Global Non-Profits Get Special GM Trucks

NGO Aid-Colorado II
GM has created a new discount program to help global non-profit organizations in poorer countries carry out various types of humanitarian projects, and it's doing it with the new Chevy Colorado pickup (soon to be sold in the U.S.) and TrailBlazer SUV (not for the U.S.). 

The Aid and Development Program will offer customized GM vehicles — basically with a heavy-duty towing, hauling and cooling option package — through the International Fleet Sales department and will provide all the after-sales support. 

“General Motors has a growing lineup of vehicles engineered to meet the unique needs of the world’s emerging markets,” said Mark Barnes, GM International Operations vice president of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales. “By working with International Fleet Sales, we look forward to helping NGOs fulfill their important mission with reliable, high-quality transportation.”

The first customized products could be just the beginning in a new relationship between GM and many needy NGO groups. The two vehicles were selected because of their global production and support characteristics, as well their body-on-frame architecture that makes them well-suited for rough-road and load-carrying capabilities.

It remains to be seen whether or not this means the new Colorado or GMC Canyon will offer a more rugged bare-bones work-duty special option package when the new trucks debut, likely sometime in the next eight or 10 months. But it sure would be nice, especially if they can keep a well-equipped extended-cab model under $20,000 and a base four-door under $23,000. 

NGO Aid-Trailblazer II


It would be nice to see the Trail Blazer sold in the US for people needing to haul a small family and tow a boat or camper.

I would rather have the Toyota Hilux , maybe Toyota will pull there heads out of there butt and base the next tacoma off of the Hilux , if the next Tacoma is a special USA only weak framed wet noodle truck then Toyota can pound sand .

That is one ugly ducking of a truck. The front end does not match the center cab, and the bed doesn't match any of it. It's like 3 vehicles grafted into one. They really need to redo the entire front end and fix that ugly formed sheetmetal on the sides of the bed before bringing this thing to the States. There's huge potential for the Colorado but not looking like that.

I want a new Trailblazer.

Car companies and all companies should be non profit,we should render services via barter system.Greedy companies,never give me a raise only 4 % year after year plus a tiny $10,000 bonus per anum on average,greedy how much more do they want,what can I do with a $10,000 bonus this year ? Greedy companies,greedy they should give me more money.

GM using donated vehicles to raise awareness of GM vehicles in African and Asian countries. Ford could do the same with the Ranger and the new 7 seater SUV built on the Ranger chassis.

I'm ashamed that ugly thing will be called a Chevrolet!

Again, I don't know what happened to my first post.

I don't know what benefits GM hopes to achieve.

Toyota and Nissan have been doing this for decades and I would have thought have the market "sown up". GM and Ford should have placed more consideration towards the global needs decades ago.

The Chinese are gaining a significant foothold in Africa where most of the aid is given.

To the fashionistas who worry about the looks of the mid sizer and who probably wear brand name underwear to do laps around Lowes or Home Depot in their never used pickup to look cool. Think about it little, this is not a "me" article, do you understand the world isn't about me?

These vehicles will bring medicine, food, water and hopefully security to needy people. I don't think they care what the vehicle looks like or what country it came from.

Having spend and extended period of time in a foreing country recently I can safely state that so long as this truck performs as well as GM claims then the subjective looks won't matter. There are all kinds of vehicles out there that most of us would deem ugly but sell well because they perform their functions well.

I'd venture to say that 90% of PUTC readership hates the Prius or at the very least hates how it looks but it looks the way it does for a reason and it is the world's best selling automobile. Toyota will sell more of these worldwide than Ford will in F-150 sales or GM with the Silverado/Sierra (assuming that one lumps all prius vehicles together and not seperate by the V or C).

Why is it that global non-profits get the new Colorado before US consumers?

Also, I've heard that the new Colorado is going to have a diesel - anyone else hear that same rumor?

I prefer the looks of my old S-10 and my Isuzu but in all honesty the most important part of a truck is how reliable and how good it is at doing the job you need it to do. If this Colorado is as good as my S-10 or my Isuzu that would be enough to satisfy me. I agree with Big Al that most needy people could care less what the truck looks like, just that it arrives with the need supplies and food. The same could be said of the nonprofits delivering the aide. We Americans for the most part are fortunate and we don't have to worry where our next meal comes from or from dying from lack of medicine or medical care. My only concern with this truck is that when it comes to NA that we get a Colorado with similiar quality and capacity.

