on the gas.

Let's see. Saturday I fueled my 4x4 with A/T tires (no post complete without talking about geras or tires. You like that?) Put in some cheap ass Murphy USA Walmart 87 octane. Me, and my lady, a dog in the back seat, some tools and parts as well. So maybe 450 pounds in cab, then my spare 8.75x16.5 tire for my rv, my heavy arse 3 ton jack, a 65 pound tool box, a lawn chair, so maybe 250 pounds in the bed?

Ran about 3 miles at 60 mph then 65 the rest the way. Had to slow to 55 for about a mile going throug Branson, road construction. Used the cruise control until it down shifted going down the hill to slow me. (Does Ford do that?) So no more cruise through the steep hills until Ozark, Missouri. Pulled off to get coffee, had to stop at the light both to get off the ramp and back on. (more gas used.) Made it the rest the way running 65 mph, about 100 miles. The gas mileage was showing 19.3, so just for laughs I let off the gas about 3-4 blocks earlier then usual cause I had a hill comming and coasted down to 25 MPH to make the 90 degree turn off. That added a whole .1 mpg and that is the only "hypermiling" I guess they would call it. Most of it was hilly area, and the going downhill by no means makes up for gas eaten going up hill. It does not balance out.

Got into my rv, drove 4 miles to gas station for rv, girlfriend went back to where rv was to get something -more getting on/off the road, which eats more gas. Then she left it idling while I am fueling up. Got just enough gas in rv to make it to where gas is cheaper and a higher octane. Went thru that gas station, my truck idling. Then we went across the street, the rv was too tall for a drive thru. So after we got food, even though I wasn't cold I didn't complain that she wanted to let it idle while we ate, something about feeling cold. I do know it eats more gas. Back to the rv. I will admitt I drove it pretty slow, since it needs a u joint (the rv does) and it hd a nasty virbation. So 45-55 mph. Now you might think the going slower can only add to mileage, and it mostly does. But not if it means having to downshift to make the hill. At 65 it barely downshifts. Only on steep hills.

So made it back to my hometown, drove the 3 miles at a slow speed of 35 or 40 (speed limits) up and down the hills. After all that idling, still, 18.8 MPG. Not bad. Rated at 18 MPG highway. I have a drop in K&N and I use cheap arse Quaker State Synthetic, the kind that hasn't been changed for 3 or 4000 miles. Spark plugs are actually overdue a change. Yeah, I have backflip on it, can't say it did miracles. No tuner, no muffler changing. Just 5525 pound truck when empty.
The truck has the 3.92 gears (if you understand gears?) If I was to get a 2013 it would be the same thing with an 8 speed but I could do everything I do with 3.9s better with 3.55s thanks to the lower gear ratios in the 8 speed and have a lower final drive for economy on the few interstates, and the flats. Since the current truck can't get up all the hills in the 5th gear .75 overdrive and it usually goes up to 4th, the one to one, which has always been more then enough gear and power. So I wonder if the new combo with 3.55s will make it up everything the other gets up with 3.9s? Should I get some Hankook Dynopros like those Fords have for mileage, that can barely hold the weight? Yeah, they call them A/T tires! Should I get a tuner like you need?

As for you saying 7 mpg, I throw the B.S. flag on that, that would be alot of idling, fourwheeling, hot rodding, cold weather driving to get near that. When I got back from overseas I was at an Army base, 35-40 mph speed limits and lights. Cold weather. Lots of using the remopte start to warm it up, so I did see some 11 mpg mileage. How you and your friends/coworkers can get 7 mpg is beyound me. Maybe driving up steep hills with 7-8000 pound trailers? Hot rodding? Yeah, that's probably it, it's not your gas, huh?

I hope nobodies too upset I am going off about mileage on a Ford work truck thread, but atleast it's actual truck talk, and it's better then alot of the garbage alot of people write here.

Oh, Cory. TOLL Alert? Where? None withen 250 miles of me. Hate them! Damn tolls! I avoid them like the plague when trailer towing, that would add two more axles! Must be talking about Kansas, two states away!

Fords "touting" sounds like insecurity. If you are the best you don't "tout" ,you produce. Ford fails, GM smokes them in the duel in the Rockies, in having the longest lasting trucks on the market the best fuel mileage, and the most reliable trucks. Ford fails and GM rules without stretching the truth or out right lying. I wonder when Ford will pay back their government bailout loans, GM paid its commitment and after Obama kicks Mitty to the curb the Gov. will sell its GM stock which has been rising as Ford stock falls below $10 er

Another Ford Commerical. Looking at annual sales of trucks between GM and Ford there is about a 10 to 15% percent difference. Looking at all the categories published above shows Ford pretty much doubling the GM products used in the various industries. With that being said, I have to assume that most non business/resident owners choose the GM products over Ford to make the numbers work out in annual sales. Or is this ad full of BS?

@tj - "If you are the best you don't "tout"" All through your post you are touting how superior Chevy is.
To use your own logic - that means your brand is inferior too!

what is mary kay and why is your truck pink?

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