New Ram Vans To Be Named Promaster and Promaster City

Fiat ducato cargo II
We've known Fiat is bringing over its Euro-sourced commercial vans to compete better with the Ford Transit and Transit Connect, but we didn't know what they were going to be called. Additionally, we've seen camouflaged full-size Fiat vans running around Detroit but nothing yet from the smaller Doblo.

It looks like that's about to change. According to Car and Driver, which caught Fiat applying for a few name trademarks, it looks like the new vans will be called the Promaster (fullsize) and Promaster City (midsize). These two new models will also be matched with the current Ram Cargo Van, which is based off the Dodge Caravan.

This segment looks like it will explode, as Ford (with the Transit and Transit Connect) and Nissan (with the NV and NV200) are getting ready to update and/or reveal new models in the next several months. Likewise, we've heard some rumblings that Hyundai/Kia may also be thinking about introducing a large and small van to the U.S. market.

Whether or not the name Promaster will resonate with small business and other commercial fleet buyers remains to be seen. No word to date whether the Strada mini-pickup would be part of Fiat's new-vehicle assault, either.

Fiat doblo cargo II


Ugly, but they are best sellers in Europe for a reason.




@ johnny doe ,

What are you talking about ? Keep your male lust /sexuality out of this site,this is about trucks,you are a very sick person.

Offering both the Cargo Van and Promaster City (Doblo) seems strange, as their measurements are roughly similar.

Dont really care for the name,should of called it Tradesman.

Sure would like a cargo van with a HEMI or CUMMINS.I still think a fullsize version of the RAM C/V would look great.

@ Troy you tell him Mmmmmm after the v8 hemi is done after the 2018 model years expect a 3 cyl hemi monster in everything Mmmmmmmmm from the Ram to this sexy van all this van needs is a huge pair of elton john sunglasses on it and u mopar boys will be steaming over it

@Troy Isn't my male lust /sexuality. It's the Rambo's male lust /sexuality.

Is this pronunced pro-master or prom-master?

Anything with Prom and Ass in the name is sure to fail. And left off the D on the end too. I am positive these will be known as PromAssTerds from this day forward.

UGLY UGLY UGLY. This makes the Transit look good.


NOt a big fan, Ram needs to make a 1500 based van.

Their job isn't to look beautiful. Their job is to be capable and do the work right.
And that they will do!

Only Ducato, Doblo not so well...

I have seen one Doblo drive past my house- standard roof model, couldn't say if it was short or long WB. We get a lot of development drives out in my area. I think the naming convention is unneccesasrily long and cumbersome. I think either RAM Tradesman and keeping the Doblo name would have been ok. Keeping the bit of Italian flair associated with the small van would be smart- every coffe service and Italian catering place would have one. And what better way to haul tools, tires and your Ducati to the track on Saturdays?

I guess their focus groups hated Ducato and Doblo. Those are better than Pornmaster. Too bad they used Tradesman for their work truck. I'm surprised that they did not continue with the cow horn theme like the pickups.

How about Fomar Goatherders. Perfect name for the perfect van for herding up the Mopar Motards who have Hemiheads. Oh they will need extra space for the tools that Tony needs to keep this van running.

Bass Promaster lol

The front end of this van would look good on the next Ram truck which they could name the ProMisser. The front end of this van looks like it should be on the rear. Butt ugly and perfect for herding goats.

and should be used as a RAM

Promaster is a brand of bay boat. They better check copyrights before going too far with this


Trademaster City

Not a fan of the Promaster name, my suggestions above are free.

@toycrusher84--Bass promaster, that's pretty good. The Mafia could use this as their staff car to haul away bodies that will be sleeping with the fishes. I realize this is a van but when the Mopar Goatherders start to call the new Ford Transit butt ugly, they need to look in the mirror. The front of this makes the new Nissan van look beautiful. This van got walloped with the ugly stick. It would take more than kissing a frog to improve the looks of this van.

what more important? let's see what it's powered by. And ease of maintainance. Yeah, it's ugly, so are some HD trucks, yet people buy them.

I think the Fiat name is having trouble as a recognised brand.

Chrysler/Ram are trying to distance themselves from Fiat. Fiat has done a good job so far with Chrysler/Ram.

I think a greater stress towards Latin leaning languages would be good for Chrysler/Ram.

Say for instance a Ram 1500 could be called a Fiat el Burro 1500 :) or the new vans Fiat el Burro Violator :)

a bit of humour.

Hemi V8s will be soon replaced with turbo V6's

I'm sure for purposes, it'll be awesome.. but wow.. the promaster should be called smart-master.... looks like a giant smart car.