@mhowarth --As for the Prius I don't particularily like the looks but I have yet to meet a Prius owner that has nothing but praise to say about their Prius. Even my nephew has had one for several years and he love his. The Pontiac Aztec was ugly as well but mechanically it was excellent. Looks are not everything.

Heck, my step ma has a Prius, she has no complaints, yet. She has had it for 4 years. I don't guess it has needed much, other then some body work, as it hit a deer. That's the work car, and if she has to haul horses or hay she gets the 98 Ram 1500, works for her.

Shouldnt GM pay back the loans first then start giving money away that they dont have.These countries have nothing because of their dolt leaders,example Africa is a rich country,there is no reason for that country to be poor.The land is rich with resources,lots of parts are perfect for farming again its their leaders wanting to keep the people poor..Kinda like this President,doesnt want to drill for oil and create more jobs,instead he wants to stop drilling,increase the fuel price,raise the price of power by closing down coal plants,Africa is what the USA will look like in 25 years with these dolts in charge ! Heck,the cars will be ruined with Obama's crazy new mpg rules,we will be driving golf carts soon ,how is that "Forward"

@GS 455 --The article does not say that GM is giving away the Colorado and Trailblazers to global non-profit organizations it says "GM has created a new discount program to help global non-profit organizations in poorer countries carry out various types of humanitarian projects, and it's doing it with the new Chevy Colorado pickup." A discount program is not giving these vehicles away for free. This discount program will probably be like a large fleet sale which means the profits from these sales to non-profits will be razor thin, but that is different than free. The good will from this will go further in these countries than advertising.

Do you seriously think that we will be driving around in go carts? As for drilling we are drilling more than we have in years. It doesn't do any good to drill more until we expand refinery capacity. Anyone who knows anything about the oil business knows that you drill where the largest reserves are and if the price of oil goes down, then the amount of exploration and drilling goes down. Also much of the US refined product is exported, exported oil products are at an all time high. Price of oil is determined by the global demand and not by a President. A strong global energy used increases demand for oil thus increasing the price which is called the "Law of Supply and Demand" Coal exports have increased as well to China and India. If you believe that any Presidential candidate can make good on a promise of cheap gas then I have a bridge to sell you or a good used car driven by a little old lady. There is also the Tooth Fairy, Dr. Seuss, the Easter Bunny, Leprecauns, and Santa Claus. Oil companies are not in the business to guarantee you cheap fuel, nor does the Constitution give Americans an inalienable right to abundant cheap oil. I doubt a President Romney could make good on $2 a gallon gas or less nor would he be willing to force Big Oil to lower gas prices.

I'm ashamed that ugly thing will be called a Chevrolet!

@Old GM Guy, I am in agreeance with you here. I always found the Chevy S-10 to be the most attractive small truck on the market. When it became the Colorado I though it lost that title. I couldn't really say who gained it but it was certainly no longer Chevrolet's. This in my humble opinion is even worse. As pointed out, the front end and especially that bed are really bad. I'm not sure how such a large company with such talented designers can come up with these very poor looking vehicles.

@GS 455 - a lot of poor countries have been kept in a state of tribal warfare because it was easier for countries to exploit their richs or strategic location. The British Empire was great at doing that sort of thing at the peak of their power. One could add the French, and Spanish to that list. The same thing still goes on with Russia (especially when it was the USSR), and even the USA does it. Remember the Iran/Contra scandal for example?
Ever wonder where the term third world come from?
It was coined during the cold war. USA and its allies were "one world", Communist Russia and its Allies were the "second world" and any backwater of no strategic or resource significance were part of the "third world".

Chevy is, as Jeff S pointed out, providing "fleet" rates to NGO's. No different than government contracts or big fleets.

The lines of the Colorado seem to give it a greater aero/wedge look. I like the side profile of the Tacoma, global Ranger, and Hilux better. I bet they will try to make it look like a smaller version of the next gen Silverado.

"The lines of the Colorado seem to give it a greater aero/wedge look. I like the side profile of the Tacoma, global Ranger, and Hilux better."

