GM Donates 50 Trucks to Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy

With all the devestation releated as result of Hurricane Sandy, GM has donated 50 vehicles to the Red Cross to support the much-needed relief teams as they get ready to help battered communities. Below is the news release GM put out today.

Naturally, our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered from this powerful storm, and if you're looking for some way to help, see the Red Cross info at the bottom of the page. 



DETROIT – Chevrolet today donated 50 Silverado full-size pickup trucks and Express cargo vans to the American Red Cross for use in relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy and other storms buffeting the Eastern seaboard and nearby states.

“It is during disasters like this that we all need to pull together as a country and Chevrolet has a role in that,” said General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “Making these vehicles available quickly where they can do the most good is something we can do right now.”

GM’s OnStar subsidiary is also supporting the initiative by providing each of the donated vehicles with 300 OnStar Hands-Free Calling minutes of hands-free cellular and three months of its Directions and Connections plan which includes turn-by-turn navigation services. Service available via Advisor or by download. The trucks are being pulled from existing inventory at dealerships closest to where they are needed.

In addition to the vehicle donation, the GM Foundation earlier donated $250,000 to the Red Cross Disaster Responder Program, which enables the agency to be ready to provide immediate disaster relief anywhere in the country.  The money is used to shelter, feed and meet emotional needs of disaster victims. The money also helps feed emergency workers, handle inquiries from concerned family members outside the disaster area, provide blood and blood products and help disaster victims access other available resources.

“The impact of Hurricane Sandy is being assessed up and down the East Coast and even further west, and the road to recovery will be long for many families,” said Neal Litvack, Chief Development Officer of the American Red Cross. “GM’s generous donation of vehicles and the GM Foundation’s donation of finances will help the American Red Cross to respond with shelter, food and care, aiding affected residents now and after the storm, as they move toward recovery,”

Anyone interested in providing support to hurricane victims are encouraged to click here or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to make a donation.

  2012 Silverado Work Truck II

2012 Express Work Truck II 


Way to go GM..Lead not follow!

they should all do this

This is the only way they could get rid of their giant stock pile of trucks know one wants to buy.

Even though GM sucks. Good job in helping these people in hard times!

Great job Chevy!
I have a friend from my collage class that lives on Long Island and I haven't been able to get in contact with him. I hope him and his family are OK.
Once again. Great Job!

I wonder if that will help OCT trucks sales numbers?

That Silverado is one ugly truck.

That is the least they can do with my tax money. Good call G.M.

This ISN'T your money. It WAS your money. After you pay your dues, they're not yours anymore. Paying taxes isn't like a freaking savings account. They will do with that money whatever they wish and they're not gonna ask you for your opinion.

Exactly Hemi_lol

People act like they donated money out of good will (by paying taxes) and therefore should have a say in where that money is allocated and deserve some sort of if we should all get down on our knees bow and praise them.

On top of it, they act like they are some member of an elite group by turning their nose up at the fact that a major US manufacturer was bailed out.

This is a bunch of BS!

Taking advantage of a disastor to make horrible GM look good in the name of more corporate profits!

If GM was an honorable company they would have donated vehicles to disastor relief groups around the nation on a annual basis and not take advantage of the situation!

But then again who bailed them out and is now on a photo-op tour of the region to get votes!!!

Yeah thought so!

By the way, you live on the coast of an ocean, you will not get my sympathy when a hurricane strikes because you know damn well they can hit with such power, so the question is why on earth would you live on the coasts?

You live there and assume the responsibility of your property being destroyed, just like those folks that live on rivers, it will flood... your fault for choosing such a place to live!

I refuse to pay higher insurance for the poor decision of folks living on the shores, they should be paying higher insurance period to cover the damage, etc... or move period!

@ Dafish,

They should all do this?

What are we socialists now?

Oxi, where would you live? Midwest? They have tornadoes and hail. West? Earthquakes. There is no safe place on earth!
BTW good job Chevrolet.

If you think GM is terrible you should familiarize yourself with Ford's history. Henry Ford was friends will a far worse socialist than Barack Obama. I believe you will find him under German leaders of the 1930s. We bombed Ford plants in Germany during WW2. And Henry Ford gave advice on how to get rid of THE PROBLEM (a.k.a. the Jews ). In addition GM donated vehicles after 9/11 and Katrina this is not anything new.

After all those trucks belong to the Taxpayers! They are just being "redistributed" ! LOL


Nice try!