@Big Al from Oz - True. Other than Fiat's exotic offerings like Ferrari most in NA are clueless to their products. They have a portal through Chrysler/Ram. The whole stand alone Ram truck brand will be Fiat's ticket to North America. Any of their vans and Iveco products can be rebadged as "Ram". I wonder if heavier trucks would be subject to the chicken tax?
We will see a large number of imported products by Fiat since they are being pressured in Italy to revitalize their auto industry. I bet it won't be too long and we will see many Chrysler products made in Italy and imported into the USA.

@Big Al - I was thinking about that Italian name comment.
The Hemi Ram could be renamed "El Speronata Emisfero".
and the head of the goatherders would be "Emisfero In Otto".


That sounds way better.





where are all of the guts, glory, ram guys who can't seem to stop themselves on the ford, chevy, toyota, and nissan stories? i only hear crickets.

@Big Al from Oz

The Fiat V8s may be replaced with turbo V6s, but the Texas State Fair thread rumored that Fiat is looking into an OHC V8.

I think that they may as well just buy iForces from Toyota--they make great low-end torque, are actually designed to run on regular gas, and there was a guy at the Texas State Fair that has close to 700,000 miles on his. Plus they are made in USA--unlike the hemi.

In all honesty Fiat has done a great job with Chrysler and Ram.

It's a shame that the Pentastar isn't achieving more, but at least they are trying.

I do think that Chrysler/Ram will be a success story more so than GM or Ford.

GM and Ford need to get some consultants on how to repair their corporations. They are constrained by the "Detroit" way of doing business, which has been a failure.

The auto industry will end up like the aerospace industry with a lot fewer "big" players. As the world globalises countries will only be able to afford a couple of competitive auto manufacturers.

I would think that Ford will end up as the NA player and the Europeans will be dominated by a German manufacturer and Fiat. The Europeans especially the French are teaming up with Japanese players.

Asia is unique, as China will throw a curve ball soon in the auto industry. Between it and India, gee it will be huge. There are talks already on building a freeway from the bottom of India to China.

I would think a Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi/Puegot team will become a larger entity than Toyota who will try and tough it out alone.

Good Vans. Good writing.

Ford and Nissan is / has launched Vans. Now its RAMs turn.

These vans have triple the volume of pickup, and multiple shelves can be placed to keep different types of tools for a work crew. They can also be modified as 12 or 15 passenger vehicle. This is a area where Pickup sucks. Not more than 5 people in a pickup. Besides, a CNG / LPG cylinder can be placed with lot of space to spare.

People think Pickup are s??y. A Van has so much space that you can place a bed inside and do anything. Think again.

These type of vans are the ultimate enclosed haulers and service vehicles. There's nothing aesthetically appealing about them, but it's all about utility and work.

Besides, the hippie and leisure NA van days went away right before the mini-truck craze. Still, I'll have to get one of these before they stop making them.

As always, I make no apologies and the Sierra Club can kiss my A$$!

It's ugly but will look a little better with a Ram grille but still not as nice as the new Fords.

@Big Al from Oz - I do agree that Fiat has done wonders for Chrysler. It has been a very positive relationship. I do think that GMC is still stuck in the pre-bankrupcy management mindset. Ford will probably fall into their old ways once Alan Mulally retires. GMC and Ford still function with an "America knows best" attitude that hurts them around the world. I hope that Fiat management can keep that mindset from creeping into their modi operandi. It may be difficult to avoid if Chrysler remains their dominant profit generator.

Some comparisons between the Sprinter and the Ducato.
I do not know what sort of towing figures will be assigned in the US but the Sprinter has a towing braked rating of 2000kg(4,400lb) in Australia. The same Sprinter 3500 has a rating of 7,500lb in the US. The Ducato has a towing braked rating of 2,500kg(5,500lb). The IVECO Daily 3,500kg(7,700lb). Going by the considerable mark up on the Sprinter in the US compared to how it is rated here. I would guess the Ducato could be rated roughly 8,500lb towing??

@Robert Ryan - 8,500#s would be impressive, but its FWD would limit its usability in less than optimal situations. RWD would be a must in rural areas and Fedex, UPS and trades/utilities in my area run RWD and 4WD vans for when it absolutely, positively has to be there...

@Big Al from Oz--In the next 13 years there will be a lot of changes in the NA market. Before 2006 if anyone would have told me that GM would have gone through a Government loan and would almost collapse, I would have thought they were crazy. By 2007 my wife and I sold are 200 shares of GM stock and took a small loss after almost 20 years of ownership. Thank goodness we at least sold then because a couple of years later it became worthless.