Outside of the bulbous front the Colorado and its sibling the Isuzu are reasonable to look at. As I have noted before Isuzu has already sold 500,000 of their version since September last year. They have a back order of 100,000 vehicles, which they are rapidly trying to fill.

It appears Mitsubishi will now not make a joint model with Nissan, but develop their own replacement for the Triton. The next Hilux when it comes ,will be the same or bigger in size than the Ford Ranger.

@Big Al from Oz,

The real mission for NGO groups from NATO countries is intelligence gathering, not humanitarian assistance!

That was why Russia recently kicked most U.S. based NGO's out, for spying!

The U.S. acts like they invade nations with NGO's with good intentions but they staff them with spooks, etc...

That approach angle looks too low to serve in third world countries...

Trucks need better angles like that to qualify for duty with the United Nations around the world!

Government motors should have went bankrupt, we are not supposed to be a communist/socialist nation where we bail out private industry and give them welfare checks for their managment making bad decisions!

It was GM's fault they went bad, not the taxpayers so why the heck should we foot the bill?

Obama should have been impeached for this and the bank bailouts but then again Congress has no you know what to do anything to the dictator in office!

Go Gary Johnson 2012!

Jeep to build ALL models in China!

They too got a welfare check from the communist/socialist government and this is what they do with it! Note: Fiat makes the call...

And look at GM this week sending $450 million to Argentina to:

General Motors has announced that it will invest $450 million in its Rosario Automotive Complex in Argentina between 2013 and 2015. The cash will go toward tooling up for an all-new Chevrolet product to be exported globally. Details concerning what that new vehicle could be or where exactly it will be sold are nil, though GM said it will be based on a current global platform and that it will serve both regional and domestic markets.

Apparently GM has chosen foreign based plants to export globally insteade of U.S. based plants...

It's one thing to build locally to sell locally but to build foreign to sell globally impacts U.S. jobs period!

That is why both of my Toyota's were built in the U.S. with UAW labor to boot!

My next Toyota I plan to purchase in 2015 will also be U.S. built. That is how I roll folks!

Here is a recent review of the Holden Colorado.

I have read mixed responses on the capabilities of this ute. A lot of negative comments have been made, particularly the overall performance versus design/developement costs.

GM Holden still offers a 5 speed manual! (so does Hilux, but the Hilux is old fashion) I can't believe a 5 speed.

But it is apparently significantly better than the current Hilux. I hope Toyota ups the ante with the new Hilux. But I have my doubts it will be a big improvement.

But don't dismiss Nissan or Mitsubishi either.

GM spent $2 billion on it and I think Ford/Mazda spent $3.5 billion on the T6 Ranger/BT50. VW spent $3 billion on the Amarok.

Toyota has plants in Thailand that sell globally, so does every Asian manufacturer.

Ford has plants around the world that sell globally.

Get with it, the automotive manufacturing industry is truely global now. No American jobs were lost, how can they be. The US has regulations on design, emission etc that is different, why build in the US.

Your regulations are screwing you guys or you would have a global automotive manufacturing industry.

@Big Al from Oz,

You do not need to tell me about the globalist companies and the globalist governments...

It's a slap to those on here that always tout the big 3 with U.S. jobs all of the time when in reality they ship more jobs overseas than are hiring these days...

GM sells more in China than the U.S.

GM based in Detroit and DC still builds auto's overseas just for the U.S. market though!

So does Fiat...

I do think Toyota will respond, too many factories and sales rely on their small pickups globally to just ignore them...

Ford drops to near-bottom of Consumer Reports' reliability study

Toyota is #1, #2 AND #3...

Scion, Toyota and Lexus are top 3 and I believe Subaru is #4, so Toyota owns the top 4 slots!

Good job Toyota!

@Oxi- amen to that. I hate Government Motors now. After stealing our tax dollars to prop up their failing enterprise and then sending jobs overseas, it's unforgivable. They should build where they sell period if they want to build elsewhere. That means if they sell in America, they damn well better build it here. And that Especially goes for American heritage vehicles such as V8 rwd models, trucks of all things in particular. It's so damn hard for me to support Chevrolet when they are part of GM. And this news about Jeeps being built in China too? They can burn in hell. I wish good American patriot investors would have just bought Chevrolet Motor Co. from GM and killed GM for good. Maybe they could have bought Jeep too. I'll forever hate Government Motors for what they did with our tax money and for wrecking Chevrolet for so many years. Fiatsler looks to be just as evil as GM. Somebody needs to leave office.