I am a mobile National Weather Service Spotter for my local weather service office and local county emergency management office...

I find the tornadoes for the NWS or before they can issue the warnings and report strength, location and direction but in reality in Wisconsin, tornadoes are very minor...

Wisconsin is a relatively safe state to reside in, not much threats except straight line winds from storms and random hail/tornadoes... as for winter storms, not a real issue because we are always prepared for them and most folks up here cannot wait to get their sleds out anyways when snow falls and the below zero temps, many folks cannot wait to get on the lakes for fishing!

Weather can be a nuisance up here at times but we deal with it and move on! We have 4 wonderful seasons and no matter the weather we are prepared and have outdoor activities for ALL seasons!

These folks that live so close to the sea and so close to sea level are begging for major problems! They knew the risks living there and are now paying the price!

Same with folks that live near rivers, near bases of mountains, near volcanoes, in dense forests that can burn, etc...

You assume the risk!

According to oxi, Wisconsin is devoid of natural disasters. So I guess that means earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and blizzards don't count as natural disasters.

And people who live in areas at risk of being hit by a hurricane do pay higher insurance premiums.

man oh man even in a disaster like this there are still haters out there!, for one thing if you can read chevy $uck$, 50 trucks are not going to make a diff. in their "giant stock pile" of trucks, that is just stupid! nitro back to the 5o trucks, and it is only people like you oxi, that think that a disaster would be used like that, that is just wrong man! but with that train of thought, where are the tacomas and tundras? huh? a great big proftable co. like toyota could at least help out the Americans huh? nothing! yet, I may be wrong and I hope so, you want to spout off about living along the coast and the cost that are associated with so, what abut New Orleans? huh? at least the East Coast hasn't the continuous history like in the gulf coast, but we are the United States! we are suppose to help one another out, what is wrong with some of you? just count your lucky stars nothing like this has happened to you or one of your loved ones! We all need to contribute to the well being of all our neighbors, weather related or not, natural dissasters or not! we are all in this together! OH yea way to go Chevy! good job, now maybe some other manufactures can come up with something? Chevy got the ball rolling!


Toyota is helping this nation by keeping folks EMPLOYED!

That is a paycheck to pay bills and buy food, etc...

Don't be nieve, a disastor hits does not mean every corporation has to give, where in the Constitution does it state that?

Stop being communist/socialist, we have a chose whether to give or not, do you not like Liberty?

I am sure plenty of Toyota's are being used for relief...

I recall during the Joplin, MO tornado a Toyota pickup was being used to ferry folks to the hospital on many trips...

By the way the U.S. is not the only place on earth that gets hit by storms and guess what many more Toyota's than GM's in those parts of the world let alone one of the main vehicles for UN dissastor response are Toyota's...

I am a mobile weather spotter and I drive a Toyota, I have been the first in areas just hit by tornadoes removing debris and going house to house, once I had to clear a tree out of the road so the Sheriff could get by...

In Wisconsin we take care of our own! We do not have a New York City based mainstream media hyping everything up!

@Luke in CO,

Wisconsin is a pretty safe state to reside in!

In fact a few years back Waukesha, WI was named the safest city to live in from natural disastors!

I agree, Wisconsin is one of the safest states to reside in from natural disastors!

@oxi--Hurricane Sandy was the storm of the century, nothing has happened like this on the east coast in 108 years. Doesn't sound like you believe in a United States of American. Maybe you would like Wisconsin to cede from the Union. Maybe we could start a new Civil War and fight each other again. What does Winconsin have except cheese that the rest of the country needs? Oh weather spotters driving Tacomas off road. Maybe you don't like the rest of America but I would rather help out people in the USA than to rebuild Iraq. If the victims of the East coast need our help then we should give it to them. Did you feel this way about the victims in the World Trade Center on 9/11? I surely hope not. Your remarks go beyond brand loyalty, they are unAmerican. Criticize GM but don't criticize helping your fellow Americans.

Obummer giving away phones and now trucks!

@x007--Obama did not give these trucks away GM did. You can bash GM, but to bash a company for giving vehicles to the Red Cross to help in such a terrible disaster is below the belt. Maybe you like to go out on the street and kick homeless people. By some of the comments on this site there are a lot of cold heartless people. If this is what America is becoming and if this is what the new conservative movement consist of then I see little hope for the future of America. Hopefully this is a bunch of immature pre teens who have nothing better to do than to make ugly remarks and ruin a perfectly good site with their blather.

