More SEMA Previews: Ram, Jeep, ICON

Mopar Ram SEMA II

For those who may not know or understand what the SEMA Show means for various manufacturers, it's a little like Christmas, your birthday and the biggest opportunity to show off your auto products you can ever imagine, all rolled into one big trade show. 

Typically billed as a huge aftermarket parts celebration, the SEMA Show is also where big and small truck makers like to show off their creativity and street credibility. It's usually held on the last week of October or the first week of November in Las Vegas.

This year, Chrysler's Mopar division will bring several concept project play-toys to gauge consumer reaction; the two most interesting look to be a Jeep and a Ram. Built by a group of gearheads called the Mopar Underground, Mopar Performance has released these teaser sketches that don't tell us much but do offer some hints. 

We're hoping the Jeep has a bed behind it, and the Ram hood looks to be the front end of a new SRT possibility. At this point, we can only hope. 

D200-render2 II

But the big truck makers aren't the only ones that can get big attention at a show like this one. There are plenty of smaller, creative shops that do a fantastic job of building cool trucks, too. One such example comes from a small company in Southern California, called ICON 4x4, that literally builds classic 4x4s from scratch. Among ICON's current offerings are a classic Ford Bronco, Jeep CJ and Toyota FJ. 

Owner Jonathan Ward tells us he'll bring an ex-military 1965 Dodge D200 crew cab fitted with all-new underpinnings. The project will partner with Banks Engineering for the motor and offer some impressive suspension and chassis upgrades. The classic Dodge pickup will surely get plenty of attention. As you might expect, pricing will vary quite a bit, depending on how many or what kind of options you want, but it's safe to say that if you have to ask, you probably don't want to know. 

We'll have more teasers, as well as full show coverage, at a later date. 

Mopar Jeep SEMA II



Here's that Icon Bronco:

From Vegas and used to go to SEMA all the time. Miss it being open to loacals :( I do get tired of seeing fantastic "concepts" with high interest, only for the manufacturers not to produce the items. Kinda like the Jeep Gladiator concept ... rave reviews and interest. Never materialized




Ramaholic: Delusional RAM owner


Dont worry about the immature name calling the other jealous brand owners use,they are uneducated and scared !

They really hate the fact that for their products to go fast GM,FORD,TOYOTA all use a CHRYSLER HEMI in their cars for Drag racing as MOPAR is the only engine to get over 8000 horsepower and do it reliably.

And Ford owners also hate the fact the HEMI RAM out performs and gets better gas mieage then their beloved Eco-Boost,that really ticks them off,they are stuck with a 6 cyl (sounds like a minivan or econo car) And they have nutt job ,crazy person "ECO" basges all over their Ford truck,so they can act like a hippie !! Odd,just odd ! I do feel sorry for Ford fans,they are lost and with an old 2004 designed half ton and a h.d from 1997,they have nothing but to be mad as they are a hostile,delusioned bunch of sorry people !

I laugh at the track when guys with Ford/GM/Toyota shirts/hats walk around I always tell them its powered by a MOPAR,they look confused then with their lack of intellegence,they swear at me ! I love it,MOPAR RULES !! A few people actually tallked to the engine guy to prove me wrong...turns out they were so mad after, they actually thought the HEMI was a Ford or GM or Toyota engine lol..its all MOPAR !! Bashers will always be jealous,as their products rely on MOPAR ...thats why they bash Mopar and HEMI so much they want it for themselves !!!

I want a RAM SRT !! Either a 6.4 or Viper Engine again !!

2 dr single cab stick and 4 door Quad Cab !!

You must have a Mopar edition RAM for 2013 as well !!!!


They don't use a "CHRYSLER HEMI" get your facts straight... Chrysler does not produce, help build or provide anything in any way shape or form. All the top fuel engine does is follow a very basic layout of a 48 year old engine. Everything buit for those engines are done so at specific race shops utilizing special parts and build procedures. I challenge you to go down to the local Dodge dealer and get one part over the counter that goes on top fuel car. Not including decals or a random screw or rubber item that may hold on the drivers helmet lining.

Hey since it is followed after a basic design from the Dodge hemi then since it is in the top fuel cars must be the bestest motor ever right? Wrong, the McGees Australian DOHC made a mockery of that motor and was banned after it won and set records.

But wait, the Dodge pioneered the hemi though. Wrong again... It was around 50 years before dodge just made it a huge marketing campaign to make it popular. Shoot, the Ford Flathead even was a Hemi before Hemi! Guess what, our 66 jaguar e-type in the garage is also a hemi...

Oh and one more thing, that Hemi Dodge ram you are probably driving since you are such a fan boy, isn't even a hemi other than name. So go ahead and think the Hemi is all Chrysler because it isn't, it is just another stolen combustion chamber design.

Back to your regular scheduled program!

List part by part of a top fuel engine, do you see Chrysler or Dodge anywhere on the parts list???

Hemi is just a nickname for the motor.

Why not call up Chrysler and tell them you lost the blue print for the NHRA top fuel engine and need a new one. Then take what they send over to BME and see if they laugh at you.

I really hope that Jeep will reveal a new pickup truck. I’ve been holding off on anything new (almost went for a 2011 Ranger, but backed out) and this would really change my buying decision in the coming year. I’m a mid-size truck guy and this would be perfect! Competition is always good and something new helps change up the playing field.

oh boy does that "old" Power Wagon from ICON look great! but $150K-200K for a Bronco, I can only wonder what they would charge for one, and that is IF they could find an old CC Dodge D-200-300 Crew Cab to begin with, and if not have to do it from scratch! the only place other tha Leno's garage you would see one is in some ragheaded shieks tent-garage.

Hope they build a Jeep Gator since they killed the Dakota.

I hope the stinger on the Jeep's front bumper is reinforced for the job and not just cosmetic!

@johnnydoe, The Dakota is rumored to come back some time in the future.

@Tyler, I don't know what killed your brain cells. The Top Fuel engine used today is an all aluminium version of the 426 Chrysler engine built from 1964 to 1971. In the fifties they used 392 Hemi's. These engines dominated the drag strip. Chrysler stopped making the Elephant 426 engine in 1971. That's why keith black started building aluminum versions of the 426 Hemi.
They would blow them up and were running out of blocks.


Top Fuel Dragsters: The fastest-accelerating vehicles in the world, these are the most recognizable of all drag race cars. The 25-foot-long landlocked missiles can cover the quarter-mile in 4.4 seconds at speeds faster than 335 mph. The engine of choice is an aluminum version of the famous Chrysler Hemi. The supercharged, fuel-injected nitromethane-burning engines produce an estimated 7,000 horsepower.

The engine of choice is an aluminum version of the famous Chrysler Hemi.


I changed to Mopar and Chrysler in 1956, just after purchasing a 1954 Chrysler Hemi that produced 235 horsepower stock from the factory. The best my flathead Ford could do was about 185, full race!

Funny to see the Rambo Motard Goat Herder's association ruining threads about their favorite brand.

I wonder how much money Icon will ask for that 1965 Dodge D200 crew cab?
Regardless - I can't wait to see it.

@Hemi V8 - nice to see that you are finally looking beyond Chrysler and Alpar.

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