That Colorado has to be the ugliest truck I've ever seen. Global or not, it's hideous. How does garbage like that even get approved for production? Did the guys who built the Aztek and first generation Avalanche get put back in charge or what? Just horrible. I don't even like Toyota's but I'd buy 10 Tacoma's before I ever even looked at this. The global Ranger is also far better looking. Chevy really needs to get their act together when it comes to their truck designs. It's like they've completely lost it.

“Chrysler currently builds all Jeep SUV models at plants in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Manley referred to adding Jeep production sites rather than shifting output from North America to China.”

It's so damn hard for me to support Chevrolet when they are part of GM.

@Jule- THIS! I love Chevrolet as well but can't stand GMCorp. They just drag Chevrolet down like a boat anchor.

@Big Al from Oz,

What's wrong with the 5-speed manuel?

I have one with my 2010 Tacoma and is reliable as ever, in fact Toyota's 5-speed manuel has been one tough and reliable transmission over the years!

Every Toyota pickup I have driven has had a 5-speed manuel except the 85 2wd with the 4-speed manuel and the horrible 6-speed manuel I had in the X-Runner...

I like te 5-speed manuel and look forward to it in the next generation Tacoma/HiLux due out soon!

I agree the global Ranger looks better and at least is serving combat/police duty in Afghanistan!

I find nothing wrong with a 5 speed. But I do find it offensive when manufacturers up the price of vehicles without offering anything substantial.

You have to admit, Toyota is good at this and it appears so is GM with our Colorado.

Toyota Hiluxes made a name when 4x4s were much simpler, now they are going to have to produce a competitive ute. I think the days of just being a Toyota Hilux will suffice are coming to an end.

Toyota have to produce a competitive Hilux, the Ranger and VW are a real challenge. Also, Nissan and Mitusbishi have produced some fine 4x4s in the past.

Competition is great for progress.

As for overseas imports, I think the US shot itself in the foot. If your vehicle design (emission/safety) was like most of the world you would be producing vehicles that would be easier to export. But, by trying to protect American jobs through slight differences you now will probably lose jobs.

Subsidisation and protectionism only works for a short time to overcome obstacles, but in the longer term it will diminish a country/company ability to remain competitive as it permits inefficient practices by unionist/socialist and bad management.

Agree with Big Al, Toyota will have to make sure that the next Hilux is a world beater, the competition is getting fierce.
Global Rangers the earlier models have been used in Afghanistan.

Previous Global Ford Rangers in Afghanistan

"Subsidisation and protectionism only works for a short time to overcome obstacles, but in the longer term it will diminish a country/company ability to remain competitive as it permits inefficient practices by unionist/socialist and bad management."

@Big Al
Hear, hear. If most people would understand this basic premise, we would all be better off in the long run.

@Luke in CO If the US Automotive companies had been making world class products that fitted into the Global HDT, MDT, Van and Pickup categories. You would not have the now bizarre and rather sad situation: of importing and building the British Ford Transit Vans, to replace the E series; having your HDT manufacturers being taken over by the Europeans and the final indignity having your Global Mid Size Pickups being designed and built outside the US.

What next Super Duties designed in Brazil and built in Thailand/Mexico?

It's so damn hard for me to support Chevrolet when they are part of GM.

- Um, it's hard to support Chevrolet when they're so effing ugly looking like they've been for the last ten years. Govt Motors affiliated or not.

@oxi--Toyotas are not made by UAW workers. No foreign auto manufacturing has a union shop. It is good that Toyota is employing Americans but none of their workers are UAW. As for GM this government bailout is getting stale. What is done is done and if GM makes it or not is another issue. Again GM is not giving these trucks away, they are selling them at fleet prices which are less profitable but they are not free or at a loss. Some of you need to reread the article before commenting so I will repeat the quote just in case you have trouble finding it. "GM has created a new discount program to help global non-profit organizations in poorer countries carry out various types of humanitarian projects, and it's doing it with the new Chevy Colorado pickup (soon to be sold in the U.S.) and TrailBlazer SUV (not for the U.S.)." The word "discount" does not mean free. Free means that it does not cost anything, discount means that you pay but the price you pay is less than what is charged to everyone else. Discount and free are not the same. If you don't believe me look it up in the dictionary.