Wow........... this is really and truly pathetic.
A company donates vehicles and cash and is ridiculed for it.
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Sure, it is a tax right off, and a PR right off BUT they do not need to do anything.
You bunch seem to forget that very obvious part.

Where is Ford? or Fiat? or Toyota?

Kudos GMC.

@Oxi - Wisconsin especially around OshKosh is a very dangerous place to live. That is where an overloaded Tacoma rides around on the bump stops with obsurd bumpers, stock axles, stock brakes, and a defective biological interface. The custom licence plate "oxi" is self explanatory.

It is Halloween, go crawl back into your BOTT Cave.

Good job GM......Why do people like "hemi" rag on gm but yet I guess Chrysler didn't take any bailout huh ...Bulls&#* and now all you Ram Asser's are above Gm ...WTF grow up

I get it now,Oxi is one of those people who thinks what he has is always the best..

The truck he drives is the best..
The State he lives is the best..
I bet his shoes and toothpaste are the best as well..

I bet you he is one of those guys that live in a crappy run down house (I call a crack shack) and praises it,while putting down someone elses home that is much better...Oxi,I know the type of person you are,and you are full of b.s ! Everthing you have is better then what anyone else has,my brother in-law is just like you,total loser !

@ bc,

A typical jealous non Mopar fan,again bashing all RAM fans..

I dare you to tell me that to my face,calling me a "Ram Asser" !! There is no way you could beat me buddy,I never lost a fight in my life "15-0" Yes,I fight professionally.

I find it funny,GM,Ford,Toyota fans bash Mopar owners all the time,and yet you guys always call Mopar fans names and accuse us of the ones calling you guys names,you guys are crazy ,obviously you are jealous !!

@6'6 275 lbs all muscle ! What you going to do fight you're computer LOL!! Please do punch you're screen for us save us some trouble LOL!!

***Good for GM donating vehicles...BUT....

As a business owner I know when you donate money,items ect. You get a tax break,a tax right off so GM may actually come out ahead by donating these vehicles,or if not even,not a loss.

Chrysler,Ford,GM,Toyota,Honda,Nissan,VW ect.. at one time or another all donated vehicles to some disaster and they do it once they look at their books to see if it will be beneficial for them to do so.

As a business owner I know these things ,as the average peon doesnt know much about anything but sports teams and lady gaga or grandma gaga !

@ johnny doe,

Again my point proven,you made an ignorant comment ! You Anti-Mopar fans just name call,and make ignorant comments nothing else,you guys just bark and have no bite,Just like your trucks all bark,no bite !

@6'6 275 lbs all muscle

Ignorant comment? You're the one talking bout fighting someone on the internet LOL! Oh no don't keyboard me! Thanks for the laughs LOL

"Maybe you like to go out on the street and kick homeless people."
Only if they kick me first. I do not strike until struck upon.

@Jeff S,

The way the federal government is abusing the Constitution and running a massive debt, it would not pass many folks to have Wisconsin leave the U.S., why not!

I am sure others states are considering this likewise!

I did not recall a declaration of war for Iraq and no way did I support Iraq imperial invasion...

Do not confuse me with the 99% of the folks that are sleeping while the federal government uses the Constitution as toilet paper! I pay attention!

9/11? That has inside job writen all over it!

Buildings do not collapse straight down unless imploded, take a look at tower 7 and ask yourself why no one was held accountable for 9/11 from national security?

Hint: inside job!

You need to wake up and stop listening to politicians and the mainstream media and pay attention to the Constitution and your Liberty's before you lose them all...


Keep being jealous of my BOTT...

She is still running strong and fine mile after mile...

Folks like you are just jealous that what I design and install works and makes it stronger and your weak mind cannot fathom that...

Socialists typically cannot comprehend what a free mind is capable of!

My rear suspension has no sag buddy, your just jealous!

This list compiled by FEMA lists the 10 states with the fewest disaster declarations since 1953. Wisconsin isn't on the list. I'm sure it's because of a government conspiracy against WI.

its the only way chevy can get rid of its junk vehicles is by donating it nice from 07 til now all them chevys look the same they never change

"GM’s OnStar subsidiary is also supporting the initiative by providing each of the donated vehicles with ... 300 minutes ... and three months of services."

Oh yea, thanks. What's that worth? $30?

its the only way chevy can get rid of its junk vehicles is by donating it nice from 07 til now all them chevys look the same they never change

Posted by: Rick | Nov 1, 2012 2:09:05 AM

That is true. Kind of like the Ford Super Duty which has looked the same since 1999. I will give them a little credit though. They do try to update it with an uglier grille ever other year or so.

