GM Donates 50 Trucks to Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy

With all the devestation releated as result of Hurricane Sandy, GM has donated 50 vehicles to the Red Cross to support the much-needed relief teams as they get ready to help battered communities. Below is the news release GM put out today.

Naturally, our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered from this powerful storm, and if you're looking for some way to help, see the Red Cross info at the bottom of the page. 



DETROIT – Chevrolet today donated 50 Silverado full-size pickup trucks and Express cargo vans to the American Red Cross for use in relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy and other storms buffeting the Eastern seaboard and nearby states.

“It is during disasters like this that we all need to pull together as a country and Chevrolet has a role in that,” said General Motors Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “Making these vehicles available quickly where they can do the most good is something we can do right now.”

GM’s OnStar subsidiary is also supporting the initiative by providing each of the donated vehicles with 300 OnStar Hands-Free Calling minutes of hands-free cellular and three months of its Directions and Connections plan which includes turn-by-turn navigation services. Service available via Advisor or by download. The trucks are being pulled from existing inventory at dealerships closest to where they are needed.

In addition to the vehicle donation, the GM Foundation earlier donated $250,000 to the Red Cross Disaster Responder Program, which enables the agency to be ready to provide immediate disaster relief anywhere in the country.  The money is used to shelter, feed and meet emotional needs of disaster victims. The money also helps feed emergency workers, handle inquiries from concerned family members outside the disaster area, provide blood and blood products and help disaster victims access other available resources.

“The impact of Hurricane Sandy is being assessed up and down the East Coast and even further west, and the road to recovery will be long for many families,” said Neal Litvack, Chief Development Officer of the American Red Cross. “GM’s generous donation of vehicles and the GM Foundation’s donation of finances will help the American Red Cross to respond with shelter, food and care, aiding affected residents now and after the storm, as they move toward recovery,”

Anyone interested in providing support to hurricane victims are encouraged to click here or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to make a donation.

  2012 Silverado Work Truck II

2012 Express Work Truck II 


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I agree!

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@Jeff S.,

The problem is too many live below or near sea level, that should be the first sign of problems and then:

It's barely 3 days and folks are already screaming for food and fuel?

C'mon folks, put the damn cell phones down, stop watching reality junk on TV and prepare for things like this!!!


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The bashing on this site is way out of hand. This was a good deed and yes we all know it a tax break. But really people get a grip, it is something. What would / are you doing? This is a truck site and this is truck news. Grow up!

oxi: we have said this enough! it does not matter what you have done to your taco, if the Creeper/cops were to put your taco on the scale, whatever it weighs they will deduct it from the door sticker says GVWR is, THAT is IF it is not already there! but if it is not, that is what you can legaly haul, carry or drive on the roads with. But if it is over, it bepends how much, if it is a lot, they will tow it! or you may be abvle to drive it home, but no matter, you will get a fine! and a 5day fix-it tag!, and that does not meen by you, but by a state or fed lic. tech. Good luck! I have rolled threw anough "chicken coops" in my day! I know what I am talking about! but the one thing yu have fro an advantage is, you are not required to go threw a scale, unless you have a co. name on the door, and are towing something with that size vehicle, and are haulinng/towing for $$$, but that all goes out the window if you are in an accident, even if you are not at fault,(like a drunken fool plowing into you), if the police local/state arrive and see that your truck is modified, and looks like it is to heavy, GOOD LUCK, because your insurance co will throw you under the bus!

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Also, last night I actually saw a Gary Johnson ad on TV (I’m in VA). It was juvenile and abysmally stupid. Apparently he’s going for the moron vote.

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Yes maybe many of these victims of Sandy should have had flood insurance, but there are many that were responsible and had flood insurance and that lost everything. The attitude that it is wrong to help people in a disaster such as this is something that I would have never believed that someone could express. Have some of us become that heartless? This disaster goes beyond brand loyalty and it goes to the core of what we as Americans stand for. To debate the pros and cons of US foreign policy is one thing just as to express opinions about government conspiracies, but to take it out on innocent victims of a storm such as Sandy is unforgiveable. Whether GM donates trucks, Walmart provides water and supplies, and Red Cross provides relief these are what we as Americans have done in the past and this is what sets us apart from many other countries. Regardless of political persuasion, social and economic standing, or truck preference we should stand united and help those out who have misfortunes such as this. The day that we stop providing support such as this is the day we as a country no longer exist. I am disgusted that some would question helping out those who are effected by Sandy and who have lost everything.

@Jeff S
Keep in mind the vast majority of us (like 99.9%) agree that we should help one another when a disaster like Sandy strikes. Don't let Pete (aka oxi, george) get you down, he is in the miniscule minority.