To like Toyotas is a choice but to criticize a corporation for selling vehicles to non-profits is a new low for any fanboy. If this were Toyota would you be so anxious to bash? I don't really care who sells vehicles to non-profit organizations, but to slam non-profits for trying to give aid to less fortunate people in other countries is unforgiveable. Maybe we as Americans have become so insensitive to others less fortunate that this is our attitude. If this is the new American we are doomed. Some of you would say to these people "let them eat cake".

Talk about racist comments to blame these people of different backgrounds for their plight is disgusting. Yes Africa is a mess but to basically imply that the poor in these countries deserved their misfortune is insensitive. Especially you @oxi who always is quick to use the race card when it comes to any criticism of Toyota.

You tell him Jeff S.!!!!

@Robert Ryan
I don't really see any of your listings as "sad indignities." It's a global marketplace and automakers are global entities. If Ford can leverage its european operations to engineer a commercial van that works (and sells) all over the world, great. Ditto for Holden engineering RWD architecture for GM vehicles in Europe and the US. And for what it's worth, while the Transit Connect is shipped over from Turkey, the Transit will be assembled in Kansas City.

@Oxi - try to curtail the paranoia.
Had Russia kicked out NGO's for spying or for shining a flashlight into the dark corners of the room?
It probably is a blend of both.
The USA was guilty of targeting any "non-imbedded" journalists or NGO's during the second Gulf War. It was pushed aside under the excuse of "friendly fire".

The Hilux is an old stale platform just like the majority of Toyota products in North America.

Back on topic - corporations do donate products but for the most part they sell to make money.

@Luke in Co--I agree whether it be Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, or etc. if they can design a vehicle anywhere in the World and it meets the needs of most countries then this is a good thing. This lowers development cost and gives the vehicle a World market to be tested in. I agree some of the Fiat and Ford Transit are not the most attractive vans but if it does what it needs to do that is enough. I agree that this Colorado is lacking in the looks department but if it is good then that is enough as well. We better get use to these aerodynamic designs because these will become more widespread in an effort to meet the new fuel standards. I am not that crazy about most of the Toyotas finding their designs for the most part to be boring and ugly but most Toyota buyers are buying them for their reliability not their looks. It is great when you can have an attractive looking vehicle with good fuel economy and reliability. Hyundai has accomplished this with the Sonota and the Elantra.

@Jeff S,

My 1996 Corolla and my 2010 Tacoma were built at NUMMI when it was running and that Toyota facility was UAW labor...

So both Toyota's I have in my possession were UAW built!

Please learn about the auto industry before commenting!

@Robert Ryan & Big Al from Oz--I do like the Isuzu grill better than the Chevy grill on this truck. The GMC version of this should have a better looking grill. Other great looking vehicles are the 2013 Ford Fusion that has an Aston Martin like grill and the Buick LaCross. The Ram trucks look nice, the GMC Sierra is nice, and the F-150 is not that bad but the F-250s are kind of ugly (good trucks but ugly). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

@Jeff S,

Do you even know what the U.S. government does abroad?

The U.S. does more evil and harm than good abroad!

The U.S. says they fight terrorism yet the U.S. is practically the largest state sponsor of terror!

The U.S. supported the taliban back in the 1980's, the KLA in Kosovo as well as other islamic thugs in Bosnia, Libya you guessed right again more islamic thugs and look at which side the U.S. is on in Syria, the any jihadist group that can invade Syria from any Middle East nation and hey, we will even throw in Stingers, etc... on your way in as well as mortar's to fire back into Turkey with, etc...

The U.S. just announced support for the MeK, a horrible terror group that killed scores of U.S. diplomats, etc..., remember Iran Contra?

The U.S. cannot even respect its own Constitution:

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11: Only Congress can Declare War!

Article 1, Section 3: "All elections shall be free and equal"

Ask yourself why have the third parties been shut out of the election and debate process and why on earth did they arrest the Green Party's Presidential candadite earlier this month?

We like to point the fingers at Russia or some other third rate nation for oppressing dissent and oppositin parties and arresting candadites but we do the same damn thing here!

We need a Congress and electoral college President that will defend the Constitution, not use it for toilet paper!