@Lou-I agree with you both GM and Ford are going back to their old ways. Both are now making money along with Chrysler but both GM and Ford are showing some cracks. Have a strong CEO like Mulally or when Iacocca was at Chrysler helps keep the corporate ship on course. It is great that large half ton truck sales are up now but this will not last. There are your hardcore truck owners like businesses and many of the readers of but there are many truck owners that are not hardcore. When the price of fuel goes up and the new standards take effect many of these truck owners will go to another type of vehicle. If the Detroit 3 are not careful they will put too many eggs in the large half ton truck market and then we will see lots full of these trucks. I agree that they should make hay while the sun shines, but the sun will not shine indefinitely on the large half ton truck market. F-150s yearly sales will eventually level off at 300k to 400k, they will still be Number 1 but it will be a smaller truck market with more hardcore truck owners and less trendy.

@Big Al from Oz--The US auto industry will become more like the British car industry and the Swedish auto industry which all the major brands owned by foreign ownership. Fiat Chrysler is just the beginning of the Detroit 3s transition to foreign ownership. Ford might survive as a US based corporation but GM could very well end up as a Chinese corporation, or acquired by a Chinese auto manufacture, or could be taken over by Ford if another near bankruptcy of GM happens again (this would be along the lines of Fiat acquiring Chrysler). The US government does not have the support for anymore government loans.

The Koreans will make greater inroads into the NA market and the Chinese will eventually enter the NA market and will become a force to be reckoned with by not only Detroit, but by the Japanese auto industry and the South Korean auto industry. This is not only similiar to the British auto industry but compares to the US motorcycle industry when Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki took marketshare in the US motorcycle market with Harley-Davidson almost going out of business several times (that also happened to the British bikes Norton and Triumph as well). The American auto industry has a tough road ahead of it over the next 10 to 20 years.

That's a pretty ridiculous flickr slideshow, actually, and it's still playing. Some Ducatos in action too.

I have read about these vans in a European mag. and they have a great reputation there, all they NEED to do is put a version of a Ram front end on the big one, and maybe a version of a Darango front end on the smaller one, or the Darango front end on the big one, and a version of their Caravan front end on the smaller one! Then they would be something to look at, but somehow when I look at the small one from the side, it looks to me like a Kia! you know the one in the comercial with hamsters driving it?

@sandman 4 X4 The Ducato "was born to be a Motorhome" according to the FIAT Commercials.
So you see a lot of these. In this case a 27ft one.

An earlier model Ducato UPS Delivery VAN.

A FEDEX New Model Ducato

This isn't what the final van will look like from Ram. But I am starting to like what I am seeing here. I wouldn't mind if my employer bought some of these new Ram vans to try. I could use an upgrade to a Promaster! It looks very comfortable and inviting inside.


I kind of find it hard to believe that this is Italian, it looks more like a Renault, a Citroen, or a Peugeout especially the bigger one on top. The French auto industry is well known for their ugly cars and trucks. Italian designs have a little nicer styling. A Ram split grill would at least make it look a little better. I can see UPS and Fed Ex buying these, but please lose the hideous front.l

The GoatHerder's are funny.
Class leading?
They haven't arrived in NA yet.

Promosater? WTF is that?

Fiat could of come up with a better name than Pornmaster.

I think that Ram is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 13, 2012 3:14:19 PM

Looks like more out of context cut and paste from the Rambo Motard GoatHerder's Association.
Those idiots can't come up with an original thought or thought process that results in a logical sentence.

All Nuts

No Brains


I wonder why the goat herders would ASSume that a hemi would find its way into this van? Chrysler hasn't made a real hemi since the 70's.


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As a former Fedex Ground driver doing primarily rural deliveries in a 30-county southern Minnesota area, I would opt for front wheel drive in a sub-10,000# GVW. The RWD Internationals I drove had terrible winter traction; whereas my FWD minivans never got stuck in the winter, even when loaded down. The Ducato looks great as a work van: low floor height, low center of gravity, wide slab-sided cargo area. I asked a UPS driver what he thought of his Sprinter, and he said he hated it. It was too narrow, too tall, the shelves were not as useful as his old van and the alley was cramped. The Ducato is lower and wider for the same interior height as a Sprinter. It's a work truck, not a prima donna, and forget about gasser V-8s, they're day has come and gone. European van design is far ahead of American, which has been stuck in 1970. It makes no sense for Chrysler to develop a new van based on a 1500 pickup chassis when this Ducato is so clearly superior.

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I wonder why the goat herders would ASSume that a hemi would find its way into this van? Chrysler hasn't made a real hemi since the 70's.

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