Maybe Ford should kick in a few vehicles to aid the disaster relief. After all they still owe the US tax payers $6 billion that they borrowed in 2009. According to an article I read a couple of weeks ago not a penny of it has been paid back.

oxi: please don't call me a commie, you have no idea what you are talking about when you say such stupid things like that! and your truck is not designed to run around like that, or let me refrase that, you can, just don't ride in it cause then it will be over loaded, see I can say stupid stuff also, but not like the $hit like spew out there! grow up man! and stop being a boi, did you vote for Scott Walker? or the teachers? see that is also stupid! you just bring that out in me! realy all I do is try and buy American products and all you do is berate me? wow you need some time on a nice comfy couch with a good Doctor, a realy good Doctor! oh and josh: $30? realy you ahve no idea either 3 mo@$12/mo+$36, and the talk time is $9.99/100min./300 min = $29.97! X 50 trucks=$3,297.50! grnted a drop in the bucket for GM but that makes you wrong!

yea and how about all those pictures with the talliban driving around in their pickup of choice, the tacoma? or whatever they call it over their, the talliban call it their armed American killing machine!


Are we talking about the same taliban the U.S. gaves Stingers to in the 1980's?

Why yes we are!

Here is a picture of the heads of the taliban visiting the White House under President Reagan:

You need to learn about what your government does before you say things, it's called educate yourself!

The U.S. is practically the largest state sponsor of terror around the globe!

And for your information about Toyota pickups, they are not political when they are made, they are sold in just about every nation in the world and their toughness is why so many choose them for nontraditional duties including U.S. Special Forces around the globe that use Toyota pickups as well as U.S. Embassy's, etc...

Sorry but does a gun kill on its own?

Same hold true with a Toyota pickup without a driver!

They are not political when they are built!


Hey man, you do not know my pickup nor what it is capable of.. I know how to build a pickup up from stock and factory to make it more capable and stronger!

I have tons of off-roading experiance and even pavement racing with pickups, know what I am talking about and know what I am building into my pickup for use!

I do not build something up if it is going to be unsafe. My designs have to work in the REAL world and daily drive among the public unlike those that trailer their rigs to the trails, etc...

Just like how Toyota's are reliable and bulletproof, that is the basis of my designs and what I build into my mods, they have to work properly, not break under stress and last year after year and mile after mile doing its duty!

I have told Lou and you before, my pickup is solid and stronger than stock and it is actually safer to drive on the roads because I know what I am doing!

You do not know what I talk about because you have never modded anything in your life!

My 1986 Toyota that I raced in desert racing trim with roll cage and fuel cell was more dangerous to drive than my current setup on my Tacoma!

Why on earth would I mod my pickup to be dangerous and unsafe? If I was not sure that it would work or do what I modded it to do, why on earth would I proceed knowing I was going to still drive it on public roads?

My pickup is SAFER than from the factory! Do not insult my intelligence on building pickups! Just so you know their are qute a few of us hard-core off-roaders that know what we are doing and can still daily drive our built pickups!

Trust me, state troopers have looked over my current pickup and they NEVER find anything wrong with it, they just get interested with my front bumper but guess what, clean record, no issues with law enforcement, you know why?

Because I am not an idiot and my pickup is clean and well maintained! I run into law enforcement all of the time weather spotting and no issues!

@Luke in CO,

You realy think FEMA is a reliable source on anything?

Maybe those FEMA camps you will be going to soon, ha!

I have lived in Wisconsin all of my life, the natural disastor you must be talking about was a few downed trees in the backyard, a couple of limbs broken off here or there and over a foot of snow at a time... big deal!

I am referring to those folks that live just 15 feet above sea level and on the coast. They deserve their fate for living so close to nature's fury in New Jersey and New York! No sympathy, they knew where they were living!

oxi you sure are a riot! you ever hear the saying about never opening your mouth, and that it removes all doubt? yea yea yea ok the state tropers have gone over your p/u ok ok so they can't find anything wrong with it? were these reg SP or what we truck drivers call creaper cops? they are the ones that know what to look for! and have you changed your brakes,axels,and everything it would take to raise the GVW? and I don't meen just the springs! and that bumper would , just like a plow, lower your carrying cap. even the "deaver springs" would do that, your intire truck would need to be changed to bring it up to the standards the manu. have to pass. but realy I am just messinfg with you for calling me a commie! cause I am the last person to be called that! I am a intependant in Mass. and the last time I voted dem was for Carter! and I learned from that one! and the time I voted for Perot, man that was I hard misstake! never to be repeated again! Romney/Ryan all the way this time! but alass it wont make any diff. here where I live! but you never know, that would be the second shot heard round the world!