The last D/R debates the dumb moderator asked electoral college President Obama what is his priority as President, Obama replied that it was the safety of the American people!


The priority of the President is:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

That is part of their oath and first thing they swear to do not the safety of the American people!

I swore this oath 20 years ago in the U.S. Marines and really the only real threats are domestic ones these days!

I could go on but why really when 99% of the American populace are sleeping!

Gray State is coming folks!

@oxi--I do not disagree with you. Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were are allies one time because they were fighting are enemies. We have made a mess in the Middle East and it is eating us alive financially. Auto bailouts are nothing compared to the spending we have had in the past 11 years fighting in Iraq and Afganistan. Honestly I do not see either Obama or Romney addressing what needs to be done in the Middle East or for our economy. I am not in disagreement with your above statements.

@oxi - funny how you would play the "patriot" card against Jeff. He did not mention anything negative for or against the USA.

I do agree that the USA has been just as guilty as any other super-power for meddling. They get around the whole "declairation of war" issue by calling an armed conflict a "police action". I don't know any police forces that use stealth bombers and smart bombs. An example of "police action" was Panama. Manuel Noriega was playing games with the lease on the Suez Canal. He threatened to renew the lease on it with someone other than the USA, therefore the USA invaded under the false excuse of catching a criminal.
Another technique is "plausible deniability". Everyone knows that they did it but can't prove it. The CIA and MI5 put the Shah of Iran in place because the previous regime was anti- USA and anti-British. They kept him in power which was one of the big reasons why Islamic Fundimentalists grew so strong in the Middle East.
Many of the messes that they have been in stem from the doctrine: "Any enemy of our enemies is a friend". That bit them in the ass with Suddam Hussein. It also bit them in the ass when USSR invaded Afganistan. The Taliban and other "freedom fighters" were trained by the CIA.
Why did they invade Afaganistan when most of the 9-11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia?
15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, the others were from Egypt and the UAE.
Isn't there a sh-tload of oil in Saudi and the UAE?
WTF is in Afganistan?
Goats and opium.

more ugly gm junk coming out all gms are junk and ugly the truck that never changes chevys new design in almost 10 years then they copy ford gm what a joke. i will never own another gm junk product

@oxi--You need to read NUMMI does not exist. GM and Toyota no longer have a joint venture and that is why Tacomas are made in San Antonio, TX which is nonunion. If you don't believe me google it. I know for a fact that Toyota's plant in Georgetown, KY has no union shop. You need to read about that as well. UAW has made many attempts to unionize the Japanese manufacturers but have failed. Toyota pays their workers a competitive wage so attempts to unionize have failed. You are not the total expert on Toyota, I live in N KY and Toyota has a NA office in Erlanger, KY near the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport and a NA parts distribution warehouse in Hebron, KY which you probably did not know since you are such an expert. Toyota is a major employer in Kentucky which is another thing you did not know. Oxi you do not know everything. I am glad Toyota is in Kentucky but to erroneously state that they are unionize is false. If anything Toyota's success at the Georgetown plant is inspite of the union not because of it. You need to keep better informed.

@Jeff S.
I agree the Isuzu does look a lot better in photos, but still has a bit of that bulbous nose in the metal.

@Luke in CO. Your right there is nothing wrong accessing your global resources, but the US Automotive Industry seemingly is becoming less prominent in actually instigating new product. Ford, GM and now Chrysler/Fiat are now more content in borrowing ideas and vehicles from their global subsidiaries.

This article doesn't mention what type of modifications are to be implemented.

Also is the global chassis or the NA chassis going to be used, as I think there will be differences in them.

What will be the engine choices, as fuels in some countries might be sub standard. Even fuel in developing countries ie SE Asian and even India would probably be better than in some African nations. There are countries that still run over 1 000ppm of sulphur.

@Luke in Co
I think Robert Ryan is on the right track about the technologies and designs that will be needed in the US in the future. I think that Asia and Europe are more advanced with vehicle technology than the US.

I read a recent article where a Solyndra style subsidised lithium battery plant is having financial troubles in the US. So much for EVs. They will need to be subsidised for a long time.

oxi: they are correct, the only reason toyota was UAW in those plants is because GM was there! and toyota had no choice! right on JeffS. and Lou!

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