New Ram Vans To Be Named Promaster and Promaster City

Fiat ducato cargo II
We've known Fiat is bringing over its Euro-sourced commercial vans to compete better with the Ford Transit and Transit Connect, but we didn't know what they were going to be called. Additionally, we've seen camouflaged full-size Fiat vans running around Detroit but nothing yet from the smaller Doblo.

It looks like that's about to change. According to Car and Driver, which caught Fiat applying for a few name trademarks, it looks like the new vans will be called the Promaster (fullsize) and Promaster City (midsize). These two new models will also be matched with the current Ram Cargo Van, which is based off the Dodge Caravan.

This segment looks like it will explode, as Ford (with the Transit and Transit Connect) and Nissan (with the NV and NV200) are getting ready to update and/or reveal new models in the next several months. Likewise, we've heard some rumblings that Hyundai/Kia may also be thinking about introducing a large and small van to the U.S. market.

Whether or not the name Promaster will resonate with small business and other commercial fleet buyers remains to be seen. No word to date whether the Strada mini-pickup would be part of Fiat's new-vehicle assault, either.

Fiat doblo cargo II


Ideal name for the perfect van for herding up the Mopar Motards who have Hemiheads. Oh they will need more area for the resources that Tony morrison needs to keep this van operating.

The Ram wan Team is on-top of the growth opportunities in the Class 1 light commercial vehicle market. Ram Cargo Van is a great vehicle choice for small businesses and commercial fleets and an alternative to offerings from Ford and Nissan

The France market is well known for their pleasant pickups and vehicles. French language styles have a little better design. A Ram divided barbecue would at least make it look a little better. I can see UPS and Fed Ex purchasing these, but please reduce the horrible front side.

the second one truck pic is so nice with its features and i appreciate your work thanks alot for sharing with us.

The Doblo-based van will be the smaller of two new RAM vans, as the larger, front-wheel drive Promaster will be a rebadged Fiat Ducato. The addition of the Promaster models to the RAM lineup is undoubtedly to compete with the new Nissan NV200 and the Ford Transit

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These kind of automobiles are the greatest surrounded haulers and support automobiles. There's nothing successfully attractive about them, but it's all about application and perform. Besides, the treehugger and enjoyment NA van times went away right before the mini-truck trend. Still, I'll have to get one of these before they quit creating them.

A automobile or pick-up, often simply termed as a collection, is a mild automobile with an open-top, back freight box (bed).

In Northern The united states, the term collection is used only for mild pickups,[citation needed] while in other areas of the world it contains coupé application automobiles, based on car framework. Some nations have their own conditions similar to collection, such as ute in Sydney and New Zealand, or bakkie in Southern African-american.

The Dodge B-Series was a full-size van marketed under the Dodge brand by the Chrysler Corporation (1971–1998) and later DaimlerChrysler (1998–2003). Starting in 1981, the B-Series was sold as the Dodge Ram Van; the passenger variant was known as the Dodge Ram Wagon.

This is a heavy duty but light vehicle and I've 3 of them. One I use in my house and other 2 in my garments factory. I would like to suggest Promaster City to have and enjoy life.

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NO! Not the Ducato! The Ducato is without a doubt the worse vehicle in Fiat's abysmal product line! I know a number of people with these things and they suck. You could practically talk them into breaking down and the fixtures on the doors have notoriously poorly attached to the vehicle.

I do like the European Transits and Sprinters but the Ducato is an awful machine. Just say no. If you want a good European van get a Sprinter or a Transit. Those and the VW Transporter are the only Euro vans worth anything.

FIAT= Fix It Again, Tony.

I want a Ram ProMaster City. I've wanted the Fiat Doblo since it was reported over two years ago that we would be seeing them in the US in 2013. But now it seems the introduction is pushed back to 2014. I'm not impressed with Chryslers feet dragging on bringing this van over.

The current Doblo XL will do everything I need. It is big enough to get at least two of my vintage motocross motorcycles into (unlike the Ford Transit Connect). It's tall enough for me to walk around in yet it will still fit in my garage. And it also gets superior fuel economy, (also unlike the Ford Transit Connect).

Come on Chrysler, get off your ass and get these vans over here!

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