How about GovtMoCo paying BACK us TaxPayers FIRST! They BLOW money on that stupid GovtMoCo line of sissy trucks and then do THIS TOO????

For natural disaster declarations, FEMA seems pretty reliable to me. And why would I be going to a FEMA camp? It's mostly sunny and 70 degrees here, a very pleasant day. And I never mentioned a specific natural disaster in Wisconsin, but they have happened. Stay with me here, it's pretty simple. You see, rivers and other bodies of water flood sometimes, usually when it rains a lot. Most cities are built close to bodies of water (such as Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay, and La Crosse) and when those bodies of water flood the cities suffer damage, people get hurt, and a natural disaster is declared. I won't get into other natural disasters that have hit Wisconsin (don't want to overwhelm you), but it's pretty simple.

@oxi-To criticize US foreign policy and our ever changing alliances is one thing, but to criticize helping out our own citizens for a disaster that has not happened in 108 years is bad. I agree I think we need to stop meddling in the Middle East, let the Chinese do that. We need to concentrate on rebuilding the USA. Our foreign policies are a disaster. I do take issue with you not wanting to give aid to citizens of the USA in times of a disaster. This is a new low which goes beyond brand bashing. It really doesn't matter who provides support to Red Cross and whether they get publicity for helping or not.

As for GM they reported earnings of a $1.10 a share versus $.90 a share which they expected and GM made a profit everywhere but Europe. I hope GM continues to do better and that the Goverment can sell the remaining interest in GM and have the debt paid off. Unlike you I am hoping that the US taxpayers get paid back and that GM continues to do better along with Chrysler. I am not so brand biased that I wish American workers lose jobs because of hatred for a company. I am not a Toyota fan (I don't hate Toyota like you hate GM, Ford, and Chrysler) but I cheer for Toyota's success because it means jobs and a better life for their workers. You are coming from a Win Lose mentality which is I got mine and you can just go to hell. If that is how you really feel you must be a miserable human being. I have no problem with anyone liking a particular brand but to wish harm and ill will against others is disgusting. I had more respect for you than this.

that was a good way of putting it! and how are we to get our $$$ back if all these haters were to have their way GM would fold and that would be that! I do not like or vote for the present "folks" in office, but I do support American Co. and have put my $ where the rubber meets the road, I bought a 2011 Chevy, a 2011 Ford! and the only thanks I get from oxi and co. is trash talk! and I do support what you said about toyota, not that I would buy one..........

Any one of you idiots that say they SHOULD do this or its the tax payers and not GM paying for all this is in need of a medical exam. GM paid back the bailout PLUS interest so if anything the government actually profited from bailing them out. Also, they have been donating vehicles during hard times since way before they were bailed out. If you dont like them, go by a dam Toyota and while you are at it go move to Japan cause we dont need traitors like you in this country. Buy American and contribute to bringing the jobs back to this country. And dont say the Camry is made in America; all the profits go right back to Japan so it is not American.

@6'6 275 lbs all muscle ! - Hemi V8, sounds like you have started exaggerating about other things. LOL

@oxi - your truck would not pass an inspection done by "creeper cops" as sandman said. DMV inspectors would just have to look at the door tags and weigh your truck. That would come close to getting it towed right there.
Daily driver? WTF? you said you had a Corolla as a DD. You don't even use your truck in the winter. You usually buy a beater. You've said that several times.
You even said you went on vacation with your truck riding squatted down on the blocks. Didn't you build some custom ones borrowed from a big rig?
You are alsways slagging your country, you praise Toyota, and even praise the "freedom fighters" AKA terrorists that use them. I think that Homeland Security needs to pay you a visit. No wonder why you feel that you need a BOTT mobile. How was Halloween? Did you get lots of candies while out in your BOTTman outfit?
Why don't you tell everyone what BOTT stands for?
or explain your tactical escape plan?
or your Faraday cage to protect you from space rays.

I think that you need to grow a beard, wrap your head in a towel and move someplace that shares your anti-American sentiments, and pro-tactical Toyota applications.

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