If oxi really believes we or the Founding Fathers were the terrorists, maybe oxi should move to the UK or better yet, his beloved Afrida or the Middle East. We'll see how long oxi lasts there.

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I agree with Lou that oxi is anti-American. I seriously believe this.

@Luke in CO --Thanks. I felt that I needed to express this. First and foremost we are all Americans regardless of our backgrounds, political beliefs, race, religion, and truck preferences. We should be thankful for what we have and that we have choices and the freedom to express our opinions. With all the problems we have as a nation are still one of the best countries in the World. We should count our blessings.

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Back in March when Toyota gave trucks to the Red Cross, oxi though it was "sweet!"


Winner: American Red Cross, Minot, ND

Minot, ND |

Focus: Other |

Toyota of Choice: Highlander

Through volunteer and donor support, the Red Cross assists and prepares communities for emergencies

Posted by: oxi | Mar 12, 2012 10:59:47 AM

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Laugh all you want but oxi just might start his own nation or community and get rid of all of you stalkers and perverts. It will be called oxi nation...

We will study kbb as the bible to get the most for resale values. 10 year old Tacomas will be traded in for nearly 95% of the original cost in 2015. The messiah Toyota will come in 2015 to deliver the all new Tacoma...

It is not a matter of if but when Armagedon is coming but Wisconsin may be one of the only places saved. A lot of oxi's prophecies may seem strange to some people but that does not mean oxi is not right. Oxi may just be the chosen one. The final messanger to warn everyone of what is coming!

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@Hypocrisy --Thanks for reposting the 100 Toyota giveaway. If you read the comments I praised Toyota for being a good corporate citizen and stated they have been so in Kentucky. GM deserves praise as well as does any corporation whether it be Walmart, Ford, GE, or anyone. The nonprofits should be given credit as well. Who cares if a corporation gets a tax writeoff the important thing is that they helped.

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To others about Sandy:

First Toyota donated $1 million, that would be more than GM's petty donation since they still owe the taxpayers because their stock price has not hit that level to break even!

Another valid point is most of the destruction was in low lying areas and quite a few folks live near or barely above sea level!

With that said they have to assume the responsibility of risk for living so close to sea level like New Orleans!

They knew the storm was coming, they should have fled for some of them!

It's like moving right next to a hazordous chemical factory and expecting never to have an accident, explosion or chemical release at some point, c'mon, these guys chose to live so close to sea level, they made the stupid decision to live there!

Now we get folks in 3 mile long lines to get some fuel, some moron screaming at City Hall as to why no food handouts and ofcourse when you have ancient electrical infrastrcture still no power...

I is NOT your local community's responsibility to give you a meal, where does it state that in their rules, etc...?

The city has a Health Dept. tat goes around and regulates grocery stores are up to code and restaurant's, they do not tell you when to eat, etc...

City's give you services like clean running water, sanitation with waste, clean roads and other services but fuel and food, no way!

These folks cannot expect the government to wipe their rears when a disastor hits, they should have had plans and supplies in place but most are too busy with their social lives, sports and other useless reality shows to worry about big shyt like this hitting them!

They deserve their fate period!

And for the MORONS that will respond with some folks got everything wiped out, etc...

Again plans in place and supplies!

No excuse to have an alternate location miles away by foot and vehicle like a simple storage rental shed packed wth some supplies that you could get too before the storm hit, etc...

I mean get off your lazy rears and plan for shyt like this! Those living in urban dense areas, still have plans when everything goes down, we are above the animal kingdom for a reason yet we act like animals when basic services are not there anymore like many reports of fighting and cutting into long fuels lines, gins being drawn, etc...

Agaian this is what I was warning about earlier that it will be only a matter of time before widespread chaos takes over if their were Sandy's (man-made type) all across the nation like from an economic collapse, power grid failure, etc... just imagine how soon it would be before guns would be fired at folks for some fuel, truck drivers shot to take whatever they have in their trailers, etc...

When society breaks down, the first to panic are the first to die!

I ask questions while you guys sit there and never see the obvious!

Here is a good read:

Just In Time: When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop (With Immediate and Catastrophic Consequences)

More good stuff to prepare for:

The Golden Horde and the Thin Veneer

After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas, Transportation Standstill

Very important read:

How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?


oxi never said he was against donating to the Red Cross. He said he was against it for publicity gain! GM donates during disasters for publicity. Toyota donates all year long!!!

Go Toyota!

Sales losses this month will more than be made up next month in the storm area. Many people who before the storm had no intention of buying a new BIG HORN EDITION will be forced to replace the truck they lost.

Close to 200 Ram Truck dealers gathered at the Palace of Auburn Hills to drive their first Ram 1500 Big Horn editions into showrooms across Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Ram to the rescue!

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Picture of Oxi's completed BOTT Terror Truck:

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